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NDERF (2003)
Individual NDE Experiences

These NDE's, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


Copyright1999 by Jody and Dr. Jeff
NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

354. Margaret C's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03  I heard the sound of the impact, like an explosion, my daughter was in the passenger seat, my granddaughter was in her car seat behind me, all of a sudden I was in this bright light, the feeling of complete inner peace we seek for so much in this life, was within me, I had no fears or wish to return.  Then I was told, the baby must not die.  I still refused to return, and again I was told , the baby must not die.
Brief NDE from car accident.

353. Jamin A NDE  English expanded version 12/19/03 & 9/17/13 From France  Original in French - translated by Johanne & Marguy  At my awakening I'm talking about a vision of myself, of my body in the ambulance covered by the orange blanket, then I describe myself as flying fast through a sequence of sceneries that seemed unlimited, peripheral vision, I'm observing the journey, I am the journey.  Firstly there are black fields, a landscape of desolation. that I have been drawing later in therapy, filled with corpses, limbs and heads. Then crossing sandy deserts before arriving at a vast meadow covered with white flowers. Then a green hill, brightly colored, a path and a big door <arabo-andalous> style, which is diffusing a very pure light, warm and mesmerizing, that has something sincere, something like a soul... This gigantic door is sitting way up at the hilltop, and I see myself going on this path towards it.
NDE from being hit by a car at age 8.

352. Aad G's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 Original in Dutch - translated by Bas de Kort From Belgium Behind the gate, the drive lane continued splitting into side lanes on the left and on the right. Was the path before the gate dim, once behind the gate there was a fantastic light. The source of this light was not visible. In front of the gate, somewhat on the left from my point of view, there was my dog who recently died on September 10th, 2002 due to a heart attack. This dog was a Belgian shepherd (Groenendaeler) called ‘Farouche’.
NDE from heart attack. 

351. David R's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 From England It is difficult to describe in words but there was a time when I seemed to occupy two different places I could feel the pain in my body but I was also away from the pain as if floating beside me I then felt frightened I could tell I was dying or dead not really sure which would be right. But I knew that I did not want to be dead then So I remember saying to myself "If I don’t stand up now I will never stand up" so I went back to my body and made me stand up I remember feeling a rush of life back into my body it was like a sharp gust of wind filling my body and then I was back inside me and I could feel the pain again, the physical reality was a sharp contrast to the sublime formless energy of being outside my body
NDE from heart attack with a detailed description of what it is like to be in two bodies at once.

350. Lynne's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03  I remember the doctor saying that I was dead.  I was above everything, watching it all.  My mother said that she was glad that I was dead. (I confronted her with this about 30+ years later and she turned absolutely white.)  I then went into a warm tunnel that was very bright (like the aurora borealis) and welcoming with a person sitting on a chair.  It was so peaceful and so wonderful.  I didn't hurt anymore, and I could run and breathe and I loved it.  I was told by this soul that I had to go back to earth to teach others.  I didn't want to go back.  I wanted to stay. 
Child NDE from asthma.

349. Liz S's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 From Canada During the time I was "out", I had the most joyful experience of my life. The joy and ecstasy I felt was beyond description. I was with a presence which felt like a male. I felt fully alive. I felt warm and very loved. We were in a loving situation like a welcome of a very loved one who had been away a long time and had returned. The emotion was much stronger than any I have ever before or since experienced. When the Dr. resuscitated me with CPR, I felt as though I had been thrown at a very high speed through space and then hit a solid wall.
There are several NDEs reported in this account submission.

348. John M's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 Then I looked down and saw my body still lying there, but there was a man that looked a little like a doctor leaning over it. I "flew" down for a closer look. He was dressed in what at first seemed a lot like a hospital robe, but it was yellow, almost like it had gold in it. And he wore a "pillbox" type hat, which looked a little like the kind of cap a doctor wears in surgery, except this was more like a hat, and it had writing on it in an alphabet I did not recognize, but it might have been Hebrew, or something related to it. He held objects that looked like crochet hooks, and they were also gold or bronze in color, and was using them to do something to the side of my head where I had been hit. Then he told me (something like), "Well, you won't get too many chances to recover from something like this again. You must be much more careful in the future, or you won't be able to do what you have to do, and that won't be good."
NDE from a boating accident.

347. Traveler's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 I do not remember getting out or back into my body, but I (my higher consciousness) was near the ceiling.  I knew that my mother and another female were at the foot of my bed, but I was only concerned about what was going on near the ceiling.  I did not see my body on the hospital bed and knew that I had no body.  I knew that I was near death.  I beautiful spiritual entity which I felt enveloped and embraced me with indescribable love and peace; I felt connected to ALL--I was at total peace--everything made sense for me.  I cannot imagine feeling love like that until I die.  Warmth, unconditional love, and heightened knowledge were a part of my NDE.
This NDEr was inspired to travel around the world and wrote a master's thesis on trans-cultural NDEs.

346. Ebin M's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03  I was floating upwards towards a bright light. That lasted for what seemed to be moments of frustration of me trying to communicate and ask everyone what was wrong. Very confusing indeed. Next I was in the bright light and was speaking to dead relatives. They told me not to worry and that everything was O.K. Then it ended and the next thing I remember is the 20 below air hitting me as I was being loaded into an ambulance.
Teenager NDE from alcohol overdose.

345. NDE-Like Madhavi's Experience  English expanded version From India 12/18/03  My sister was tickling me from behind, I meant to hit her with my elbow, but i hit on the edge of the wooden platform of the door.  What i experienced was that I was a tiny object of myself traveling with very high speed in the darker space with a light where i could see the hallow dark space that I am traveling.  i heard the vibration sound of the air when I travel in the hallow space.  I was in this state for about 10 to 15 minutes.
NDE-like experience from going unconscious after hitting her elbow.

344. Freida D's NDE  English expanded version 12/18/03 I can't remember all of it but there was brown and white like a movie to my right (which would be mostly in the direction of south) and I was there for a while and I seem to remember that I was hanging there in that brown and white movie.  I was hanging from the tree dead and then the feelings or should I say sensations began.  I felt the most intense levels of sadness, joy, ecstasy, bliss, love, anger, stillness and many other things like that which I don't have words for.  I remember even feeling the best orgasm that I have never even had before.  But all these were very fast like milliseconds all these sensations rushing through me even some that vibrated my whole body in an energetic like way... what is that?? I have never felt that and had no word for it and feel it now as I type.  That's weird.
NDE from Suicide attempt.

343. Benilda K's NDE  English expanded version  Phillipines. 12/14/03 i felt  part of me lifting out and i was feeling myself started to move. i was standing and it was velvet black, i started to make a step, then there was this light from up above, i was watching the light.  it was dim and it was getting a little bit brighter and was so beautiful, relaxing, the most comfortable time of my life was happening. i was feeling the presence of the most powerful being, i felt happiness and contentment. i started walking to the light and suddenly, i realized that i just had a baby.  i have not seen my baby.  i needed to see my baby.  my baby needed me.  i needed to go back.
Childbirth NDE.

342. Judi T's NDE  English expanded version  From Trinidad. 12/14/03 Again, I popped out thinking "OH boy this is it - adios amigos". I told him that the brain was no longer working and then he said "Okay, go back in. I'll take over". I reentered my body and strangely I was able to do 'localized' thinking (not remote, like trying to call someone). I asked God not to die but that if I must, to let me last till morning, so that the children would not have the trauma of their mom dying during the night without telling them good bye. I said 'Father, not my will but yours be done. Into your hands I commend my spirit" and then knew nothing until my husband came to bed. The whole thing lasted about twenty minutes.
NDE with an interesting twist of entering the body, then leaving it again and being told that the angel will help her speak upon the second re-entry to her body.

341. Paul J's NDE  English expanded version From Greece 12/14/03 In front of me I then saw a huge open rectangular doorway, completely black beyond .  Around it the operating theatre started to fade away and I approached the doorway. The feeling was one of utter peace.  There was no pain, no worry.  It was indescribable.  The I saw the number 49 about 3 feet tall in front of me (my age then) and I said "Only 49 eh?  I thought I'd have made it to at least to 5O!" and I laughed.   I felt so happy, but then I remembered that my daughter was getting married the next summer, and that I was looking forward to receiving an O.U. award soon. 
NDE during surgery.

340. Jeremy M's NDE  English expanded version 12/14/03 As i was looking at my house i heard a voice say, "go back." I paid no attention to the voice and preceded to go forth but the voice said again much more clearly, "go back, it's not your time." I then thought, "no, I'm going to see my mother and i don't want to go back. I preceded up to my front door and as i was about to open it the voice changed into my mothers voice and said even louder, "go back, it's not your time." I then said, "i don't want to go to school, i want to stay here with you. i tried to open the door. then the voice said in a stern voice, "go back to school now!" I hesitated, and then the next thing i knew, i was in my body.   Playground accident led to this NDE.

339. Henry M's NDE  English expanded version 12/14/03 I was aware of the car falling then I felt a bump, like a mall rock hitting my head and then I got up.  It was like colors were more than colors.  It looked like i could touch them, it felt like the air was silk sheets moving over my body.  I felt like I was being watched, and I looked around and saw no one.  I then turned around and saw my head bleeding.  Then I felt like i was falling and then i was back in my body. 
Brief OBE part of the NDE, happening very recently on 9/24/03.

338. Dr. H.M.S. Kumar's NDE  English expanded version  Non-western NDE from INDIA.  I could see the letters written on the roof tiles from very near almost few inches. Each letter appeared very big to me. It was a wonderful, painless state and very cool and yet full of emotions. I had perfect crystal clear consciousness.  I could see my body lying on the floor head down and still holding the wire. I rose to about 10 feet off the ground and I stopped hovering near the roof tiles. I was calling for help but no one was there. After some time I noticed my dad coming from other end of the house and I could see him through the walls and he was coming very slowly as he was not aware of the accident.
Beginnings of a NDE, with a lot of veridical perception evidence from the OBE state.

337. Mori C's NDE  English expanded version  FRENCH 11/11/03  On the operating table, I came out of my body. I went for a walk and I saw a whirlwind of white light.  Then, I am between a border separating the world here from the celestial or astral. I entered in this light that illuminated this experience.  It was brilliant and beautiful all along a white passageway. I saw a Jesus, very beautiful and serene.  He told me that it is too early for me to be here and showed me my child wrapped in gold. 
NDE during childbirth.  Original NDE submitted in French.  I used a software translator, so below the corrected English version, there is also the French version for reference. 

