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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

3933.  Malla Possible NDE 4/27/2015.  Possible NDE 7663.  From Norway.  There were fifteen other people accompanying me at the site. 'Ah, at least I am not alone at feeling so miserable,' I thought to myself. At the far end of the ruins, a woman was preparing a lecture. She seemed to be organizing her paperwork on a table placed in front of her. It felt as if we were all here to learn how to die.  What a great idea. Learning how to die was just what I needed when being so utterly lost with regard to the whole business of living and of dying. Still, there was something profoundly familiar about the whole situation. I had a feeling that I had done this a hundred times before. I felt completely comfortable being here.  For a moment, with my perception enhanced, I was able to view a large part of the European continent all at once. I noticed that there were portals all across the Earth. They were shaped like large transparent circles and they were popping up all over. I knew that these portals were here to let people travel from the physical life to the spirit life and from the spirit life, back to Earth. I knew that when we go through the transition of death that we go through these portals. When we are about to be born to the Earth, these portals are the gates to new life. 
Remarkable STE from a nurse.

3932.  Bobby HR NDE  4/23/2015.  NDE 16075.  The sound was loud and beautiful. I can still hear it in my head, though it cannot be described with words in my vocabulary. The music was like incredible streams of notes and chords that cannot be heard by the human ear. The appearance of the angels was hard to describe because they barely had shape to them and their bodies did not look like human bodies. There was a very vague line that defined their substance, almost like pillars of energy contained by a thin line of light. I don't recall distinguishing features like noses, hair, or anything else like what humans have. However, the angelic mouths were soft o's as they emitted beautiful music. Their eyes had no definitive description of color but they did looked identical to each other. Their eyes all gazed at the center of this stage where this bright light shined. This was GOD.
NDE from surgery complications as a child.

3931.  Norberto Possible NDE  4/19/2015.  Possible NDE 7657.  From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  Then I began to go through a dark tunnel extremely fast. I wanted to cling to the sides but it was impossible. Just then, I started to slow down. I saw beautiful colored lights on the sides. Below, appeared a very strong white light, to which I drew near. Almost as if in slow motion, I was floating and feeling a deep peace. It was a beautiful sensation of tranquility. I arrived at this light that was so intense it was almost blinding. I went through the light. Arriving was like a toboggan ride. I sat down. By my side, were two people dressed totally in white. They reminded me of a planning board.   
Possible NDE due to surgery complications.

3930.  Joanne L NDE  4/18/2015.  NDE 7658. From Wales.  Everything was a deep, deep orange color.  I was up against the ceiling with my hands pushing against the ceiling. I thought I was going to be drawn further to the white light in the tunnel above me.  I remember thinking, 'Oh my God! I can't leave my unborn baby with my partner.  My baby needs me!'  My partner was violent towards me on many occasions.  I felt like at that very moment, I had a choice. I could stay or I could let go and be drawn up to the light. I felt my father, who passed a few years previous to this incident, was waiting up in the tunnel.  He was watching and I could feel his love.  It was like a personal love, not like the love coming from the white light itself. I made a huge effort not to be drawn up to the light above me because I knew my baby would need me.
NDE at time of delivery.

3929.  Tom A NDE  4/18/2015.  NDE 7656.  I said aloud, 'I'm dead.' As soon as I said that, I felt a warm feeling wash over me. At no time was I scared, worried or concerned. I felt so much peace and calmness.  I then heard a voice to my left telling me, 'I'm impressed.' I turned to the voice and saw my Dad. His back was against the hallway wall. As he walked to me, he said, 'I'm impressed.  A little John Wayne-ish, but I am impressed.' The wall of the hallway began to dissolve behind my Dad. Behind the dissolving wall was a large valley that was very green with a few trees. Further away, I saw large mountains with very blue water in front of them. The sun was behind the mountains. My Dad was smiling with a very bright light on him. 
NDE due to heart attack.

3928.  Joel B NDE  4/17/2015.  NDE 7648. From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy   During this time, I was in an endless tunnel and had the impression of seeing my life flashing by. I passed relatives and other people that I knew like my fiancée and brother.   
Atypical electrocution NDE from an atheist who remained an atheist.

3927.  Jessica D Possible NDE  4/14/2015.  Possible NDE 7653.    It was exactly as if she was in a tunnel. Then I began to hear beautiful soft sounds of bells all around me. Everything around me appeared to be immersed in white, as if we were in the middle of a fluffy white cloud.   
Possible NDE due to bleeding after delivery at age 17.

3926.  Joe H NDE  4/13/2015.  NDE 7650. I opened my eyes. 'Cool,' I thought. 'I made it through this and I'm not even hurt! No pain at all!' Then I tried to move. Not so much as a finger responded. I was lying face down, head in the back seat, my feet somewhere up around the area of the steering wheel. A thumb was pressing hard against my nose and lip. I could see that it appeared, by it's relative positioning, to be the thumb from my left hand, but it was my right thumb. I could also see that my right arm bent in an awkward position under my throat. 'God, I'm glad I'm paralyzed because that would really hurt if I could feel it,' I said to myself.   
NDE due to crash, then multiple OBE experiences as he came remarkably close to death many times after the crash.

3925.  Mrs. Grace NDE  4/13/2015.  NDE 7649. Non-Western experience, From India.  I counted up to about 12 and noticed that I was in complete consciousness but felt bodiless and a kind of lightness. It was like being lifted above the cot. I felt bright and saw myself moving effortlessly inside a self-illuminated tube.  The tube had a brightness that I have never seen before. It was a divine brightness and a pleasurable experience. I insisted on moving forward, but suddenly started feeling the reverse events. I felt heaviness of the body, as started carrying the weight when I move. I then heard doctors conversing among themselves.   
NDE from psychiatrist and associated with complication of appendectomy.  Contributor is physician from India who was Hindu at time of experience.

3924.  Phil S NDE  4/8/2015.  NDE 7647.  After some time, I was still drifting under the water when I saw an object far ahead which I was approaching.  As I got closer I could see it was a female form wearing a flimsy white flowing garment. As I approached closer, I recognized the person as my older sister Diane who had died of cancer, 13 years previously at the age of 28. There was no surprise in meeting her, and in some way that I can't describe she was different than I had known her in life.   She was more radiant and fairy-like perhaps, but it just seemed ordinary to meet her that way. She beckoned with one hand for me to follow her and I did without any thought for where we were going, much like a couple of kids playing a game. We swam for what seemed like ages through the light-patterned, almost shimmering water.  After a while, she headed upwards. I followed her. 
NDE due to head injury and fall into water.

3923.  Jennifer W Probable NDE  4/5/2015.  Probable NDE 7645.  I found myself in a wonderfully, beautifully lit space. There were no walls, ceiling, or even a floor. Everything was pure white with light. I felt so happy, so free, and so loved. Even though I didn't see anyone or anything around me, I didn't feel alone.  Contrarily, I felt as if I was surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance. I did not feel like I was in my body. I didn't even think about this aspect until much later, but I recall feeling unrestricted by gravity and completely pain free.  I remember wondering if I was in heaven, but though I never actually spoke such words, I felt an affirmative response to my wonder.   
Probable NDE from surgery complications.

