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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

3727.  Jacqueline HW NDE  7/1914  Upon experiencing the tremendous light, which to our normal eyes would seem almost blinding. I first saw our dog, Mr. Miyagi, who had passed six months earlier. He had died of old age, but upon that meeting he was like a lion, in his prime, and sitting in a meadow. He radiated love for me and for our time that had been spent together on this earth. You don't communicate through words. it is just a knowing.  I then met Malcolm G, who was a life-long family friend, and a very strong influence in the way my early adult life panned out. He had passed of cancer a few years earlier and was a strong handsome young man. I was actually very surprised to find that he had passed of cancer as he had always been a very sick child suffering from kidney disease and having had two kidney transplants. His body was always weak.  I felt a sense of laughter all the way around Malcolm, as he always had a wonderful sense of humor and wanted to become a comedian. I think he would make all the spirits around him laugh!
NDE due to cardiac arrest from apparent heat stroke.

3726.  Beth S NDE  7/19/14  I was floating in the blackness heading somewhere. I was happy to be there. It was peaceful, calm, quiet. I felt as if I knew all the secrets to the universe. Then a pounding on my chest, a man yelling, my sister in law crying. And I was really angry to be back in my own body.
NDE due to electrocution at age 15.

3725.  Alta NDE  7/19/14  From South Africa All I knew was that I fell and it was dark then I was in a wonderful, warm and loving light. It felt as if I was being held in the arms of Jesus. Fully protected with no fear, but total calm. Feeling held like something precious. I had a sense of timelessness and comfort. I had no awareness of my body or any contact with the physical world. Total peacefulness.
NDE at age 6 due to accidental burial during construction.

3724.  Martha BG NDE  7/19/14  There was a very bright light and a welcoming place.  I was not in a city and there was no landscape, just the warm, loving, wonderful, welcoming bright light.  I was coming toward an indistinct group of people, they had no bodily form they just seemed to be hovering near a central figure who had on a flowing robe. I had a choice, I could join them or return to my life. I had a wonderful, joyful, peaceful feeling.
NDE due to unconsciousness during delivery.

3723.  Ken D NDE 7316  7/19/14  I remember seeing myself in the car.  Then I went through a tunnel.  I saw my father and other relatives.  I felt so happy and at peace that I did not want to leave.  There was a body standing there in a robe looking like Jesus standing there. I can't say for sure that it was him or not. The light was pure white, bright, crisp and perfectly round with him standing in the center.  He said to me, "Go back, it is not your time yet."
NDE due to auto accident at age 17.

3722.  Tikvah F NDE  7/19/14  I was above the chaos, confused as to where I was. The paramedic struck the body's chest twice, as she said, "I got this." A baby was crying loudly and people were rushing around. Then there was a man at the body's head, while the woman kept pumping the chest. I wasn't interested in the body. I heard a voice telling me, "Your father is coming." the voice repeated it. My father is dead, I thought. The confusion below me continued. Then I saw my deceased father walking toward me, as if he were walking on beautiful hill; he looked younger than when he died and had three children with him. He gave me a look of recognition as greeting. But then he disappeared. I felt so sad that he was gone.
NDE due to cardiac arrest associated with cardiomyopathy from prior anthrax poisoning.  Another experience described that is possible dream.

3721.  Wendy A NDE  7/19/14  I was simply interested in what was going on, and was experiencing a profound feeling of peace and lack of connection with the entire situation. I always thought that if I were ever near death I would frantically be scratching out messages to my loved ones, but I didn't give any of them a thought! I heard them call for a priest, and I could see someone comforting my crying roommate as they escorted her out into the hall. They had trouble getting the blood transfusion started because they said my veins were collapsing and that's the last thing I was aware of. I don't know how much time passed, probably not much, but I suddenly "woke up" as the priest was anointing me with oil.
NDE due to blood loss following hysterectomy.

3720.  Yamen Probable NDE  7/19/14  Nonwestern NDE from Lebanon.  Original in Arabic, translated to English by Tarek.  I felt relief. I felt that this explosion released my struggling soul.  My soul could now roam around where ever it wanted without obstacles.  I felt complete freedom.  I was now free and didn’t need a passport to cross boarders or move around the earth.  I could even roam around the universe, but I didn’t want to leave Earth so I wouldn’t feel lonely.  I was flying very easily.  It was not a dream.  The feeling of flying was very real.  A being that looked like the Joker (from the card game) approached me.  He was very friendly and gentle.  He was my guide as I traveled.  He directed me to the way to Brazil.  I had always wanted to see Brazil. 
Probable NDE from bronchitis.