336. Francesca M's NDE  English expanded version  ITALIAN 11/11/03  I said to Mark (a close friend in the operating room), 'I am about to die.'  I know what it feels like to faint, before and after. When one faints, nothing happens before and after. This was different. I was out of body, but I was not afraid.  I felt a infinite peace.  It is difficult to describe, because it was not happiness but harmony, peace, a very beautiful feeling. I went fast, projected into this dark space and headed for a clear, bright light. I was projected toward that light that became brighter and brighter.  I thought that there was there the Madonna.
NDE during childbirth.  Original NDE submitted in Italian.  I used a software translator, so below the corrected English version, there is also the Italian version for reference. 

335. Leona B's NDE  English expanded version  11/11/03 I woke feeling an incredible calm, like I had just passed through a tornado.  I was led through whiteness to a white horizon, which I thought to be a road because I was walking on it. There was an area to the side of the road where I saw a badly mangled dog.  I felt it was alright but stared at it with sadness.  Then a man and (I dare to describe him as resembling the pictures I have seen of Jesus.)  came walking up to me.  He stood beside me with his arm around my shoulder and walking me forward.  I asked what will happen to the dog.  He said, "Don't worry it's okay." 
Fascinating account involving a coma with non-traditional imagery. There are further e-mail dialogue with Dr. Long.

334. Kamme O's NDE  English expanded version  11/6/03 The voices said I didn't have "much time".  The people were upset and I didn't understand why?  I was FINE.  One lady yelled numbers, the others moved faster.  She said, "19 over 11!" and I thought, "Oh? If I run out of numbers doesn't that mean I am DEAD?"  And I laughed, "THIS IS IT?  THIS is what everyone is so afraid of?????"  I laughed the same as I hear myself laugh now inside this thing once again.  I was still ME, just not in this.  NDE from child birth.

Child NDE from pneumonia where he saw his mother who had died.

332. Ava M's NDE-Like  English expanded version  11/6/03 I was driving home from my job as school librarian when I met a Fort Riley soldier who crossed the highway line and hit my car head-on.  His small truck then went up onto the top of my car and over the right side.  The driver was barely injured and walked, but I was almost killed.  I don't remember the accident at all, but this is what the highway patrol who put the accident together told me.
NDE-like?  Although unconscious for a month, and she does not remember the experience, it was very transformative and her husband told her she kept talking about angels.  

331. Denise B's NDE  English expanded version  11/4/03 I was then told to  'remember' I was then flicked thru future decisions and happenings.   I was then given a chance to view the universe's and given the opportunity to be one with it and have the knowledge of the truth.  This went into stuff like time is simultaneous, everything happens at the same time, there is no then and future.  The universe is not just one but infinite, wondrous and continuing to evolve.  We are just one dimension, there are many plains if you like.  Just like ants are not aware of us, we are not aware of higher, evolved states of being.   The greatest part was the full feeling and knowledge that in the end all there is is love.     We become one with everything and everything becomes one with us. 
NDE during child-birth.

330. Nicole's NDE  English expanded version  11/4/03 Next thing, I feel my entire bedroom light with rainbows, purple and gold light, and, I could feel God's presence. and do you know what he said? He didn't say, you're going to burn in hell, you're evil for this, you're a bad person, .. do you know what He said to me?  "I can't take you right now honey, you are barely finished with this lifetime. You have to complete why you are here. when you wake up, you will be very sick, but nothing will happen to you."  I remember the very soft, subtle way he said *honey*. It felt so wonderful, like GOD was up to date, and at the same time, was Himself. He had a soft feminine touch as god is both male and female energy, but it was nice.
NDE from suicide attempt.

329. Chrissie B's NDE  English expanded version  11/2/03  What I distinctly remember to this very day is firstly a flashing of beautiful scenes, fields, oceans, dolphins, horses, everything racing then suddenly i left the earth as such entering into a tunnel spiraling upward (not vertically upward) a lean of 30 degrees say, there was this intense light at the end and then when i exited into the light there was this enormous overwhelming sense of peace love warmth security.  I was at 'home' at last!
NDE from child-birth complications.

328. Micki P's NDE  English expanded version  11/2/03 Added Information 11/11/03  I began going through a vast area traveling through a wide unknown area.  I saw all white,  I saw a beautiful gate that was half opened, I walked to it and just as I was entering it a voice (not a voice but mental telepathy) caused me to look in the direction where I saw Jesus Christ and scars in his wrists.  I ran to him and fell to his feet crying and kissing his feet, I kept telling him I loved him.  He helped me stand up and I looked up at this huge throne where a bright light was coming from.  I knew it was God.  I began talking to him telling him how much I loved him but he would not listen to me.  Jesus looked up at him and began speaking to him for me. At that point God listened. 
NDE from suicide attempt.

327. John-Paul K's NDE  English expanded version  11/2/03 At one point, I became aware that I was no longer experiencing pain, or any physical sensation, and that time appeared to stand still. It was as if time stopped, and so to did all the physical pain and suffering that I had been experiencing. Visually, I became aware that my focus had suddenly split into two, as if I were seeing one picture but that this picture was out of focus and could be seen twice. It was as if I was staring at the same picture reflected twice, like looking into two mirrors. This state was noticeably still, and calm.
The focus being split into two is an intriguing description of being on the other side.

326. Roxanne S's NDE  English expanded version  11/2/03  I watched the little girl's body from above, as if in the tree. Then I was transported to a wondrous landscape where all my feelings and events of my life happened at once.
Child NDE from being hit by a car.

325. Nina M's NDE  English expanded version  11/2/03  I saw a bright light through a tunnel, I went to the light; as I was going to the light I saw tiny lights all around me. I remember feeling at peace and the feeling of floating. I think someone said something to me and I said ( I told Fess I would be find) Fess is my son at the time he was 7 years old. I could not lie to him. The feeling of being pulled back into my shell with the feeling of heaviness ( like I was weighted down ) Then I woke up in ICU fighting for air.
Brief surgery-related NDE.

324. Sabeti R's NDE  English expanded version  FROM IRAN!  11/2/03  After surgery I saw my parents and Doctor around myself. They were waiting me to awake. I also saw myself from up of my body.  Brief NDE from Iran.

323. Terry L's NDE  English expanded version  10/30/03  I was in a coma for 5 days.  On one of those days I heard a heart monitor go off, it was mine. I was looking down at my body and noticed there was a dead person covered from head to two with a sheet onto my right. I floated as a white glow surrounded my being. Down below where my body was a doctor that I could plainly hear was saying that he was not going to lose another one and started to do CPR. I did not want to return to my body and I waved my arms so that he would stop but he did not notice me at all. I returned to my body. When I awoke from coma I no longer feared death!
Brief, but life-changing NDE.

322. Herbert M's NDE  English expanded version  10/29/03  In an instant that will last forever, I saw my life, from conception-to-death, as one single and whole event, not as separate parts of a jig-saw puzzle, but as a complete and inseparable whole.  And I knew that my life was complete, I was done.  The light, This Most Holy Spirit, took me into itself, in an embrace that will haunt me to the end of my days and beyond. For and endless instant I knew Love. And I knew myself loved beyond words and descriptions. Just infinitely loved...and I saw through the eyes of Spirit, what Spirit sees...there is no mind to understand that vision, it just is.
How a NDE affected a former minister's life.

321. Kurt K's NDE  English expanded version  10/27/03 I watched cars and trucks drive by, and wondered how people could make long term plans when life was so unpredictable. Several nights later, it felt as if my spirit left my body and it experienced being in a place with a gathering of souls or spirits. I sensed great peace, tranquility and ecstasy -- a rapture that was beyond a person's imagination. I felt as if I was a part of ALL, a part of God. I was mentally communicating and in sync with everyone, including not only some of my deceased acquaintances and relatives, but many of the prophets of the bible, and historical people I had read about. There was no dominant force, no forceful leader. I somehow knew who everyone was. Every thought interacted with the whole community.
Child NDE from Pneumonia.

320Sil A's NDE.  10/6/03 I had a near death experience back in 1980. As I was walking towards my favorite restaurant to eat, a couple of middle age young males attacked me trying to knock me down and take my wallet. The males began to beat me severely to the point that I died from the beating momentarily. During the beating, I felt my self leaving my body and floating up toward the roof of the restaurant. From the top of restaurant, I looked around the city area and saw other spirits of dead people floating up. I looked up from where, I was standing and saw a beautiful white light coming down on me. At that moment, I sensed great remorse over things that I had done in my past. My whole past just flew before me. Because of my sadness of not being able to ask forgiven from the people I had hurt. I asked the light for another chance to make up for my past. At that moment, I felt like I went through a tunnel and came back into my body. As I regain consciousness, I saw an ambulance and the attendants and I was transported to a hospital where I recovered.  I believed in a spiritual world after that. My body after death was pure white energy and superior to my flesh body. So, I became convinced that we have two bodies.   The need to forgive brought him back to earth.

318. Heather S's NDE  English expanded version  9/22/03  I felt myself move below the surface, and suddenly saw myself outside of my body, and watched as my little self was slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool.  The most incredible feeling of calm was very present.  I felt myself drift gently away from my body and there was no fear, and no pain.  A blanket of warmth was with me.
The beginnings of a Child-drowning NDE.

317. Richard S's NDE  English expanded version  9/22/03 i placed my wife's and my crystal onto the others, i immediately felt at one with every crystal, i could feel the presence of my wife and thousands of others in total harmony.  the most brilliant yellow, warming light opened in the cave, i walked into the light, feeling my life end, no fear, no loss, just total peace.  as i felt my self leaving my body the light warmed me, filled me, like it was re-charging me with energy but energy of thousands of lives stored in the crystal.
During his NDE, he lived a lifetime at an Indian village.

316. Pinchon's NDE  English expanded version  From France 9/18/03  Impression came to me very quickly in a space with colorful prisms that paraded around me.  When I arrived in this space of soft and brilliant light, there was an amazing ambiance of love.  I felt like I was in communication with a charismatic entity.  I was surprised because the being communicated in an unknown language that I understood.  I had a life review where I saw the good and the bad events of my life.  I was judged on this balance.
NDE from surgery-related complications.