3922.  Javier G NDE  4/5/2015.  NDE 7641.  Following the sudden impact, I lost the notion of time, location, and everything else, including life itself. I felt that I 'ascended' into space and was being 'absorbed.' I floated upwards into a space where it was all white and peaceful. It was not shiny white like the sun reflecting on the snow, nor like the white of clean bed sheets. It was a different whiteness. I was floating in the air and suspended in a vacuum. I was very happy while looking at the relaxing whiteness around me. I felt attracted to the whiteness, like through magnetism. I was being pulled gently up and absorbed slowly. I let myself go up, ever deeper into the whiteness and was eager to continue. I looked around me and everything was marvelous, calm, attractive, and inviting. There was no sound. The place radiated peace and was full of positive sensations.    
NDE from a train crash that killed 42 people.  It is intriguing that the description of hell could be REM intrusion because the earthly scene around him is described similar to his description of hell.  Also interesting that with that many people who died at one time that he didn't have a shared NDE with someone else.

3921.  Dolly M Probable NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7640.    That is when I went through the most healing light.  It was warm, loving, and peaceful.  I was surrounded by spirits all around me.  I was so happy not to feel any more pain both physically and emotionally.  I knew it was another realm and not here on earth.  
Probable NDE from blood loss from ovarian cysts rupturing.

3920.  Analia R Probable NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7639.  From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  At my side they took my hand, me an adult, her a child. My cousin was with me, all dressed in white, as well. 20 years ago, she died, an angel, at the age of 4, she was my friend in those days of eternal infancy. Her smile was so beautiful. She never said to me in words, but I knew what she was saying, she wanted me to come with her to the top of the hill. We began walking, looking at each other for a moment, happy. Peace, tranquility and joy, I felt, I never wanted to return and live, it's indescribable with words. I was immensely happy, and nothing bothered me, I had to get to this hilltop in my cousins hand. But this wasn't going to happen, I woke up suddenly in the operating room feeling a sense of suffocation, it was maddening.  
Probable NDE during surgery.

3919.  Omar R NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7635.  From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  I continued listening but from above, and suddenly I started to see a bright white light, every moment brighter, as if I had travelled towards it very rapidly. I felt one with the light, as if I were part of the white energy, very bright like the white light of energy saving lamps, I was part of this LIGHT, I was deep PEACE, so much peace and light.  
NDE from asthma attack.

3918.  Lu F NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7636.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  I told him my family and friends about my 'innocent' experience of leaving my body and the world far beyond. I was sitting on the first stair of some steps, that led to the terrace. I am still living in the same house with some changes and improvements. Suddenly I fainted. I saw myself leaving my body with no pain, nor intensity from my body sat at the bottom of the stairs.  
NDE from fainting.

3917.  Sue Ann NDE  3/28/2015.  NDE 7632.  The next thing I know, I'm in a bright light but it doesn't sting my eyes. Even the ground was light. I looked to my right and saw three identical, humanoid beings but they were very old. They seemed to be connected as one. They wore a robe with flower petals and feathers that were falling around them. My spirit spoke for me telepathically to the beings. My soul knew the questions I needed to ask, which centered around why I have endured so much heartache and hardships. He answered telepathically, 'You have chosen every path you have taken; everything that has happened was directly related to your choices.  You will rejoice in every experience one day, but that it isn't your time yet.'  
NDE due to cardiac arrest from medication reaction.

3916.  Susan F NDEs 3/25/2015.  NDEs 7631.    I looked around on the carpet where I sat for something like I key.  Then, I looked for something to stick it into.  The closest thing available was an electrical outlet.  I remember finding a bobby pin and sticking it into the electrical outlet.  The next thing that happened was that electricity knocked my spirit out of my physical body.  Again, I found myself in an unearthly but very pleasant feeling place with some very loving beings.  They once again said, "Sorry, it's not your time yet.  You've gotta go back."  The next thing I remember is being back in my physical body, crying with a little bit of black on the bottom of my feet and hands.  And again, I felt angry I had to come back.  I wanted to stay with the loving light beings.  
Two NDEs and an Other experience.  NDEs both at age 2 due to suffocation and electrocution.

3915.  Flynn B Possible NDE  3/24/2015.  Possible NDE 7630.    I remember that I felt like I was physically moving up and/or down in direction as grave headstones flashed by me.  I couldn't make out the names on the headstones.  Before I knew it, I was sitting a bench in the park.  My surroundings were dimly lit and not of this earth. It was beautifully quiet. Then I noticed an older man sitting next to me. I got the impression that we were the only two there.  He was not old in an age sense, but he was an elder.  I got a great feeling from this man.  Then I saw us from a different viewpoint.  I saw us sitting on the same bench, but I was standing behind the bench at a distance.  He asked me what was wrong and why I was there.  I told him some personal information, including the name of a male individual.  He told me that they knew who this man was.  After I told him what was bothering me, he told me that I was perfectly all right, and there was something about the man next to me that caused me to know it was true.  There was nothing wrong with me.  He was so understanding and otherworldly beautiful in the most practical sense.  
Possible NDE due to suicide attempt.

3914.  Janna T Possible NDE 3/23/2015.  Possible NDE 7629.  I went to a farm house.  It was cold.  When I went into the farm house, people were there. I knew these people were familiar to me.  There was a woman, man and about three children.  All of them were dressed in old-fashion clothes, so I knew they had to be dead.  The people were very welcoming, and I knew I belonged with them in some way.  The house was heated by fireplace and a quilt that hung on the wall.  When I was going to go upstairs to bed, the lady took the quilt off the wall to cover me. Later on, she offered me chicken and dumplings to eat.  When she went to get the food, I saw a name engraved on a plaque. I do not remember the name, but I know it was a family name.  Then I remember leaving the farm house, but felt like I should have stayed.  
Possible NDE due to illness and medically induced coma.

3913.  Siri L Possible NDE  3/22/2015.  Possible NDE 7628.    As I closed my eyes, I thought, 'Finally I will sleep this off and feel better and never touch this stuff again.' I saw blackness; not just the blackness that you see when you start to dose off, but a void-darkness. I was thinking this is not sleep. Then I started realizing that this is amazing; I felt really peaceful.   
Possible NDE associated with amphetamine use.

3912.  Fiveia NDE  3/22/2015.  NDE 7608.  From Russia.  Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim  My thoughts became distinct and clear. I was pulled upward where I saw a bright white light. But the light did not blind me, it was calming and pleasant. I thought, 'What is that? What’s happening to me?' Then I saw myself in a meadow. I sat on the grass and was playing with the grass and flowers. The part of the meadow I was on was separated from another part by a small stream. On the other side a girl, who was about 13 years old, was sitting and holding a little book. There were four children sitting and listening to her. They briefly looked at me and then continued to do what they were doing. I somehow knew that I had to wait here until my fate, to stay here or to go back, was decided. But I wanted to stay.   
NDE due to accident at age 10.  Shared 57 years later.

