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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

4129. Irene Z NDE   4/28/2016.  NDE 23112.  From Australia.   I was at the ceiling, looking down towards myself on the bed. The doctor and his two nurses were alongside the bed. I knew instantly that they were the medical team doing my procedure. I knew it was my body on the bed. The doctor and the staff were standing in what appeared to be a sea of black ink. The colors of their uniforms were outstandingly brilliant. I felt just wonderful, not frightened in any sense but was stunned at the brilliance of the colors I saw.  
NDE during angioplasty.

4128.  Rick I NDE  4/26/2016.  NDE 7963.    I then felt another presence of a person who had so much love. It was just amazing. I felt complete acceptance, Love, and Understanding. That was great; I know it was Jesus. What I felt after that was like nothing I could ever express. It was a overwhelming feeling of LOVE; just LOVE. I think it was the Man himself. I wanted to stay, but my Grandma, as corny as it sounds said, 'Ricky, you have things to do still.
NDE due to accident.

4127.  Bonita E NDE  4/26/2016.  NDE 7962.    I came through the portal and I was standing in a beautiful forest. A woman yelled a 'hello' to me and I responded enthusiastically. However, I found this amazing because I did not know her as far as I could tell. Then I thought, 'If I'm in heaven then I want to see Jesus.' Just then, two women passed by. I asked them where I could find Jesus.   
NDE encounter with Jesus due to cardiac arrest after delivery.

4126.  Deborah L NDE-Like  4/26/2016.  NDE-Like 7961.    My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.

4125.  Anabela Maria C NDE  4/25/2016.  NDE 7957.  From Portugal.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by Alexandra.  In that moment, I looked up at the blue sky and saw something like a lightning bolt; or rather a white light-beam coming from the sky. It looked like it entered through my head, and then I felt myself being fed directly by God. I felt literally that I was being filled with the love of God, being healed, being fulfilled with peace, happiness, joy, and life. I felt so loved by God and that was so wonderful that I have no words to describe the happiness I felt. I felt more alive and happier than I ever felt before.   
NDE from tree falling on her.

4124.  Sheila B NDE  4/25/2016.  NDE 7958.    I went unconscious, floated temporarily above my body, and saw the anesthesiologist rushing and calling for a surgeon. Then my vision was gone. Next, I was floating or swimming in soft, beautiful clouds and felt no pain. I was light with no gravity weighing me down. I'm not sure how to describe this but when I came to my destination, the music or sound was calming and wonderful and was not harsh noise. Upon arrival, I was escorted by my sister and we talked. Most of the conversation was that my sister was reminding me that my children needed me and that it was not my time to come here.   
NDE from ICU nurse due to bleeding after surgery.  Remarkable encounter with a patient she had cared for.

4123.  Mike R NDE  4/25/2016.  NDE 7959.  From Germany.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  I watched the situation as if I were standing a bit higher and beside the car. I saw the other cars passing my car, but I couldn't see myself. There was a short series of pictures and some talking going on. I don't remember what we talked about except that it was a very pleasant, warm voice. What remained was the moment in darkness. I was the only one there. The darkness was endless. I had the feeling and awareness of being dead. I remember thinking that dying happens so fast, that I need not having any fear of dying. After this I felt a lightness, love, happiness, contentment, security, and well-being that permeated throughout me.  
NDE from going unconscious.

4122.  Gabriela A NDE 4/17/2016.  NDE 7955.  From Ecuador.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  I saw myself floating through a type of misty tunnel with an intense white light at the end. I felt absolutely nothing; no fear, no happiness, no anxiety, nothing. I just floating like a piece of paper. Also while floating, I saw a green-colored tunic that the doctor was wearing. I saw myself wearing a blue cap. I had never seen the blue cap before because it had been moved to behind my head. While I went through the tunnel a series of hands tried to grab me without success. I kept advancing towards the light at the end of the tunnel. I was almost there when one of the hands dragged me back to my body.  
NDE during childbirth.

4121.  Jolie B NDE  4/17/2016.  NDE 7953.    Then everything went black. I was calm despite having a sudden realization that I was dead. Through the darkness, out popped a bright light. The light gave me so much hope and joy. I believe it was God comforting me. It was like he was letting me know that I wasn't alone and that it wasn't my time to die.  
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4120.  Bart R Probable NDE  4/17/2016.  Probable NDE 7952.    While I was thinking that this is a nice dream, I heard a male voice asking me, 'Would you like to return to your life on Earth?' It took we a while to figure out this was not a dream. I was on the edge of dying, or perhaps I had died, but this was a chance to go back. The voice repeated the same question. I had just seen my wife before I took off on my flight, and I didn't want to just disappear, or die when I hadn't said goodbye. That was very important to me, to have said goodbye to her. The third time the voice asked the same question, I said 'Yes!' Then almost instantly the vehicle disappeared.  
Probable NDE from airplane crash.

4119.  Michelle H NDE  4/17/2016.  NDE 7951.    I was enveloped in the lightest light imaginable but it was not the type of light that would hurt my eyes. I have migraines triggered by bright light sometimes, but it was an all-surrounding light. I felt the MOST LOVE and PEACEFUL feelings I have ever felt. I did not have much belief in God at the time; I was not raised with much religion but I knew it was God who was with me. I felt like I was without body. I was not in a space but I was space. I felt such a deep connection to the love and peace of God that I was love and peace.   
NDE due to criminal attack.

4118.  Larisa NDE  4/17/2016.  NDE 7940.  From Russia.  Original in Russian, translated to English by Jim.  After 'blacking out,' I suddenly awoke in a tunnel. The tunnel was rotating and was giving off a metallic clanking sound for each rotation. The walls of the tunnel were light gray, probably even a pearl color. It was divided into sections by round 'ribs' of a darker color. In the tunnel it was not dark, but at the end of the tunnel there was a round exit, beyond which a brighter white light could be seen. I didn’t float anywhere but stayed in place.   
NDE due to heart stopping during delivery while under general anesthesia.

4117.  Lisa S NDE  4/12/2016.  NDE 7945.    When she left me alone in the bathroom, I fell again, hitting the counter top with my arm and falling against the bathroom door causing it to slam shut and I was up against it where they couldn't get in.  Again, this is all from what I was told.  I don't remember any of that.  The next thing I remember, clear as day, was a bright light surrounding me.  It was bright from every direction. I saw the light, and heard a voice (couldn't tell you if it was male or female) and all it said was 'It's not your time'.  At that very second, a HUGE breath came back into my body, I gasped and found myself, head hanging down, in the corner of the bathroom, up against the door.  
NDE due to hypoglycemia.

4116.  Carol M Possible NDE  4/6/2016.  Possible NDE 7943.   First, it was a lot of light.  My whole family was standing on the stairs of a building that had Roman columns. I saw like I was outside their hemisphere. Next, I saw myself in my hospital bed except there were flowers and a white picket fence surrounding me with a priest standing over me. Then, I was in front of our church and was placed on an open flatbed truck. My feet were glued to to the truck and what I thought were angels were holding me.  
Possible NDE due to burst appendix.  She was in a coma for one week at age 11, so there could be components of NDE mixed with possible ICU psychosis.  Shared 54 years later.

4115.  Myriam M NDE  4/6/2016.  NDE 7942.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I felt my body sliding towards an intense light that I never saw before, white  and of all rainbow colors at the same time, a beneficial light. I was also sliding towards a source of happiness, of intense love, such as I never had been feeling.  I felt good, had no hurt anymore, my body was light as if I was floating, I was happy. I told myself that I should go there, let myself go towards this wonderful place, as if I deserved this, that I needed to let go.  
NDE from childbirth complications.

4114.   Uran P NDE  3/30/2016.  NDE 7902.  From Croatia.  Original in Croatian, translated to English by Maja P.  What I remember is next: I felt peace. There was darkness all around me. Somehow in that darkness, I've seen my body. Suddenly, I felt strong plunge ( with great speed through some overcast ). At once, I found myself surrounded with light which didn't blind me ( yellowish color). I felt uncomfortable through it, don't know how to express myself better.
NDE from an auto accident.

4113.   Flavio DA Probable NDE  3/28/2016.  Probable NDE 7926.  From Italy.  Original in Italian.  All was dark and the sensation of darkness was NOT the one my closed eyes were used to give with the neon lights above my face. It was an authentic ABSENCE OF COLOR. It was 'black' neither it felt like it was an 'absence of visual perception'. This lasted a second. Whereupon I felt I was something formless, something plunged into a fog whose color was that of nothingness, that colorless color I mentioned earlier. I felt brave but also a bit scared.
Probable NDE from passing out in the emergency room.

4112.  Carla WB NDE-Like  3/28/2016.  NDE-Like 7931.    Suddenly there was no time. And I felt myself looking out my door into a golden room. I mean it was bright gold and it was beautiful. There were rays of gold streaming through, and there were people covered in gold talking, laughing at a desk. I watched them and felt happy. there was a blond haired young woman behind the desk, a man dressed in jeans and , with another man dressed in trousers like my grandfathers. They were all covered in gold. Along with this, there was a brighter color of gold to the right of the desk. At the same time I could also see the two young nurses in my room. As they chatted I just kept watching the golden endless light outside the room.   
NDE-like experience during hospitalization for hypercalcemia.

4111.  Paul D NDE  3/28/2016.  NDE 7930.  I got down on my knees to beg, 'Please, please let me in! Please!' I begged so hard that he half-reluctantly agreed to see if it was possible for me to stay. He said, 'Wait' and then he went to his left. Then I noticed that in the dark there were maybe 3, 4, or 5 other light figures some 10 to 15 meters diagonally from us. He went to them. I could not hear any sound but could see them arguing, moving their arms in wide gestures, trying to convince each other. After some 10 seconds the arms came down. They were still talking but I could feel some form of agreement had been reached. Five seconds later, he came back and said, 'I'm really sorry, it is not possible. It is just not your time. Some people still depend of you on Earth.' I started to plead again but before I could finish my first word, I was *poof* gone from there.   
NDE due to roller skating accident at age 10.