315. David W's NDE  English expanded version  From France, 9/18/03 First of all, I had a flashback of all my past life. One would have said slides bombarded at full speed without interruption. To my big astonishment, I reviewed episodes of my life that I had forgotten completely. I had the impression that it lasted between 40 minutes and one hour. Then, I had an impression of big serenity, of big tranquility. A few as if I was disconnected of my five senses, without any perception of the outside world. I didn't see anything, didn't hear anything, didn't feel anything, didn't touch anything. In summary, a big interior peace, with the impression to melt progressively into nothing, nearly of more to exist.  Interesting integration of the NDE into an atheist perspective.

314. Jocelyne R's NDE-Like  English expanded version From Canada  9/18/03 There was my cousin, my relatives and full of other deceased people. They told me,  you are where you wished, we waited for you.  It was gorgeously good.  Then far away, I heard a voice very far away.  I didn't want to hear it, I wanted to ignore it, but it persisted.  I recognized my son's voice, first like a buzz then it got clearer, then finally he repeated. “Mom don’t die, you know you want to live, you know you like life,” he said repeatedly to me.  Mother came back for her children.

313. Howard P's NDE  English expanded version  9/15/03 On August 3, 1979, Howard Pittman, a Baptist minister for 35 years, died while on the operating table during surgery and had a near-death experience. After angels showed him the second and third heavens, he was taken before the very throne of God where he was given a message to share with the world.  In extreme gratitude to Kevin Williams  http://www.near-death.com  for all his hard work on NDE research and for sharing this account with NDERF.  The lack of proprietorship is one of the true hallmarks of credibility for NDE research - they are there for everyone!

312. Monty Z's NDE  English expanded version  9/7/03  While I was in there, a State Trooper said, "Do you realize what happened to you?" I said, "No, but I had a dream that I was standing next to my car trying to look into it while most of it was jammed under this tractor trailer rig.  I couldn't really see much more then the back of the drivers bucket seat and figured that I had dreamed that someone had stolen my car and was in a bad accident.  I figured as bad as the car was wrecked, the driver had to have been killed."  The trooper about turned white and said, "That was no dream you had, what you described is exactly what happened." 
Car accident where he experienced the OBE stage of the NDE

311. Marie E's NDE  English expanded version  8/29/03  It seemed like I could 'hear' smiling.  I could not really see anything other than lots of white lights that seemed sort of like stars.  Then, suddenly, they were all connected by lines of light.  The nearest description that I can give is that it was like being right in the middle of a vast, huge, huge molecule frame, such as the ones that chemists make to demonstrate the properties of chemicals.  This one was MASSIVE.  It was multi-dimensional and I could understand EVERYTHING.  I was tremendously excited.  I saw flashes of color and could hear what I can only describe as background music but really, it wasn't music and it wasn't even really sound as we know it.  I felt like I existed IN sound and IN light.  It's really hard to describe because my vocabulary just isn't big enough. 
Great core experience with an amazing description of how her NDE changed her life. 

310. Deanna C's NDE  English expanded version  8/29/03  I just KNEW it was him. I stayed here for a time with these “souls” in the light, it was like I belonged, it was like we were ALL ONE. At peace. Then it was like I was taken to one side (not led or anything, not told or moved – it just happened). I was still there in this place but at one side with this “soul of my Father” and it was not like he or for that matter “they” spoke to me but there were still words (that does not make sense I know) but it was like telepathy or something – the words were “Deanna, it is not your time yet, you must go back”
NDE where she saw her father who died before she was born.

309. Nikki C's NDE  English expanded version  8/29/03  I turned to the other side of the bed and stepped out of my body. I began to walk around the room trying to talk to my living family members, but they could not hear me. I then turned and in the other corner of the hospital room, was my deceased grandmother and cousin. They were in a light much like sunset. They did not speak at all, yet their level of sure peace was like none I had ever known before or after. They were smiling, but said nothing as I tried to tell them I was ok, and why wouldn't my living family standing there talk to me. I did see myself in the bed unconscious, while I was walking around the room.
NDE from a pulmonary embolism complication from car accident. 

308. Roger E's NDE  English expanded version  8/10/03 I found myself walking in a tunnel toward, well, I wasn't sure where, actually. I just know that this was a place of perfect peace, and totally without pain or sorrow. The tunnel wasn't really very long, perhaps 150-200 feet. It was pink, kind of rose-colored quartz crystal, and had stalactite and stalagmite formations along the walls. At the end of the tunnel was a bright, pure light, purer than any I have ever seen anywhere. It was tall and narrow, and rounded at both ends. I had every sense of self, I was still me, and had the sense of walking in a body as I went up the tunnel. I had no fear, and no thought of what was happening to me. It seemed the thing to do was to walk up the tunnel. Before I went very far, though, something said, "Go back."
Very recent NDE from a heart-attack.

307. Kathy R's NDEs  English expanded version  8/10/03  It was as though it was an under-water movie of my brief 11 years playing on the inside of the pool. My grandmother (who had passed when I was 9) was saying my name as though she were calling me through a speaker. I could see her face and was reaching out to touch her under the water when my eyes felt so heavy I couldn't keep them open and I was sinking down. I remember feeling the heat of the sun-warmed water start to get colder.
Child drowning NDE and another NDE from a slip and fall accident.

306. Patricia S's NDE  English expanded version  8/10/03 It was almost as if I was coasting and in the near distance I saw  an extremely wide really bright light. Almost as if I was entering a well lit foggy area. But at the same time I could see a field. The love and just so much inner peace was so over empowering that it cannot be expressed in words. I felt presence there. I do not mean that I think someone was there. It was the actual feeling of presence of several. My grandfather spoke to me. I did not see him or hear his voice. I felt him say "I am not going to take you away from your father like I was."
NDE from accident.

305. Caroline HR's NDE  English expanded version  8/10/03  It had just rained and everything was wet. I sat up on the railing and put my hand on a metal brace hanging from the unit. I started getting electrically shocked, and started shaking all over, (like you see in the cartoons!). Anyway, my friend started calling my name, and then when I couldn't move, she touched me. This broke the current apparently and she got shocked. I was probably only shaking seconds. During this time I had a "life review".
Childhood NDE from electrocution.

304. Private Dowding's NDE  English expanded version  8/5/03  WWI NDE  This NDE is unique in that it is popular literature from the early 1900's.  I look at this story primarily in the context of the time without judgment of authenticity.  Channeling was more acceptable than it is today.  Apparently, so are stories of the NDE.  Private Dowding is an inspirational second-hand account that does contain some predictions of the future.  I hope you find this as interesting as I did.  Thanks to Soraya for submitting this to the website. 

303.  NDEs From Spain NDE  English expanded version  8/5/03  From SPAIN  This is a collection of short, second-hand narratives from Spain.

302.  Quinn A's NDE  English expanded version  7/30/03  We went in, completed our assigned tasks, and on our way out, things turned from bad to worse real quick-like. Obviously, a firefight ensued as we were retreating. Our GOD (sniper) could not keep up with the sheer amount of bad guys we could not see/hit. Anyways, I ended up taking 4 rounds that evening. One in the chest (Kevlar kept that out), one in the stomach area, and 2 in the legs. I fell to the ground, and felt myself fading away. But I was not scared or worried.
Combat-related NDE from Special Ops!

301.  Priscilla O's NDE  English expanded version  7/16/03  I knew I was in the presence of a higher being.  I refer to him as "God," I couldn't see him, but I felt him.  He "talked" to me, through feelings. I was mad at Him, for taking me, and I refused to go with Him.  He laughed at/with me, lovingly, for being so insistent that I return. He "told" me, my requests were all for others, not myself, so I could return.
NDE from allergic reaction.  It is interesting that communication was via emotion.

300.  Chris D's NDE  English expanded version  7/16/03 There was a man, in his late forties with a three day beard growth. I felt normal now. I felt as I had before, with my body intact. I asked him, "are you God"? He said in broken English, "No, me llama Es' Peco". I don't speak Spanish, so I may have spelled that wrong. I was struck with a feeling of absurdity. I have died and gone on to spend eternity with an immigrant named Peco'? Who can't even speak English? I did a gut check to try and ascertain if I was in fact dead. Later I was to discover,  I was in a dimension parallel to this one. I was told that this universe was called "Midus 22". It had the same gravity as planet, but the specific gravity of objects was skewed. It was strange, children were playing catch with boulders and large wood objects.
Drug overdose that was fatal.  He woke up when he was receiving CPR in the emergency room.  He went to another dimension.  Commentary from Paul, one of our Spanish speaking readers:  Chris D. said the guy said "me llama Es Peco". It doesn't make sense in Spanish. The correct use of the words are "me llamo" or "I call myself". The last part must be his name. I think it's likely his name was Espejo. He was saying, "I call myself Mirror." Poosibly El Espejo - The Mirror.

299.  Amanda S's NDE  English expanded version  6/23/03 Two angelic like figures began doing figure 8's above my body.  I knew they were there to take my soul.  they worked hard until I felt myself above my body and I was able to breath again.  I felt safe and peaceful.  I tried to tell all the doctors that I was OK now but nobody could hear me. 
Is it possible that the two angelic figures doing figure 8's above her could be her two twins preparing to enter their bodies?  This family of NDErs would be a most interest group of people!

298.  Ryan K's NDE  English expanded version  6/23/03 Someone was putting sticky pads on my chest, someone was on the phone with the surgeon, while someone else called my wife. The whole time, my POV was still in the bathroom and stationary. It was my body on the bed, but I was standing in the bathroom doorway, watching them work on me. That's when the wind came.
This terrifying NDE happened in the out of body component of the NDE and left the NDEr more afraid of death than before the incident.

297. CHINESE PERSPECTIVE:  Regarding his vision of the afterlife, I have omitted that he was a traditional Chinese gentleman.  In traditional Chinese belief everyone goes to Hell! It is the place of all departed and your suffering is commensurate with the type of life that you led.  That is why Christianity was so popular as it offered an assurance of a Heaven.  Dead relatives are revered by traditional Chinese and to die is to be with one's forebears.  Not only with dying patients, but also patients about to undergo major surgery (such as cardiac bypass or cancer surgery) can have NELEs. Most of these are reflective, curative or revelatory in nature. 