3911.  Randall R NDE  3/21/2015.  NDE 7626.   Then off to my left, a bright white light appeared.  In that light, I felt my deceased mothers presence. I felt so much peace and comfort that I was reaching with both arms for her to take me into the light. Then a hand appeared in front of me, motioning me to stop. Then a finger pointing down. I knew then I was being told to go back.  I can't explain the disappointment and sadness of not entering the light with my mother. 
NNDE due to respiratory arrest due to Guillain Barre syndrome.  Experience happened less than two months before it was shared.

3910.  Gray W NDE  3/21/2015.  NDE 7625.    The part of the experience when I was hovering above the scene of the accident, I felt I had entered into a tunnel and had come out the other side. I was completely detached from my body and from the action going on below. It was as if I was watching everything happening to someone else. It was like watching television drama.  
NDE due to fall from tree.

3909.  Rev. Dr. Robert J  3/19/2015.  NDE 7924.    I saw dogs playing in a grass-covered field and I was with them.  I have always loved dogs.  I think they were dogs that I once had as an adult or child.  I'm a minister and I don't really believe 'all dogs go to heaven' but there they were!  Then I was in a different place.  It was bright or red? Then there was an extremely bright light, like a vertical column of light.  But it was much more than light, like a pillar of pure energy.  It was sparking, sparkling, and much, much brighter and whiter than any sun. I floated over near it.  I don't know if I wanted to or not, but I was about 6 inches from it.  It was not hot or cold, just pure white energy. I was face-to-face with whatever this was.  I took it to be the pure divine presence of God.  
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Contributor is a minister.

3908.  Justine NDE  3/18/2015.  NDE 7620.  From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy  I remember seeing myself lying face-down on the ground at the bottom of the stairs face down. I was seeing me from above. I saw my body lying on the ground as if I was floating some 50 cm above my body. I couldn't distinguish my face but those were definitely my clothes, my hair and my hands. My hand gave me this horrible impression. I saw this body and knew it was mine, but I also knew perfectly well that this body was dead and lifeless. It was a simple piece of cold meat. This sight disgusted me. I saw my lifeless arms as I approached closer to this body that was lying on the ground.   
Child NDE from a fall.

3907.  Dominique Possible NDE  3/18/2015.  Possible NDE 7618.  From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy  I found myself enveloped in an unbelievable white light. I felt good and had no pain anymore; I was like appeased, I felt so much love! That space had no limits, I was part of this space!   
Anesthesia experience from a c-section.

3906.  Chris P FDE  3/18/2015.  NDE 7623.  From Greece.  I remember telling my self,  'This is it!' Instantly, I felt very comfortable with this. I totally relaxed my body while I was watching the wall.  There were colorful footholds, etc, as a rainbow.  It was like the same picture you have when you travelling with a fast train, only in vertical form. And then, the impact! It ruined the peaceful feeling I had.  
Fear-death experience at time of fall.

3905.  Bella E Anesthesia Experience 3/17/2015.  Anesthesia 7621.    Then I could see my father and I thought I must be really out of it as I can see my father but then there was no pain and I didn't feel like I was being operated on like I was just resting in the sun, my father walking quickly over and back behind the doctors but not looking at me but he was so vivid. like I could touch him.  He looked 20  years younger and the peace was beautiful.  
Observation of deceased father in operating room during emergency caesarian section.

3904.  Mike M NDE  3/16/2015.  NDE 7617.    Within a moment I was in another place with my old friend and he was showing me my life as I had lived it. The review was not unpleasant but during the review I could see how my decisions impacted others, I could gauge and feel the impact of my decisions, and how these actions effected their lives. There were no feelings of guilt or remorse, only the knowledge that I could have done things differently in some of the situations. There was no blame, no remorse, and no feelings of guilt.  The "life review" covered my entire earthly life in no more than a few minutes. I could see people whom I recognized as relatives on the other side of a river of light, and could feel their love.  
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3903.  Jayne S NDE  3/16/2015.  NDE 7610.  From Australia  Love was all around, peace, blissful joy. I felt myself moving forward and after travelling faster than light, I thought, ‘This is further than our galaxy!’ I questioned, ‘How come I don’t feel afraid?’ I went to look at my stomach where I expected to feel fear but I saw nothing and it didn’t matter. I continued to move forward, in this amazing peace, joy and love at increasing speed. Then suddenly, I went through this explosive (mind and every single cell in my being) orgasmic, glorious intelligence and power.  
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3902.  Patrick vW Probable NDE 3/16/2015.  NDE 7609.  Probable NDE 7609.  From the Netherlands  What I do remember is an edge where my dead family members and other people who we're also very important in my life were waiting for my arrival. I received so many hugs and kisses. I still feel the warmth of their presence. I talked to each and every one of them. I won't tell exact details about what we discussed because it's between me and them. The bottom line is that it felt extraordinary good because I had the feeling that I could be myself here and that it was a very warm HOME. It was a place where everyone was welcome who wanted to be a part and take part in this special place. After the chats, hugs, and kisses, a voice said that it was time for me to go again.   
Probable NDE from suicide attempt.

3901.  Nancy O Probable NDE 3/11/2015.  NDE 7612.  From Australia.  I was floating above my body and looking down wondering why they were still giving me the penicillin - I somehow "knew" this was the problem.  I remember 'seeing' from my floating position above the bed and can still describe the jaunty actions and dress of the young Doctor who was called in to see me on the Monday (holiday day) who agreed I had measles and recommended continue the penicillin.  On the Tuesday morning I 'saw' the hospital physician come in and examine me and immediately ordered they cease the penicillin.
Probable NDE due to allergic reaction from penicillin resulting in apparent coma.  Shared 50 years later.

3900.  James H Probable NDE 3/9/2015.  NDE 7607.    Then I felt a tug of war or maybe my soul being pulled from my body. I felt fear and that something good was pulling me.  Then I was in a void.  I could see, but not with my eyes.  I felt that I was joined into a greater consciousness and therefore I had more capacity to understand things. I understood how everything fit together and that everything is a whole. I could see a green grid made of light flowing under me.  The feeling that I felt was pure bliss; words cannot really describe the feelings.  They were wonderful!  Then a voice asked me what good had I done to be let into heaven. I said, 'I believed in Jesus Christ as my lord and savior.'  The voice said it was sending me back and told me the reason. 
Probable NDE due to unspecified drug or medication overdose.

3899.  Mira S NDE 3/8/2015.  NDE 7602.  What is real is only that, which is permanent and changeless! That which changes, is within the mirage of time, and truly non-existent. Consciousness, however, as a gentle, delicate, smooth, flowing Presence is ever present; even within the human form, above and beyond the mind, as it is the Experience-less-ness underlying all experience. It never changes, never disappears, and it is therefore, the only Reality.’  ‘But if this Consciousness alone is real, the world was an illusion? Then where did it come from?’  ‘Like all manifestation, the world too is the creation of the great illusion or great delusion, which being the Creative aspect of this Supreme Consciousness, or the Lord, is the divine movie-projector of life, in the all-powerful play of the realm of Creation. Just as a mirage in the desert disappears when viewed from a certain perspective, your life as Arti on earth has disappeared, when viewed from the perspective of the Divine Self, where you are now.  
Astounding NDE from a Hindu living in the United States.  Profound spiritual wisdom.