4110.  Michelle B NDE 3/28/2016.  NDE 7927.    I began to be almost sucked into a dark tunnel. I was afraid, but then I saw the light. The light warmed me from the inside out. I felt intense love wash over me. I forgot about the water, swimming, and the humid air. Then a hand came down through the center of a Godly light and I was suddenly aware of my situation.   
NDE at age 12-13 due to drowning.

4109.   Susan D Probable NDE  3/28/2016.  Probable NDE 7938.    I then heard God say telepathically that I had to go back because I had work to do which was to lead my mother to salvation and to help her. I knew without a shadow of doubt that's what I had to do and never questioned it. The music was extremely loud with so many different kinds of harmonies that I have never heard on Earth, and yet it wasn't disturbing. It all made sense and came together beautifully. It seemed to me that when I was in spirit form that it never sounds too loud, only peaceful and very joyful.  
Probable NDE at age 4 due to apparent febrile illness.

4108.  Sharon D NDE 3/28/2016.  NDE 7936.    I started to search for something and found myself at the warehouse where my husband had worked for over 10 years. Now I was on a mission. I saw a door with an EXIT sign and was feeling that what I wanted was on the other side of that door. As I reached to push the door open, I heard my daughter calling me from behind. She was yelling 'MOM! MOM! Just as I started to turn towards her voice, I was slammed back into my body.   
NDE due to stay in the intensive care unit after a surgical procedure.

4107.  Sharon M NDE  3/17/2016.  NDE 7925.    For me, all He did was love me throughout the review of my life. Not a word was said, and it was over in a blink of an eye. It was after the life review that I heard a male voice say, 'What you put out into the universe will come back to you'. As I stood there in the garden, I noticed once again, how beautiful and brilliant the colors of the flowers, the trees and the grass were. The reds were redder, the pinks more pink, and yellows more yellow. The colors were so much more vibrant than any colors I had ever seen. The air was sweetly fragrant. It was so clean and clear. The grass felt cool to the touch, like on a beautiful spring day. There were birds singing in the trees, and I saw a stream where the water glistened like diamonds in the sun as it flowed over the rocks. I heard music, which was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard before. It was then that I noticed everything had its own pitch or sound. The trees had a sound, the leaves on the trees had their own sound, the grass had a sound, the rocks had their own sound, the water had yet another sound, and so on; and, when you take all of those individual sounds and put them all together, it sounded like the most magnificent symphony and choir ever created, and what’s even more amazing, was, everything and everyone in Heaven was singing praises to God.  
Exceptional NDE where she met God and Jesus!  Remarkable in many ways.

4106.  Dale B NDE  3/17/2016.  NDE 7924.    I was aware that I was fine, actually better than fine. My first thought was that I felt no pain anywhere. I wondered how is this possible? I realized time was not time I was accustomed to. Rather, time seemed to encompass 'all time' is the only way I can explain it. I felt all that there is, was or ever would be. I was a part of it all, and still a singular entity. I felt I could be anywhere, anyplace, and at anytime I wanted. Knowledge was free and I was a part of it all. There was love in abundance. I felt no hate anywhere and no confusion. I felt only joy. I was not alone, but no one was with me. I was overjoyed.   
NDE due to heart attack.

4105.  Kasia B NDE  3/16/2016.  NDE 7923.  I was standing about 25 feet from this scene with my dad shaking me while I was upside down. My mother was standing next to him and screaming. My younger sister was standing close by but not understanding what was happening. I remember looking at this scene with great wonder. I was thinking, 'What are they doing and why am I over there and here too?' I was very confused but not afraid at all. Then I saw black behind me with two shadowy figures, not threatening at all but I didn't understand this at age 5 years old. I was a very nervous little girl but I wasn't afraid of this at all. I was very calm.   
NDE due to choking at age 5.  Shared 62 years later.

4104.  Mary M NDE  3/13/2016.  NDE 7922.  From Canada  I remember floating above my hospital bed as the nurses tried to wake me up. While floating over the bed, I saw a tunnel and a light. I heard a non-auditory voice telling me I had to choose between life or going to the light. I feel I was there for some time trying to make up my mind. The light was comforting, full of unconditional love and peace. I'd look down and see the IV hook-up. I heard the nurses talking about 'ICU' and knew without ever having heard the term before that it meant Intensive Care Unit. I made the choice to stay in this life.   
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 15.

4103.   Lawrance B NDE  3/8/2016.  NDE 7919.    No matter which way I turned, there was light. But there was a direction where the light was more intense; not brighter, per se, just more intense. I got a feeling in my chest that someone was trying to talk to me and I spent some time trying to figure out how to communicate with whatever it was. I couldn't speak like normal, and simple thought wasn't helping. Somehow I was able to project my thoughts toward the light, and thus began our communication. Please bear in mind that using words to describe this communication is inadequate, but I'll give it a go. The light wanted to know if I was ready. It didn't ask me, I simply sensed what it wanted to convey. I knew that 'ready' meant ready to move on. I felt a yearning to say goodbye to my children, and the light emanated patience. I was instantly transported to a void.   
NDE due to heat stroke.

4102.   Jonathan J NDE  3/8/2016.  NDE 7918.    Next thing I remember was that I was in a very different place. I remember seeing a lot of unearthly yellow. There were lots of Beings frantically flying about. I heard loud singing or a loud chorus. I would not call it musical exactly. It was the sounds that these beings were making. It seemed as if they weren't focused on me but were very busy with something else of an urgent nature. It was bizarre and chaotic. I remember trying to think or telepathically communicate to them that I needed help 'getting up' so that I could return to my body. I felt as if I could not get up on my own and desperately needed help getting up. The desire to be raised back up to my body, was more an instinctive feeling than anything else. I didn't see my body, but knew I was not in the right place to regain consciousness.   
Atypical NDE at age 9 due to bicycle accident.

4101.  Victor B Possible NDE  3/6/2016.  NDE 7914. From Hungary.  Original in Hungarian, translated to English by Gábor.    When I was 4, and then I was lying on the operating table and the well-known scene from my dreams started happening and I was moving away from the world. I saw myself lying on table and I also saw that the doctors started to rush. I drifted further and further away from everything. After the first fright it wasn’t a dreadful experience at all. Finally I have arrived to a bright, white place. Looked like as if I was in clouds. There was silence, peace and it seemed like time ceased to exist.    
This is a possible NDE since it happened as a child but not remembered until therapy as an adult.

4100.  Vanessa A NDE  3/5/2016.  NDE 7916. From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.    In the same environment but blurred, I went away from my forehead. I was a white vaporous silhouette, well defined, and fluid. It seemed female but there was no detail, and no face or clothes. I had the feeling that it was 'me' who was leaving my body. I felt well, but at the same time I was scared of dying and leaving my life, my family, my friends. I did everything to recapture this silhouette so that it wouldn't go completely away from my body. I managed to do it and came back towards my forehead.    
NDE from drug overdose.

4099.  Alicia A NDE  3/5/2016.  NDE 7917.    There were thousands of energies with me and we were all watching the earth turn itself inside out. It looked like a black hole does, but was red like flowing lava. There was one larger energy with us, I can not say this was God, as I didn't ask the energy's name. But as I witnessed the earth, I looked around and asked, 'Where is my family?' The large energy said, 'Who is here is who is meant to be here.' The fear and panic I was feeling immediately went away and I felt very calm. Then I asked, 'Why is this happening?' Again, the larger energy replied, 'This is what has to be done.'   
NDE due to sepsis.

4098.  Manuel F Probable NDE  3/5/2016.  Probable NDE 7915.  From Chile.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  Then a Being who was like a shadow twice my height, took me by the hand. It guided me through a dark desert, like an enormous field with hills but it very dark. It was as if I was the only one who shone with blue light. I saw people there that I don't know. There was no fear, just tranquility and this Being who took me from this place to another, I understood that I shouldn't be there. I don't know how much time passed.   
Probable NDE due to fall landing on head at age 15. 

4097.  Debbie NDE  3/3/2016.  NDE 7913.    The guides had two books with them for me to read. The first book was about my life. I could flick through the pages and look at different events and they helped me to judge if they were good or bad. Good decisions were celebrated by the people on the other side of the bridge. The pages were more like films and I could see how my decisions affected everyone around me. I was shocked to find out that a day I had worked really hard at the hospice and done my best to help everyone, yet this was celebrated the least by my guides. The day I helped a spider out of the door was celebrated because I had done it with a feeling of real empathy for the spider despite being afraid of spiders. There was no reward from people knowing what I had done. The message was do everything with love, which is much tougher than I thought.   
NDE due to suffocation.

3398. Anthony M NDEs  7/28/13 From Australia.   Then I heard a male voice speaking. This voice was absolutely clear and seemed to reverberate as though I were in a sound box. Even though the voice was not speaking to me, I understood what was being said and that the information involved me. This voice was not to my left or right, it was within me. The communication was telepathic. The voice said, 'We do not want him here yet. Send him back.'
Two NDEs, one as a child and one as an adult.