296.  Suresh K's NDE  6/8/03 Non-western NDE from India.  English expanded version
The traveling was in the fourth dimension, which can be termed as out of body experience, when an unidentified identity merged in ‘that Light’. Words fail me as I try to describe exactly what I saw or felt. But I can say that there was no humanized God, all the same, it was an area of unalloyed purity. There was brilliant Light, immense speed or Motion and unbelievable Divine Love. I did not require senses to experience ‘IT’. ‘I’ was absent and still I saw, knew and understood. Though I was there for a few seconds, it felt like an eternity.
This NDE vividly shows the remarkable spiritual transformative effect of the NDE.

295.  Edwin's NDE  6/8/03 Non-western NDE from Malta.  English expanded version  The walls were made out of atmosphere.  There was a stand  with a thick book on it and a very old man reading this book.  He looked at me and he didn't say anything. But I didn't care who was.  I  was staring at the scene behind him. There was a small bridge and a lot of people passing through over this bridge.  As soon as they pass this bridge they don't walk any more but they flow away.  There was crystal water running beyond this bridge and all the people were wearing white. 
Child NDE from electrocution.

294.  Ray K's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version Now this is very difficult to describe, but time ceased to exist.  It had no value there...past and future were completely non-existent.  I was traveling in an intense, burning now.  Now was everything.  I ceased to be a noun (person, place or thing) but became a verb (an action).  I was Ray-ing instead of Ray.  This is the best I can do to describe what no-time is like.  It is Beautiful in it's own intensity and burning Now-Ness.  I was given a huge message at this point.  The Being told me "This is Who You Really Are", as It opened the Universe up to me.  I could not tell the difference between myself and the infinite galaxies.   Two NDEs, one as a child and the other as a teenager.

293.  Kathryn G's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version I had a cardiac arrest.  The next thing I remember is looking at my body laying on the gurney and I looked inside the ambulance and saw a small sign that gave the load capacity.  Being a rather plump person with a sense of humor about it I looked at my self lying there and thought ok we'll both fit.  Then I stepped up into the ambulance and my Dad Who had just died in May said " What are you doing here? (although he didn't really speak I just knew)  He was smiling and teasing me I answered " I don't know."  Then he communicated to me " You have to go back you have grandkids."  My Mom was sitting next to my dad and she communicated her agreement with my Dad.  NDE from cardiac arrest.

292.  Martin E's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version Next thing I knew I was outside over a river but before a slight rise in the land with a small house off to the left, and there was a lady, dark long hair (a little curl, shoulder length), about my age, who was extremely happy to see me.  I was not standing on the ground.  She had her hands on both sides of my head and kissed me a couple times (not sexual, just happy to see me).  She hugged me.  She didn't speak, but told me that she was very happy to see me again, that she knows I don't remember her, but it was ok, because she loved me and I would remember if I came with her.  More importantly, I had a decision to make...it was perfectly alright if I wanted to return to my life and it would be perfectly alright if I went with her.
NDE given the choice to leave or to come back.

291.  Liz R's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version I remember thinking "Dear God, please don't let me die. I swear I will never do anything so stupid again. Please God I have so much to live for. What will happen to mom if I die. Especially if I die like this." I kept saying that over and over in my head. I had never prayed so hard in my life. All of a sudden everything became very quiet and I felt very peaceful. I was surrounded by a brilliant white light and felt very safe and happy. I felt like I was floating and I could see everything that was happening to me. I saw myself lying in the ambulance and I became very frightened. I looked so horrible. My eyes were half-way opened and I was shaking violently. My skin had turned ashy gray.  Drug experience that turned in a NDE.

290.  Carlene W's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version  During this time I saw a black hole with a circle of light that I was traveling through.  A sense of peacefulness, which is indescribable came over me.  I continued to go through the tunnel/circle of light.  I wanted to stay because the feeling the peacefulness was so complete.  Somehow I knew it was heaven, I looked to see if my grandmother and my daughter Becky was there.  They were....and again I felt a peace knowing that they were all right. 
Knew she would see her deceased grandmother and daughter prior to being reunited. 

289.  Greeley C's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version  All of a sudden I was looking at myself. I could see the whole washroom but it was like I was near the upper far left corner looking down towards the toilet.  The washroom was not big, but it was all in view. I looked at my body on the toilet.  It looked like I was slumped over and leaning to my left.  All of a sudden I realized I was not in myself and that did not seem to bother me. I was not feeling anything but peace.  The beginnings of a NDE.

288.  Deborah P's NDE  6/8/03 English expanded version  I remember the sensation of being pulled backwards, not lying down, I was in a sitting position. Everything around me was a hazy grey, like thick grey fog but with a bright white light in the distance, at the top ('top' being the only way I can describe it) shinning down and through the fog. There were no sounds.   There was also no more fear, no more pain, I wasn't terrified anymore. It was peace, it was my nirvana and I was happy to be there. I have never felt anything like it. I can still feel that feeling today. 
An allergic reaction caused the beginnings of a NDE.

287.  OUR FIRST NDE SUBMITTED IN SPANISH!  Guillermo's NDE  5/31/03 English expanded version, Spanish expanded version NDE from Argentina translated by Rio Shortly thereafter I saw my family waiting in the intensive care waiting room, which I can describe in detail, including a screen separating this waiting room from the intensive care unit.  I was on life support for 12 hours and during this time I saw, as if it were deep within a dome or cupola, a white light tinged with blue that radiated rays of energy.  Later I remember a type of cottage where I saw many children dressed in white robes, all together as in a school.  There I was greeted by a being dressed in immaculate white who looked a lot like my father who had died several years before my surgery.
NDE from surgery complications.

286.  Richard B's NDE  5/31/03 English expanded version As a warm golden glow enveloped me, the whine of other boats on the lake turned into the most beautiful music I had ever heard, as if a thousand Mormon Choirs and Philadelphia orchestras were performing. Instead of fighting it, I put my chin on my chest, held my hands to my sides and began a pleasant plunge into the depths. The "golden glow" turned into a "golden mist" as highlights of my life flashed on the closed eyelids as if watching a movie. After the "movie" ended, I started through the golden tunnel and was looking forward to meeting the shadowy figures on the other end, figures who I felt were long gone relatives. NDE from boating accident.

285.  Susanna's NDE  5/31/03 English expanded version  I was lying across my bed with the legs hanging down. The ice block was felt there first. Then it moved up my legs and when it hit my chest my bed opened up and I slide down through a tunnel. After a while I realized I was traveling through space. Somehow I knew I was traveling very fast because of the movement of the stars. I traveled over an orange/red glow and I thought to myself, "If it's true what Christians say, I'm going to hell and should conjure up some fear."  But the universe was peace and fear had no place. I don't remember being with anyone, arriving anywhere or speaking to anyone. I remember that my thoughts had a voice.  Suicide NDE

284.  John H's NDE  5/31/03 English expanded version I found myself still in my seat but outside the airplane to the left in a very large room brightly lit with curtains draped all around the walls from floor to ceiling the seat appeared to be on a raised part of the floor with two steps down. Across the room to my left some steps led up behind the curtains which I presumed  was out of the room. All the light came from this point and was much brighter from behind the curtained "entrance".
NDE while on an airplane.

283.  Pozy M's NDE  5/27/03 English expanded version, Polish expanded version Polish NDE translated by Mateusz  When my feet touched the bottom I knew I was not going to survive. The moment I thought about it I felt very warm and peaceful. I no longer felt anything else. I just felt good. All of a sudden I saw a film showing all my life. All negative and bad aspects of my life I could now feel myself deep in my soul. I was very ashamed of what I saw. Then I saw a tunnel with a bright light at the end of it. The light was loving and very bright, so bright that my eyes hurt. Some figures of people came out of that light. I heard a voice asking me if I was sure I'd done everything in my life. I still felt this terrible shame and answered "I don't think so". The voice replied "Then go back and finish your work!"
Child drowning experience.

282. Emily's Son's NDE  5/14/03  My son was run over by a Lincoln Continental when he was 6 years old. He is also a Hemophilia.  I picked him up out of the highway there was no sign of life.  I gave him cpr for a long time  He is my only child and I live for him  after a very long time of no response  I laid him down and proceeded to loose it.  I screamed to God to please don't take my baby.  At that moment I saw life come back into my sons body.   A few months later my son said " Mom , I was above you watching you give me mouth to mouth."  He also explained what was going on while I thought  he was dead.  He didn't bleed either.  He was born Hemophilia A.  I thank God every day for giving him back. He is  22 now.  Brief, Inspirational account.

281.  VF's NDE  5/13/03 English expanded version I remember being out of my body looking down at all the flashing lights and movement of those trying to save our lives. I saw the driver and could hear her cudgel blood from her mouth. I saw them turn her head so she wouldn't drown in that blood. I saw blood coming out of her ears and also heard them cut her head open at the hospital while I waited outside the operating room. I also saw my body lying in the street and remember being confused with what I should do next.   The beginnings of a NDE with the out of body component where she saw everything that was happening to revive her.

280.  Chet W's NDE  5/12/03 English expanded version During this time the doctor encountered several collapsed arterial areas and he would have given up except I spoke and said, “Watch this.”  I was helping him.  I believed I was speaking to him telepathically, but the doctor said I was talking to him.  The doctor confronted me later saying he had never had a patient talk to him all the way through such protocol, this spooked him badly and he told my wife and me that he didn’t want that sort of thing to happen to him again (no one can explain how I could talk to only the doctor).  Anyway, my saying “Watch this” happened 4 different times as each difficulty he encountered. 
This NDEr was so concerned about the doctor, he stayed around to help him through surgery to bring himself back!

279.  Dona S's NDE  5/12/03 English expanded version I can remember every word as clear as if it just happened although it was over 40 years ago.  They acted very surprised that I was there and one kept saying, "But it isn't her time."  I remembering feeling a bit embarrassed as they didn't seem to know what to do with me.  I really didn't know where I was but didn't think to ask. Finally they decided that I should  be the one to decide what to do.  I was told I could stay or go back.  I asked how could I go back and they said to keep "hanging on." But if I wanted to stay I need only to relax and I would be with them. 
NDE during an asthma attack.

278.  David B's NDE  5/10/03 English expanded version Slowly I noticed light, it was growing lighter all around me.  I couldn't feel my body anymore I could sense where it was but I was not in it.  I also started to grow warmer and comfortable.  I found myself drawn to a brighter area in the light.  I could not help myself, it seemed the natural thing to do and it felt familiar.  A feeling of welcoming and welcome home as well as an incredible sense of love came over me.  I felt so happy I felt so comfortable and loved.  My physical body was gone, I was becoming light without a form.  I didn’t judge this I just accepted my change it was so natural.
This is a well written account with an impressive description of his NDE, but the most outstanding feature is the description of integration and spiritual transformation from the NDE.

