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NDERF (7/1/05-12/31/05)
NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody Long and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

737. Lou F's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  & 1999 People were upon this Earth and appeared happier and more content although seemingly living like the Native populations of old. Cities, built by the Ancient Ones, that were buried beneath the Oceans were now being populated by the surviving people in this new world. I saw Tribes joining tribes and small Nations forming, but it was what I didn't see that made my heart burst, there were no more wars, true peace and happiness had finally befallen on mankind. Gabriel now tells me that this is His message that I must take back, to let others know that there is little to fear, for the Earth will go on forever, as did all the Planets I had visited... "MAN WILL PREY ON MAN ~ UNTIL MAN PRAYS FOR MAN!"
Remarkable NDE as a result of car crash 42 years ago.  This is an integration experience where you can see changes over the last 6 years.

736. Christine S's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  ...the most life threatening was my right shoulder. It had been torn open and was bleeding profusely. I don't remember the accident, but I do remember seeing my dad. He passed away June 2002, but that morning I saw him very clearly. He was standing above me, looking down, and he said "not now little one, we need you here." There was a bright light all around him and behind him. He was glowing. I felt very safe and very loved.
NDE as a result of auto accident.

735. Cody S's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  Two cars slammed into me from the side. I hit my head on the steering wheel. Then I saw something bright. I looked up and saw a bright light and then I felt like I had no pain.   Then I was flying through a tunnel and I kept on seeing flash-backs of my life. So then I knew I was dead.  Then I was standing in a meadow. I looked around the meadow and someone was walking toward me.  When they reached me, I noticed that it was my grandma. She came up to me and I said to her, "where am I?" She answered, "you are in heaven, but you are not ready to die yet." I asked her if I would ever follow my dreams but she said she couldn't tell me and then she was gone.  I started to look for her. I could see flowers all over and animals where running but then it all started to fade away.  I found myself in the hospital. My mom said that I had died.
NDE from car accident.  NDEr is 15 years old, and this experience happened just two months ago.

734. Amy P's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  At this point it is confirmed on my EKG reports that I flat lined.  I remember being in a space floating almost I didn't feel my legs. It was dark but there was a green light in the background, It wasn't a brilliant bright light it was a soft green. I saw three silhouettes, I didn't recognize who or what they were but they spoke to me and said "you can come with us or you can stay" I remember getting really mad because I was so young and there was no way I was going to let myself die. I remember thinking of all things I didn't want to give up like the sound of ocean waves and thunderstorms, even the taste of hose water when I was a kid. I thought about my family and The smell of campfires. I wasn't ready to give that up. I remember knowing that my life would be different from that point on and knowing that physically my life would be challenged but that I made the decision to live. Someone else at that point told me "no matter what happens in life just go with it" just roll with the punches, life isn't that serious "and it will all make sense in the end".
NDE due to complications of meningitis.  Courageous choice to return, in spite of awareness she would have handicaps.

733. Joseph M's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  I had died three times in the Saint Mary's Hospital of Yakima Washington. I had ninety percent bodily injuries and was reported that I some how had gone a quarter of a mile falling down and getting up with this pelvic bone its self broken and the L-4 and L-5 area vertebras completely smashed in my lower back area... Soon as I had entered this tunnel of light its self here immediately. I had a pulling sensation on me what told me was the hell and fire pit pulling at my sole till I had done some quick and tall praying to god not to let me die here. Then that pulling on me stopped right away and I was pulled further down this tunnel where I saw my grandparents at and a rev war battlefield.
NDE associated with tractor accident.

732. Perry R's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  This is my perception of what happened when I arrested. If you can imagine a huge, tall smoke stack (no heat or fire thank goodness - just a feeling of being in a tunnel) and you are at the bottom facing upward. It is dark all around you except at top of the stack there is a bright light in the distance. You are rising rapidly up through the stack moving towards the light. There is no fear in your mind at the time, just an awareness of flying toward the light. I remember the light as being white and bright. As I reach the light I seem to pass into a state of awareness that I have now transitioned into a room "filled" with hospital staff. I look to my bedside and the nurse has tears in her eyes.
NDE associated with cardiac arrest following heart attack.

731. Teri's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  I was walking underneath a multiple-story building that was being built. They were working on the second floor. As I passed underneath, one of the steel poles used to hold up the walls slipped out of the men’s grasps and fell. It smashed me on the head and knocked me unconscious. Those who saw it said my head slammed into the pavement pretty hard as well.  As soon as my vision faded to black, I saw these strange beings. They were on a landscape of white and seemed to be made of fire. However, something about them was rougher and scarier then fire. They were screaming as I was falling, a terrible sound, and they were throwing blood everywhere. The blood became an ocean. The fire beings remained until I came to with an oxygen mask pressed over my face.
NDE from head injury at age 16 two years ago.  Frightening imagery.

730. Richard H's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  One of the things that were impressed upon me was a different view of religion. I sensed that I was given this because of dissatisfaction of the power that gave it to me. Religion was created to teach humans the basic laws of Nature or God. God being the intelligent being that he is; understood that humans in different Society’s, needed  different instructional manuals (so to speak). i.e. French, English, Spanish, Hebrew, Islam, Chinese, etc, God knew you can’t explain to a Jewish person in Chinese why he should not eat pork. I felt that the fighting between religious groups was very distasteful, and that man was using religion for his own personal gains of power. Massive power in the hands of a few seemed to be one of the major issues of my enlightenment. This is was what came across to me while in the light.
NDE from explosion during Vietnam War.

729. Catherine R's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  A skier came off a ski jump at a fast speed, screamed "watch out", & crashed on top of me. I remember feeling incredible pain everywhere, and then, 'it stopped' just like that.  My last thought was "So THIS is what it's like to die...." and I became this 'head'. Not a weighted down body, more like a light, free, thinking, silent-talking (no words spoken, but message understood), head.  I went 'up' until I reached this white world. All white with a brighter white 'hole-like' opening off in the distance. From that hole, while I was 'stuck' as this 'head' just able to watch, two figures slowly came towards me. They were dressed in long white robes, including hoods that covered their identities as they held their heads downward while they walked. When they were within 10 feet of me, they both looked up to reveal themselves as my deceased uncle John (whom I LOVED!) and my grandmother  behind him. I was SO EXCITED to see my Uncle John.
NDE associated with skiing accident.

728. Helga's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  Original in German, translated by Karleen  The nearer I came to this light, the lighter the burden that was on me seemed to become.  When I got to the light I reached into it with my right hand first, and it was pleasantly warm - in contrast to the tunnel which was cold as ice (I was sweating anyway).  As I stepped through the light everything became very bright , airy and wonderfully beautiful around me, and I lost the burden that was previously threatening to crush me.  I felt happy and free, as if I was lying in a fragrant meadow with a slight breeze on a warm summers day.  In the next moment I was lying in my grave, I could clearly see the walls next to me.
NDE with a twist, but the description of the quick change to the grave is closer to a dream-like state such as ICU psychosis.

727. Pascal C's NDE. English expanded version  12/21/05  Original in French, translated by Jean Peter I’m rocketing through the stars and behold the beauty of this known universe, but maybe not that known. I am following the shooting stars surrounding me, are they all dead souls heading for the unknown, never mind. I don’t want to go backward, leave this for a life of questions and loneliness, pooh! It’s not worth. I am dashing, when all of a sudden I feel something, someone who holds me back. I hear a voice telling me not to proceed, it pulls me by this light string trailing behind me since I entered this new world. I look back and see that entity, calm, faceless, with womanly ways, who tells me:  “Wait, what are you doing? You can’t decide yourself the time when you leave, you have a mission to fulfill, no way they will let you leave that world this way. You have to go back and do what you have to do.”

726. Cristal's NDE. English expanded version  12/20/05 Then very quickly I started moving toward the sky. It seemed the further I went, the faster I was traveling. The stars seemed to moving very quickly past me. And then I saw a bright light.  The light I saw was one that could never be described with words. It was not like any light I had ever seen here. If there was a light here as bright as the light I saw that night it would surely be blinding. But instead, this was the brightest, softest, most white, peaceful light I have ever seen and have not seen anything close since.
NDE associated with asthma attack.

725. Padma's NDE. English expanded version  12/20/05 Next thing I knew, I was being pulled with a force like a hurricane or tornado and was trying to hang on to the ceiling with my nails, both with my feet and hands.  I was being pulled towards the wall facing me, and when I came close to there, I saw this most beautiful, rotating light, like that of the universe, in fact, it moved like the universe.  It had life and knowledge and it felt like a loving parent beckoning me. Coming close to it, gave me the most warm, loving feeling, and I came close to it numerous times, but somehow knew, that if I went through that light, there was no coming back.  So even though the feeling was indescribably beautiful, I had too many things to accomplish and the desire to do that made me fight to get back into the body and that was no easy task.
NDE as a Hindu 47 years ago in India (now Tibetan Buddhist).  Rare non-Western culture NDE, though she now lives in Canada.