3898.  Mindy B NDE 3/8/2015.  NDE 7603.  I was looking down at myself on the beach. at one point, I can't remember when though. I thought that this was such a blessing!  I got to die at my favorite place in the world!  I was now in a space that was golden in color and feel.  It was warm. II started seeing images roll in front of my eyes like a movie. With each image I saw it with pure love.  I saw it through God's eyes, not my own.  I knew why everything that had happened to me had happened. 
NDE due to fainting episode apparently due to hypoglycemia.

3897.  Laura N Probable NDE 3/8/2015.  NDE 7606.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Look at your life, see how you can evolve, feel your emotions.  I then saw part of my life passing by, mainly my fears, my fears of this violent alcoholic husband, maybe my lack of courage to face the rest. Then I felt a strength of which I didn't know the provenience, I felt like a little brave soldier in myself, the desire to make 360° turn, the doors of my new life just asking to open and LOVE, an unconditional love, a state of grace.
NDE from a Probable NDE vs. Anesthesia experience.

3896.  Sydney L NDE 3/8/2015.  NDE 7600.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I saw myself falling and I saw my brother and my sister as well as my mother screaming while taking me in her arms at the bottom of the stairs, while I was up above and didn't understand a thing.  She was screaming at them and crying for me, without me understanding anything as I was above them and could see everything.  I was sitting at the top step of the stairs, then was sleeping and then, still without understanding anything, reintegrated my body and the memory of my mother when I talked to her and that I told her that I was ok an that I saw everything from above.
NDE from a 3 year old child pushed down the stairs.

3895.  Ana NDE  3/3/2015.  NDE 7597.  From Russia.  Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim.  I took everything that was happening in a disconnected way, as if it didn’t matter, as if it were not I there on the threshold of life and death, but a movie with no connection to my fate.   
Beginnings of a NDE from blood loss.

3894.  Andrew G NDE  3/1/2015.  NDE 7597.    Two silhouettes are cast on the window and my attention turns toward them.  The shape that was closer to me, is a young boy, maybe 8 years old or so.  He was running toward me with his arms wide open and his hair bouncing, laughing because he can't believe I'm here already.  I'm instantly overwhelmed with joy, in a 'Oh my God! I never thought I'd ever see you again!' kind of feeling.  But I don't move, I just look.  I know I'm here to just look.  Farther along the window, there's a grown male silhouette, probably about my height and build but with better posture.  He reaches out to the boy and tells him that I'm not coming with them yet.  His presence comforts the boy.  As I look at the man, I can see that the light source behind the window is just beyond him, at about his head height.   
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3893.  Daniel B Possible NDE  3/1/2015.  Possible NDE 7590.    The therapist then asked me to tell me what I saw at that moment. I remember this image of seeing myself bent over the airbag. It was as if I was against the roof of the car, looking down at my back.  I knew I was dead. The next thing I knew, I was standing in what I believe was that field, looking at the car. A bright light shone down at me through the trees.  I remember being told somehow that it wasn't my time, and I had to go back because there were things I needed to do. I said 'Okay' and went back.   
Remembrance of a possible NDE during rapid eye movement hypnosis.

3892.  Andrew R FDE  3/1/2015.  FDE 23012.  Suddenly, I was above my body and looking down. I saw the interior of my car and myself in the driver's seat.  It was dark outside of the windows, but inside of car was a glowing golden light.  I felt a sensation of absolute peacefulness and warmth. As the tires hit the edge of the road shoulder, the car stopped.  I was back in my body and looking out window.  There was dust still flying around.  It was normal ambient lighting in car.
Fear-death experience during auto accident.

3891.  Ana Cecilia G NDE  2/25/2015.  NDE 7572.  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  A little further up, I saw another large layer of branches. This time there were teenagers, people of middle age, and people just growing old. I saw harmony, serenity, and happiness. People smiled and I felt strengthened. The voices were clear harmonious and fluent, the communication flowed in a natural manner. The atmosphere was total peace, and completely full of love. There was also a fountain surrounded by flowers of every color, in the centre of a large garden. The water cascaded in different rhythms forming images and it's sound was in harmony and was amazing. The people were sat down around themselves and talked and smiled at one another. They didn't talk with sounds from the mouth. It was as if just with the mind they could say everything and I could hear them. There were people leaning in the garden reading a book, or just enjoying the Sun. The countryside was fantastic.  
Amazing NDE!

3890.  Sandra J Probable NDE  2/21/2015.  Probable NDE 7588.    I found myself in a dark room. I was moving but not walking. I began to see pictures of people in my life, like in a slide show. Click, click, next picture.  I saw my friend's faces, my family, and then I saw my kid's faces.  I made myself stop moving. I suddenly became aware of my situation.  I saw ahead of me, a white light that was so bright.   I remember thinking, 'Oh no! I can't go there, that will be the end of my life.  My energy, my life force will leave me. I need to get back to my kids. I realized I was in this dark hallway or tunnel that lacked walls.  
Probable NDE at time of seizure.

3889.  Reese J NDE  2/21/2015.  NDE 7584.    What I remember most vividly is an overwhelming feeling of peace, joy, and elation. Everything just felt wholly GOOD; yet the word 'good' fails epically in describing the feeling. I was with a man in a long flowing white gown. He had yellow hair (not blonde, yellow) and he glowed. I remember feeling frightened and he was trying to soothe me. He kept telling me I was going to be ok.
NDE at age 15 months due to drowning.

3888.  Michael F NDE  2/21/2015.  NDE 7582.  From Ireland  Suddenly, I find myself immersed inside a light.  I found myself immersed in this all-encompassing light where time has no meaning.  Space has no meaning. I have a feeling of oneness with the Universe.  The pull of this light is so captivating and overwhelming that I have no choice but to completely surrender to it.  It reminded me of shimmering liquid mercury. My natural instincts tell me to look left and right.  I manage to look two degrees in both directions before I am instantly drawn back to the center.  The attraction I feel towards this light fills me with total awe.  The unconditional love, peace and happiness it exudes is infinite.  
NDE due to criminal attack.  Currently an atheist.  Interesting materialist explanation of what occurred during their NDE.  I can’t recall another NDE out of nearly 4000 reviewed with this perspective.

3887.  Alan S NDE 2/21/2015.  NDE 7581.  From Canada  Turning his head toward the adjacent windows where holographic images displayed events from the past, present, and future, slowing to images of my two daughters. He looked back at me and said, 'If you choose to.' “So I have a choice?” I asked in confusion. He replied, 'Yes, you do. All of you have a choice. Everyone is given a choice with no judgment passed either way. Where you have been, where you are, and where you are going at all times is of your own choice.' I was overwhelmed by an emotional summary of my life, which we must all experience whether staying or coming back. The closest way to describe it was to condense every emotional moment in your life and relive all of it over a few moments. Mine was marked by guilt for wasting my life and many talents. We both gazed deeply into each others’ eyes. “I want to stay. I want to live.”   
NDE due to apparent cardiac arrest.