277.  Annick's NDE  5/10/03 From Belgium English expanded version Suddenly, all I saw was light. Not bright light, but soft, comforting light. I don't know how to explain it, like I said, it it too big for words : there was a peace coming over me. Rest, peace in it's greatest form. No worries, no problems, no bad feelings, no black thoughts. Only peace. Bigger than when you're in love, greater than when you hold your child for the first time, more beautiful than anyone can imagine. Only peace and rest and happiness. Nothing else. And I saw a woman. Beautiful, with a light blue long dress. Charming. At that time, I realized I was dead, or out of my body anyway. All I could think was : "ok, I saw my daughter. She is great, she's beautiful. She is healthy. I am gone now. she will be all right".  NDE from child birth and surgery complications.

276.  Brooks B's NDE  5/10/03 English expanded version Suddenly, I was totally out of strength, couldn't swim another stroke, and panicked.  I could not see how close I was to the edge of the pool because of the water in my eyes, nor could I scream for help.  I recall consciously raising my hand over my head, hoping someone would see me, which, in fact, did happen eventually.  However, before I was pulled out of the pool I had clarity about the trouble I was in and suddenly in my mind's eye I saw headlines from a very old newspaper with a story about my drowning.  Then I saw a scene that might have been set at or before the turn of the century. Child drowning where the life review was drowning in a prior life.

275.  John C's NDE  4/17/03 English expanded version But then something compelled me to ask, is there reincarnation, and if so, was i reincarnated and who was I. Jesus responded to me that there is , and I was reincarnated but that's not what's important. I then asked if I was Jim Morrison, the singer of the Doors for some reason. Something that i perceive of as weird now, because, I had very little knowledge of him before the NDE. Looking back now , it seemed like the thoughts were put in my conscience to ask Jesus, so he could respond. He responded yes, But it wasn't important, because, Reincarnation isn't as we perceive. 
This is a must read!  In his NDE he saw Jesus and was told of reincarnation.  Amazing analogies to Jim Morrison and pertaining to soul mates.

274.  Mik M's NDE  4/26/03 i had a near death, out of body experience when my racing motorcycle crashed over a mountain ridge. i remember my consciousness floating high above the accident site, seeing my body sprawled on the ground next to the motorcycle on its side, watching people walk up to and stand and look as the ambulance drove up. then i was instantly back in my body looking up at the paramedics who were asking me " can you hear me...don't move ...where's it hurt ?"
Brief NDE

273.  Marsha B's NDE  4/17/03 English expanded version During that eight minute time period, i saw everything that took place in the ICU room. I told all the doctors and nurses that i keep telling them i was all right, but no one could hear me. I told them minute by minute exactly what took place in the room. My OLD family doctor said, "I have had many patients die on me, but never had one come back and TELL me what took place while they were clinically dead."
A very devout Christian who had an NDE from an epilepsy seizure.

272.  Maria D's NDE  4/17/03 English expanded version Then suddenly I wasn't there anymore, I was zooming down the center of a huge tunnel-that seemed to be lit from inside the walls of it. I could tell I was actually moving because the tunnel walls had sort of a spiral effect to them. I remember thinking how beautiful it was and was amazed how I could just be suspended in air flying so fast down the center of this huge thing.  As I went through it, I began losing memory of my life and family, and felt startled and alarmed at this.  That has always bothered me to this day.  Then I stopped moving and seemed to be floating and I became aware of another person are entity with me, who had a very unsolid form but was more like a large white glowing energy form.
A lot of reflection went into answering the questionnaire and makes a great read.  NDE from being run over by a car - twice.

271.  Gracie T's NDE  4/17/03  English expanded version  the third time, i didn't struggle any longer.  i thought, "this is it...i'm not coming home."  i let myself swirl away.  i saw darkness, but felt peaceful, and not scared at all...almost like i was in a deep sleep.  my husband was in the room, and he saw them bag me, inject me, and race in with the crash cart.  the next thing i saw was the nurses face.  she said, "you made it baby...stay with us."  at first, i felt disappointed.  i thought..."why is this woman waking me up?"  then almost instantly, i felt like i was given a job to complete, or a mission to fulfill, but i couldn't tell you what that was. 
This is a new NDE that happened 2/18/03.  There is a lot of confusion while trying to integrate the experience with her new understandings.  Her personal life has drastically changed too - typical of many NDErs.

270.  Brazilian NDE  4/17/03 English expanded version  He noticed that his spirit left the body, met a deceased priest named Father Pio, of whom he had heard about and who happened to be from the same Italian town where he was born, met a painter who would paint this pictures, flew over his native Italian town and saw how magnificent it was (he was in Sao Paulo, Brazil) and then flew over his small farm in the outskirts of Sao Paulo, and saw how magnificent it was. Now this: he really loved this little farm and there he had planted an almond tree many years earlier which never bear fruit. It was sterile. During his NDE he flew over this tree and admired its beauty and such.
After the NDE, the almond tree is flourishing!  The second part of the story is an after death communication (ADC) from Father Pio.

269.  Bonnie B's NDE  English expanded version, 4/17/03 There was a green light. Not white. GREEN. I was falling toward it. Then, something grabbed me from behind. I didn't know what it was but it was something. I didn't know what was going on, but I didn't hurt even though I knew that I had just really hurt myself. I expressed exactly how much I wanted to go back.
Teenager in an auto accident.

Child variant NDE.  This NDE is atypical because he was scared of the figures on the other side since he was told on earth not to talk to strangers, the life review consisted of a forward prophesy of his life, and the shadow figure got mad.  In positive NDEs, usually children embrace the light being, want to stay on the other side, have a retrospective life review, and beings are always loving and never get angry.

267.  Beverly H's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  During this drowning episode, I was dizzy and disoriented, and this grew and I think allowed me to leave the body more easily. Around the time that I was leaving the body I started to remember another life, where I was also drowning, and had a vivid memory of this drowning incident in a hurricane in 1860, remembering I was a light skinned black woman on the way to Jamaica to visit family or some business thing. . . . As this sound was beginning to take me up, a voice came to me and said  " You are drowning in the wrong life.." 
Life review from a prior life in this NDE from drowning incident

266.  Daisy M's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03 I remember floating above watching paddles being used on my chest, and watching the doctors reading the EKG machine from above.  I remember nurses doing "things" to me but I also saw the tunnel with the light and who should appear from it but my brother and sister whom I loved dearly and had lost in 1970.  They were so happy to see me, and I them.  I had been dreaming about them constantly for years (my sister had been killed in a car/train wreck and my brother died of cancer 6 months later and I missed them terribly).  We hugged and were holding hands and they were begging me to come with them.
NDE from surgery complication.

265.  Jim K's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03 My next memory is of looking down towards the front of my house. I can remember seeing the snow on the roof, and had a perspective to see the front and side of the house, like I was looking at the front corner, from about 15 feet in the air and about 15 feet from the house. I can remember everything looked bluish, like I had blue sunglasses on.  I also saw the boy that was with me, come running down my driveway, pound on the side door of the house and keep on running. I remember being frustrated as I tried to yell at him to get my mom, but he couldn't hear.
Child NDE (3 yrs old) in a drowning accident.

264.  Lynn M's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  Yes, I had a sense of free will, but in coming back , why? I wanted to know a lot and remember, it flashed thought back as soon as I thought of questions, like Why are we here? To do an earth experience. To communicate, on that spectrum of polarity I could say I love you or I hate you it's all about the spectrum of experience. Our earth planet is going through a shift in energy and so are we and all life on this planet. The earth has a crystalline structure around it Like the one I was in, spinning so fast it appears to be a golden orb surrounding it, a light that keeps it intact. There was major undulation or bubbling around the area of the middle east mainly, also around Africa.
NDE from asthma attack.

263.  Chris R's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  I felt that i was floating on an inner tube on a sun lit lake, completely surrounded by the sparkling reflections--diamond-like. true feeling of peace, contentment, happiness. then faintly heard my name being called, and a slight sensation of pressure on my chest. reluctantly responded  and awoke in hospital emergency room and immediately went out again.
NDE from carbon monoxide poisoning.

262.  NDE-Like James B's SMR English expanded version, 4/6/03  The thought came to my mind telling me that we are all inter-connected, we are all as one, part of the one great big plan. We are all linked in spiritually! WOW! I thought. Then he told me that I had to go back because there was people who needed me. He told me to wait for little Pebbels, that he had given her to me before we walked this Earth. That we were placed on this earth on the same day. He told me that she was my soul-mate and would be along soon. He also told me to wait a few day and I would receive a letter in the post from the people that had made me hurt so much.
This is a NDE-like event where he was told about meeting his soulmate.  He did meet her just as he was told.  He also came back with some unique paranormal gifts:

PREDICTION (Prospective Study):  Yes I can feel when other spirits that have passed on are present. I can also predict a lot of up coming events. I will tell you now for a fact that in this current war on Iraq, Saddam will not be caught and he will unleash a chemical weapon in about 3 weeks time.

261 Asim F's NDE English expanded version, ISLAMIC NDE  4/6/03 I then remember this beautiful sensation of floating, as if a suspended body in water. My movements were slow and I remember a lot of brightly lit objects which appeared to be some sort of figures.  They would pass by me very fast and I was not able to recognize any faces or even get a good look at them.  I seemed to recall my life story pass by me but I can not be sure anymore.  I just seemed like a long time in this suspended mode and then I started to hear sounds and realized I was waking up. 
Islamic NDE that does not differ much from western NDEs.

260 Tomy T's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  I followed the path toward the bridge. It was a wooden arch bridge about 10' feet long and 4 or 5 feet wide. It had a wooden hand rail on each side. As I got to about 50 feet from the bridge I noticed a figure dressed in brilliant white walking on the path on the other side of the bridge coming toward me. Just as I got to the end of the bridge the figure was about 10 feet from the other end of the bridge and they stopped and looked up at me. It was my grandfather who had died in 1966. I felt such warmth and peace and I never wanted to leave and started to go to him because I was so happy to see him again. When he turned to walk away I stepped onto the bridge and I hit an invisible barrier and could go no further.
NDE from electrocution.