724. Ron K's NDE. English expanded version  12/4/05 Instead of restricting the mysteries of love to psychological or philosophical studies, science will someday discover the all-powerful force of love and measure it as they now do electricity, gravity and geo-thermal forces. When science discovers the forces of love and learns how to release it from the bars of the ego, they will have the answer to every question and ill that has plagued mankind.   The love we feel on Earth is limited. We delve it out piecemeal to a few, with conditions. But on the Heavenly Plains, love is boundless. Male and female identities are equal because the human sex drive does not exist to complicate emotions. On the Plains we love our neighbor as ourselves, because our neighbor is ourselves. Every spirit everywhere, Heaven and Earth, is equally deserving of our love.   I was made to understand all of this in one flash of communication, in one emotion, from this entity...  The sole purpose of life is spiritual growth, and that, put simply, is the process of learning the wisdom and power of universal, unconditional love. All of the dogma of various religions just get in the way by infusing a judgmental and egotistical brand of separatism that satisfies man’s archaic and barbaric disposition. In the end, the only things that matter is the people we help and the people we hurt. This revelation is not fully understood until we return to the Plains and examine it under the light of absolute truth.
Among the most profound NDE we have ever encountered.  Author indicates: Have just had a book published about the experience called A Higher Good, available from PublishAmerica.

723. TJ's NDE. English expanded version  12/4/05  I could see a big long grassy field.  Trees grew at the edge in the distance and I could hear water from a running stream.  A low cobblestone wall separated two parts of the field.  On my side of the wall was a dirt path and didn't have to walk along it.  I heard children laughing in the distance, and they came into view on the other side of the wall.  They were chasing and kicking a ball with dots on it.  They were each getting a turn and the "game" seemed like everyone got to play. I could feel their joy like a physical thing, and it was contagious...
NDE at age 3 ½.  Vision of other children playing in heavenly realm.

722. Bonnie L's NDE. English expanded version  12/4/05  One of the things he was teaching me was that we would contact people while they were sleeping who were shortly going to die, to prepare them. We would draw them out of their bodies and have friendly conferences, and they seemed to know us.  They would not consciously remember this, but they benefited from it nonetheless--and I was also made to understand that this happens to everyone.
Multiple NDEs over a span of many years.

721. Guan W's Probable NDE. English expanded version  12/4/05 From Northern China, Original in Chinese, Translated by Charley.  It was a very black darkness (It contrast strongly with the castle in my another NDE). I think the appropriate words to describe it as the "windmill" and "black hole" visual effect atmosphere in the software "windows Media Player".                       

There were extreme disordered noise, images and feeling. I only say it was chaos. Then I shouted loudly: "Let me go! Let me go!!" (After the event my mother told me.) It was fearfully terror. My parents were impressed by my emotion and were scared.


720. Rachelle G's NDE. English expanded version  12/4/05 From the Dominican Republic, Original in Spanish, Translated by Estela.  I lost consciousness and then I felt like a fight within my body and then an escape towards a black tunnel, which had bronze color stripes, at an ever increasing speed. There were unexpected bifurcations inside the tunnel; I turned to the right, went straight for some time and then changed directions again.  I felt as if I was disintegrating inside the tunnel, i.e. my body lost consistency and I felt that the tunnel completely wrapped around me. I felt dizziness and was moving in spirals inside the tunnel. It is something indescribable. After a blow, I found myself in a viscous sea of mud.
This started out being a hellish NDE.  The tunnel description is fascinating.

719. Sam J's NDE. English expanded version  11/26/05 Once in ICU I left my body and went into the corner of the unit and watched as they shocked my chest.  3-2-1 pop!  Again 3-2-1 pop.  Then I left the room. No tunnel.  For me it was like going to sleep and going right into a dream.  I went into this room bathed in gold white light that reminded me of a library.  There was this entity (who I believe was my God) sitting at a large table that looked like an architecture table.  I was below the table looking up at this entity.  He looked down at me and said.  "What are you doing here?  When I want you I will come and get you.  Now go back."  Then he stuck out his foot and kicked me in the head.  His foot had a sandal on it that looked to be made out of an old tire.  The next thing I remember then is looking eye ball to eye ball at the doctor.
NDE associated with overdose.  Unusual elements in NDE.

718. Jeff's NDE. English expanded version  11/26/05 As I had already passed into unconsciousness at 2 a.m. in my auto asphyxiation suicide attempt I was at the edge of a cliff stepping into an deep abyss of darkness filled with thousands of people with their arms outstretched to me. I could see no faces but I saw the arms outstretched. As I began to step into the void I was snatched back from the edge by an unseen force and I heard the words, "It is not your time; I am not through with you yet." The very next moment my wife was pulling me from the car and resuscitating me.
NDE due to suicide attempt.  Suggestive of hellish imagery.

717. Santo C's NDE. English expanded version  11/26/05 I was wounded in Vietnam by a mortar round (another half-inch and I would have been dead). All of a sudden I was above my body looking at myself on the ground. I thought I was dead and the first thought that came to my mind was how the three women in my life were going to cry. There was a warm and secure feeling, like everything will be all right; but once I thought of those women crying I was hurled back into my body and was up and running.
NDE from mortar round injury in Vietnam.

716. Cynthia W's NDE. English expanded version  11/19/05  He said "you are very very sick and need to go to sleep so I can help you. I went to sleep but lost a lost of blood.  I remember feeling like I was laying down but I felt nothing under me. It was dark around me but I wasn't scared. I felt peace. no memories of worldly pains emotionally or physically. There was like a door to the right side of my legs. Just beyond it there was a male being.  I didn't see him but I felt him and heard him. Not The way we hear though. I still heard him and I knew it was male because the voice was deep. He told me I had a choice to stay or go.  All of a sudden I felt this urgency.  I said no! Robert needs me!  I then felt like I jerked back into my body. When I came to one of the nurses came to me and asked me who Robert was.  I told her he was my boyfriend. I asked her why.  She got a funny look on her face and told me she and the doctors were very concerned about me because I was very very sick, and suddenly out of the blue I yelled at the top of my lungs "No Robert needs me!"  She said it startled them.
NDE from internal bleeding (ruptured ectopic pregnancy)

715. Yvonne W's NDE. English expanded version  11/19/05  At some point during my surgery, and before the actual cutting began, something happened to me physically on the operating table and I felt a strong pull upward and the next thing I knew I was in a tunnel and it was somewhat dark in the tunnel, but there was a brilliant light at the end of the tunnel, which provided light all the way down to where I was in the tunnel.  The tunnel slanted upward toward where the light was coming from. The tunnel was made of brown bricks, about the size of regular house bricks.  I got the impression of wetness or shininess on the bricks in the tunnel but when I touched the bricks, which I did as I was advancing upwards in the tunnel, they were not wet. I remember as I was moving through the tunnel I looked up toward the light and I saw the outlines of several people, probably six or seven people, standing in the light.  I recognized one of them as my grandfather, who had died the year before.  There was one person who was a child of about seven and female.  Looking back on the NDE I began to believe that she was my deceased sister who died before I was born, but during the NDE I did not know who she was beyond that I knew she was related to who I was here on earth just as I knew that the others there in the light were related to me somehow.
NDE from attorney.  Surgical complication about three months after cesarean section.

714. Jim Co's NDE. English expanded version  11/19/05 Since I tended to be somewhat mischievous I kept going out into deeper water. I intended to stop once it was up to my chin area. What I didn’t realize was that there was an immediate 5 foot drop-off just after the area enclosed by a line with buoys on it.  I went immediately under and was fighting to get to the top. After thrashing around for a short period I distinctly remember a tremendous jerk within my mind----almost like something automatically was occurring that was a natural part of the dying process. And then suddenly I was outside of my body floating in this semi-conscious state. I was completely content and was not struggling anymore---in fact, I was unbelievable happy and felt like I was enveloped by a loving presence.  The next thing I remember was my father dragging me out of the deep end into the shallow area. Quite honestly I was disappointed because I did not want to leave this state--I was so happy there.
NDE at around age 10 from near drowning.

713. Marcia LS's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05 From Brazil, Original in Portuguese, Translated by Rio.   Suddenly I was out of the water, dry, feeling happy and seeing a 360 degree movie.  It started in the present (that very day) and went backward very rapidly but I was able to see all the moments of my life, with all the smells and tastes and sensations.  When I arrived at the day of my birth I saw myself transported, without knowing how, through a tunnel that was spinning but without making me dizzy.  The tunnel appeared to be made of clouds that changed color the whole time and was immensely wide and long.  People were going through in this tunnel,  gliding along, and I was gliding also toward a light at the end of the tunnel.  The light was very golden but was not blinding.  It was an embracing, comforting light.   I went along without understanding why, but I had never felt happier. 
NDE from child drowning.