4096.  Andreas Probable NDE  2/21/2016.  Probable NDE 7912.  From Germany  After nothingness, I realized that I was aware of myself. I could see my body below me. I thought 'Oh that's me! Ha-ha that's funny.' While I was up there levitating, I felt a great inner peace and calmness. I had no worries, just nothing. At some point, I remember saying to myself, 'Hey I know this feeling, it feels like home'. And I knew that if I turned to see above me I would see more of everything. But I decided not to look up and concentrate on the problem. I was facing downwards where my body was. I started questioning things and I tried to receive answers by observing how things were. After having seen my body, I questioned, 'How can it be?' I tried to look at my current me but I couldn't find anything. I had no body. I was nothing, yet I was conscious. I asked, 'How can I see if I have no eyes? Where are my eyes and my brain, that allow me to see? This can't be. This does not comply with what I have learned how things work. This can not be. What about the laws of physics doesn't this break the laws?' Then I observed and I realized the answer.   
Probable NDE due to altered consciousness following ingestion of drug.

4095.  Kylie A NDE  2/20/2016.  NDE 7910.  From Australia  It was a clean, white corridor and it seemed to go on for a long time and around corners. We talked and she assured me that I should not be scared. We came to the end of the corridor and there was a door. She asked me 'Are you ready?' I said, 'Yes.' I saw both of my maternal and paternal deceased grandfathers. There was another man there who, I didn't know. My paternal grandfather said, 'That's Margaret's father,' meaning it was my great-grandfather who was my paternal grandmother's father. (I later found out that he was a great, kind man). I was thrilled to see these ancestors and not scared at all.   
NDE due to complication of spinal anesthetic during caesarian section delivery.

4094.  Shabs NDEs  2/15/2016.  NDEs 7906.  Non-Western NDE from the UAE  The next second, what I sensed was that I was passing through a black, hollow tube at tremendous speed. I did not feel my body. I was scared. It was so thick and dark. Somehow, I regained consciousness and saw my mother and doctor by my bed.   
NDEs from fainting starting at age 10.  Contributor is a Muslim in United Arab Emirates.

4093.  Rachel S NDE  2/15/2016.  NDE 7903.  From the United Kingdom  Then the pain stopped completely and I was above both of us looking down. I remember seeing the kidney shaped medical tray and scissors on top of the wall cupboard. I didn't go through a tunnel, I just remember that I had no body or sense of what I was anymore. I was 'feeling' a sort of decision-making crossroads, thinking, 'I can't die now because my husband needs me.' I'd only been married for two months at that point. I wasn't at all scared and I heard no voices. I didn't see anyone. I only had this sense of what would happen next was within my control. .  
NDE due to ruptured ectopic pregnancy.

4092.  Helen C NDE  2/15/2016.  NDE 7901.    My next recollection is standing in the room next to a leather sofa at the far end of that room. My partner is beside me and all my hospital belongings are on the sofa. I recall thinking how funny it was to see a leather sofa in a hospital, what a lot of bags we had, and then looking over at myself in the bed with a drip hung beside me. I think that deep down I must have known I was viewing myself but I was not that body on the bed. The conscious me stood across the long room looking across to the bed and the body.  
Out of body viewing of body following emergency caesarian section delivery.

4091.  Donna C NDE  2/2/2016.  NDE 7896.  From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  I didn't know what had happened to me. I saw myself floating in a white tunnel of light. I had white clothing and was barefoot. I felt a tremendous peace; something very beautiful in my heart. I didn't think I had died. I only felt peace and love. From afar, I heard my mother's voice. Suddenly, I felt something change in my heart. I heard her cry and it made me feel pain and sorrow to hear her. I said to myself that I needed to return.  
NDE from fainting.

4090.  Sonia S Probable NDE  1/31/2016.  Probable NDE 7895.    I remember going through a tunnel with lights. The tunnel brought me to a place with a huge screen and many people waiting for, what it seemed to me, a movie that was about to start. As I look at the huge crowd of people I notice that I know them all or they seem familiar. The light on the screen turn on and there I am as a child about 10 years old. I'm walking into a department store with a friend. We end up stealing a hat and, OMG, that was shown to everyone there. When I looked at the crowd, that friend and the cops involved as I got caught were all there watching the movie too. I was saying in my mind, 'What is this? Where am I?' The screen kept showing scenes one after another, to all of this crowd. The crowd ended up being everyone who was a part of my life or who I've ever met. The screen kept showing all my sins I've ever done from my teenage years until I was age 33. I was so embarrassed. Those were the secrets I thought no one would ever know, yet it was shown to all those that I ever knew. I felt humiliated, embarrassed and it did not stop until I said, 'I am sorry. I repent for all sins I have ever committed.'  
Probable NDE due to West Nile virus infection and induced coma.

4089.  Matt Mc Possible NDE  1/31/2016.  Possible NDE 7894.  From the United Kingdom.  I passed into the vacuum of a black hole. Then, I'm was in a universal space and had a few balls of energy, that were entities, around me. I noticed a big wheel beside me . The wheel had an electric blue thread spinning a web going towards the earth. I had a strong sense this was somehow cleaning up bad energy. I found myself begging to return to my body and saying I wasn't ready to die. There was a light of heavenly nature giving me a sense it wanted me to go into the light almost asking me to 'come up here with us.' I refused and explained that I have two young children who would miss me. The next thing I know is I've gone back into my body but my head was still a black hole vacuum. I was terrified and it seemed to last ages until my mind awoke back in my body. 
Possible NDE due to difficulty breathing.

4076.  Cheryl G NDEs  1/10/2016 & 1/31/16.  NDE 7873/7893.    I looked up and saw the light above from beneath the rippling water. It made a beautiful, asymmetrical pattern above, as all the waves collided overhead. At first I was looking at the light on the bathroom ceiling, but it shifted into an endless expanse of the most comforting and soothing, beautiful light. The light was both, warm and cool, at the same time. In the same way that the light engulfed me, so did the most sublime and serene sense of love and peace envelope me. There was no longer any beginning and any ending. It was as if all of time, it was all, exactly now. I gained the infinite knowledge that absolutely nothing is impossible. I was brought back from that place just as unexpectedly and I had arrived there.   
NDE due to drowning at age 3 and a recent NDE.

4088.  Francine B NDE  1/30/2016.  NDE 7892.    Next, I was in a Hell and was flat on my back with bars pressing down on me. I could hear the cries of other souls and their anguish. An evil presence questioned me for what seemed like an eternity. It wanted to know what I believed spiritually and who I worshipped. I was very afraid a first but became defiant and challenged their right to keep me. I told them I did believe in Jesus and I didn't think he would hurt me. Then I was suddenly out of hell.   
NDE due to overdose of illicit drugs.  This is one of the few hellish NDEs submitted to NDERF.

4087.   Anna BZ NDE  1/28/2016.  NDE 7889.  From Poland.  Original in Polish, translated to English by Kasia.  At the end of the table, I see my mother sitting, who died when she was 88 years old, except now she looks like she is 40 years old. She wears a dress that I know to be dark blue in reality, but this dress was white with red roses. A woman stands up and walks up to me, but she walks dreamlike, as if she doesn’t see me. Suddenly she returns. From above, through the opening in the ceiling, I saw a great brightness like a beam of non-blinding white light. I kept saying repeatedly the whole time, 'My God, where am I?'   
Physician NDE from surgery complications.

4086.  Steven L NDE  1/22/2016.  NDE 7890.    Next thing I know, it’s like Star Trek in a warp speed kind of thing. I was literally flown, maybe flown is not a good word. I was transported fast into the light. I went into this room that had no dimensions but had a 360 degree movie screen around me. These light bodies came up to me. This one light body came up to me and looked at me and asked me one question 4 times. Throughout this whole entire time I am watching my whole entire life review going on all around me.   
NDE due to car accident.

4085.  Joan K NDE  1/21/2016.  NDE 7888.    I was above everything. The first thing I noticed was an amazing feeling of peace. like I've never experienced. All fear, anger, sadness, and negative emotions were gone. I felt amazing. I could see myself and the doctors, nurses, and medical staff. But they were only an observation. I had no feeling or judgment of them, they just were and I just was. Then I looked at myself and I was light. I had the shape of a person but was only made up of a yellow light. I wasn't scared, just maybe curious. Then I felt I had to go somewhere else, so I began to fly away and upwards.   
NDE due to respiratory arrest during general anesthesia surgery.

4084.  Susan M NDE  1/21/2016.  NDE 7887.    I saw the team enter and surround a person lying next to me, at least that was what I thought at the time. It never dawned on me that the other person was me. I was very, very calm. But I felt bad for the lady (me) as the code blue team struggled to get her heart to start again. I saw 'me' being intubated with chest compressions and the rotation of the team to revive me. I also saw my catheterization and everything else around me. When my heart started to beat on its own 45 minutes later, I was pulled back into my own body.  
NDE with cardiac arrest due to allergic reaction.

4083.  Sonya N NDE  1/19/2016.  NDE 7885.    Jesus spoke to me. It sounded like a loud, clear voice behind me. But the light was all around me. Jesus uses very few words. He is very loving and very kind. I knew that He was angry with me. I knew and understood why. He said: 'It is ok if you want to die now or you can choose to live.' It felt like we had a long conversation, but it must have been only a split second.   
NDE due to criminal attack. 

4082.  Brigitte B NDE  1/18/2016.  NDE 7883.  From Italy.  Original in Italian.  I felt my shoulders seized by an indescribable force. It was as if I were being pushed into a tunnel of stars. I was going so fast that the stars were dashing by me at light speed. Then suddenly, everything stood still. I found myself hovering in one place that was in the most absolute and dense darkness. I remember I was vainly struggling to discern something. I noticed I could see 360° in all directions at once. I remember this feeling of waiting, as if something or somebody was to arrive. I had the feeling that there was something else after that standstill. Slowly, the thick and unfathomable darkness turned into a warm and comfy gray color. I begun to realize that I wasn't afraid.   
NDE due to strangulation at age 14.