3719.  Paul Probable NDE  7/15/14 I was completely filled with peace, and like a spiritual chorus of joy, much deeper and broader than euphoria. My inner being was an enormous producer of power, from deep within me, from the deepest heart of my very inner being was an immeasurable love and purity, I became a very source-generating of gushing purity and truth. This is the only power that is truth. Within me was an incredible replenishing of the power of goodness, expanding and flowing out. Like if suddenly you flipped on a million spotlights pointing out from every direction, from inside of me, each having a trillion tons of force pushing the purity of love and truth, from every which way. As I slowly floated forward. Ever increasing in goodness. This power had a sense of warm liquid, bright pure light, calm and radiant but extremely immense, and intense, energy. It grew to be as large as the sky and ever bounding from within me. My inside grew outward. It was the only true power I have ever felt.
STE probable NDE due to poisoning.  Very long commentary.

3718.  Tina G NDE  7/15/14 I had peace that my body felt nothing could describe it. Never needing to take a breath, never feeling any pain, only feeling peace and only feeling joy, better than the best day ever. I could never explain how this felt. On the right a happy joyous occasion Sofie graduating throwing her hat in the air Johnny hugging the whole family. The children are well on their way to a successful life. Corey and I held hands tight we were so happy. The pain, it was agonizing I took a breath in it could not breath out. I felt as if someone had hit me with 100 sledgehammers. This is how I would live for a period of time, I would have to heal for period of years but, I would know my purpose.
NDE due to aneurysm rupture.  Remarkable simultaneous future visions of the consequences of returning to life or not.

3717.  Bella J NDE  7/15/14   I remember the air being forced from me due to the impact. Immediately I was without a body; the best way to describe the experience is I knew who I was however I did not feel pain nor was I afraid.  I was surrounded by a tremendous white light. I felt unbelievable peace, love, harmony, goodness.  I knew I was floating, that I did not have a body; I sensed goodness around me then senses a question asking if I was ready to die. I knew I was conflicted - instantaneously I saw my grave with my two little children crying standing apart from my husband, their dad. I sensed I could not leave my children; I saw the lake water parting as I was pushed to the surface of the lake.
Exceptional NDE due to being hit by ski boat.

3716.  Sandra A NDE  7/15/14 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I found myself above the table. An intense light; I heard everything that was said; I witnessed my own resuscitation. I saw my body bouncing with the electric shocks.
NDE after giving birth.

3715.  C C Possible NDE  7/5/14  From Canada.  I fell down a tunnel at a high speed, tried to get a grip at the walls of the tunnel but someone always pushed my hands off and I kept on falling. That was not so nice, but suddenly I rose into a bright, white light, all was warm and I felt a deep love, indescribable, and I felt a presence and I felt a bit of shame because of this presence. I was about to see hair, I saw and outline of it, that presence was very close, but then I woke up with a nurse watching over me… I had a nurse at my bedside 24 hours.
Possible NDE during general anesthesia. Shared 42 years later.

3714.  Sandy A Probable NDE  7/5/14  I asked without speaking what we were doing there. The presence said it was time for my review. I immediately felt ashamed because I knew I hadn't done my best. Suddenly I made clear I wasn't ready, but the door still opened. I saw a desk and books or scrolls, and a huge screen. The screen turned bright, so bright my earthly eyes would not be able to stand it. I knew I didn't have to be ashamed. It was a learning experience, but all of a sudden I heard a LOUD bang and woke up.
Probable NDE due to criminal attack.

3713.  Jeremiah J NDE  7/5/14   There is zero ego to Michael and his caring is deep. Apparently I could help him with one or more of his duties. I wondered about God and he told me that God is all around us, in us, and everything. God Is. (This communication is all telepathic at this point but his use of "God Is" was clearly demonstrative in nature) He will take me to be presented to him. Quick aside here, this really confused me when I later returned. How could God be everywhere and yet I be "presented to him"? This took some working out for me even though the answer was clear when I was there.
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

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