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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

4187.  Maria P NDE  7/23/2016.  NDE 8055.  From Greece.  There was light, breathtaking, magnificent, absolutely beautiful light everywhere. Light I have never experienced before and it was endless. Words cannot describe. It was Intelligent. The light was communicating with me. I felt perfection,Bliss, Love, Love, Love, (again words cannot describe.) I was so HAPPY (again cannot describe with words) so Happy I did not want to leave.  
NDE due to loss of consciousness from uncertain cause.

4186.  Cathy A NDE  7/23/2016.  NDE 8054.    Then I felt myself over the pool in a way that was odd. I was over my body and about 5 feet above the water. I felt a light breeze. I felt fully as myself. I was at peace, not really understanding or caring about what was happening below the water. Then, I saw and heard a red-headed teenaged boy yell, 'Hey!' as he dove under the water. I knew that this shout was about me.   
NDE due to drowning at 5-6.  Shared about 52 years later.

4185.  June W Possible NDE  7/21/2016.  Possible NDE 8052.  From Ireland  I imagine fairly quickly after that was when I saw white light but was not aware of any sound or staff taking him out of the room.  He was able to tell me that as soon as I said I was going my arm and leg fell off trolley and my eyes were fixed open… Bright light (tunnel shaped)but not in a defined tunnel structure.  
Possible NDE due to blood loss after hysterectomy.

4184.  Jaime NDE  7/20/2016.  NDE 8051.   While unconscious, it was both, dark but not dark. There was no tunnel or light. I did hear female voices asking if it was time to take me. I lay there in complete comfort and peace waiting for the answer.   
NDE due to head injury from fall at age 15.

4183.  Brenda C NDE  7/20/2016.  NDE 8050.   The white light of the pure pain caused my soul to step sideways outside of my body.  I was in the brightest light that felt like I was in a room made out of light. I felt a male presence behind me. I knew that my baby would be fine.  But, I had to choose if I wanted to stay in the light or go back. I looked down and saw my husband in the future without me. It would be very hard for him to lose me and have to raise this child alone. I saw my mother trying to get custody of my son and blaming my husband for my death. I sighed.  I didn't want to leave the light, but I couldn't leave my husband with that burden.   
NDE due to seizure and stroke around time of delivery.

4182.  Les T Probable NDE  7/19/2016.  Probable NDE 8047.  I sensed that I was in a black void, probably confined in a large clear tunnel, moving very slowly along as one would in outerspace weightlessness. I sensed there were others along with me in some sense, but did not see or communicate with them. At the extreme end of the tunnel, or far down the tunnel, was an extremely bright light. I felt like I was moving toward it. It was like the light of a train, maybe from miles away. I felt drawn toward it and wanted to go to the light.  
Probable NDE at time of dental surgery.

4181.  Bub D NDE  7/13/2016.  NDE 8046.    There were all these beings, whom I didn't know but yet I could feel so much LOVE. There seemed to be one main person who was standing there waiting for me. I didn't know him, but yet wanted to jump in his arms because I could feel so much LOVE. Then I saw the beautiful place behind him. There are no words to explain. As I was almost totally in that beautiful place with all those beings, I realized I couldn't hear my Dad's voice anymore.   
NDE at age 8 due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4180.  Margarita C NDE  7/13/2016.  NDE 8044.  From Peru.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  The light was as if one was in a womb or a space which didn't have a horizon. I was part of this light, that was love and knowledge. It was like everything was there inside it.  
NDE from car accident.

4179.  Chris H NDE  7/10/2016.  NDE 8041.  The next thing I knew he was there holding me and telling me everything was alright. I was amazed that he looked about 25 years old. Then I realized I could breathe and wasn't in the parking lot anymore. There were other people around and they, like my father, were all young. I knew these were all people who knew and loved me in life but had moved on. Then my dad said he wanted me to meet someone. He introduced a man named David to me. I don't know how I knew, but he was king David from the Bible.   
NDE from a criminal attack.

4178.   Lucie F Possible NDE  7/8/2016.  Possible NDE 8040.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  But this light was alive and in fact, it marked me. It was unconditional love. It was as if I also was this light, like a soulmate. It was an energy like myself, but more dissipated and it diffused everywhere. I could spend hours to describe it, to look for the right words. I often think about it. It is like a love that you cannot forget. It didn't say anything. It came close and illuminated me as we watched each other.  
Definitely an OBE but could be a possible NDE.