4081.  Murielle T NDE  1/15/2016.  NDE 7879.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Then the hall was plunged into darkness. I felt surrounded by people that I couldn't really see, but whose slim silhouettes and blue skin, I could distinguish. I still had this sensation of well-being. The screen illuminated and I saw my life passing by. But the life review was not the most interesting thing. It was the scenes concerning the earth that I found most interesting. I saw our earth, or rather scenes that happened on several places on earth. I was in a rage; complaining about unfairness that made poor people starve, while others were cosseted without scruples. This was contrary to my earthly beliefs. At the time I was a communist and strongly believed in class struggle.   
NDE from retired college professor who was an atheist prior to the experience.

4080.  Ron J Possible NDE  1/14/2016.  Possible NDE 7881.    When I was born, I was not breathing due to a lack of amniotic fluid in my mother.  I died shortly after I was born. Of course, this has all been told to me as I do not remember being born.  But I do remember what it was like to be dead.  
Possible NDE occurring at birth.

4079.  Dr. Rick U NDE  1/13/2016.  NDE 7880.    I found myself climbing up a beautiful, green grassy hill under a brilliant golden blue sky that opened onto an ancient village.  The village had hundreds to thousands of people doing different jobs like teaching, caring for animals, caring for children, preaching, cleaning and many other common jobs. I died five distinct and different times and felt a deep sense of loss from leaving this place.  
Neuroscientist had a heart attack and was defibrillated five times.

4078.  Murray S Probable NDE  1/13/2016.  Secondhand Probable NDE 7878.    During the night I awakened, arose, and went into the hall. The nurse was not at the desk. I assumed that she was taking care of someone else on the floor. I continued on down the hall. About half way down the length of the hall, I came to a set of automatically-opening sliding doors which led into a long dark tunnel, with bright white light coming in at the far end. Although I didn't know where I was going, I felt that was where I was supposed to go. The feeling of happiness and love was overwhelming.  
Probable NDE that is a second-person account because the person who had this experience is now deceased.  Shared by great nephew.

4077.  Jamie L Probable NDE  1/11/2016.  Probable NDE 7876.  From Spain.   I was in my friend's kitchen and my spirit jumped out of my body in an upwards motion. I ended up becoming a blue orb or an energy ball that was electric-blue in color. There was a buzzing sensation or a humming, almost exactly like what the Buddhist monks chant when they chant OM or AUM, which is the sound of God to them.   
Probable NDE due to apparent sudden lack of consciousness of unknown cause.

4076.  Cheryl G NDEs  1/10/2016 & 1/31/16.  NDE 7873/7893.    I looked up and saw the light above from beneath the rippling water. It made a beautiful, asymmetrical pattern above, as all the waves collided overhead. At first I was looking at the light on the bathroom ceiling, but it shifted into an endless expanse of the most comforting and soothing, beautiful light. The light was both, warm and cool, at the same time. In the same way that the light engulfed me, so did the most sublime and serene sense of love and peace envelope me. There was no longer any beginning and any ending. It was as if all of time, it was all, exactly now. I gained the infinite knowledge that absolutely nothing is impossible. I was brought back from that place just as unexpectedly and I had arrived there.   
NDE due to drowning at age 3 and a recent NDE.

4075.  Kathrine D Probable NDE  1/10/2016.  Probable NDE 7872.    He had brown hair that was a little longer then shoulder length and a brown beard that came just to the top of his collar bone. I noticed he wore a white robe with an almost Roman or Greek red sash draping one shoulder and across his chest. I could not focus on his face. Although the beard was clear, his face was not. His arms were out towards me, as if he was wondering why I was there and why was I taking my time? I was like he was asking if was what I was expecting. I was not sure which he meant because he never spoke. I remember I tilted my head to the side and smiled at him. Then I felt myself being pulled back. I saw him act frantic, almost trying to reach a hand out to grab me, but he missed. As I was being pulled backwards, I saw him 'throw' a stack of color at me like a Frisbee. I felt like images and information were being downloaded into my brain.   
While this could have been an anesthesia experience, the detail given could make it a NDE at the time of surgery.

4074.  Marisa D NDE  1/11/2016.  NDE 23080.    All of a sudden, I stopped hearing the doctors and nurses. I felt my body rising up to a translucent, bright light that had no color. A male voice spoke as my body floated. He said, 'It's not your time yet. You have a son to raise. Have no fear, you are not alone.'   
NDE at time of childbirth and another experience was a SOBE.

3337. Robert N NDEs    1/5/2016 and 5/5/13.  NDEs 6712/7869.    There is no anger in heaven, there is no hate, there is no violence but that does not mean there are no misunderstandings. Does that mean that that particular soul does not want to see you or talk to you? No, not at all, you can have the opportunity to sit with that soul and other higher level Angels to find a solution to the challenges you two may have. You can discuss and ask questions about why they may have done certain things that affected you in a dramatic way. Perhaps there is an explanation we did not see on earth that would make sense now that we are in heaven again. This may sound strange but you must remember we are not perfect and we must grow our souls to become close to GOD and to achieve a high status in Heaven. We have lifetimes upon lifetimes to learn and to grow. Unfortunately there are times when we are not able to secure this meeting since the other soul has chosen to return to earth to relearn or learn a new task.  
Remarkable NDEs (3) due to cardiac arrest.

4073.  Josep C Probable NDE  12/28/2015.  Probable NDE 7866.  From Spain.  I was hovering over fields of green grass, then I was floating over smooth green hills.  They were beautiful and lush fields underneath a blue sky. I think there were some farm animals, but I do not clearly remember that. I do clearly remember the feelings of happiness, stillness, and fullness. Suddenly, I found myself passing through a tunnel of light and at the end of the tunnel, I saw the faces of the three medical assistants while I was reconnecting my body.   
Probable NDE due to apparent loss of consciousness during blood donation.

4072.  Cindy S NDE  12/26/2015.  NDE 7865.    The light was so white, it was blue. I arrived in a room where an unknown entity held me while I was shown a life review. This included the newspaper report of my death with even a clerical error of the location. I was then told that it was not my time yet because I had many life lessons to experience. I did not want to go back.   
NDE due to drowning at age 10.

4071.  Greg McC NDE  12/26/2015.  NDE 7864.    I felt myself floating into pitch blackness accompanied by an incredible feeling of peace and tranquility. It was the most serene and beautiful experience imaginable. I couldn't see anything in this darkness, yet I could feel an overwhelming peace and serenity. It was an amazingly beautiful experience. I don't know how long this lasted, but I didn't want it to stop. The next thing I recall was a very annoying jab in my right arm.   
NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.

4070.  Sherry B NDE   12/26/2015.  NDE 7863.    I head a women's voice say, 'You will not die'. I thought it was either my deceased mother or mother-in-law. As I went back into my body, I knew the voice I heard was the Virgin Mary, I call her Mother Mary.   
NDE due to car accident.

4069.  John R Probable NDE  12/19/2015.  NDE 7859.    I was very happy and in a relaxed state of mind, somewhat euphoric. It was like I was floating through dark matter, like a fog but not quite like that. I started experiencing a higher sense of awareness, like waking up from a dream but more like coming out of a stupor or blank stare. I was lying on a table made of stone that was light gray in color. But I'm not feeling my body. I only notice my body as I look around; by looking around I mean that it was definitely much wider and broad type of vision than normal. Before I looked around and saw the tables, I was so calm and at peace. I was relaxed, like all my worries, problems and everything was amazingly great. I was like nirvana or an enlightened state of mind. That quickly changed.
This is a probable NDE because it looks like it may have started as a NDE but could have changed to only a drug experience from heroin overdose. 

4068.   Vanna S NDE  12/15/2015.  NDE 23075.   I was above myself looking down as I was placed in the ambulance. I was flanked by two unknown presences who were supportive but didn't speak.  That is all I remember. I believe it was a sign for me to move forward toward healing and noble suffering and to find more healing.  
Briefly described NDE due to suicide attempt.

4067.   Oscar C NDE  12/15/2015.  NDE 7858.  I could see the bridge clearly. At the end of the bridge was an old wooden door and a tall male figure standing by it. He was dressed in what looked like a monk-type robe and hood. I could see that he had long brown hair that was just past his shoulders but I could not see his face. There was a very bright, pure, and beautiful light that I could see coming from underneath and from the sides that illuminated the door. I felt scared and confused on the bridge but I felt that I knew the figure and was anxious to get to him. I got to the end of the bridge and we talked.  
NDE due to auto accident at age 15.

4066.   Paul M NDE 12/15/2015.  NDE 7857.    Then once I accept I would die, it started to feel great.  At this point, the white light appeared.  I felt I was moving towards it and was feeling better the closer I got to the light. It was very strange, I saw no one but felt as if I were surrounded by untold numbers of benevolent entities.  I could feel their presence and all pleasant. The further I entered into the light, the more pleasant it got.  The light had an emotional overtone to it. I have NEVER felt anything that felt as real as this in my life; never have I felt so at peace.  
NDE due to drowning.

4065.  Philip S NDE  12/13/2015.  NDE 7855.    But then I was caught off guard, because this perfected royal figure was not there to see them. It came to within an inch of my face and smiled at me with the same concern a parent would have for their child after they been involved in an accident. I still couldn't see, hear, smell or taste, but my feelings returned. This royal figure just smiled and gently said something to the effect of, 'My child, why are you here? It is not your time to be here, I have to send you back!' This incredible figure sensed my concerns and added, 'Don't be afraid when you return back to Earth and make mistakes, just live your life the best way you can and try to show the unconditional love for the people you meet, the same way my subjects shown their unconditional love for you! Don't be afraid if people believe in me or not, just have faith that anyone you meet will be touched in some way or another from your experience and let me handle the difficult job of judging people if needed.' I felt this Royal figure gently pick me up and take me back to my body that seemed billions of light years away. The journey back was so much more peaceful as we headed back to earth.   
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Extraordinary understandings on time and location from NDE.