712. Fulvia B's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  I was in a space or entity filled with Golden light. It was peaceful. It surrounded me.  I was in it. Although I did not have a body form, I was floating and moving forward and backwards and all around.  Everything and Nothing was in this space which seemed magnified. I felt like I had been there before so I was not afraid at first.  As I floated, I looked around and said to myself "WHERE AM I?" and "WHY AM I HERE?"( even though I had felt I had been there before) " SO THIS IS IT?"  (Referring to knowing that I had died and entered this place)....
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

711. Rodney O's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  At first, it seemed like I had risen upward from myself lying on the floor of my bathroom and moving across this beautiful valley filled with green grass and flowers all over.  It was like I was flying, like I don't know. Maybe like superman did. I felt like something was behind me.  I was not sure if what was behind me was good or bad.  I know I was very much at ease. Towards the end of it all I felt like there was something following me and it made me feel like I was being led to some other place or direction. Then, I was all of a sudden being pulled backwards at an amazingly fast pace. The field I was flying over was just a green blur.  Then there was a really bright flash of light and then I was being shook.  I was back in my house on the floor of my dining room with paramedics everywhere...
NDE from individual who has been pronounced clinically dead five times.

710. Suranna's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  All of a sudden I was walking through a desert feeling strangely confident. It was dark there was no sun but without hearing or feeling them I was aware of the people surrounding me. There was no pain and I could hardly even feel myself. It was silent and completely still I was the most relaxed I've ever been. I no longer craved anything I was completely satisfied...  I was using new senses and it was completely dark though I could see everything.
NDE from criminal attack (was beaten up and mugged).  Contributor is 14 years old, and experience happened at age 23.  From England.

709. Marinda G's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  From South Africa.  The feeling of peace, could be at best, described as follows:  Try and think of THE MOST relaxed & calm state in which you have EVER been!  I compare it to being totally alone, with my ears submerged under the water in a bath.  There is no sound....you're completely relaxed.... well this comparison to that of the peaceful experience I encountered could be compared to still sticking yr head in a bee hive!  I asked God, that if it was truly not my time yet, to please tell me what my purpose on earth was.. then I woke up in my hospital bed... for something that felt like hours, my mom told me I was just "gone" for about two minutes!  I woke up smiling telling her, I know what my purpose on earth was!  To find joy and spread joy!
NDE due to post surgical complication. 

708. Sara-Charlotte's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  I came to a halt and it was some kind of "Limbo" where my sins where dealt with. I felt sensations of sadness and witnessed my first sin being committed. I was aware of almost some kind of judge being present but not visible. I felt scared and was pleading to help me. Again, the 2 angels were next to me and I was sort of lifted up to a mountain like top with them. I was told to look down and witnessed heaven and hell. Yes, I know it sounds insane to someone who maybe has not been there. I found my faith very fast right there on the mountain and realized very moment when God had tried to speak to me but I was too busy with material things. It felt like someone had cleansed me off completely. I felt like an almost magnetic pull with the angels and wanted to move forward but the angels told me I had to go back again. I had to tell what I had seen.
NDE associated with allergic reaction and cardiac arrest.

707. Donni H's NDE. English expanded version  11/12/05  Once emergency room staff got into the room, they zapped me a couple times before I came back and got things going as they should.   From my point of view, once the room started to spin, it was collapsing in a funnel shape and spinning faster and faster as it collapsed, kind of like sucking everything into itself. Then I was in a field of dandelions in full bloom with the Grand Tetons in the background. I remember walking through the field looking up at the Teton range thinking to myself, "What a strange view this is" as I've been to the Tetons a number of times and there isn't any field that even looks close to that for many a mile...I had also noticed all the pain in my body had gone and my vision and become very sharp and clear, but also I couldn't see much out of the sides of my eyes, some type of tunnel vision going on....  Then I guess they were zapping me and I remember  my wonderful vision in front of me being destroyed and the vision was being stretched out of shape and focus, like stretching a rubber band around your finger to shoot. that kept getting more out of focus and then I remember opening my eyes with a whole crew of people hovering over me and a nurse calling my name. I went to try and sit up but they all pushed me back down and told me to be cool, lay still.
NDE from cardiac arrest.

706. Daniel RS's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05 From Peru, Original in Spanish, Translated by Rio He told me to stay but I said "no."  He then carried me to a paradise, a beautiful forest full of phosphorescent colors, yellow-blue waves.  The colors were alive.  I was a few feet in the air.  I no longer had a body.  I was pure vision.  Suddenly, something like a butterfly came toward me.  It wasn't a butterfly, it was a large angel.  I don't know what gender it was.  It was beautiful.  It had large wings.  It carried me into paradise for recreation.  It also took me to a clear, transparent river.  The truth is I didn't believe in angels at the time.  Now I do.
NDE from spinal meningitis.

705. Sevín's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05 Original in French, Translated by Nelly  Two phases for my NDE:  First one : flight in an extremely bright space, the very mild impression  of a muffled, fuzzy ambience, no awareness of a physical body, surrounded by other beings similar to me,  flight at a rather low speed, no noise, no air rubbing, all is white, flight lasted around ten minutes.  Second one: Suddenly I see a tunnel and dive into it at very high speed.  No noise and no rubbing, as previously said. On arrival at the bottom, I decide to go up again. I believe that this is a decision to live taken at this very moment and, suddenly … nothing. Everything stops. I remember my family’s visits, my eldest daughter speaking to me, caressing me and writing her surname on my arm: I seem to react since I move slightly. 
NDE from surgery complications.

704. Teri V's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05 I had been in labor with my son for 12 hours, and suddenly I could take no more. I remember seeing my doctor push a red button on the wall, at that time I was in pain but suddenly there was no pain . (out of body experience) I could see them working on my body. I was above myself looking down. I then moved away from my body very quickly and toward a light through a tunnel like area, I felt at peace there could not really see anything but to hear someone talking to me. This male voice said I had to go back that I had some things I still Had to do. I said I don't want to do that. and as fast as I left my body I returned to it . I could then feel pain . I could see everyone around me in the room . It was weeks before I could really understand what had happened to me . at my doctors office I asked him what had happened ,he said my heart had stopped and that I had had a near death experience.  I have had no fear of death since this happened .
NDE associated with complication of childbirth.

703. Dove's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05  I was training a horse and took a fall while jumping a creek and only remember falling but not landing. I woke in darkness and saw about 15 feet away from me a circle of beautiful light with 7 figures that I could not make out. They seemed to know me and did not talk to me but only to each other and without words. The one in the middle made the final decision that I was to go back and not come into there or enter the light. I consciously wanted to go there and begged with my mind to please take me. The light was glorious! I fought coming back and as I did so it was with lightening bolt crashes of painful light and I fought it and then it would go all black and then the lightening bolt of a little reality bit by bit over and over. It was PAINFUL coming back and I fought it the whole time to no avail. I saw the trees down the lane from birds eye view and then quickly back into the spot where I laid. The people were pounding on my chest and breathing in my mouth and a lady was screaming to call an ambulance.
NDE from falling off a horse.

702. Robert W's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05    During a tilt table test my heart stopped for 17 seconds at the 8 minute make of the test. During the 4 minutes before I recovered I remember hearing the hospital PA call out a code blue then I went into my experience where I found myself floating or standing in the center of a giant sphere the color was gray and it seemed to be spinning at a tremendous rate of speed. I could hear voices but could not find a way to get to them, there were no doors or openings. I felt as if I were well and safe but I remember trying to hear the voice of my brother who passed away a few years ago. I was fully aware of what had happened to me, I knew that I had died on the table and yet I wasn't afraid of it I just kept trying to find a way to reach the voices that I could hear. When I recovered from it there were doctors from the ER all around me and the doctor told me what had happened.
NDE with cardiac arrest during medical cardiac testing.  Experience happened less than five months ago.

701. Robert B's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05  What others call a tunnel I have concluded is absence to such a degree the mind gives it texture. I saw the Light approach, I was enveloped by the light and an entity that was to prepare me for what I call my Interview with a supreme being later in the Light. This first being appeared to be the Virgin Mary. Only after asking, "Are you truly the Virgin Mary it instantly manifested true identity. I was nearly paralyzed with fear until again asking "please, what  is happening to me what is going on here?" From that point all flowed out. Humor functioning far beyond its role here, sites and images coming together with reciprocals to produce physical music. There is no time. Time is a  parochial concept for humans existing in truncated physics.
NDE associated with electrocution at age 13.

700. Fena D's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05  Now for the experience:  The first conscious thing that I remember is that there was a swooshing sound...very light...sort of like when a parachute opens and the calm that follows while you are floating to the ground.  There was a light....not blinding but like a soft light shining through a fog.  The feeling was so peaceful...no pain, calm, happy and there were "people" or spirits of people that I knew.  There was a feeling of happiness and laughter and camaraderie of all that were there.  I saw no bodies but I knew some of the people and felt friends all around me.  I can't say who they were but I know that I knew all of them and that they knew me.  They were happy to see me.  I was so very happy to be there.  I was rejoicing and ready to stay.  It is at almost the moment that I knew that I wanted to stay that "someone" said to me..."no, you can't stay...it is not your time".  I argued that I didn't want to go back but the voice said in a commanding yet loving tone...."no...it is not your time".
NDE associated with suicide attempt.  This experience was shared about three weeks after it happened.