259 Kim G's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03 I realized I was not in my body but seemed to be in an area that is parallel to ours.  When I jumped to this parallel universe I was able to be at one place but observe the language of the clinical staff trying different ways to get me to respond.  I was at a place that had unlimited light.  There were no landmarks. This light was white and all encompassing.  My body was absorbed into the light. I felt surrounded by people. Some I knew, other I did not know them.  One voice of someone I did not recognize was talking to me.  As they talked I felt my body had left and my soul was here.  I felt the most serene and contentment I had ever felt in my life.
NDE from allergic reaction

258 Mary M's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  I can remember floating above the operation theater and listening to the doctors discuss the fact that I was dead anyway and they should try this new technique for the advancement of medicine. At the same time I could feel a pulling sensation and the room filled with a wondrous warm light and as my body drifted towards the light I continued to see the medical team working on my body. The closer I got to the light it felt warm and peaceful and I could hear muffled voice and music.
NDE during surgery

257 Wayne J's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  I felt like I was being propelled by some force towards the heavens and still felt like it was perfectly normal. The next thing I remember was passing near the moon and wondering why it wasn't a flat disk. I could easily see that it was a globe, with many craters. This was really strange to me later in life because I had no way of knowing this at 5 years of age in 1957. Next I started to travel outwards in the solar system at an extreme rate of speed. The next thing I new I was sitting up in my bed soaking wet calling for my mother.
Child NDE from pneumonia

256 Todd R's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03 I was accompanied by a voice that repeated my own words and others in my past.  I felt the car move under me and saw it from the sky, looking down, I saw and heard a strange vector of air and sound that wasn't from the event unfolding before my eyes, and right before I was put back in my auto with my friend who was riding in the passenger seat, I was asked by a person who's image was blurred, "do you want to return?"
Car accident, but car was diverted and not harmed.

255 Joseph J's NDE English expanded version  4/6/03  When the Angel holding my hand told me "Your not done here !". He took me to a place that I can only describe as a Light and Sound ,and the feeling of Love like in my mothers arms. Knowing that I was safe, I wanted to stay there!  The angel told me that "Your not done here, you have to go back !"
NDE from being crushed.

254 Sandy A's NDE English expanded version, 4/6/03  I climbed on the chair to put something on a high shelf (as I did every night) & when I was going to come down, I kinda slipped. I thought one of the bars was going to go right through me & was sure I was going to die. I saw a man (like a father figure, although my father was alive at the time) next to a huge screen like a TV. I was shown my life on this screen-it wasn't like a movie-it was more like one picture after another but there were hundreds of pictures in this second or two.  The fatherly figure communicated to me that my life wasn't over yet, that I hadn't lived long enough & then it was over.
Fear death experience.

253 Roger C's NDE English expanded version 4/2/03 I went to a dark place and nothing around me but I wasn't scared, It was really peaceful there. Then I started to see the film of my life starting from almost been a baby and coming toward real time... It was so real! I was looking at myself but better then a 3D movie as I was also capable to feel the feelings of the persons I was dealing with. I was feeling the good and bad emotions I made them go through. But I was also capable to see that the more good emotions they where going through because of me, will give me some credits (Karma) and the bad ones will take some of it back... Just like in a bank account but here it was like a Karma account to my knowledge. The more I could get will give me permission to access a better area or a better place somewhere. It was the knowledge I had then.
This is one incredible NDE!  He interacted with the light, felt the great love, and got to explore other planets - one on a higher and one on a lower evolutionary scale than ours!

252 Edward B's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 The terrible torment of those in "Hell" was far worse than the fire and brimstone crowd preach. It was something akin to spending eternity with those who would harm others in the same fashion as yourself, or conversely eternal loneliness for those who would, for lack of a better phrase, "fleece" others. The strange thing about the dark place was that it was place (and no place at the same time) that you went to because of yourself. No one sent you there but yourself, and by the same token only you could get yourself out. Eternity seemed to be more of how you wished it. While Hell was well populated, with millions of souls, it only made a very small dent in the total population of the afterlife.
One amazing view of hell!

251 AnnMarie F's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03  While in His presence I felt such indescribable love, warmth, acceptance, patience, tolerance, peace, calm and serenity.  As you can guess - with all these adjectives, the wonder of it cannot be described in a way to explain the profoundness of it all.  Visuals were not needed.  Understanding and love was all that mattered. Also, while in His presence I felt that the knowledge of the universe was all mine.  All, questions were answered and made complete sense.  We communicated freely, not with words, but clearly and more concise than any conversation I have ever had.  I had no worries of this world.
Teenager struck by lightning.

250 Patty J's's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 I felt innocent like a child does, had no memory of family or earth. I saw a light coming towards me from a distance, so small but is was so interesting, for it was the only light there. I felt like I was moving very fast towards it but wasn't afraid. I heard a little buzzing sound and strained to hear what it was.... I heard my first name. Then I remembered my mom and fiancée, for he and I were going to GA to be married. I knew it would upset my mom that I had went before her and that she needed me. I remember saying, like in my mind, "I can't go Lord." Then I heard a strong but gentle voice say "very well," but it sounded like the voice wished I had decided to go on instead.
NDE from car wreck.

249 Randy K's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 I must of passed out as usual but this time I floated out of my body and here I was hovering about 10 feet above my two brothers and a friend. I remember them giggling and laughing at me and I remember getting mad or angry that they were laughing at me (my body). At the time I didn't even think that what was happening to me was odd or unusual. I just had a feeling of "total love" surround me and I felt so good like never before.
Child NDE

248 Matt M's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 I was able to see the car rushing me to the hospital from above (I was floating behind the car approximately 10 feet above the street.)  I was able to see myself in the back seat of the car.  I then remember seeing myself being operated on.  At the time I didn't acknowledge my experience.  Being 6 years old I didn't know how to describe what I felt and saw.  I noticed shortly afterward that I was able to see energy in random objects and to this day I get a sense of the molecular makeup of objects.
Child NDE

247 Anna M's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 I was in surgery when something went wrong, I 'popped' from my body and was met with a bright light. This light gave me unconditional Love, and explained I had to return as I had 3 children to raise. Without words, I was told many mysteries of the world. There is no hell or heaven, there is just experience. No good or bad either! I had been taught wrong by Religion, and I had to return to find truth! I knew nothing about reincarnation and karma, and the Spirit world was to teach me to do it right! I had not yet 'Mastered' myself.
NDE from surgery complication.

246 Barbara R's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 It's not clear that I had an out of body experience.  I just have this feeling that I saw myself being wheeled down the hospital corridor.  When I came to I felt that I had been some place that was comforting and safe. Here's the very beginning stages of a NDE.

245 Nanette F's NDE English expanded version, 4/2/03 I awoke on what I think was a ship or airplane and there was a young man sitting next to me.  I was lying in a bed.  I have never seen this man before but he was smiling at me in a way that put me at ease.  I asked him if I was dying and he replied No.  He told me that I had a long journey ahead and that he was there to keep me company along the way.  Then I tried to speak to the other people who were there I got no response from them.  It was like I was invisible to them.  The man who was with me said that he was the only one allowed to speak to me.  We didn't talk a lot but it was comforting to have him with me.  He gave me drinks of water and food when I needed it.
Choked on food on life support.  Experience seemed to last for months instead of the 5 days she was on life support.

244 Brian S's NDE English expanded version, 3/28/03 In the sky, however, was my life.  It was like seeing it on a movie screen, (widescreen), in color, on a VCR that's stuck in fast-forward, but rather than seeing it only, I was FEELING it like I was in the life and "standing" with Lisa and Susan at the same time.  The life played literally from my birth to my "death".  At the end of this life screen event, I was not left with anyone telling me,  "You sinned!, you're a sinner!, you did this and this and this that was bad and against the ten commandments!"  Rather I was left to form an opinion of the life.  Not so much in terms of "I was a bad person, good person", but rather,  "That was a good life", as objectively as though I was commenting on a special meal or the completion of a project just completed that pleased me exceptionally. 
This is a great experience to read.  So much of it is told so matter of factly!  One cannot help but wonder if the entity he could not see was actually a child that he said he had to come back for as part of his life purpose.

243 Barry W's NDE English expanded version, 3/28/03  My own identity appeared to also be composed of light and I noticed that my light had the ability to reach any where I wanted and whatever beam of light consciousness I chose to direct my attention to, I could instantly travel down. I did this and found myself in a floral shop. What I found extremely fascinating was that I was able to experience all of the flowers simultaneously, and that no matter where I went I was always at the center of everything!
Great description of consciousness and enhanced smell.

242 Nan A's NDE English expanded version, 3/28/03  As we got very close to the light I saw tens of thousands of beings dressed in white gowns all facing the Light and singing a music I had never heard the likes of before. They were in the service of The Light and apparently "singing" praises to The Light.  The Light was filled with the most extraordinary, overwhelming and indescribable feeling of LOVE. Then I came directly in front of The Light and The Light spoke in a man's voice, firm and direct, saying only, "Go Back!" I was very cocky and said to The Light, "What do you mean? I want to be here! Hey!" The Light then spoke again and said, "Go Back! You have a Great Deal To Learn."
She was not happy at all to return to earth.

241 Hal B's NDE English expanded version 3/28/03  On second or third day, I felt a shift in consciousness. I was no longer uncomfortable or frightened. I was outside my body, like being several stories above my bed but being able to see everything in the room crisply and clearly. I remember being like at a crossroads, yet knew this was a kind of dream, that is, my own consciousness sort of providing an image for something I didn't quite understand. At this crossroads, I knew that I had to choose. To my right was death and the solid sense of a very different world than I'd ever experienced. To my left was a road back to my body.
Teenager NDE where he came back for his father.

240 Bobbi P's NDE English expanded version 3/28/03  I saw a video of my life as if someone video taped it. I viewed it and saw many people, places and things from my life starting with things that I knew had happened. It was wonderful. The video was in black and white but other than the video everything was still gray. I wanted to see color again and when I did it was fantastic!! I saw colors I could never explain. A shade of red that I will never forget. Then visions of things that were so real. The visions of things and people that I could examine. It was so wonderful where I was, I wanted to stay, but knew I had to return.
NDE from stroke.