4064.  Judith D Probable NDE  12/11/2015.  Probable NDE 7854.   It isn't really possible now, after all these years, for me to say what order things happened in exactly.  I was hearing a loud voice or voices.  I could see some specific colors that were were jewel-tones of red and green.  I saw the hem of a gown, that had thick and very beautiful gold embroidery around the hem.  It looked to me, like the hem of a gown worn by an angel, or angels.  That was the only idea I had at the time as I was returning to life, or consciousness.  I could hear the sounds merge into the sounds of my parents coming into the kitchen and my father's voice calling me.   
Probable NDE due to faint at age 16.

4063.  Dave M NDE  12/11/2015.  NDE 7853.    I woke up and everything was very dark. I wasn't in any pain but felt very heavy.  My body looked different and shapeless. I felt as though I had slowly came out of my body.  I had this extreme feeling of heaviness; I wasn't scared, it was more of a pleasant feeling. Than a hand reached out to take mine so I reached out for it.  Then I fell into a pleasant dream-state that felt as though I had been sleeping for like a half hour.   
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Experience shared about two weeks after it occurred.

4062.  Alessio F FDE  12/9/2015.  FDE 7845.  From Italy. Original in Italian, translated to English.    After a few seconds, I found myself out of this dimension. I was no longer there. What I could 'see' was a canvas. But 'see' is a wrong term because it wasn't with my eyes. It was as if I were watching a television or watching in a movie hall. I saw a few meaningful scenes from my brief life were being showed. I remembered a birthday party. I cannot tell how long the life review lasted. Over there time did not exist, just like this world did not exist, and I was neither scared nor glad. I was watching my life movie without emotions, as if it were totally normal. I could hear no voices or else.   
Fear-death experience as a child.

4061.  Muriel N NDE  12/9/2015.  NDE 7852.  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Camille.    I was again transferred directly to the operating room where I decided to let go of a body that was painful to me. I felt myself pop out through the top of my head. I hovered over this body that I no longer wanted as I saw the medical team busy itself in silence. The light reappeared, I followed her but saw nothing. I heard again a question, 'What do you want ?' I chose to come back to my body   
One experience is a definite NDE and the other is a Probable NDE associated hemorrhaging.

4060.  Brian M Probable NDE  12/8/2015.  Probable NDE 7849.    I had a very keen sense of what was going on around me, my journey into heaven, and meeting up with my deceased father.  My father told me I had to go back. We both turned away from each other.    
Probable NDE associated with head and facial trauma.

4059.   Debra S NDE  12/8/2015.  NDE 7850.   The first thing I remember is being in a tunnel and looking out of a round window or opening.  I could see my husband holding me and telling me not to go, to stay, and to come back.  I didn't feel any pain.  I never turned around as I kept looking through this window.  I could see myself lying there.  I remember thinking that I needed to go back because I couldn't leave my husband.  I also remember thinking that I had to make sure that I could move my fingers and toes first to make sure I wasn't paralyzed.  When I could move them, I was instantly drawn back into my body.  
NDE due to head injury.  Shared about six weeks after NDE occurred.

4058.  Courtni T NDE  12/3/2015.  NDE 7848.  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  I quickly see a few things from my life. I feel the arrival of somebody behind me on the left. It is my deceased father. I communicate with him without words or any language except love. He is guiding me by making me understand that I have a choice. I can chose to live and to experience love on earth. I see the realization of the scenario of my death, the sadness of my loved ones, my friends returning to Paris without me, and the sorrow of my little sister. It's unbearable to me.
NDE from drowning during canoe ride.

4057.  Benjamin F NDEs  12/3/2015.  NDE 7847.  From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  While drowning at the age of 3 in Africa, the feelings of panic and pain of the lungs filling with water, was followed by a sensation of a pleasant void and being 'carried'. Immediately after this drowning, I felt the painful sensation of having to live, yet feeling lucky and 'chosen.'
Two NDEs from an atheist.

4056.  Winona A NDE  11/22/2015.  NDE 7841.  Next to me on my right side was a presence.  They were similar to the 'light beings' I had seen when I was three years old. But this time, the presence turned into a likeness of Jesus.  He stood next to me and looked in my eyes.  Then he touched/rubbed my right cheek.  I immediately was able to breath and was free of pain and fear. I was still with the perpetrator, on a table, but knew that nothing he could do could destroy this one-ness.  This connection with something so much larger than his abuse, hate, and lies.  The Jesus presence then asked me to 'see.' I saw myself in a shamanic journey that I had done what I was around 40 years old. I was standing in the midst of complete and total light.  The white light doesn't really come from anywhere and is bright but not at all bright.  It was all encompassing, fully surrounded me, and was completely loving. This light and love stayed with me briefly after the Jesus presence left.
NDE at time of criminal attack at age 17.

4055.  Sharon NDE  11/18/2015.  NDE 7839.    I then noticed a very soft, yet worn-looking, flow and fold of a light blue and gold robe. I could only see the legs of the person wearing the robe. I knew He was God. I wanted to see His face as I moved closer, but I did not. During my travel toward the light, I recall hearing gently softly-spoken words. I somehow knew that I needed to remember the words. I recall feeling slight frustration that I was having difficulty remembering the words, but after a while, I had 'memorized' them and recall feeling relieved. The words I was being 'told' were:  'Seek not to understand so that you may believe, but seek to believe so that you may understand.'  I then felt myself being pulled back and away from the light. I did not want to go and recall feeling sad. I tried to fight being pulling back. Yet, I continued moving backward.  
NDE due to pneumonia.  Shared by a nurse.  Experience shared less than a month after it occurred.

4054.   Lisa S Probable NDE  11/17/2015.  Probable NDE 7837.    Then a genderless voice asked me, 'Are you ready to go?' I said, 'Yes.' Then I went through a black tunnel. I was so calm and peaceful. It was dark but I felt very secure. It was as if I were with the Holy Ghost? My whole life flashed before my eyes like watching an old movie with reels except, it was crystal clear in color almost like triple HD. The voice said, 'It isn't your time yet.' My energy/soul/self was hurled back into my body.  
Probable NDE due to near drowning in bathtub.

4053.  Stéphanie B NDE  11/15/2015.  NDE 7836. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   Everything around is turning hazy, like cotton...what's happening? Come, come now...I have no fear. I feel less and less bad, pain is flying away at the same time as I do, going above this body that is hurting so much, that I don't want anymore. It is hurting me. I'm sinking into this well-being, the room is lighting up, changes's so very white but not blinding. I feel good, in peace, I don't hurt anymore...I'm thinking about my boys (without seeing their picture before my eyes)...good bye babies. No, my angels. Good bye my angels. I feel no sorrow at all to leave them, no fear to go where I don't know... I want to go there. I feel so good, so in peace.  
Possible NDE vs. anesthesia experience.

4052.  Marie S Possible NDE  11/14/2015.  NDE 7835. From France. Original in French, translated to English by Cassandra.   In the distance I saw a light, and I went back into the Light. I don’t remember having gone through a tunnel. The light was a very intensely bright, but not blinding, light. I could hear sublime music that sounded like love songs. I knew at that moment that I am not alone in the world. I felt an unconditional and infinite love. I had never felt so bathed in love and I had never felt anything like that since. I was immersed in this ocean of love and an inexpressible joy rose in my heart. There are not big enough words to explain my happiness. I felt completely understood, fulfilled, and loved just as I am. I was so far from the cares and worries of this earth!   
NDE from surgery complications.

4051.  Cristina NDE  11/14/2015.  NDE 7826. From Italy.  Original in Italian. The next thing I knew, I was in the midst of bright green hills below a blue sky. The colors were so vivid and bright that I have never seen anything like that in my life. I wasn't a person, but a spirit. I could not see my arms, legs, or other body parts. I felt other presences as light beside me. It was the most beautiful feeling I ever had. I wasn't afraid. I wasn't wondering where I was. I wasn't thinking that I am a Christian and just had surgery. I thought none of this. I only knew I was at peace, a feeling of eternal peace. I felt as if I had reached a peace that was more than I ever thought possible. It wasn't the end, but the beginning.  
NDE from surgery complications.

4050.  John B NDE  11/14/2015.  NDE 7834. Caution graphic violence.   Then, I do not know how to describe this. It is as if I were a glove, or a piece of clothing, that was being turned inside-out, or folding in on itself. It is uncomfortable. I fight it, but can only let go into it. I find myself in something that resembles a 'tunnel of clouds.' (I say 'myself,' but my sense of self is not very distinct from what is around me at this point). I am floating, moving toward the end of the tunnel. All around, there are flashes of light, like lightning in the clouds as I move through them. In front of me, I can now see and feel the presence of a 'being,' as I am moving toward it. I will call it the 'Light Being.' As I move toward the Being, it has the most amazing warmth and magnetism. I have a feeling of 'Yes, this is where I belong'. I am being drawn into this Light Being, as if I am to become a part of it. I feel completely relieved, I am finally at home, and I give in to it.  
NDE due to criminal attack.

4049.  Paul F Probable NDE  11/10/2015.  Probable NDE 7833.  The next thing I knew was that I was suspended in a vast black darkness.  I was terrified, heading towards a black mist. It was not a wet mist, but more like a black fog. At this point, I am watching these events from both inside my body as well as outside my body.  As I enter this fog, feet first on my back, the feeling begins to leave my body starting at my feet.  The feeling creeps towards my head. I am terrified as I am surrounded by vast darkness and black fog. I am screaming and crying, 'No! No! I do not want to go! Please God, I don't want to go there!' I have never been so terrified.  
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

4048.  Thomas A NDE  11/10/2015.  NDE 7832.  Next, I saw myself through the ceiling.  I began to spin toward a cityscape and popped out onto a large organic looking portico.  I saw a large crystalline, night time city view. I knew each of those light was one of my lifetimes. I immediately knew the secret of life and I recall saying to my self, 'Oh, that is so simple; I must remember this when I return.'  Two humanoid beings in white showed up and found it humorous that I was there.  
NDE due to dental anesthetic complication.