699. Katie B's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05  My liver, kidneys & heart quit. I was shocked 3 times and put on life support...  I was in a dark moist place that was warm. I felt totally peaceful there. Then a man in a blue shirt showed up and picked me up, and we went walking. The further we walked the brighter the light became, and he did, too. He carried me over a void place, and I was given to understand that it was hell, because there was no God there at all. It was a featureless plain that the person carried me through, all the while glowing brighter and brighter and the road we were on glowed brighter and brighter as well. Finally we were out of the void spot and the person was so bright I couldn't look at him anymore. He carried me until we reached an area that looked like to me three windows onto heaven. There I was given to understand my place wasn't there yet, and I had to go back to my body. When I did, the pain was immense and immediate. I am no longer afraid to die.
NDE associated with cardiac arrest.

698. Brenda G's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05  He must of hit me and knocked me out because this is where my experience begins. It felt like I walked through a door of some kind it was all dark but not a scary dark I didn't feel no fear I felt calm and started to wonder were I was all of a sudden there was a very bright light as I turned toward the light the things that happened next, happened  really fast this voice came out of the light and at the same time I slammed back in my body...
NDE associated with criminal attack at age 15

697. Terence E's NDE. English expanded version  11/8/05 From Australia I felt that I was falling horizontally "Down" a tunnel or long hallway towards a bright light. I seemed to want what was at or in that light. I told my parents that the light was something "sweet", something good and wonderful. I felt no fear, in fact I felt strong love, a wanting that was so incredible I find it hard describe the intensity of that feeling. Suddenly I felt I was going back, not back up the tunnel, somehow out of it. My next memory was slowly being aware of my surroundings, nurses etc. It was another week before I able to talk of my experience as until then I was on a respirator with tubes down my throat etc. The moment I could talk all I wanted talk about my wonderful light.
NDE at age 11 from explosion with metal fragment injury to chest and lungs. 

696. Marietta S's NDE  English expanded version  11/8/05 And  I was standing in front of the door, and of course its in the floor of a hayloft, I started toward them and they started to come n get me. They were fussing at me. So I started to back up, and by they time the screamed at me to stop I fell out backwards. I fell on my head and neck, and I've always had trouble with my neck since then. Just that I was not n my body when they got down to me, because I was above them looking down. They thought I was unconscious or dead but I wasn't.  I was just watching them. But, I was ok and didn't get why all the excitement, I was there and safe, and I didn't like them being upset. But it is strange how I felt I still remember that after all these years and with me being so little u wouldn't think I would. I knew there was someone with me. I felt them holding me, and they loved me even more then my family.
NDE at about age 3-4 due to fall and head trauma.

695. Sheila L's Azrael Encounter. English expanded version  11/8/05  On September 8th, 1999, an online acquaintance, who used the screen name, The Infernal Emissary, sent me a poem he wrote.  This poem filled my mind with tormented imagery, so I asked him what the poem was about.  He told me the poem was about his experience with Azrael.  I didn't recognize the name, so I asked him, Who is Azrael?  He told me that Azrael was the Angel of Death.  I didn't understand this, because I became fascinated with the name... From this relationship, I learned Biblical Hebrew and the forms that evolved later.  I found almost every one of his original records, and the records that were written about him, which first exalted and later, demonized him - each process making it almost impossible to discover his original identity.  I laid these records out in chronological order on a website and began the process of inquiry and debate with the current day scholars and religious leaders.
Dream, and later ongoing relation with Azrael, angel of death.

694. Pilar L's Probable NDE. English expanded version  10/19/05  From Spain, Original in Spanish, Translated by Rio Afterwards I remember that I found myself in a state of total freedom and happiness, surrounded by an infinite Love that I don't know how to describe.  There are no words.  I only know that my body was not at all important to me.  I didn't even look at it.  But all of a sudden someone was wetting my lips trying to give me water and I choked.  Then they sat me up in bed and I screamed at them to leave me in peace.  I knew that they wanted  to make me return.  I shouted "No, I don't want to!  My body hurts!  If you don't love me why do I have to return?  I don't want to.  My body hurts!"  But they didn't hear me and someone gave me a hard slap on my back between my shoulder blades destroying my wings.
Child age 5 went into coma from tonsil infection.

693.  Jessica B's NDE. English expanded version  10/19/05 I grabbed one of the lights while still on my hands and knees in an attempt to turn it off and the next thing I know a lightning bolt of electricity is running from the clamp light through my arms, chest and head and then all of the sudden I am surrounded by this white glowing beautiful light, it is a peaceful amazingly comforting feeling, I feel so safe and whole, part of the universe, it as if I am somehow part of a fog or mist of the universe, I am not scared and actually feel the most peace I have ever felt. ...and then suddenly, I am jerked back to my body.
NDE from electrocution.

692.  Melanie W's NDE. English expanded version  10/19/05 I had severe head trauma after being hit with a shot-put at a track and field tournament. I remember feeling like I was drowning in my own blood, then rising above the scene. There was no pain associated with this. My account was brief. I remember feeling like I was part of the air, warm and weightless, as I drifted upward. I was wearing a shirt from my childhood that my mother had made me when I was a small child. I watched the activity on the field and saw an ambulance van pull on to the field, and a body being placed inside it. I felt I had no connection to it, I was just an observer. I then remember going back into my body, and the paramedics cutting my shirt off. That was my last memory until waking up in the hospital.
NDE at age 15 from head trauma (hit with shot put at track and field tournament).

691.  Brant F's NDE. English expanded version  10/19/05 From Canada Let's start with my experience from the dark tunnel.  I was in this tunnel with a bright light at the end with these dark inhuman creatures trying to grab me while I was speeding towards the light.  I don't know whether I was running or floating.  All I know was that I was going real fast and this voice from the light was telling me to hurry to get away from these creatures and I was terrified.  When I got through into the light this voice from another light was trying to comfort me by saying everything was all right now.  I followed the voice up farther and went through a brighter light and I felt I was closer to the voice.  Ahead of me I saw an even brighter light.  As I tried to go through it I was told I wasn't ready to go though there yet.  I was told that I had the freedom to stay there or go back to my body.  I remember my future being showed to me.  My two brothers who weren't born yet were shown to me.  One was born when I was fifteen and another was born at when I was seventeen.  My son was also shown to me. He was born when I was twenty two.
NDE at age 13 from complication of diabetes.  Interesting future vision involving her future husband and children.

690.  Ana Rita A's NDE. English expanded version  10/9/05 From Brazil, Original in Portuguese, translated by Rio.  My boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband said that when I arrived in the room, I was no longer breathing, by abdomen was sunken in and I was purple.  I had taken an overdose so he took something and opened my mouth...  But I only remember being drawn upwards in the tunnel, and that wonderful feeling of peace, and the light that was at the end of the tunnel.  Then when I returned, I remember arguing with my husband before I understood what was happening.  He called to me and I yelled at him that I didn't want to return and I asked that he let me go until he made me understand what was happening.  The sensation when I returned was as if I had been pushed rapidly back down again, drawn back down very rapidly.
NDE from drug overdose.

689.  Mary W's Fear Death Experience. English expanded version  10/8/05  He let me ask him questions.  My only question was how could He give me the parents I had?  How could he forget all about me and leave me so alone to work my way through those years?  What was He thinking!?  I have to admit I was pretty angry.  He showed me why I had the parents, childhood and life I had experienced.  I asked Him for it!!!  I chose this life because I wanted to learn those lessons.  Everything was so clear to me …I had to go through it all to learn what I needed to learn and be able to continue my work here.  He never left me alone and I could see in hindsight that he was always with me.  I was making a lot of wrong choices because I wasn’t listening to or trusting myself.  I was spending too much time comparing myself to others.  I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  I felt like a little mouse in a maze trying to find my way but I wasn’t getting anywhere.    By what I was shown I understood that Earth is school and when we are done we have a “Life Review” and then we get to graduate and go back home.  The whole experience was amazing because I felt like my brain had been opened up to the whole universe.  Everything made so much sense.  The lesson was so simple …it’s all about love.
Profound experience.  Stunning spiritual insights.  A “must read” for anyone interested in NDE.  NDERF defined as a “fear-death experience” with experience immediately prior to physical compromise, but obviously part of the spectrum of near death experience.

688.  Andrew P's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005  I am rushing toward the Light, and for some unknown reason I have no fear, and I love the Light.  Oh what a wonderful, beautiful, enchanting, warm and loving Light.  I’m getting closer and closer, it’s as if I’m being drawn into the Light by a gentle, giant magnet.  Closer and closer…  “What now?”  “Where am I?”  I’m inside an immense sphere!  And the inside of the sphere is like an enormous, unending movie screen.  Everything is going on at once, all around me … left, right, up, down … wherever I look I see my life.  I cannot only see it, but I can also hear, feel and experience every event in all of my lives … past, present and future. There is no beginning!  There is no end!  I can observe all of the moments of my lives all at the same time, all around me.  Strange, there is no fear or judgments; it’s just my life’s experiences as they are occurring.  What incredible feelings, I can relive every thought, word, and action whenever I focus on any one of them.  What a wonderful, fantastic, incredible experience being in the Eternal Now!
NDE 50 years ago from drowning.  Truly profound experience.