4177.  Pedro Z NDE  7/8/2016.  NDE 8039.  From Chile  Then, I was standing on a wheat field. It was daytime, cloudy, and the wind was blowing strong. There were no sounds. I felt the wheat moving and touching my body. I felt the wind in my body. I heard no sounds. I was not feeling anything else but I was standing in total and absolute peace. I was watching the field, looking at the sky, and seeing wheat moving. I was not waiting for anything, just observing the landscape. I didn't walk forward or back.  
NDE due to drowning.

4176.  Renata W NDE  7/8/2016.  NDE 7996.  From the Czech Republic.  Original in Czech, translated to English by Sister Eva.  The odd thing is that I saw the limp body, the dead body but also the soul, when I was looking over my feet, downward. I was fascinated by everything around my dead body. I still did not understand. I thought that the soul was a clear glass, but it was not.  
NDE from cardiac arrest.

4175.  Bonnie M NDE  7/4/2016.  NDE 8037.    I fell to the ground and instantly I discovered I was out of my body, up in the treetops, looking down at the neighbors' mother who was leaning over my fallen body trying to bring me back to consciousness.  It was delightful.  I remember thinking how great it felt to be out of the body, and the tops of the trees seemed like a friendly place to be.  It was completely familiar to be out of the body.  
NDE due to being hit in head with ball at age 9.

4174.   Diana H NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8034.    My next realization was that I was no longer frightened about not being able to breathe on my own. I was at peace and very aware of the steps the doctors and nurses were taking to save my life. I understood all the terms they were using and could comprehend that I was not alive as far as they were concerned. I became aware of is the state of each person's relationship with others in the room. There were suddenly no secrets and yet, there was no judgment on my part, but rather an unconditional love. I felt very much loved at this time and I wanted to extend that to the others in the room. But they could not hear me.  
NDE due to complication of pregnancy.

4173.  Debbie S Mother NDE  7/2/2016.  Second-Person NDE 8033.    While in surgery, she remembered lying in bed and suddenly seeing a bright light outside the window. In the yard were several cherubs dancing around a maypole. She said all the cherubs looked just like me. While that was going on outside the window, the Virgin Mary appeared in her room, and told my mother it was time to go with her. Mom to her that she couldn't go with her because 'Al and the kids need me'.   
Shared mother’s NDE that occurred during surgery for a brain tumor.

4172.  Beth P NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8032.    As the light got closer, I could see that it was a man walking towards me. Finally, after what seemed a long time, he arrived. He was wearing a brown robe and was floating in the air. He had brown hair, a beard and the most incredible eyes that I had ever seen. He smiled at me and I smiled back. Then he spoke to me, although we didn't speak with our voices. We spoke with our minds and that seemed absolutely normal. The man said, 'Are you ready to die?' Immediately, I said, 'No, I'm just a little girl. I haven't lived yet.'   
NDE due to severe pneumonia at age 10.

4171.  Tracy R NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8031.  Next thing I recall was it being very black. Slowly the edges of the darkness were filling up with light. It was a very bright white light. At first, it was silent. Then I started to hear someone calling my name. The light grew bigger and I could start making out three figures. Their arms were stretched out as if to embrace me. They were off in a distance at first, and were floating closer. I reached out to touch them, but I never made contact. They had no faces, no hands, and no feet.  
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4170.  Norman R NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8030.    I was angry. I didn't know where I was or why I was there. I recall exclaiming, 'Where the hell am I? What's going on?' Rather promptly, I was surrounded by people whose energy was quite loving and calming. They were telling me that everything was okay. At least one female in that group slightly to my right, was a bit shorter. Later I sensed a familial connection, even though I didn't recognize her. '  
Probable NDE following cardiac arrest.

4169.  Robert N NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8029.    I remember I was all of a sudden standing in a beautiful meadow. There was tall, waving grass and the most calming sunlight. It felt so very calm and peaceful. Ahead of me and about 30 yards away was a stand of trees. The trees were so thick and close together that I could not see into them. Then my paternal grandparents emerged from the trees, holding hands. They walked out and stood in front of me, closer to the trees than to me. My grandparents are both long deceased and I was VERY close to them when I was younger. They looked great; the same as I remember them when I was a child. They were nicely dressed, smiling and holding hands.   
NDE due to Legionnaires Disease.

4168.  Cobina C Possible NDE  7/1/2016.  Possible NDE 8027.    I then looked behind the bed and saw some monitoring machines, I wasn't scared, I remembered at that time I was not in pain, I was not hungry, I did not need to rely on breaths, I felt light and happy. I looked down and noticed I was not touching the floor, so at that moment I knew this was my chance to be free of the body that was in pain.  
Possible NDE following surgery.

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