4047.  Latimer B Possible NDE  11/8/2015.  Possible NDE 7831.  From Australia  I noticed that my body was lying on the floor and I was standing on top of me. Then I entered a dark place where this green baboon approached me from the darkness. I knew instantly that this Being was Thoth. I had learned a little about Thoth in a philosophy class at university. Thoth was holding a set of gold scales. I don't recall if there was anything on the scales. My attention was then drawn to another Being in the room. He looked like one of those bird-headed Egyptian, humanoid figures. I later identified this Being as Osiris from looking at pictures in books.   
Possible NDE associated with apparent heroin overdose.  Very atypical content for usual NDEs.

4046.  Kenneth F NDE  11/7/2015.  NDE 23065.  From the United Kingdom. Ostensibly dead, I was now an artifact and not a person. Clean, I was wheeled into another room down the corridor. Here, I was put on a sort of giant set of weighing scales, used for cadavers. My torso was put onto a kind of bucket, with my head and limbs dangling over the side. From there, I was take to another smaller, dimly lit room where my body was placed onto a glass-topped table. After a little while, two people, students in white coats, came in and took serial photos of me, supine and prone and arranged in various positions. I was then put in the main morgue, stretched out on a large marble shelf. I was squeezed in with other dead bodies, some covered in sheets and others naked. There didn't seem to be much space, as I was laid over a couple of old men, both with grey-beards and obese; one completely bald and the other with a torso covered in tattoos - ugh!  
NDE due to clinical death during cardioversion to treat atrial fibrillation.  Remarkable account of trip to the morgue and subsequent return to life.

4045.  Rafael A FDE  10/31/2015.  NDE 7825. Originally from Peru.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.   I remember that everything snowed out in a white color, I wasn't there for a second, and for eternity. I remembered my lover, (now my wife), my family, my life, and I also thought about all my future plans, I saw them in a graphic way, as if come to life. I had never experienced this kind of revelation, about what I wanted to do or how I feel about my loved ones in reality.   
Fear-death experience at gunpoint.

4044.  Brenda L Probable NDE  10/28/2015.  Probable NDE 7824.    During that time what I saw and felt was amazing. I felt carefree, like I had no worries and nothing could harm me. I was surrounded by a bright, white light. Brighter than anything I have ever seen. All around me was white light, but it was concentrated and brighter right in front of me.   
Probable NDE due to complication of epidural anesthesia during caesarian section delivery.

4043.  Francisco AC Possible NDE  10/28/2015.  Possible NDE 7824.  From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.     When I got up, I turned around following an intense light of intense color. I was flooded with a mountain of pleasant memories; memories of the ones I love in my life passed before me. The light pushed me into a tunnel that also was of brilliant colored light, inviting me to go through. With some effort, I understood that behind the light was God. I understood that I had wasted so much of my life. With great effort, I decided to not go into the tunnel.   
This is a possible NDE because it is hard to tell if it is a NDE or an ICU experience.

4042.  Darcy L NDE  10/25/2015.  NDE 7815. From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I found myself in blackness, in a kind of tunnel without limits. And I advanced toward the tunnel while floating, I felt good, even very good. I was completely alone and all at once in the distance I saw a small white glow. As I advanced, the light became bigger. It was an opaque light, like cotton. Then I felt an immense happiness, a big joy and peace. While I intensely experienced this wonderful plenitude and as I was still pulled forward towards this light, a 'voice,' thought, or a spirit maybe my own, I don't know, said to me, ' It's not the moment.'   
Child NDE from peritonitis from appendicitis.

4041.  Sophia J NDE  10/25/2015.  NDE 7818.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.    I am quite shocked to see myself lying on my stomach. Then I was in front of my grandfather, who passed the year before. I feel good and I want to stay. But my grandfather tells me that I have to return and that everything will be okay. We were bathed in a kind of green halo. My grandfather is sitting on his tomb. I don't feel my body anymore. I refuse to go. It seems that time stopped.   
NDE from falling off a horse.

4040.   Brad N Possible NDE  12/30/2011.  Possible NDE 6135.    As the angel took me up out of my room and up towards the upper atmosphere it was talking to me the hole time and telling me things about the reasons as to why we live and learn on Earth to help us to evolve our spirit. The Angel told me that it was 'all a learning experience.WE moved on from there into heaven where I was taken to a Beautiful building that had a clear ceiling that you could see out to the heavens. I was introduced to family ancestors and people that I had met that had passed over. I was filled with love and joy that I can not describe when I was in there presence, It was like we could feel each others love and joy as though it was one energy. The angel gave me time with the past family and friends and then we moved into another part of the building to a room where I met two Very wise male figures who spoke to me about my life. I absolutely loved being in their Presence.  
Exceptional Possible NDE that is at the least a NDE-like STE.  Remarkable spiritual wisdom.  He submitted this in 2011 but was just diagnosed with sleep apnea, so it is possible that this could be a NDE.

4039.  Lisa S NDE  10/24/2015.  NDE 7817.    I don't know what happened in between but the next thing I see is my lifeless body on the surgical table surrounded by three surgeons. I saw my family in the surgery window crying. I'm not in my body but instead, I'm floating above everyone and I see this and can describe it without a doubt. The next thing that happens is a bright, white light appearing on the side of me. I see hands and they come out but I do not see a face. I see a beard but the face isn't there. I hear a man's voice come out of this, an angel. He tells me, 'Lisa, it's not your time to go. Look at your family, they need you. You have greater purpose in this lifetime and you will succeed in that purpose. You need to go back.' I don't remember if I spoke to the angel but I, indeed, went back to my body and my family and my life.   
NDE due to head injury at around age 5.

4038.  Tim B NDE  10/24/2015.  NDE 7816.    Then I was looking down on the truck. I could tell I was floating above shop light in the garage. I could see the hood and roof of the truck. Then I was some place else. It was all brown. I heard a voice say, 'Your kids can't lose their dog and their dad in the same week.' My dog had been hit by a car on the highway four days earlier. The next thing I knew, I was looking up at the underside of the truck.   
NDE due to truck rolling over him.

4037.  Melisa A NDE  10/20/2015.  NDE 7812.    And although there were two choices on the table, I remember thinking that which ever choice I was allowed to choose, everything would still be okay. I remember her telling me that if I go back I will have a child. But that I will have a special duty as well. I made a choice to go back to the life I had rather than staying with her. She told me that I needed a lot of work and that her bees would need to heal me before I could wake and start to heal on the outside. Then I was laid down and thousands of bees swarmed me. They entered my body and exited my body in a fury for several moments. I still to this day get phantom sensations from the bees buzzing and the feelings I had of them entering and exciting my body. They did so though my ear, nose, and throat physically and swarmed consistently all around my entire body.  
NDE due to severe car crash at age 15.  Remarkable healing during NDE.

4036.  Samuel C FDE  10/20/2015.  FDE 7813.    I found myself almost back at the steps, which were to my left and a paneled wall in front of me. Here, something happened. It was instantaneous. I went from whatever I was feeling, to just standing in front of the wall. Curiously, I was aware I was still wearing clothes. I felt the most perfect peace, a peace I've never had anything even come close to afterwards. I didn't feel like I couldn't breathe; I was completely at peace with everything around me.   
Fear-death experience at age 8-9 from choking on an ice cube.  Shared 56 years later.

4035.   John S NDE  10/20/2015.  NDE 7810.    A disembodied voice whispered in my ear. 'Why do we live?' A warmness filled the air around me. 'We live to be a part of something much greater than ourselves, to become part of every life and everything,' I replied. I felt the presence move. Faintly, I made out a shadowy figure outlined in the rain. It pointed to my lifeless body. 'Man,' it stated, 'was put on this earth for one reason. To find their own way in their own life. What does this mean to you?' it's voice now booming and filling my ears. 'It means there is no such thing as a useless life, no such thing as a pawn. We are born to fail only so we can learn." Laughter like lightning cracked the air; to an extent I could feel the energy and smell the electronically charged air. 'I have admired your way of thinking for some time now young one, but now it's time to return to the world of the living. Do not fret . I will be watching you, as I have always.'   
NDE due to auto accident and knife injury with remarkable spiritual dialogue.

4034.  Trinjntje NDE  10/18/2015.  NDE 7803.  From the Netherlands.  Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry. I was knocked unconscious, for how long, I don't know. I was in a field which was quite dark and grey. There were hills, it seemed hazy and in that field were two younger men. We needed water, I must look for water! Then I came to, I had hit my head on the dashboard.    
NDE from an auto accident.

4033.  Anne NDE  10/11/2015.  NDE 7805.  From the Netherlands.  Translated into English by her daughter, Kat.  Next to her, on her left hand side, she knew someone was sitting and 'driving' her. But for some reason, she couldn't move her head to the left; she could only look to her right and to the front. The vehicle had no roof. She was sitting in a chair. I asked my mom if the vehicle looked like a car, but my mother wasn't sure, it was just something that looked like a car, but was floating or gliding over the road. Next to the road there was a pavement with people walking in slow peace. A bit further she saw green grass, trees and in the distance beautiful detached houses. The road the vehicle was moving on had high trees on both sides. The people who walked on the pavement looked all very happy. Some of them waved to my mom and smiled.   
Daughter shares her mother’s NDE due to fall with head injury.