3886.  Jacob NDE  2/21/2015.  NDE 7580.  From Canada  I observed my body like I was floating above it. I then found myself at the edge of what seemed like a black amphitheater looking out across the universe. There was a vortex of white fire spiraling through space.  It was a beautiful sight and looked very much like the electricity coming from a nuclear power generator.  There were voices calling me to join this energy.  Some voices were familiar, but most were not.  I looked at the energy and said firmly, 'NO! I want my own.' No sooner had I thought it, a very slim pillar of white fire appeared a distance from the large one. I said with satisfaction, 'That is mine.'  I heard or thought a voice that said, 'It is not your time, you may remain if you wish though.'  I thought through my life and wanted to stay, but then I thought about my daughter who was 8 at the time.  She needed me.   
NDE due to apparent respiratory arrest

3885.  Scott W NDE 2/15/2015.  NDE 7578.    I did feel consciousness forming but not like we know or understand. It was just doing its task. It was doing what it’s supposed to do and that’s all it knew. Then it became clear all of it, all things knew what it was supposed to do.  Something was directing it. I could tell, even though it had consciousness, it seemed as though it had surrendered its Will and accepted it’s truth to the Creator.  Then my Grandma reached for me and took my hand as we started back.  The universe was full, absolutely full of strings of light and energy.  They were pulsing, they were moving, and we were in it, part of it and it a part of us.  DNA stretched for eons; memories, connected, intertwined but all moving according to the Light.  I could see molecules, atoms connecting, intersecting, building and becoming new life forms and consciousnesses.  Galaxies, stars, fish, trees, air, water, man are all patterned forms, built from all over the universe.  Then we were back in the field, but it didn’t stop there. I looked at my Grandmother and the Light.  Everything opened up, illumination poured through me, out of me and in me.  It can’t be changed, or threatened.  It can’t be manipulated, or colored.  There are no Illusions or fairy tales about it.  It’s here.  Each is at its own time, in its own evolution, doing its own reality, living its own consciousness. We are part of it and it a part of us.  We truly have nothing to fear, we are really loved.  There is a power so great, that it can only be called God. 
Exceptional NDE due to cardiac arrest at age 42.  Remarkable experience in heavenly realm.  Astounding spiritual insights.

3884.  Hailey M NDE  2/15/2015.  NDE 7575.  I remember at that point thinking quite clearly, 'I'm either having a really messed up dream or I'm dead right now.' And once I had that epiphany I felt the greatest sense of calm, peace, and love greater than I ever thought possible wash over me and then it felt as if I was everywhere at once seeing multiple things happening at the same instance. I could see my surgeon talking to my parents about how the surgery went and getting a call and running back to where I was telling them, 'If I'm not back in five minutes, it's a good thing.' Then it was like being sucked back into my body and waking from a dream.   
NDE due to respiratory arrest after surgery.

3883.  Chanse R NDE 2/15/2015.  NDE 7574.     I was in complete euphoria. I didn't feel the weight of gravity anymore. I was completely aware of myself without my physical body. I was soaring through space in some galaxy with the whole universe in front of me. I could see in perfect clarity the stars and galaxies. I felt the earth was behind me on my right side; a small ball that was getting smaller. I had no desire to go back because I was in complete happiness traveling to somewhere wonderful. I could sense a host with me outside my peripheral vision. The host was there right along with me as we were traveling to some place. I could not tell what the host was or who it was, but it didn't matter to me at the time. All that mattered was that I was in complete awareness of myself traveling across the universe, in the most wonderful, peaceful, and powerful state of existence.   
NDE due to loss of consciousness while lifting weights.

3882.  Linda T Anesthesia   2/15/2015.  Anesthesia 7570.  On my left shoulder I felt this overpowering "draw" to move on, to continue ahead, to proceed, to go to the next dimension.  However, on my right, I felt as if I were tethered. I felt like I was anchored and being pulled back to the present. I started pleading and begging the force that was compelling me to move forward, "I can't go right now, I cannot leave my boy, I cannot go without my son; please let me stay until I can bring my boy also." Then the pulling, compulsion, yearning, to go ahead ceased.  I felt a knowledge that I was free to come ahead if I so chose, but I would also be allowed to return if that was my wish.  I chose to return to a mortal life.   
Anesthesia experience.

3881.  Scarlett FDE 2/15/2015.  FDE 7569.  From Guatemala  I remember not feeling anything, just seeing a bright white light. I know it sounds typical for people to say that, but its true. My life didn't flash before my eyes, but I did have a last glimpse of people I loved. I saw my little sister. I thought that I am with them and I felt peace. Once my mom got the car back under control and didn't crash, the light shut off. I was back in the car, scared, yet looking at my mom and sister with a smile.  
Fear-death experience due to near car crash

3880.  Laura V Probable NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7565. Caution, Graphic Adult Content.  I went out this golden door, and immediately saw Christ.  Or so I believed Him to be.  The world outside was still much the same as it was in normal life, but everything glowed with beautiful color, and I smelled flowers so sweet there is no describing it.  
Probable NDE at age 17 due to criminal attack.

3879.  Kevin S NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7558.    I floated on top of the helicopter and was looking down and all those people who were trying to keep me alive. From there, I floated up to heaven. Everything was pure crystal-white and angels were all around me lifting me to heaven. Then God held me in his arms and told me three times to go back.  
NDE due to being run over a car at age 7.

3878.  Jeremie L Probable NDE 2/10/2015.  NDE 7556.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  After a short time, I saw a kind of tunnel of absolute whiteness, full of Love and joy. I entered in this tunnel and at the end I saw my grand parents and my uncle who died when he was in his twenties. I only knew my grandfather, it was happiness for me to know that they were fine. They asked me to join them in order to experience this moment eternally. I accepted immediately. As soon as I said 'Yes', a silhouette that strongly resembled Mary said to me, 'It's not your time, look'.  
Operation under general anesthesia.

3877.  Rachel G NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7555.  From Trinidad  I was looking out the window and enjoying the view of vivid colors. The trees were of different colors and the grass was a shade of green I am not accustom seeing on earth. Everything around me appeared to be really bright, but not hot. It was a beautiful day. I remember holding out my hands in front of me which appeared to have a glow, like a halo surrounding me. I started to panic because I was in a strange place and everything seem unreal. I could feel three beings sitting in the back seat with me. The strange thing about it, I never felt threaten by them or that they were any form of evil. I felt goodness coming from them. One of them spoke to calm me down, 'Don't worry, everything is going to be all right. Sit back and relax and enjoy the ride,' are the comforting words that was spoken to me.  
Hindu NDE due to choking.

3876.  Kantor R NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7554.  From Czech Republic.  Original in Czech, translated to English by Rick.  I realized that this is end for me but I was calm and otherwise relaxed. My entire life passed through my mind.  It was like I saw my entire life at once in one picture. I saw even details such as what I was wearing as a little boy, a button. I saw in detail my family, mainly my mother. I said to myself completely calm that I had not lived very long but then I realized that my mother would really be terribly hurt.  Then from above I saw myself as I was lying on the ground, beside me were fellow workers.  
NDE from electrocution.

3875.  Rachel E NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7553.   I was no longer a body floating above the pool. I became time and space. I could see the entire universe and it was not like when you watch the Nova channel. It was different because I was the universe. I was everything. Sound disappeared except I could hear my debate. My debate was not sound. My debate was made of time. I could enter my body, my body was a piece of time in space. Or, I could stay out of my body and be everywhere, part of everything, which would be a different type of time in space. I asked the question, 'Should I go back into my body?'   
Exceptional NDE at age 12 due to drowning.