687.5  Sharla S's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005  While asleep I vomited and inhaled the vomit back into my lungs.  This caused me to go into respiratory arrest.  What I do remember is this:  I was in a very, very black room.  Blacker than I have ever seen.  I do not think that I was really conscious of anything for a while, kind of like nothing mattered.  I remember that it was very quiet and peaceful there.  To me it seems as though this were a blank room with nothing in it but me, I did not have a body.  For a long while there was no sound.  After a bit I started feeling uncomfortable (that is the best word I can use).  I got it into my head that "it" was a lie.  Whatever "it" is I do not know.  This lie theme became almost a mantra in my head.  Then I started hearing occasional bursts of what sounded like TV or Radio static.  Then I started hearing my name and other words come through the static occasionally.  When I started hearing my name I began to feel as though this might be something worth listening to.  So, I listened.  I struggled to listen.  Somewhere around here I became conscious of things.  The nurses and doctors were feverishly trying to get me to respond.  I could not talk to them, I could only listen.
NDE involving a void appearance associated with respiratory arrest.

687.  C.D.'s NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005 I went out of my body. saw the doctors around working on me during surgery.  I went through a tunnel really fast. I was in a wonderful light. I saw a bridge. across the bridge were people I knew who had died like my father whom had died less than a year before this.  he was so happy to see me and said, "hi mija."  there was light around them. other family members were all smiling at me . he was so proud for them to see me. I was happy  to be there.  then after a while a voice said I had to go back . it wasn't my time. I had things to do. my dads face dropped. he looked sad.  I said I didn't want to go back. I was crying. then like an instant. I went back through the tunnel and I was back in my body.
NDE during surgery for “blood clot on brain”.

686.5 Mikae Y's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005  I met my late father (he died 20 yrs previously from the date of my NDE). He was standing with my late uncle (he died about 15 yrs previously). I didn't talk to my uncle, but my father was very surprised to see me. I was just so happy to see him. He asked me, "why are you here?" I said, "I don't know." Then, he said, "You must go back." Well, the place was so peaceful and wonderful, my whole feeling of pain and sadness were gone. I just wanted to be with him in that place. I said, "No, I don't want to go back." He yelled at me and said, "You must go, this is not a place for you." I cried. I didn't want to leave there at all. I called him, "Daddy!" then, I woke up from a comma. When I saw my family by my side, the first thing I said was, "I met a daddy." Everyone thought I was still in a dream.
NDE following a head injury and coma.

686.  Kathy F's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005  I remember getting into the ambulance from a gurney but then I do not remember much after that.  Then I remember seeing an intense light and having no fear, but relaxed.  Then a figure emerged who I identified as Jesus...a figure consistent with a painting of Jesus my grandmother had.  I really only remember seeing the bottom part of his robe, ankles and feet, but I knew the whole being was also somehow present.  I remember arguing with this figure, very forcefully, telling him that I could not join with him yet because I had a child to raise.  I needed to be there for my child.
NDE associated with unknown serious illness.

685.5  Shaida VH's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005 From England  Hours after giving birth to my first child Adrijana I began to experience excruciating pain in my womb. I was asked to shut up as it was disturbing other mothers. Few hours later I began to leave my bed towards the ceiling and intuitively I knew that I was leaving my body to die. As I reached the ceiling looking down on myself I thought of my new baby and what would happen to her if I died, so I stretched my arms and pushed against the ceiling and returned back to my bed to find out that I was being transferred to a trolley to the operating theatre.
NDE from complication following childbirth.

685.  Lisa S's NDE 2329English expanded version  9/17/2005 I had absolutely no idea except that I could barely breathe and realized I needed to remain as calm as I could.  At that time, looking at them all surrounding me and panicking, I was struck by how calm I was able to remain while I could visibly see that they were unable to and wishing they would.  Sure enough, I gave in to their insistent requests, and as soon as I began uttering the first word, I heard my breath whoosh right out from and through me and all of a sudden, I felt no pain, pressure, or panic.  Instantaneously before me were many of my deceased family members, only two of whom I recognized in earthly life.  I was in absolute AWE.  I was SPEECHLESS.  Everyone was calm.  I felt at PEACE.  I just felt their all-encompassing, unconditional love for me.
NDE from allergic reaction.

684.5 Polina's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005 From Russia I was playing with my grandmother in the pool by jumping off the edge and letting her catch me. while jumping during this game, I came short of her arms and fell into the water, as I couldn't swim at that time and the pool was too deep for me, I went under water. I remember my mouth and lungs filling with water and then I remember seeing my lifeless body settling on the floor of the pool, I didn't feel anything when I watched it. I knew that I was out of my body and that I was very happy that it happened, I felt that this was right and I felt such lightness and wonder and peace that I never wanted to go back. I think I remember myself flying over the city and seeing the building where the pool was situated from a great height. I wanted to leave my body permanently, but then I saw my grandma grab my body and I felt as if someone shoved me with a forceful push into my body, or it was as if I was attached my strings to my body and they pulled me back in as my grandmother pulled to the surface. I then remember spluttering and coughing up lots of water and grandma holding me. I was a bit annoyed that she didn't let me go, I felt a great sense of freedom when I was out of my body and I didn't want to lose it.
NDE from near-drowning at age 5 or 6.

684.  Georgia S's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005  I left my body.  I didn't know where I was, but I wasn't sick.  There was a bright white mist all around me.  I felt very calm. I remember thinking, "Well, this is interesting.  Where is this?"  Then, out of the mist stepped the pastor of the church we had been attending.  I was so glad to see him!  But he didn't seem glad to see me at all.  He looked very worried and scared and kept waving his arms around like he was trying to tell me something.  Although his mouth was moving, I was having trouble understanding what he was saying.  I felt a little disappointed that he didn't want to visit.  And I said something like, "I'm just so happy to see you!  I've missed you sooo much since you passed away."    And he nodded his head furiously at me and I said something like, "Uh, oh.  You're dead and I'm here.  I must be sicker than I thought!"  And he nodded at me again.
NDE from severe intestinal reaction to antibiotic.

683.5 Marcel's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005 From the Netherlands  In the left corner I could feel something warm and I heard beautiful music coming from it. Kind of New Age, relaxing. To the right, I could clearly see a Mandala. This wheel rotated very slowly, but also, I had the feeling that this wheel could not be stopped no matter what. A very solid , slow, relentless movement. This wheel has rings in it and they rotated also in the wheel.  Inside this rotating wheel I saw small black figures, they rotated with this wheel. I remember I was fascinated and curious about there figures, they did not frighten me at the time of this experience.  Next thing I remember is that I could see myself just from right above. I saw people dressed in green and a lot of blood. Next, I started to feel a lot of pain. I must have awoken too soon from the surgery.
This is most likely an experience associated with anesthesia at age 7, though possibly a NDE.  This experience shows the occasional difficulty in calling an experience a NDE or not.  There is no suggestion of an imminent life-threatening complication of routine surgery.  Experience NDE-like in many details.

683.  Dick B's Fear NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005  I entered a turn on my motorcycle too fast. I have no memory of this part. it is always a bone chill of fear when you come close and something you can always recall in detail. instead, this time, I was viewing me riding my cycle, even noting the dust from my rear wheel, as I was riding off the shoulder of the road parallel trying to dissipate speed. I seemed to be viewing from 20 ft altitude and 75 ft away from the bike. in the next instant, all of me was on the bike trying to regain control. the bike slid from the shoulder into a ditch to a sudden stop from 50 mph [police estimate].  sustained 3 broken badly ribs which gave no end to pain and misery.
OBE associated with motorcycle accident.  OBE apparently prior to physical injury.

682.5 Cheryl D's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005  I was very depressed over many issues and felt very alone .I had been given sleeping pills from a doctor and planned throughout that day that I would take them all ,there were 29 in the packet . I went to bed that night at 10.00pm .I lived with my parents at that time .it was the following morning my  mother came to wake me around 7.30am . she couldn't  and called my father .I was totally unconscious my mum told me my body had gone into a fitting state before I stopped breathing. however I remember watching myself above my body looking down I saw my father come into the room and he was performing CPR the next thing I remember is waking up in the ambulance hooked up to heart monitors and oxygen , I had never believed in out of body experiences until that moment but now I do feel yes there is something out there ,I'm not sure what or why ,thankfully I didn't make it ,I hurt the people I love the most, my family don't talk about that day , I'm not sure if they believe what I saw  but I know my father brought me back .