4032.  Laura NDE  10/11/2015.  NDE 7804.    I felt my soul leave my body. Suddenly, I was across the room watching the entire scene. As I looked at the bright golden light, I was standing there wondering if I should stay on earth or go Home. At this time, I didn't feel any pain and I felt at peace. I was facing the light about to go Home, then the next thing I know, I was being pulled back into my body. I breathed deep, arched my back, and came back to consciousness.   
NDE due to loss of unconsciousness from unknown cause.

4031.  Goldie T NDE  10/11/2015.  NDE 7799.    A black circle appeared; at first it was small and then it grew larger. I could pass beside it, around it, and behind it , yet it looked the same. Then I entered the black circle that turned into a tunnel with a light at the end. There was no pain. The light was comforting, entirely comforting and welcoming. I went toward it. Around me was darkness and a void. It was kind of like a tunnel. I was heading for the light when I heard my sister call my name.
NDE due to suicide attempt at age 17.

4030.  Gianluca Probable NDE  10/11/2015.  Probable NDE 7796.  From Italy.  Original in Italian.  After struggling so hard, I relaxed and faced the surface of the water above. In an instant, I saw my whole life in a very fast and yet very clear fashion. I remember the mostly orange color of this movie. Then I found myself in pitch darkness, but I was relaxed.   
Probable NDE due to drowning.

4029.  Katie W NDE  10/11/2015.  NDE 7795.    When I got there, I saw a line of people waiting in a white room that didn't seem to have borders or lines. The light of the room was an unnatural but beautiful and comforting light. Just when I thought to myself, 'Wow there are lines even in heaven,' I was immediately sitting with my knees to my chest. I was with Jesus who was also sitting the same way. He was tall with beautiful, tan skin. His eyes were the most vibrant green-blue that I had never seen. His eyes looked like jewels. They were so full of love and I felt full of love and comfort, acceptance and utter joy. I saw myself in a glorified type of body. My hair was thick and long; my blue eyes were even more blue and my skin was flawless. Jesus took my hand and said, 'Look.'   
NDE due to suicide attempt.

4028.  Amber I NDE 10/4/2015.  NDE 7791.    I was outside of my body and looking at my body from above. I remember trying hard to get my body to cooperate without success. My dad was speaking to Marty and saying that I was very ashen. I was watching and listening to his remarks from the corner of the wall and ceiling. I could see the pain on his face. I could feel all fear, confusion and frustration that was residing within him. He was fearful at the thought of loosing me. I wanted to reassure him that I was fine. My physical body was fine. I felt no pain and had no fear. I was not physically suffering and wanted him to know this. I wanted to relieve his pain and reassure him.  
NDE due to auto accident at age 16.

4027.   Kyal L Probable NDE  9/29/2015.  Probable NDE 7787.  From Australia  I was outside the world and all its troubles but I was also still lying in there on the bed. I saw the tree of life and it's essence was pouring into the world. Instead of being claimed and floating 'home,' I was dangled above a pit of nothingness and void.  I was shown what is worse than depression, where it was worse than hell, and because I would not exist anymore, my soul would be destroyed.  It was the single most frightening thing I have ever experienced because at least in hell your soul would still exist.  This pit of black nothingness would completely destroy my consciousness and I would forget my entirety, my everything. I would cease to exist even in spirit. I remember crying out, 'No! I still love, I still love!' even though I hated everything and everyone. I still had the capacity to love things.  
Frightening Probable NDE that happened about a year ago due to electrocution.  This is hard to tell if it is actually electrocution or if it is a spiritually transformative event brought on from depression.  He still suffers from severe depression, so professional help and time could help him better integrate his experience.

4026.  Becca S Probable NDE  9/25/2015.  Probable NDE 23057.    I was one of the first open-heart surgery cases. I remember rising out of my bed and seeing myself lying there. There was no noise and no sense of time. I didn't understanding why I was above myself and seeing myself lying there. I felt like I was in limbo. I also felt like this was such a very peaceful existence that I didn't want to go back. I remember an impression, not a voice, that communicated, 'There is something you have to do yet.' I was being gently, but firmly, pushed back. I remember almost everything exactly as it happened 48 years ago.  
Probable NDE associated with open heart surgery at age 15.  Shared 48 years after experience.

4025.  Paul K FDE  9/25/2015.  FDE 7786.  From the UK.  While in the midst of what seemed like an eternity of noise and pain, it was actually around 10 seconds. I felt an overwhelming calm and knowledge of what was going to happen. Initially I thought that was not too bad. Then I heard noises and felt impact and pain. My brain wanted it to end, which it did soon after. The strangest of feelings was knowing that I was not going to die and that I would get up. Blackness surrounded me, but a guidance of wellbeing was apparent. I felt some one was there to guide me through this experience.  
Fear-death experience with motorcycle crash.  Remarkably, shared five days after experience occurred.

4024.  Thomas M NDE  9/24/2015.  NDE 7785.  From Mexico  I was floating above my body, my first reaction was to tell my self to move but my body refused the order. I don't know how long it took but I finally realized that I was dead. With this realization came a feeling of extreme distress, kempt worrying and wondering what to do about next.  At this time a voice came to me from somewhere and it told me to stop worrying as all my troubles had staid behind with my body. After this I felt a sense of wellbeing that I never felt before or since, it felt like I had been caring the weight of the world on my shoulders and someone had liberated me of this burden.  After this I went through the ceiling and entered some type of tunnel where I traveled at extreme speed.  All I have related to this time felt completely real, but what happened next felt like a dream. In this dream my sister and grandmother came to me and told me that it was not yet my time, with this dream I awoke, apparently I had been taken to a nearby clinic where I had been resuscitated.  
NDE due to criminal attack.

4023.  Joseph C NDE 9/20/2015.  NDE 7780.    Then they handed me over to Jesus. When I was in heaven, or some may term it something else, I saw angels and God. God communicated directly and through an Angel. I saw biblical people I had not learned of yet. At another point closer to the beginning I think, I was in a court setting for my life review. I was shown what happened to me, my life, my sins, my love, and forgiveness of others by me. I cried for my sins, my shame, and my repentance. I was very shameful, mortified and sorry. At one point, I saw where my physical body was being healed.  
NDE due to apparent post-operative complications at age 8.

4022.  William L NDE  9/20/2015.  NDE 7779.    When I reach the cove, there are several shapes coming to me. I realize the closest shape as my grandfather who starts laughing and telling me that, 'All is well.' The others people don't allow me to see their faces. I asked who they are and why I can't see them. All my grandfather said was that they loved me and wanted me to know that. Being adopted, I think they may be biologically associated to me, but I don't know for sure. Soon, my grandfather said it was time to go. I gave no thought about the physical place I just was in. Earth never crossed my mind. I was home and wanted to stay.  
NDE due to being hit in chest.

4021.  Yann D Possible NDE  9/20/2015.  Anesthesia 7777.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Without transition I found myself instantly in outer space. This space was of an ebony blackness without the slightly bluish tone of our night sky. Nevertheless, this immensity wasn't opaque, nor was it dark. The blackness had an intrinsic quality of light that allowed one to grasp its infinite extent. A multitude of stars filled this space. Their number was quite superior to the stars that one can see at night. They were very large, but distant, and having variable sizes. Their luminosity was a lively white, of a brightness that could be compared to a mix of chromium and diamond.  
Possible NDE from anesthesia prior to surgery. 

4020.  Beh E Probable NDE  9/15/2015.  Probable NDE 7687.   Non-Western. From Iran. Original in Persian. Translated to English by Angel.   I was floating, something like floating on water. As a result of sea waves, I moved accidentally toward up, down, left, or right. I had a tendency to move upward but it was really hard. On top, there was a large rectangle which was divided into two parts from the middle. It was exactly like a window without any glass, which you could pass through it and enter to the other side. In the right half part, all things were in red color but I couldn't look and see what was in it because it seemed like something stopped me from doing that. However, what was in the left half of the rectangle was unexpected and beyond my imagination. It was a blue sky color with land covered with flattened grass, a Christian cemetery, and graves with crosses. It was obvious that it belonged to Christians. There shouldn����t have been any graves in that world.  
Probable NDE with unexpected and atypical imagery. 

4019.  Cristine H Experience  9/14/2015.  SOBE 23053.    I took notice of the flowers, of how they were alive and they were immersed in a love that was pure. To this day I can cry thinking of it. The garden’s colors were also alive with hues that made every other colors at ‘home’ dull. The flowers moved as if a gentle wind always was present. It was sunny but the sun never hurt my eyes. The temperature was perfect and I felt a sense of wellbeing as I never have. The sun lit up the petals and wings, making them transparent and I would fly in to enjoy the intricate designs (like I did inside the kaleidoscope)  
Among the most remarkable SOBEs ever shared with OBERF. Sudden visit to a beautiful realm with remarkable descriptions of her experience there.

4018.  Phoebe O Experience  9/9/2015.  STE 23052.    This great opening came right after several days of sensing deeply that everything I encountered— furniture, hair, paper, clothes, music, food, soap, bodies, minds, thoughts, reactions, plans, cities, cars, trees, clouds, and more—had an unspeakably complex history that was inseparable from the history of the whole universe and everything else in it. Everything simple looked magnificent in still observation… I saw that there was a vast life that was the Source of everything that was and ever will be. I was not seeing with my eyes, but with the core of my being. I saw our universe, all physical space, all other universes, and everything that changes as one tiny dark finite speck surrounded by an infinite sea of life and light. I saw even more clearly life’s nature of pure love, bliss, creativity, and wisdom. This sea of pure life is formless and spacious, and yet it is fully conscious and intelligent. It is the only true experiencer, the only true “I.” The Source is present everywhere and in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. As this great being showed Him/Herself to me, I could see that the pure divine life that is Him/Her is the same life that is the essence of every being through all space and time. The formless gives birth to all forms. Every taste, opinion, personality, and experience grows out of pure divine life. Every set of what we humans perceive as opposites or differences is actually one.  
Among the most profound STEs ever shared with us. Astounding spiritual insights. A quite long account, but a must read!