3874.  Ysel NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7552.  When the firefighters broke down my gates and door, I was looking down at my self seeing everyone trying to bring me back to life. I did feel peace as I can remember, I knew there was someone behind me. I heard the firefighters and the police speaking to a neighbor that made the call. My husband was out of town and had called him because he felt there was something wrong. They were asking the neighbor questions. He told them that he could see me through the bedroom window and that I wasn't moving, so that is why he called 911. He answered, 'Yes, she has 3 children. One is in Chicago, one is in grammar school, and the other is in a child care center.' Anyhow I saw from up above, the police was taking notes on where my children went to school. When the lady officer said to the other one, 'We have to call Children and Family services to pickup the kids and have them go to foster home center.'   
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3873.  Shara G NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7549.    I realized I was floating around the room looking down at my body. I had an opportunity to look closely in the face of each person working on me. By this time, there was intense panic in the operating room, but I felt peaceful. I seemed to have a heart connection to each person there, but especially with the anesthesiologist, who was terrified and working hard to bring me back into my body. I didn't want to get back in.  
NDE due to accident in administration of anesthetic agents and adverse reaction to them.

3872.  Jeffrey B NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7548.  Close by there was a doorway in the wall.  The door was open, hinge on the right side, opening outwards.  Due to the angle, I couldn't see what was on the other side of the door.  Coming out of this doorway was this whitish, pearlescent, tendrils of light, flowing out and dissipating.  I was overcome with an emotional blend of relief, love, and acceptance, that I was 'coming home' and that everything was going to be alright.  
NDE due to being struck by car as a pedestrian at age 14.

3871.  Wendy S NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7547. I instantly went to a place that was pure white light and beautiful. I had a conversation with my deceased parents. My Father died Dec 17th 2007 and my Mother died on my Father's birthday, Dec 31 2010. The love that was felt really isn't like what we experience alive. It encompasses everything around you. There are no earthly words to describe it. I told my parents I loved them and they reiterated.  
NDE due to faint associated with illness.

3870.  Donna W NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7546.   I sensed my self in a funnel like atmosphere and my life was regressing at a very fast pace in front of my eyes. At the same time the most beautiful field of flowers with this awesome light was pulling me and it was the most wonderful sensation I had ever felt. I just wanted to go there really bad. The distressing part was that my young daughter was in the vehicle with me and I knew I had to stay and take care of her.  
NDE due to being hit by a train while in a car.

3869.  Catalina NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7545.  From Romania.  I  "woke up" in the same room, being able to see my body. I was able to receive information without actually thinking or speaking or hearing. It was all white and bright. I figured I was dead because my body was on the floor. I didn't see blood or any thing. I was so very sad. I knew I am dead.  I felt so sorry; it was the saddest moment. I was kind of crying.  I didn't know why I died.  It was the very first time I felt the compassion, but it was for me.  I was always a good, caring and kind person. But I've never been my own friend. So, I was feeling like I needed to hug and tell myself, 'It's going to be o.k.' Right when I was "crying" and "asking" if am I dying, I received information. I don't know why it happened but I know that some aspects of my life flashed, just like on a screen.  
NDE due to autoclave explosion and electrocution.  Shared 3 ½ weeks after experience happened.

3868.  Ryan NDE 2/10/2015.  NDE 23005.    Then I was whisked away to this white room. There were no lights that were making this light. But I felt weightless and like nothing could hurt me. I was at peace. There was this big white door that had to be taller than 20 feet. The door opened and even more white light poured into the room. Then a man came in. He was so pure and good. I could not look at him too long because it hurt. Then he told me, 'It is not your time Ryan.'
NDE at age 12 due to faint.

3867.  Samaa NDE-Like 2/10/2015.  NDE-Like 7559.  From Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Tam.  That night I slept and in my sleep I saw that I am moving at a very high speed in a tunnel full of light. The sensation was so beautiful that I feel incapable of describing it to you. It was as if there was no burden whatsoever on me, I felt light, it was truly a good feeling. I was moving in the tunnel very fast, and I felt good and full of happiness about this. Suddenly, I reached a part of the tunnel that there was I think a lady there ( I did not see, it just felt as if it was a lady. I did not hear a voice, and did not see anyone. Maybe it was a telepathic understanding). I was told if you pass this point you won't be able to return. But that feeling of lightness and being like that was so pleasant that I didn't mind moving on. I was told again if you go you cannot ever see your father and brother. It was as if she wanted to change my mind no matter what, and I thought for a moment that my father will feel destroyed without me. And I remember that she told me, "They will really suffer without you." Now that I think about it, I feel the lady was my mother who prevented me from going further.
Non-Western NDE-like dream with an OBE component.

3866.  Sadaf J NDE 2/10/2015.  NDE 7541.    From Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Tam.  As I was looking down on my body from the ceiling, I was feeling a special peace. I could perceive all details, even the particular ways my family members were sitting while surrounding me, and that one of my family members was giving me mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. And I felt I am being pulled towards my body, and then everything was normal.
Non-Western NDE that happened at age 5.

3865.  Abrisham NDE 2/10/2015.  NDE 7393.  From Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Reza.    First I heard a sharp sound and then I was travelling through a tunnel of light passing over my head. It was light, and it was kindness and I was moving at an unimaginable speed. After a while, I stopped in the tunnel and a very gentle and kind voice told me to go back. I travelled back with the same speed.
Non-Western NDE.

3864.  Franziska R ADC 2/5/2015.  ADCs/Other 7539.  From Switzerland.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  I woke up in a white chalked-up African hospital room. Far up, in the high room, there were two small windows through which dawn came and immersed the room in blue light. The whole room was vibrating with total love. Elage was welcoming me cordially. He was healthy! I sat with him at the little table and had to laugh for a start. It was like a prison that I could not get out of. The windows were too high up and the doors locked. Then we were talking as if we had not seen each other for centuries. We laughed, giggled, and reflected about the world. We solved all problems that exist and ever existed or ever will exist. Then he got up.
Exceptional ADCs and pre-birth remembrance.

3863.  Diane B NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7544.    I was bathed in white light and a feeling of joy and bliss. I saw a tunnel and heard voices telling me it was ok to go toward it. I could 'see' my distraught father trying to wake me and my mother screaming and running down the hill. I was torn between the bliss and knowing what my death would do to my parents. I chose to return.  
NDE due to sledding accident at age 6.  Shared 59 years later.

3862.  Carol NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7543.    I was very confused because in those few seconds, I saw a whole game of soccer. The game was between my school and another school's soccer team. It wasn't like a dream where weird things happen out of order. It was a complete game, in consecutive order, and one that I think usually takes 2 hours? I don’t know much about soccer, so it is whatever time soccer games take. It all happened in a few seconds. It wasn't a soccer game that I had seen before; it was a totally new game.  
Lucid and organized experience while unconscious, so it’s an NDE.  Highly atypical content.  Experience occurred in Colombia.