682.  Skeeter's Possible NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005  the first people I told were my mum and grandmother, I would have been about 12, It was after hearing about other near death cases that a bell rung and I thought hey! that sounds familiar I had an encounter with a big bright light and mum then said well you did suffer fetal distress, and I thought yes, yes! it was the first thing that ever happened to me. My experience was well on it’s way to being validated when I started reading detailed accounts from other people speaking of the light, and the love it radiated.
Possible remembrance of NDE due to fetal distress immediately prior to his being born.  From Australia.

681.5  Milo H NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005 From Netherlands, Original in Dutch translated by Matt I learned that life and death are one and the same. There's only life, we come and go.  People see death as something to avoid, but its a continuous process.  When someone dies, somewhere a baby gets born, and gets an opportunity to grow and become a better soul, until you have acquired enough knowledge to become a guide, and guide other souls.  You can do that in the physical life itself, as I do now, because I know I'm in touch with the universe. I'm a helper of the light, or as we call it, God.
Recent picture (6/2/11) of the tunnel in his NDE.

681.  Ji-Hoon Kim's Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  9/17/2005 From Korea, translated by Sun-Young  I ask him what part of his body is ill. He says that he collapsed during the training session because he could not withstand it. I say that the military training is harsh and that they ask the soldiers to do push-ups, making things hard. (I was stationed in KATUSA: Korean Augmentation Troops to the United States Army. Katusas are on a joint duty with U.S. soldiers.) After my shared a conversation with him my conscious came back.
Shared OBE with another ICU patient.

680.  Lira P's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/6/2005 From Portugal, Original in Portuguese, translated by Rio There was a cone shaped tunnel that had walls made of a kind of gray cloud, pleasant to the touch.  Inside this tunnel it was very clear with a white light.  I slowly went up in the tunnel and when I arrived at the widest part I saw a lovely green field with a wood fence.  Inside this fence were many people.  I recognized one of my relatives who had died and another person who was still living.  When I was very, very near to this fence some of the people joined hands and from this union emerged a very elastic, enormous gray colored hand with white rays that pushed me back away.  I noticed that some people collaborated in the joining of hands, and others did not. 

679.  Sheila's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/4/2005 From India My friend, then in her twenties, had been very ill and was in the ICU when she collapsed.  She says that she suddenly found herself going down a black tunnel. That experience felt 'interesting' because she said she kept observing what was going on. Today, in her forties (which is now, when she told me) she is (alas) unable to recall whatever it was that was going on.  She reached the end of the tunnel where she found a tall/big dark man standing with a lantern. He saw her and said, "No, no. Not you. Its another Sheila (I am using a pseudonym here), that I am waiting for." There was no further conversation, nor did she see anybody else.  That was it, the next thing she knew she was awake.
Hindu NDE from India.  Told by a friend.  Interesting difference from typical Western NDEs.

678.  Alan P's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/4/2005 I Had a Diabetic coma At work about 10 years ago .  I have been a diabetic since I was 13.  I remember talking to People in a Room.  I felt relaxed  at peace, the conversation and the people "this sounds strange" I remember nothing that I can describe. The room appeared surreal brighter than normal.  It was a different place and so real.  I remember confusion and movement.  I was yelling "Don’t send me back, I don’t want to go Back ".  I awoke in the casualty department of the hospital with my workmate holding me down.  As Far as I know the coma was not life threatening.  What happened during that time seemed more real than what happened after "recovery".
NDE associated with diabetic coma from Australia

677.  Gabby's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  I could also feel that my oxygen level was low but I still did not feel the need to breath like most people would. There was a calmness about me that I cannot express in words as there are no adjectives to describe this type of calm feeling. I began to see several doors made of a straw type material. These doors were circling in front of me like they were on a Merry-Go-Round. These doors were all attached to each other to form a constant chain of straw doors. As I kept seeing these doors, the calmness I felt was extraordinary For some reason I knew if I choose to go through one of these doors I would die and continue to experience this peaceful calm unbelievable feeling. I don't know who was telling me this but I knew it was either a relative that had passed or some spiritual message. (I'm not a very religious person.)
NDE from pulmonary embolus. She is a Respiratory Therapist.

676.  Nicholas P's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  I laid on the bed in serious chest pain and pop!  I was on the other side of the room, but my body, my shell was on the bed. I saw and felt THE LIGHT am I dead?  Then gentle laughter, no nick you can't die you were never born.  Is your shell going to die... not yet.  Are you Jesus?  I AM THE GREAT I AM.  I COME TO YOU THE WAY YOU WANT TO SEE ME... THERE IS A GOLDEN THREAD IN ALL RELIGIONS  AND PRACTICES.  I AM THE BLANKET AND YOU ARE A THREAD OF IT .
NDE associated with accidental poisoning.  Remarkable future vision of child to be born decades later.

675.  Guy S's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  The next thing I remember I could see myself sitting cross-legged in the air above me as if on a cloud, I was smiling down at myself even laughing, then very quickly I was floating up a tunnel with very brilliant white light at it end, this light contained overwhelming love, more love and beauty than I can express, and a presence of Jesus Christ. There was a presence of a life form with me, in the tunnel guiding me, but this seemed not important at the time. I was then spoken to by a voice which asked me whether I wanted to finish my task on earth or not? I was told that my task was to find out about all aspects of love, and as attractive as the light and energy was, I said I would come back to earth, I had a choice, and chose to be here.
NDE due to asthma attack.

674.  Henry O's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  I did not hear or read since the incident about anyone seeing what I saw, Everyone else reported bright white light, Jesus, tunnel, departed loved ones etc, etc, etc. I saw these vivid colors of what I believe to be crystal, and the overwhelming feeling of knowing, there IS an after life and it is good, no fear of death what so ever !  Not to sound sick, but hearing of deaths since I feel kind of glad for them and look foreword to returning myself to where ever it was.
NDE from an ex-New York police officer as a result of a complication during cardiac catheterization, with cardiac arrest and defibrillation.  Atypical experience with vision of crystal colors.

673.  Beth L's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  All of a sudden the chest pain stopped.  In fact, all pain stopped.  I remember thinking, "this doctor has cured me!!"  I could still feel my legs from the knees below, but nothing else.  I felt wonderful.  I opened by eyes to a blinding white light.  Everything was bright white.  I then saw Jesus standing about 3 feet from me.  When I saw him I felt the most love I have ever felt in my life.  I called him by name and he answered me - his lips did not move but I heard him in my head.  He was beautiful.  He had beautiful eyes and was smiling.  His hair seemed to move in a slight wind.
NDE following surgery.

672.  Reeva's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  From India  I was 5 years old.  I had measles and very very high fever.  I was at home because they could not shift me to a hospital.  The doctor was not too sure if I'd make it though the night.  What I was most aware and awestruck by was seeing myself in my bed.  But it wasn't scary it was peaceful.  I saw my grandma asleep in a chair next to me. saw my parents in the next room asleep and my other grandma in the 3rd bedroom asleep.  The walls of the house were just not there.  I was moving towards a beautiful bright light just like the moon but sending out long rays of light that I was going towards...... I kept going higher and higher towards the light saw myself and my family get smaller and then suddenly my grandma woke up, opened her prayer book and started praying.  Next thing I knew I was getting sucked down towards my body and landed in with a thump.  My parents say I was in a coma for about 3 weeks and couldn't even open my eyes.
NDE at age 5 in India.  Very similar to Western NDEs.

671.  Saundra V's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  I was no longer in my body, but I initially thought that I was dreaming! I was totally bewildered as to what was happening to me; because I was actually above the earth surrounded by huge, clouds moving about me---and I heard the most gloriously beautiful heavenly chorus, I say "Heavenly", because Nothing I'd ever heard, nor have ever heard since, sounded as wonderful!!!  The voices, which I readily assumed to be angelic, sang tremendously beautiful hymns, which were replete with --"Hallelujahs", and "Glorias"; I cannot remember any of the other words, but all of a sudden, I found myself singing along with them, as if I'd known these songs and had sung them before!!!  I must say that all during this time I could not fathom what was happening to me- until I  suddenly realized that I was dead!
NDE associated with flare of lupus.

670.  Paula C's NDEEnglish expanded version  9/3/2005  Now I am in the hospital and floating above myself looking down at my mother not knowing why she wanted me to wake up when everything is so peaceful and wonderful. Then the brightness faded and I was looking down a tunnel toward a point of light. In this point of light was floating my Uncle Tony with a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I remember telling him how beautiful they were. He held them out to me as I floated toward my uncle I held my arms out to him...
NDE associated with coma from alcohol poisoning.

669.  Akemi A's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/2005 Original in Spanish, From Peru, Translated by Estela  I went over details of my life since I was 3 years old until the moment of my drowning. Next, I saw my body slowly sinking in the water; I felt peace and a feeling of indescribable love and I saw a shining Light and as I was approaching it (the Light) the sensations were stronger. Then, suddenly everything changed; I felt as if I was being strongly vacuumed (sucked) and moving away from the light, the pain came back stronger than before, it was the surface air that was coming into my lungs when a lifeguard was trying to pull me out of the water.
Child Drowning NDE

668.  Ruthie A's Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  8/30/2005  the buzzing sound got louder and louder, as the dots started to form a black void. i felt a whoosh like water and air rushing over my face and body. that's when the dots just pretty much turned into a tunnel. I was in it, heading at an angle that was to my right and slightly upward. it was dark but it had substance not like just a void anymore but more like a tunnel. it was not snug around my body.  i could see gray and dark matter around me.  i was heading through the tunnel feet first. since i was giving birth to my son at that time.  i thought to myself "oh this must be what the baby sees."  then i saw a light, a perfectly round bright light, it was white.  i just saw it and thought how perfectly round it was.
Probable NDE while in Childbirth.