239 Megan M's NDE English expanded version, 3/28/03   In the next instant I was in a place, garden with the most incredible array of brilliantly colored flowers where I met my mother who was deceased and another figure whom I did not recognize and the feeling of warmth and peace was I had only experienced once before in a meditation. There was a feeling of timelessness and comfort that I cannot explain, but I do recall that when I came to I wanted so badly to go back to that place.
Went unconscious during dialysis.

Child NDE from surgery.

237 Mosher C's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03 Rushing down( or up) a passage way of sound and lights finally coming to the end of the passage to the light where I was met by 3 beautiful people who informed me that they had come to help me over.  Behind them I could see great beauty, glorious flowers and green pastures.  I replied that I could not go in there, they smiled and said that everybody came there - to which I replied even me? If that is the case, I must go back and tell everyone!  To which they smiled and said but no one will believe you.  My answer was, Oh yes they will.
NDE caused from childbirth. 

236 Arnie R's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03 This next is difficult, and I can only be described as total euphoria. Before I was awakened from the surgery I was aware of being enveloped in a bright glow that had no glare... it was simply perfect. I felt an euphoria that was so intense I can only compare it to sexual orgasm, except that it was not at all sexual, and there was no climax. As intense and glorious as it was, it wasn't too much and remained a constant live able intensity that you would want to maintain forever.
Great veridical perception (out of body portion)!

235 Jim C's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03  The being next to me had me look at myself lying on the hospital bed through this 'tube of light' (now it's a cliché). He asked me if I wanted to return to that body again and it took me a while to decide. He told me I would have to come up with three reasons why I should be allowed to return.
Teenager NDE.  He had to give three reasons why he would be allowed to return to his body.

234 Tilda M's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03  At the time, I was floating/being propelled forward through a vast expanse of space.  It was very dark but I was surrounded by such incredible love, peace and joy!  I then heard an annoying sound and I wanted it to go away.  The sound persisted and I started to get anxious because I just wanted to be left in peace.  The sound got louder and louder and I recall thinking "Why don't they just go away?".  I then realized it was a person's voice telling me to breathe. 
Surgery-related NDE

233 Tina S's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03 It was totally dark & a soft light began to materialize, I suddenly felt the presence of intense comfort & love, then my grandmother & her mother (I had never met) both Native Americans.  They told me that it was not my time (I didn't hear them I just knew it)  They were there to give me strength.  Then I blacked out. 
Native American NDE with an operation while she was awake!

232 Gary J's NDE English expanded version, 3/25/03 The next thing I knew I was surrounded by total blackness and felt euphoric and very loved I heard someone calling my name in the distance.  It was the rescue squad calling out to me telling me that they had shocked me three times and unless I showed some response they would have to stop. I looked around and just saw blackness but I felt I was on a cliff side and Knew I had to jump across to remain alive. I believed it would be safe to try to jump across, because if I failed I would go back to God .
NDE from cardiac arrest.  Came back for his wife and son.

231 Deborah Le's NDE English expanded version, 3/22/03  I also saw, and I guess the only way to describe it is a life review, but it was in a flash only momentary, but it about covered it.  there were things I was embarrassed about, and felt like I had to forgive myself for these acts.  Then I could go be with my family, (I knew these people were family) and I knew then that some of the people I knew in this lifetime as friends were also part of my greater real family.  Greg then said, "You know you have to decide real soon" and I said "I know, I think I want to stay, It's so nice here."  And he said, "don't you want to be with your son?"  I said, "he isn't staying/" Greg said, "No he's is going back"  and I said, "I am going back then."
Childbirth NDE where the mom has always wondered if her son is the Greg she met on the other side.

230 Laurie G's NDE English expanded version, 3/22/03  Suddenly, something happened to me. I felt as though I was floating. I did not see a light or any entities or people who have died. I just felt this flood of warmth wrap around me.  The only thing I can really metaphorically describe it too is what it must feel like to be in the womb before you are born. It was like floating in a liquid bubble.  I had a sensation of serenity that I cannot describe. I would describe if for you if I could find the right adjective but there just isn't one, at least not that I'm familiar with. It was like perfect peace. I felt NO pain, and no more struggle. 
NDE from allergic reaction.

229 Diane K's NDE English expanded version, 3/22/03  Then, a transition. I am slowing down. I see the pinpoint light, the star, getting closer. But I'm slowing down, something is making me slow down. I am almost completely stopped, but I press forward...but there is like a force field or something I'm pressing against. It doesn't hurt...it just won't let me go forward. So- I'm a little confused. I look back to where I came from, which is not something I actually see...but I know where it is. I am hovering in a void, suspended in midair. I turn towards the "star" or the light again, and the message is clear. I wonder if I'm supposed to turn around, and I get an answer in my head. Yes.
Child NDE where she went through a void and then to a star.

228 Donna A's NDE English expanded version, 3/22/03  During the surgery I almost died and I can remember rising out of my body a few feet and all I was interested in seeing was my mother. I did notice a great big huge light coming from above me. I could tell if this was a surgery light or if it came from elsewhere. I floated through doorways and didn't pay any attention to the surgical goings on.
Child NDE from surgery.

227 Anne S's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 I was absorbed into his eyes and he showed me his world, flying over hills and waterfalls and scenery in golden light.  He said that if I wanted to go with him, all I had to do was to touch his hand, which he raised towards me.  I said I wasn't ready yet, and he raised his hand and propelled me backwards down the light tunnel, back through the ceiling of the doctor's surgery.  I hovered horizontally and then was lowered nearer my body, there was some adjustment of limbs to align the 2 bodies, then I dropped back in on the doctor's couch. 
NDE from allergic reaction.

226 Ann M's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 Suddenly the car turned and I released my seat belt. I was trying to get out. But the car turned and I was thrown up against the roof of the car.  My neck snapped. The pain was excruciating. I couldn't breathe.  I found myself somewhere. It was dark. I was floating, drifting, existing - in a lonely, foggy, huge space.  There was nothing in it. Nothing but me.
Car Accident NDE

225 Tom B's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 The next thing I remember was being in a (Pure white) "place" With love all around me, It was above, below, in front, behind, even through me. And somehow I knew I was in the presence of god. He didn't talk with a voice but by thoughts. He told me that he loved me and that he had always loved me. And that he was very proud of me. I remember that I couldn't believe how peaceful and how much love was there. I first remember thinking, how much I wanted to stay and I knew that I could if I wanted to, but my next thought was of my wife and kids.
NDE from toxic gas; came back for wife and kids.

224 Jody R's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 I was gone for a whole two days although they told me that I was out for only a short time. To me I know it was two days and it was really really real. Just as sure as I'm a sitting here talking to you it was really real. I saw angels and I was flying and I saw the most beautiful beautiful place and it was really really real.  I can't tell you how real it was.
97 year old who died of a heart attack and returned to tell about it.

223 Theresa K's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 The next thing I know I heard a long buzz/bell sound then I saw myself traveling through a brick tunnel, almost like the tunnel was traveling past me, I was not moving it seemed but the bricks around me were, I had tunnel vision so I could not see up or down on side, just part of the side and straight ahead. There was a bright light at the end of the tunnel and I could see something in between the lights, the light was blinding almost. then I felt something saying it was not my time to go back.
13 year old who had a tunnel experience.

222 Wayne W's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 There appeared to be order to their positions. The younger looking ones were in the front, closest to me. The older behind, peering over the heads and shoulders of the ones in front of them. All of them wore white robes and were hairless. (Bald). They were communicating with each other with their minds and I could 'hear' their thoughts in my mind, very, very clearly. The younger ones were asking of the older ones, 'Is he ready? Is he Coming? Should we help him? Is he ready? Is he Coming? Should we help him?' The older ones simply stated, 'Wait, be patient, wait..'
NDE from a fight.

221 Ashley P's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 I felt weightless I felt with out a body and at one with my surroundings. Contented and a feeling of warmth, love, peace, and serenity.    The feeling of not wanting to come back was overwhelming, it felt like what I would describe as the feeling a baby would have in its mothers womb, safety, love, and excitement of what's to come.  I felt that something invisible to me was guiding me saying its not your time yet!
Child NDE from falling out of a tree.

220 Benjamin W's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 I remember trying to steer my truck off into the median and that's all I remember till I was in this place laying flat kind of levitating in the air. There was this boundary there and my legs and arms and face started going into the boundary, just over there was this real white light and as I started through the boundary into the light these whites balls of light started coming at me they would get real close and kind of bust open like cotton balls except they were light balls I remember feeling very calm and not afraid at all I was ready to go on. 
NDE from truck accident.

219 Jane D's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 While I was unconscious on the floor, I sensed that I was floating above my body and over toward a corner of the room.  I watched as the doctor and nurse administered the adrenalin and I heard them talking about the event that had just happened.  I had no extended experience, just the sensation of floating, watching what was happening in the room, and listening to them speak. 
Just the beginnings of a NDE as a reaction to penicillin.

218 William E's NDE English expanded version, 3/19/03 Then the room started to fade away and this light took the shape of a tunnel that surrounded me at this time I was being pulled at a high rate of speed and there was somebody with me and I felt safe and loved and at peace. This person was transparent but I could still see him smiling at me and saying to me but not talking with his mouth but his mind telling me "every thing is fine" and then at that moment we were in this place of beautiful warm light and millions and millions of people all saying "The time is near" "Be ready for the day, "it was like a loud roar", but very loving the way it was said and the music was like noting I ever heard to this day it went right through you and you was the music as well.
Child NDE from suffocation.

217 Waylan's NDE English expanded version, 3/8/03 Instantly, I was in the presence of God and I was hearing that I was not to fear as I was alright and instantly all fear was gone and I knew that I was alright.  I do remember many other people being there, some I recognized and some not although I was aware that I knew them all.  It is impossible to explain the love God has for us.  No one would ever voluntarily leave God.  I ache to return. 
Complications from open-heart surgery.

216 Max's NDE English expanded version, 3/8/03 Well i was running at near full speed onto the ice when i slipped i saw my feet go into the air then i blacked out. I then was "Floating" on top of one of those snow mounds, and i saw my self just laying there on my side with my legs crossed, but i specifically remember my legs being crossed. Then i heard a voice from very far away calling my name asking if i was joking then i saw in sort of a white color and couldn't really see that much.
Teenager who just had this happen to him.