3861.  Kurt O NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7540.    I should also mention that before I turned around, all I could see was a soft but brilliant, white shade of light. Then I was still looking down. Things were getting darker and I began to turn around again just to look around. Throughout all of this, I had feelings of being very content, confident, completely free, or something like that. It's hard to explain. I also felt a loving feeling, more like I loved everything rather than being in love. It all felt very normal, like no big deal.  
NDE due to drowning at age 7.

3860.  Henry's Mother's NDE 2/1/2015.  Secondhand NDE 7538.    Mom said that during the beginning of the procedure she ascended to the ceiling of the operating room. She observed the physician and nurse for a few minutes and heard the doctor tell the nurse in a rushed tone, ‘Turn off the ether!’ realizing they had given her too much.  
Second-person NDE by contributor’s mother at age 8.

3859.  Jeanne ZS NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7537.    I hovered above it watching the doctors frantically work to cut open collapsed veins and fill them with plasma. I didn’t see through my physical eyes. I observed a woman die across the hallway and saw her non-material soul sail upwards and out of sight. I was able to hear everything without physical ears. The medical team was talking about how ‘gone I was.’ I heard my husband’s conversation with his best friend down the hallway. I heard his true, unspoken thoughts and fears within his mind. I had an absolute 'knowing' without a physical brain to reason with.  
NDE due to hemorrhage after delivery.

3858.  Lonnie L NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7536.  From Canada  I was completely surrounded by a beautiful, white light that words could not properly describe or do justice. It was nothing I have ever seen or experienced. I felt very much at peace and not afraid. I heard the most beautiful music, like classical or choir music. It was nothing like I have heard before; it was not anything human or from musical instruments I recognized. I did not feel anything except peace and happiness. I did not want to return.  
NDE due to heat stroke.

3857.  Sebastian X NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7533.    First thing I remember is traveling through a dark tunnel that seemed it would go on for eternity. The darkness was so heavy it was like tar, like a void, complete lack of creativity; the Great Nothing in Never Ending Story, a space of indifference. Finally the dark tunnel ended and I was floating over my body. Looking back, that tunnel may have represented the space between awareness of this life and the life to come. I could see all dimensions of my body.  
NDE due to suicide attempt with medication.

3856.  Betty H NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7530.    Then I remembered it being dark and I felt a jolt. I saw very bright multi-colored lights, mostly purples and greens. Then I heard a voice in my head say, 'Do you want to stay here with Chris (my son who passed 7 years before) or go back to be with Andrea?' Then I heard a voice in my head say, 'I have to go back to be with Andrea, she needs me.'  
NDE due to asthma attack followed by cardiac arrest.

3855.  Elijah S Probable NDE 2/1/2015.  Probable NDE 7529.    Time stopped. Yet on either side of my head, I could see something like a movie strip playing from my infancy until where I was now. It seemed to stop on certain events, like the birth of my sister, the death of one of my younger friends, the huge blizzard of 1979, or other events comprised of my mother, father and my wife. I also saw an older man. I assumed and felt that he was my grandfather.  
Probable NDE due to fall from rocks into ocean.

3854.  Conni J NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7528.    I found myself in a dark space and my peripheral vision was expanded. The space was intensely quiet and peaceful and completely void of color. I sensed, and in some way saw beings surrounding me, as if I were in the center of an immeasurable, yet intimate circle. It seemed that the beings were silently and intently observing my situation.  
NDE due to loss of consciousness following delivery.

3853.  Yvonne N Probable NDE 2/1/2015.  Probable NDE 7527.    I realized that I was sitting on what looked like an enormous wing. It was bright, colorful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The brightness it was so intense that it should have been blinding, but it didn’t hurt my eyes at all. My vision was acute there. I could see even the tiniest detail clearly. The wing was auburn and gold and then browns too.  
Probable NDE due to surgery for brain tumor.

3852.  Leonard K NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7526.  When the concept finally sank in it was like a big celebration, and I got introduced to a lot more people. Both of my great-grandmothers on my father’s side stayed with me, and they introduced me to my great-grandfathers as well. Both of them were very nice, and the love that we all shared together was something that is hard to describe in words. It was intense and automatic.  
Extensive writing about an astounding NDE due to complications of emergency surgery at age 8 and shared 51 years later. 
Exceptional experience!   

3851.  Kate L NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7525.  From Australia  Then I went down a long tunnel that got brighter and brighter and I could hear music that was unbelievable. I have loved music ever since. I came out into a place so bright with flowers and trees and a stream with a bridge over it. The bridge appeared to be made of tree trunks that were sort of entwined. At the other side of the bridge was my Grandma and another woman next to her who had brilliant blue eyes and a dark mole near her mouth and an indent in her chin.  
NDE at time of operation.

3850.  Cindy J NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7523.  From Australia  The noise in the tunnel very loud. I was moving down the tunnel toward white light. I was passing through a membrane or curtain into white light and at same time felt myself disintegrate into atoms or particles and become one with the white light. This sensation was accompanied by the most amazing overwhelming feeling of love, joy, happiness, and UNION with everything.  
NDE due to respiratory arrest from asthma attack.

3849.  Mitchell K NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7522.    Then her voice softly called to me. I felt love. The voice was familiar as if it belonged to a friend from long ago. She told me to rest and heal, so I rested. Then she told me, ‘You have done so much. You may stay or you may go back. The choice is yours. If you go back, know it will not be easy.’ My choice was simple. Jackie’s request, ‘Come back to me’ was my choice. ‘But how do I get back?’ I asked. ‘It’s simple, just breathe,’ she replied.  
NDE due to, and I am not kidding about this, being struck by a falling coconut from a palm tree.  NDEr is a nurse who travelled to Liberia to help Ebola patients.  This NDE wins the award for the most unusual cause of a life-threatening event so far this year (2015).

3848.  Kobe Possible NDE   2/1/2015.  Possible NDE 23002.    I seemed to pop out of my body and float about 10 feet above myself, slightly to the left and back corner of the room. The room seemed very dark except a bright light shining on my body from medical lighting equipment on the ceiling.  
Anesthesia experience. Got pre-medication, then OBE and observed self sliding from gurney to operating room table.

3847.  ShadowN Z NDE   1/21/2015.  NDE 7521.    he next thing I remember is I surrounded by warm white and bright lights, I saw all my past events - the happen and sad things in the past, even something I might already forgot, then I cried very happily, I felt I finally released by all circumstances. I'm not worried about anything anymore, there is nothing I miss about family, friends and all. I was happy and crying from relief.  
NDE due to head injury.

3846.  Matthew H Probable NDE 1/21/2015.  Probable NDE 7520.   I was walking alone along a river of ashes.  That is the best way I can describe it.  The water wasn't wet and it did not offer any relief from a burning thirst.  The water was hot and abrasive. I remember looking around and everything was shadows and darkness. I was utterly alone. Then a hand was offered to me, "Come with me." I took the hand and was lifted into a diffuse, effusive light.  I was surrounded by thousands of voices, with no confusion and nobody trying to talk over the others.  I could recognize every individual voice, even some speaking in languages I recognized but do not speak.  I understood them all. My life was poured out.  Every voice looked through it, and asked lots of questions. I answered what I could.  When everything was done, I realized I was not worthy of the company of my ancestors. This was dismissed by my "narrator" who was my guide through this.  He said, 'You are your own harshest judge, and always will be. It is not because you are unworthy, but because you have unfinished business to attend to. You can go back if you choose.'  
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3845.  Steven T NDE 1/21/2015.  NDE 7519.    was floating in the air above the car looking down at what was happening and fire and rescue responding. I felt nothing physically, but could see myself grabbing at my chest from my viewpoint. I was seeing two viewpoints one from inside the car and the other view from floating in the air. I knew the car was on fire but could not move to try and get out of the car.  
NDE due to crash during car racing event.