667.  Susan K's Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  8/29/2005 Original in Turkish, Translated by İbrahim As a result of a mistake made by a doctor, I was operated. After the operation I was in the intensive care unit. Suddenly I was in a dessert. At the same time I was on my bed. Sometime I was being lost in the sands of the desert; but suddenly I was returning the reality. And sometimes I was going deep in the water. I could not breathe. I had no sexuality. I was a creature who do not look like me. I had no hair on my head. I tried desperately to climb out the water. Then I began to fly over the dessert. I had some green spots in the dessert. While I was looking down to earth, I saw some animals look like rabbits. I felt like watching a documentary.

666.  Oscar D's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  was involved in a critical accident where my I had an inactive heart for 7 minutes and when I was resuscitated I went into an instant comma for 2 weeks...  I saw my Grandmother who was diseased for about 2 years ..she was holding my hand assuring me everything was going to be ok.
NDE associated with accident.

 Mike W NDE  English expanded version   8/13/2005   From Australia  The next moment I was looking over various scenes of my life - past, present and future. I saw my life replayed before me like I was watching a three dimensional movie - a live drama. Each scene I saw in detail exactly how it happened as I seemed to flick right through my life story right up to my present age of fifteen. Each scene was real with plenty of time to reflect, yet it all seemed to take no time at all. I felt very exposed watching all this, yet the one in white standing next to me did not appear to judge me - rather I seemed to judge myself.  Then I had a glimpse into the future. I saw myself standing on a stage in front of many people. Beyond the spotlight that shone out of the darkness I could make out a sea of faces eagerly looking up towards the stage.
NDE at age 15 due to bike accident.  Distant future vision that came true.
  Integration experience first submitted around 1999 and then 2005.

 Bruce Y's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  I ignored the symptoms of heart problems for over a day but finally decided to drive myself to the hospital. About a half hour later they barely had me hooked up when I told them "something was happening". I started to go numb and the next thing I knew, I was in this warm, golden light and was very peaceful. I then saw several people in white robes who I recognized (but later forgot) welcoming me. I then felt this Love that was beyond measure which I later concluded could only have been God's Love. I then came to and saw a hospital employee who was very pale and who said "I've never had to do that before", meaning using paddles to bring me back. I had a nice burn mark on my chest for proof along with a lot of IV's. Even though I had a wife and children, I remember being a little angry at them for bringing me back.
NDE associated with heart attack.

 Elizabeth W's NDE-LikeEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  I just went under the water and I was calm. I don't even remember inhaling any water. I felt totally at peace. I looked at the rocks on the bottom of the lake and I saw the light of the sun shining through the water.  After awhile I became fixed on the sunlight and the light of the sun became bigger and bigger, until it looked like the suns rays had turned into the flowing gowns and wings of an angel with long golden hair (a woman). I just stayed under water and looked at the angel and tried to touch her because her arms were beckoning me towards her, and finally I touched her and was in the light too. Then my aunt grabbed me out of the water. (I was actually aggravated that I was grabbed away from the angel)  I had been under for about 5 minutes.
Attorney in near-drowning at age 5.  No definite separation of consciousness, but impressive experience.

662.  Andy N's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  I don't remember the actual accident, but I very clearly remember Jesus taking me by the hand and walking with me. We walked down by a pond. I don't remember any conversation taking place. The next thing I remember is seeing the top of the LifeFlight helicopter and the rescue personnel milling around. I was in the helicopter and Jesus was holding my hand.   After some time I ran into one of the paramedics who responded with LifeFlight and he told me that my recollection of the interior of the helicopter was accurate.
NDE from head injury when pickup truck flipped.

 Ramie N's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  I continued my slow rise into the sky, the clear light slowly turned darker, I heard music (nothing that I had heard before) it was nice, it calmed me. Then, I began a tumbling action like if a power was pulling upwards, then there were small lights (soft blues and pinks) and I continued to float and tumble upwards.  After some time, I began to see a brighter light in the distance and I knew that I was floating towards that light -- that would be my destination.
NDE associated with drowning at age 14.

660.  Elsa's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005 Then, whom I believe may have been Jesus showed me my life and how I had misbehaved and talked back to my mother.  Every time I tried to defend myself, I saw how it looked through His eyes and was very ashamed and asked for forgiveness.  He explained to me how some people didn't believe in Him and he was very sad.  There was little beams of light shooting from earth into the heavens and I asked Him what they were.  He told me they were prayers and then I felt better, because it seemed a lot of people must believe in Jesus.  He explained the whole universe to me and everything made complete sense to me.  I then decided I would like to stay there and that is when He showed me my mother crying her eyes out.  I asked Him why my mother was crying and He said, if I do not return it will break my mother's heart. He then showed me two little boys and told me they were to be my sons.  I was so shocked and excited being only 8 going on 9,knowing I was going to have children and someone would actually want to marry me.
NDE at age 8 due to drowning.  Was shown she would have two sons in the future.

659.  Vilous R's NDEEnglish expanded version  8/13/2005  I was blind for a week and lost the uses of both of my legs.  My first out body experience was when God show me were I would be going if I did get my life together and the second I was chapel hill and God show again all I know about to people was trying to save my life... I COULD SEE HELL BUT GOD WOULDN'T LET ME FEEL THE HEAT AND IT WAS WET AND NASTY.  YOU DON'T WANT TO GO TO HELL...  THE LIGHT CAN FOOL SO DON'T GO NEAR THE LIGHT UNLESS YOU ARE READY.
NDE associated with illness.

 Muhammad's OBEEnglish expanded version  7/24/2005 Original in Arabic translated by Moushira.  Once I was given the shot, and before it was released out of my arm, I started to feel like my soul was being liberated from my body  , it was going out of it, and began to raise . I was laying on my back while I was rising up, I reached the ceiling and entered the next floor.., but I wanted to witness the operation, so I thought I would turn around and let my face look down… I remember I descended a little bit till I got myself in the operation room once again, and my back almost adhered the ceiling of the room .From above, I could see my body being laid on a table ,and surrounded by a doctor, 2 of his assistants and a couple of nurses, and my friend the anesthetist was still holding the shot, and slowly leasing out of my hand .
Evidential OBE that happened during surgery.

657.  Nevie G's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  At the point I left my body I was no longer intoxicated, I was completely clear and could see everything at once.  I realized that I was almost dead and became very upset and began to cry for Jesus to help me.  At this moment I was aware of a light enveloping me. I was the light and it was me  There was another Being with me. The Being let me know that I was going to die and I must leave this body for good. I remember arguing with the Being explaining that I didn't want to because it was so hard going through the childhood years and I didn't want to have to go through this again. The Being indicated that my body was severely damaged and I couldn't go back. I became very adamant at this point that God was all powerful and could fix the body. At some point the decision was made to let me re-enter my body on my faith or will, what ever one may call it.
NDE at age 13 due to alcohol poisoning.  Quite detailed.

656.  Hessie's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  This is what I saw/felt.  At the time I thought it was a dream.  I woke up in a place that looked like a rose garden.  I couldn't see anything else just roses and I remember it being really bright and white.  There was a bench and I sat there and I was crying.  Not because I was scared but because I felt so happy.  Next a man sat next to me, which I could not see his face but in my heart I wasn't scared because I knew he was Jesus.  Before I could say anything he just told me that it wasn't my time and that my family was waiting for me.  I asked him if I could please go with him but again he said I had to go because my family was waiting.  I started crying even more because I didn't want to leave him.  Next thing I remember is waking up in someone's driveway at the accident scene.
NDE at age nine after being run over by a car.

655.  David M's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  Suffered fetal distress during birth and had to be delivered quickly with the use of forceps ... I just recall being drawn towards a big bright light to the point where I was in the light, only to have it communicated to me that it was time to leave and back I came... I've heard so many conflicting religious viewpoints throughout my life but have never been able to accept the ones involving original sin etc. some would suggest a newborn baby isn't worthy of god/heaven and I really feel like I've experienced it.
NDE believed to have occurred at time of his own birth at the time of fetal distress during delivery.