215 Tony D's NDE English expanded version, Polish expanded version  3/2/03 i looked again at him and i knew that i knew him really well.  i recognized that i knew him before i came in here, into this body. i felt real happy being with him. the more that i looked at him, the more that i saw how long i knew him. i actually remembered knowing him even before this universe was created. i could actually see this. i looked and looked and i couldn't see any time that i didn't know him. and i could see long before any of this stuff came into creation. he called my by a different name that i recognized. it wasn't like a sound but rather a feeling that i recognized as me. i felt as though he was my oldest friend. the communication was in whole concepts. when i reflect back i can see what he said as though it was in a 360 degree viewpoint, nothing was missing.
He saw someone he recognized from before creation of the universe.

214 Sybil S's NDE English expanded version, 3/2/03 I stood there and suddenly I saw Jesus.  It was quite an awesome shock to be standing in His presence.  I was in such awe, I could not speak.  My eyes were fixed upon Him. His hair was white like wool and hung down to His shoulders.  His skin was like brass without one wrinkle.  His eyes were like flames of fire and when He spoke, it was with great authority. Yet when He spoke it was kind and gentle and loving.  When He spoke it sounded like thunder rolling across the North Carolina skies but much louder than any I had ever heard.  You would think I would have been afraid but I was not. Quite the contrary.  I felt happy!  I felt so happy, a feeling like none other I had ever felt. 
This is a wonderful meeting with Jesus!

213Kathaleen's NDE English expanded version, 3/2/03 i remember all this just as if it had just happen up there, completely. every one was talking at once so happy! i remember asking so many questions. the first was how do i know you are Jesus. and not ever seeing his face he held out his hands i saw a pair of completely spotless white i mean clean hands except for a light red streak mark up towards the palm wrist area.  i saw really white clean flowing clothes on him but knew if i looked in his face i couldn't go back.  i remember asking tons of questions and getting the answers.
Another wonderful meeting with Jesus!  She was told she would leave her abusive husband and meet her soulmate - 7 months later, she did.

212 Ros' NDE English expanded version, 2/16/03 Realizing that I was responsible not only for my own life, but for the lives of my children, I started to walk back down the stairs. At this point I heard an audible voice say to me, "Ros get up and go to the bathroom", I replied no, I don't need to go to the bathroom. The voice then repeated the request, in which I responded in the same manner as before. The third time the voice demanded that I get up and go to the bathroom, so I obeyed and got out of my bed in the pitch blackness.
Carbon monoxide poisoning and a stairway to heaven.

211.  Mike R's NDE English expanded version, 2/16/03  That what I remember is a feeling of leaving all that behind, and starting to float upwards. There was no ceiling that confine me. As I turned I could see everyone in the room, and my mother, and aunt were crying. I saw the nurses, doctor, and my dad all talking. Every one seemed to be going on like something bad was happening. As I was watching this all as I keep floating slowly upwards is remembering a feeling a great sense of relief, and serenity which I didn't know the word for what I was feeling at the time.
Child NDE at age 7.  He came back because he was upset that the nurse was going to dispose of his prize pillow.

210 Maryann C's NDE English expanded version, 2/16/03 The person next to me in the ER behind the curtain was very quiet.  I remember wondering who it was and next thing I knew I was floating above the room in the corner.  I had 360 degree vision, felt great and felt a light behind me. I also saw on the bed tray above my bed the nurse had prepared another purple and red needle.  The table was high so I could not see it lying down.  Next thing I knew I was back in bed and in pain.  The nurse gave me the purple needle that I saw on the table. 
Child NDE at age 13.  The beginnings of a NDE from an allergic reaction.

209.  Anthony N's NDE English expanded version, 2/8/03  I was taught a lot of things, and was able to, for want of a better phrase, "see into people's souls" and understood in an instant all the ramifications of all our actions on each other, that anger is borne of pain or fear, and many other teachings about what I now think of as the human condition. And then I saw everyone on the planet interconnected on these lines, and a feeling of such overwhelming love and empathy went through me I felt like my heart was going to explode.
This child NDE is an incredible journey of love, knowledge, creation, and learning experience.

208 Annie P's NDE English expanded version, 2/8/03 Every cell is gently caressed in the all-abundant Love, honoring and glorifying every bit of Who I Am. Love that flowed without any conditions or effort, omnipresent and very Real! The Love abundantly flowed without any restrictions, conditions or commitments. In amazement, I asked my escort, "Oh! Is this what Heaven is really like?" With a smile, Light beamed from within Himself, and answered with a comforting, "Yes!"
A lot happened during the coma from a car crash!  This account is a must read!

207George E Probable NDE   2/2/03 & 9/29/13 So, then I felt calm and very good, thinking, "Well this sure beats being sick as a dog. This is quite okay."  I'm floating in the room, now feeling elated, and I decided to float out the window. The windows in this rooming house where I lived were just a series of louvers. You could stick your hand right outside the building if you wanted to. I had a strong urge to go check out what was outside so I floated out of the window. Outside it was blindingly bright, with the light everywhere, not coming from any particular source, but as if the light were a liquid and I was in a sea of light.  At this point I'm feeling very exhilarated, completely euphoric.
Probable NDE due to severe prolonged gastroenteritis at age 17.

206Natasha E's NDE English expanded version, 1/26/03  The room was very bright! and i wasn't scared at all.  All the pain i had while being ill had gone and i really didn't want to go back into my body  but i knew that my family loved me and i loved them, so i made a conscious decision to go back into the body. 
An 11-year old's pneumonia NDE that also had elements of a precognitive knowing because she saw her death from heart failure the next night. 

205Lars Ö's NDE Swedish NDE translated by Lisa  English expanded version 1/24/03 Although you don't have your normal feelings, you apparently have soul feelings, but I still can't talk about the emotional part, it still hurts when I think about it. When you come out of the spiral on the other side, it's dark with lots of white dots that move towards you, it feels like you're hurled outwards at a high speed, don't know how far I got out there, but it lasted for long. Then I started thinking, if I go on I'll be stuck here, and then I woke up lying on the floor.
This is a great description of a a tunnel experience.

204Doineau H's NDE French NDE translated by Johanne  English expanded version   1/19/03   I had the feeling that I belonged to this world not as much as a being but rather as photon within the surrounding light.  I heard a melodic noise that I do not completely find in the music I listen to.   Ambient light was all around me, more luminous than dazzling, but intense though. Soothing, above all, soothing.
Amazing French child NDE that occurred at age 9 months old!

203Kate B's NDE English expanded version, 1/18/03 I knew that i was dying and it didn't bother me at all i just felt so calm. At this point i passed out and stopped breathing. I can remember feeling incredible love around me i don't know where it was coming from but it was all around me. I felt like i was in a tunnel and at the top was a light. I felt like i was flying through the tunnel at incredible speed but as i was going through i could sense all the things i had done through my life and all the people i had known and loved, it was the strangest feeling.
NDE from asthma where she had a core experience, saw the light, and went to a beautiful place.

202 Paul TG's NDE English expanded version, 1/18/03 It was like being in a room that was being lit by it's personal sun...only brighter!  I really don't remember the number odd figures I saw (I always followed my religious background and figured 12) for a minute, these men just stared.  Then the middle one (peter) leaned forward and his face was inches away from mine.  Then he began to slowly shook his head 'no'.  As he did this, the bright lights very slowly began to softer, and slowly began to fade into a mixture of white and powder blue.  I should say, It was so bright in there, it was in black and white!  A bright light making all the people look like shadows. 
Upon reflection, childhood drowning brings questions in mid-life.  He wonders, "Thought what I had was ordained and I was carrying out a divine mission...now I wonder, has a door been opened, or did this experience simply alter my reality!"

201 Lee S's NDE English expanded version, 1/18/03  All of a sudden I was in a very dark long tunnel. I have no memory of whether or not I had a body. What really was most prominent was a reddish-gold light at the end of the tunnel. It was the most beautiful color that I have even seen, before or since. My impulse was overwhelmingly to go through the tunnel and into the light. Then out of nowhere there were vaguely distinguishable figures in black shrouds who seemed to be beckoning me. These figures were at the very end of the darkness, near but not into the light. I had the distinct feeling that these were deceased relatives, but none were individually recognizable as expired grandparents, my having three at the time.
Drug experience that crossed the line into a NDE.

200Mollie E's NDE English expanded version, 1/18/03   I looked down and could see the doctors and nurses continuing to work on me on the bed.  I knew I was dead, and I could see the bright yellow light at the end of a tunnel, it felt absolutely wonderful, so peaceful, there was no pain only joy and expectation. I recall looking at my body and thinking "I'm not going back into that awful low life thing". Just as I was going towards the light and leaving the hospital ceiling, a lovely woman's voice said " What about Julie?" Julie was my 4 year old daughter and I had forgotten all about her in my quest to get to the light.  NDE from a miscarriage.

199. Karen K's NDE English expanded version, 1/18/03 At some point, I was in another place.  No injury, no recollection of a journey, no past. Just standing in a room where there were people playing bingo.  My grandmother was there.  She stopped playing, and we spoke for a bit.  While we were chatting, a babysitter I had as a young girl came over to say hello to me.  She had already met my grandmother. The last thing my grandmother said to me was "you have to go back. There are still things you need to do."
NDE where she was reunited with her grandmother.

198.  Joe I's NDE English expanded version, 1/1/03   Without warning, I was suddenly stretched out, supported by nothing, on a level with the television. I was not at all alarmed, but rather incredulous that such a thing could happening. I looked to the ends of my feet and arms to view any "tethers". There were none, but instead saw gauzy wisps trailing off from my extremities into space. There was no sensation of binding; I felt weightless, and calm despite my surprise. I could not hear anything. I happened to glance down to my bed, and I saw myself lying there as from a great distance. This caused such disturbance in my mind, to be in two places that I crashed to earth. I actually bounced when I hit the bed.
The NDE had some remarkable after-effects in that he finished nursing school and is still in the service to others!

197.  Ken G's NDE English expanded version, 1/1/03 The next morning, at around 5 am, I had a liver and kidney failure.  The body began to fill with fluid.  I stopped breathing.  I remember watching medical staff from the corner of the room.  At first, I thought that there was someone else in the room whom they were working on. Then I realized it was me.  I felt peace and no pain.  I felt someone else in the room but they didn't say anything, they were just watching like me.
This NDE occurred barely over a month ago.  There is a lot of confusion and questions as he tries to understand his experience.  Most people take at least 7 years to integrate the near-death experience.

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