3844.  Bonnie L NDE 1/21/2015.  NDE 7517.    I floated still looking when the fish had gone, calm peaceful. A warm sensation began to build as light filled the river, my body, my thoughts, everything. It was as if reality was filtered away and I was beyond thought, one with the energy that was is all. Love and connection indescribable. I became aware again, the warmth was focusing around and underneath and behind, almost as if coalescing to cradle the self I became again.  
NDE due to drowning at age 4.

3843.  Jennifer W NDE  1/21/2015.  NDE 7516.    Completely non-judgmental, yet clear and precise was the voice inside my head. I learned why I was dying and how it would affect my loved ones. More information kept flooding my consciousness as I listened, learned, and understood profound life conditions of the past, present and future. I became my own proof of individual divinity, blessed with immortal life, by the infinite mercy of God's unconditional love.  
Exceptional NDE due to drowning.

3842.  Deborah R Probable NDE 1/21/2015.  Probable NDE 7514/7415.    Then I stopped at the end of the tunnel. I was sitting up and I could see doors. It was like glass doors. I was seeing people, of different cultures, and I remember thinking, I don't see any of my relatives. These people are all strangers. It was like they were in an airport, just walking around, and some were looking up at a sign the sign reminded me of an airport one that show the estimated time of arrivals and departures.  
Probable NDE due to severe kidney infection.

3841.  Erik C NDE  1/21/2015.  NDE 7513.    I tried to walk around them to get to the light when I felt a small hand on my right knee. I looked down to see my son who passed a couple years ago at birth touching me. He then said "daddy, keep fighting" then I noticed that there were three angels.  
NDE due to apparent poisoning.  Remarkably, shared about one week after the experience occurred.

3840.  Lamar Possible NDE   1/21/2015.  Possible NDE 7518.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I was traveling in a world of natural rationality, a calming well-being, a feeling of universal knowledge. As if I had the chance, to manage my future and to be able to do or see, whatever I wanted to. Without any time constraint I saw my daughter, while at present I still have no children, in her future and  modern world. I experienced my burial, hearing old women saying, while they were washing me, 'dying young, you have to get used to'; my best friend attacking me in telling me, that I had nothing to do there.
Possible NDE from suicide attempt and then liver failure. 

3839.  Arshan NDE   1/19/2015.  NDE 16074. Non-Western NDE from Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Amir.  I was flying and entered into a gray-colored environment. I tried to reach a gray and dusty light that was moving in front of me. As I got closer to this light, it became brighter. The light looked like a vapor or smoke that is lit up under a street light. It was formless and had colors of blue, orange, yellow, and gold. I didn't know what it was. The light didn't bother my eyes and wasn’t blinding. I was pulled towards the light with great force.  The closer I got to it, the more joy and peace I felt. After a while, I noticed Beings similar to me but they were more brilliantly colored and were moving slower than me. Then I was surrounded by my deceased relatives. I was feeling so much joy and lightness from seeing them. I felt they were there to help me. Their body was transparent and luminous.
Detailed Muslim, non-Western NDE that is virtually indistinguishable from detailed Western Christian NDE.

3838.  Jennifer J NDEs   1/14/2001.  Shared NDEs 7510.    I was one with the Creator and with Creation itself. I was the Creator. We all were; those who haven't come back still are. It's impossible to describe. I was aware that my earthly body, my container or vessel of my soul had been shed, and I was so much more. I knew all things. I was God along with everyone else, and yet God was still there in superior existence too. A universal power that was gentle and kind, humble and pure. God lives in me, the soul of God was breathed into my dead body when I chose to live. Individual thought awareness yet of one being one whole without definition or separation away from each other. We were in and through and with each other. It was incredible. Humbling, beautiful beyond beauty, and powerful in the most gentle and kind of ways, and loving and peaceful that “transcends all understanding.”
A must read! Among the most profound NDEs ever shared with NDERF. NDEs due to severe complications following delivery.

3837.  Carson D NDE   1/14/2015.  NDE 7511.    One reached out and touched my chest. The touch was so warm, it seemed to smile. They talked to me without moving their mouths; I actually can't remember if they had mouths. They took me by the hands and we flew to a golden city that was surreal in color. Another Being approached me who was different and older than the rest. We talked for what seemed like forever. Then the Being placed it's hand on my shoulder and Bam! I was on an escalator in some shopping mall I had never been to. I was on the escalator going up. At the top of the escalator waiting for me were both of my deceased grandmas dressed in their Sunday best dresses. I remember their words as if this happened yesterday. "Well little man you have quite the journey ahead, but this is not your time."
NDE due to illness at age 11.

3836.  Valeria I Possible NDE   1/14/2001.  Possible NDE 439.    I saw myself rising from the bed and at the ceiling of the room looking down on my body. Next, I was rising through the beautiful clouds into a sweet, peaceful, loving, delicate, and secure place. I knew I was in the place where God is. There was no fear, no pain, no hurt, and no worry. I felt none of the things holding me down that were with me just a few minutes ago. I felt the deepest peace and love flowing all around and within me. I felt secure beyond measure.
Possible NDE during anesthesia.

3835.  Kim P Mother's Possible NDE   1/3/2015.  Secondhand Possible NDE 7507.    Somewhere during that time, she found herself going through the tunnel of light. At the end of the tunnel was a man in a turban and with a short beard. As she came closer to him, she heard him chanting, 'Come on Virginia, come on Virginia.' The face then turned into my father's face. He was smiling and she suddenly went back into her body. My father was in the waiting room at the time chanting, 'Come on, Virginia, come on Virginia.'
Mother of contributor had possible NDE during delivery 67 years ago.

3834.  Alana G NDE  1/3/2015.  NDE 7506.  From Canada  In this NDE, I was entering into another dimension coming from my one-dimensional understanding. When I go from our one dimension into another dimension, I often find it hard to explain the experience coming from living in a one-dimensional realm.  I was almost through the portal and heard a voice say 'NO.' The voice was not loud but I knew that all in the heavens, on the earth, and under the earth, had to obey that Voice. I just knew there was an authority and everything had to obey that Voice. Then I heard the Voice say, 'It is not her time.' 
NDE due to car accident.  Contributor is a pastor.

3833.  Michael M Probable NDE  1/3/2015.  Probable NDE 7504.  I looked over my shoulder and it was as though I was on the moon or somewhere else other than earth. I saw the blue-white sphere in the distance.  I turned and looked back ahead of me and there was a soft yellow light in the distance. The floor looked like tile because of the light reflected from it. There was a man standing over to my right but he never said anything or moved during the experience.  A feeling of love and peace came over me.  In the background, I kept hearing the entity reassuring me that all was o.k. and that I was home. 
Probable NDE vs. possible anesthesia experience associated with dental surgery.

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