654.  Jaime G's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  I noticed that there was a florescent light that emanated from the top of the room and I started feeling so good like.  I can't describe it.  Love.  Or like the first time you kiss.  Electricity.  Butterflies in your stomach.  Like the best drug.  I don't know how to describe, it felt so good.  I then kind of got a little panicky because I noticed that there was no light source; it was just there.  That's when she [my grandmother] touched my hand that I noticed that I looked down and could see my hand also.  It was there but it looked white almost florescent and she told me that it was all right (all this conversation was in Spanish by the way) and said lets drink the coffee.  I did.  But I notice that it was not hot and had no taste. It was lukewarm; but yet there was steam coming from it like it was hot, but was not. It's like when you are sick and there's no taste; anyway.  I tell her that we<family> think of her every day.  She stated that she knew.  She knew that we loved her very much and she loved us; and then I noticed that the room was dome like.  that in one section the left side of that domed room was like a curtain and I saw my grandfather on my moms side peek though.
A rare Hispanic gustatory NDE; He had coffee with his grandmother.

653.  John B's NDE (2285)English expanded version  7/23/2005  The nurses were frozen in place also watching the monitors.  I felt myself rise to a corner of the room and then I stopped moving and I watched the scene below me.  I felt more loved than anything I can describe and this incredible feeling of well being and at peace and warm.  I recall vividly this moment where I examined the feelings I was experiencing and consciously thinking how wonderful I felt and how I felt wrapped in this blanket of love.  The room remained bathed in this warm orange glow and after a short moment or two I reluctantly thought to myself, "well, I had better get back down there."
NDE during a complication of angioplasty (surgical dilation of an artery in the heart).

652.  Graciela H's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I felt love and energy,  I can compare this feeling just 10% is like when my mom used to hold me when I was 2 or three years old.  Is no love and strength in this world compare to that fee moments while he held me.  While I accepted his statement,  with his voice his second statement was "You were sent here by mistake, somebody's mistake",  you need to go back". Is no time for you to come here yet".  To come here you need to accomplish many things.  I asked him, which things?.  He said: "Try to help several people".
Remarkable NDE.  Died during childbirth and awoke in morgue.  Saw her father who was alive and geographically removed during NDE, later she felt this was a future vision on her father after his death one year later.  Was told by an angelic being on the other side “You were sent here by mistake, somebody's mistake”.  Experience happened in Costa Rica.

651.  Hattie A's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I did not "come to" until that Saturday and later told her that I remember being above my body but not knowing it was me.   All I remember was a feeling of sympathy for the woman and wanting to help her because she looked like she was dead.  I later realized that it was me I was looking at and it was just a fleeting moment and the next thing I remember is that I woke up in the hospital with my daughter by my side and she had explained what happened to me. 
NDE from cardiac arrest.

650.  David F's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  During that period of being out i felt as i was being drawn upward.  there was a blackness around me but i was being drawn to a light.  i felt no presence of body, only of mind.  what seemed like a long time i had a mental communication with someone that said it wasn't my time. i kept wondering if i was going to see my family and would i come back to this place again.  no answer was given me.  i was given a message by someone who i could not see that said, "your son will save you".  THAT HAPPENED IN JAN 2004.
NDE at age 9 from jumping off a roof.

649.  Morgan L's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  It felt as though Jesus himself was in the emergency room consoling me and holding me. The only thing I was in spirit form. It seemed that there were two emergency crews on duty, the physical world and the spiritual world. I was removed from the physical and comforted until the time that all danger had passed and I was kept from the pain until the pain had passed.
NDE associated with heart attack.

648.  Jake's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I floated up and two being came to me and told me i had to go back--It was not my time... I was moving through a tunnel then the figures came.
Car accident with briefly described NDE.

647.  Paul S's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  Motorcar accident. Head injuries. The back of my head was ripped open when I was flown out of the car.  It was about 16.15 the afternoon. I can't remember anything for 3 months.  That night at about 22.00 my heart stopped and I stopped breathing. The doctor was at my side at the time and was able to get my heartbeat and breathing back... I was standing in a room with a coffin in front of me.  A man was standing next to me.  I didn't look at him, but was aware of his presence.  I asked him why I was there.  He said to me it is my coffin and I should get into it.  I said that I am not ready to die, because of all the things I did in the past that was sinful and wrong (my divorce included).  He (I then realize it was Jesus) spoke to me and said that He paid for my sins 2000 years ago, that I must not be afraid.
From South Africa.  Car accident.

646.  Cheryl's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I was in a rubber dingy...my mother was pulling me.  I was with a friend.  The friend had a life jacket on. I did not.  The dingy tipped in the middle of the lake.  I remember looking down at myself going in the water.  I was surrounded by a bright light.  I was watching myself drown from somewhere high above.  I could see my arms flailing, air bubbles come out of my mouth, I saw the vivid color of my swimsuit, and I was watching all of this, feeling quite dispassionate.  I was not afraid, curious, sad, or anything.  Dispassionate described it best.  The next thing I knew my Mother had grabbed me around the waist and she managed to get me to the surface.
NDE at age 5-6 as a result of drowning.  OBE- saw self in water.

645.  Wayne R's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I woke up in a warm, bright place and was confused as to where I was.  It took a minute and I remember thinking  "Wow, I must be dead".  There was no pain.  I could see myself, it wasn't like a spirit kind of thing.  I looked up and my grandmother was there.  She had died long ago (I think in 1967 or 1968), but it was her!  She was wearing a purple dress and I suddenly remembered seeing her in her coffin as a kid wearing that dress.
NDE as a result of bleeding from ulcers.  Encountered deceased grandmother and a deceased very early childhood pet dog.

644.  Patrick R's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I was looking down at my body lying in a fetal position on the ground , but what was happening, because I was in the most beautiful light you could ever imagine… The Dr asked What happened.  I told him I just had an out of body experience.  He asked what is one of them.  I told him what happened.  "I went to the light, as I was going in the light I went back to the accident saw myself, bleeding from the head and my arm was limp, as if it was about to fall off. I came to.

NDE during surgery with what was seen verified later.  Also remarkable ADC with her son who died recently.

642.  David S's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  As soon as I went under the water I was separated from my body by about 15 feet.  I saw no lights, tunnels or beings.  I was watching myself under and through the muddy creek water struggling with no fear whatsoever.  I could see the outline of the creek where I went under and even below that, although it was black.  I could clearly hear one of the boys tell my uncle that his nephew was drowning.
Chiropractor NDE at age 6 from near drowning.

Drug and alcohol overdose with convulsions.

640.  Eve H's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  I started out knowing that I couldn't wake up, then I was shown all the good things, and the bad things that's happened in my life... I have a daughter who was just about 2 at the time,  I saw her in a field with me, and a little child walking with us. It was strange I only had one child.  Later after I got well they said that I would never be able to have children, or get pregnant.  They said it was impossible, I now have that second child walking beside me, he is my miracle, that I was blessed to see.
NDE associated with car accident.

639.  Mickey J's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005  The boat dragged me about two feet through the water with my board pulling the other way. What I thought was a vision passed through me.  I saw myself under water being dragged by the rope and my arm being pulled. It was only a brief episode and the rope finally came off my arm. It was like I was next to my body sitting in the water watching myself be dragged. Then I came up from the water. For a moment I didn't know what had happened until I realized my arm was in great pain.
14 year old with accident in which he was pulled under water.  OBE- saw self.  Interestingly, had vision of himself in hospital bed with nurses around him, and this did not happen.

638.  Annie M's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005 I felt my own presence.  I was floating on a cloud - laying down.  I recall that it was odd because I couldn't feel any pressure points on my body.  There was a feeling of complete peace, joy and love.  I felt as if my spirit were soaring.  I recall an inner feeling of brightness and light, although I don't recall my surroundings.  My soul soared.  I had no thoughts of anyone.  I only recall wanting to stay in this circumstance forever.  There was an ultimate perfection in simply being there.
Several NDEs associated with surgery for brain aneurysm.

637.  Desiree B's NDE-LikeEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005 From the Netherlands, original in Dutch translated by Jody with online software. We were in the large dome. God stood stood right for me and the angels (a group) left for me. (Thus right of God!) I (here) knew not she. Would god early on me; "Set that you be able to choose now, you would want to remain or go back Here then?" This was not said in words against me, but I knew communicated became what there. What kind of me meant, I and what "heard not" was was for me meant, not. I asked on a moment or I poet by Him might come. That could not would can, told God me, because I the life here no longer on then. Between the angels and God there, or I communicated became well or would not remain.
Anaphylactic shock from a mustard allergy.

636.  Leo P's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005 From France, original in French translated Jean Peter.   In any case this sensation-emotion was multiplied by 100, it was one indescribable emotional orgasm, there, I believed to die indeed, but of pleasure. It was to the limit of the tolerable, that flooded me completely, yet I felt that it was about a minute left of that of which he/it was capable, and that he/it paid a lot of attention, but for me that passed everything that I could conceive.
NDE from an atheist.

635.  Monik J's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/10/2005 From Canada, original in French translated by Jody with Software.  I experienced an NDE due complications during surgery.  An artery burst when the surgeon tried to remove an organ, causing a hemorrhage that filled the stomach and I went into cardiac arrest.  I was clinically dead for 8 minutes.  They put me on an artificial respirator, drained my lungs and stomach.  Then I was saved and returned to life.
NDE from surgery complications.  It appears that she saw herself and heard others.

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