4017.  Raina M Possible NDE  9/12/2015.  Possible NDE 16084.  From Croatia. For mature audiences only!  I drove thru my mind, I woke up in the sky, There I saw the shining stars, And the pictures of the faces who died .
Possible NDE from repressed memories as a child.  Lyrics written in a song.

4016.  Alessandra P NDE  9/9/2015.  NDE 7768.  From Italy.  Original in Italian.  I lost consciousness and I saw myself from above, about two meters away, collapsed and with the syringe into my arm, and my friend trying to revive me. Then I found myself in a dark place, a tunnel with a fearful look. At its bottom, far away, I could see a light and I wished I could reach it, but it was as if I were chained to something: at my feet I had something like huge metal shoes, very heavy, that prevented me from moving.
NDE from drug overdose.

4015.  Laura C NDE  9/9/2015.  NDE 7775.    I had an MRI to look for problems with my spinal cord.  For this test, a very small amount of MRI contrast is injected into the cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) space. I was given an incorrect dose (way more than I should have gotten).  This caused me to start vomiting and to be unable to talk, walk, or move. I was unconscious much of the time until several hours later a drain was put in that drained the contrast out.  During this unconscious time, I started floating around in darkness.  In the darkness, I could see 2 lights.  They were both shaped the same and one was under the other.  They looked like arcs of light, the left side being more rounded and the right side more pointed. They weren't labeled and had nothing visible to distinguish them.  I floated over to the top beam of light.  It seemed to represent positive things like love, kindness, gratitude and warmth.  In my mind I labeled it 'the positive'.  I then floated down to the lower beam of light.  It seemed to represent negative things like greed, hate, terror, dishonesty, etc.  I labeled it 'the negative'.  
NDE due to overdose of MRI contrast injected into cerebrospinal fluid.  Shared within two weeks of the time the experience occurred.

4014.  Lisa F Probable NDE  9/9/2015.  Probable NDE 7774.    I was repulsed at this vision, until I saw my daughter, who was then 5 years old, sitting by herself playing on the 'beach'.  This is when I realized that I was not looking at hell, which was my first assumption, but that I was looking at earth.  It was then that I realized that I had my oars, and that I had the choice to go back to earth to be her mother again.  I realized that she was the only reason that I needed to be on earth.  I realized that I could choose to go to heaven though.  It was all my choice.  If I did not row, I would naturally be taken to heaven.  It did not take me any time at all to grab my oars and start rowing with all my might to my daughter.  I was heartbroken that I was unable to go to heaven, but I also knew that I would just be going there LATER, when my work on earth was done.  I was angry at my daughter for existing.  I kept thinking things like, 'because of YOU I have to come back to this horrible place!!!'  I had to fight the currents of the water very, very hard to move the boat toward earth.   Probable NDE due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

4013.  Deborah H NDE  9/9/2015.  NDE 7772.    I left my body. As I was ascending, I saw a binder come in front of me with big metal rings on it. The binder had many pages that turned in front of my eyes. I saw everything that I had ever done wrong. As innocent as I may have been at 7 years old, I had obviously done many things that were not acceptable, like cursing or kicking an animal. The pages on that binder turned so fast it was hard to imagine how my brain was processing all that information. But somehow I knew every item that I was being judged for and I felt so bad for what I done. Then I flew very quickly through a wormhole-like cloud to a grayish cloud like a slowly spinning tunnel with large soft grayish looking clouds padding the inside of the spiral tunnel formation.  
NDE at age 7 due to drowning.

4012.  GaeLawree C NDE  9/9/2015.  NDE 7771.    I then left my body and went into a tunnel of very bright light. It was very peaceful, a feeling of ecstasy, peace love and belonging. I saw different levels or scenes of, time, I am not sure, it was like glimpses of time. I was given natural knowledge of things I was not taught on earth. I came to a place, it was a place of energy, I was met by my maternal grandfather. He greeted me, and there were others that I knew. They were all energy, all of them, they had no physical bodies but I knew them, recognized them, each one. A huge energy swept around us. I believed this to be God. He told me I had to go back. I told me I would experience great pain but I would come through it, I knew He would take care of me there. I immediately went back down, in fraction of an instant.  
NDE at age 16 due to head injury from motorcycle accident.

4011.  James D Probable NDE  9/3/2015.  Probable NDE 7768.    I suddenly became aware that I was outside of my body and looking down at it from the ceiling. I felt panic and tried to return to my body, but to no avail. I then noticed a blackness surrounding me with a light in the distance. As the light got closer the panic was replaced by love times-a-thousand. I communicated with whatever it was through thought. No words were spoken but I understood perfectly. I was informed that it wasn't my time. I felt like I was caught trying to cut class. It was like I was trying to get away with something, yet the Being had so much love and understanding like a parent has for a child. I pleaded not to return but the presence in the light reached out and guided me back into my body.
Probable NDE associated with kidney failure.  Apparent remarkable healing after experience.

4010.  Adelheid L Probable NDE  8/29/2015.  Probable NDE 7762.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy  I was lying in the lap of a young man and he said, 'Have no fear you are safe here'. I had no pain anymore and no fear. It was very silent around us, until from the left side small ribbons with an open mouth passed by, where one mouth turned towards me, and smiled as if it would know me. When the young man and I were alone again, the sun was shining from the right side, otherwise it was dark around us. Then I wanted to know who the young man was.  
NDE after surgery.

4009.  Laura NDE  8/29/2015.  NDE 7763.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy  Then I saw both, the nurses and the doctors, clearly while their faces had a panicked look. I had a view on the heart monitor from above. I heard each of the staff's comments as they also saw the curves on the monitor. I heard that they were talking about me like I was dead. They said things like, 'Oh she must have been beautiful this woman, with her curly hair. The worst is that we will have to inform the elderly man. Do you think it's her husband?' When one replied, 'No, he is too old. He must be her father and the young man by his side, must be his son,' I became aware that my life was at risk.   
NDE from heart problems.

4008.  John D NDE  8/29/2015.  NDE 7764.    I feel this quote from the 1990s film 'Jacob's Ladder' explains this moment better than I could: 'The only thing that burns in hell, is the part of you that won't let go of your life. Your memories, your attachments, they burn them all away. 'But they're not punishing you,' he said. 'They're freeing your soul.' If you're frightened of dying and you're holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. But, if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the Earth. It's just a matter of how you look at it that's all. So don't worry, okay?'  
Very brief NDE due to faint and seizure.  Shared 8 days after its occurrence.

4007.  Mike G NDE  8/29/2015.  NDE 23049.    I saw myself through someone else's eyes.  This person was in a large barn structure covering about a 100 yard area.  The whole view black and grey.  There were a couple hundred figures walking around taking tiny steps with their heads looking down. I was seen about 10 yards in the foreground, but I was seen in color. I was wearing a red shirt and had a yellow beam of light from the top of my head going upwards.  
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Very atypical NDE content.  Shared just days after experience occurred.

4006.  Frank L Probable NDE  8/24/2015.  Probable NDE 7761.    I was above myself and floating upward. I was at peace and felt no pain. The nurses were around me. The doctor was sitting there looking up at me smiling. It was like 3D, so clear and vivid. I could see every detail of his face. Then he put his hands on my chest, still smiling and said, 'Not yet.' At the same time that he said this, his face just melted. I saw this so clearly, that it was a little creepy but I was not scared at all.   
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

4005.  Marta M NDE  8/23/2015.  NDE 7760.  From Japan  I was still being pulled deeper and deeper into the ocean but this alien calm came over me. I wasn't suffering or suffocating. My 'guardian angel' was at my right. I knew this but couldn't see him. He introduced himself to me earlier. He talked to me telepathically and I could hear him with no other sound. He said I've done much good in my life and I could go. Because of that reason and that I wouldn't suffer, they'd put me to 'sleep' before I felt anything. He also said I accomplished my mission but that my life force was diminishing. If I stayed, things would be an effort and become very hard.   
NDE due to drowning.

4004.  Josh J Probable NDE  8/23/2015.  Probable NDE 7759.    There was no light or pearly gates. I think this was probably because I was in some sort of purgatory. Even so, the peace I felt was like nothing I have ever experienced before or since. There, I got into a conversation with a male-voiced 'Entity.' In my opinion, it was God or an Angel. The Entity told me that it was not my time but that I could 'go' if I wanted to. I immediately told the Entity that I wanted to go. The Entity then mentioned how this would irreparably hurt my Mother. I quickly changed my mind and said that I would stay.   
Probable NDE due to suicide attempt.

4003.  Richard M NDE  8/23/2015.  NDE 7756.  From France. Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  I immediately left my body, seeing my double on the bed. I was caught up towards the sky.  I found myself crossing a black tunnel, but the tunnel was not made of matter.  It is difficult to describe; there was a sound or a kind of music the whole time of crossing. I saw an intense light at the end of the tunnel.  The light was not aggressive.  I was a good light that I had absolutely no fear of.  I was aware of this goodness, of this very restful state.  As I approached the end of the tunnel, I saw a silhouette. As I got about two or three meters from the silhouette, it lifted its arm and pointed its finger towards the other end of the tunnel, where I had come from.  I found myself projected with the speed of light, if I can say so, into my body.  
NDE from chest pain and fainting on the bed.

4002.  Simon C NDE  8/23/2015.  NDE 7755.  From France. Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  I saw from above that the surgeon was operating on me.  I saw everything in detail that he did.  I saw my father who had been deceased for 2-1/2 years.  He told me that my time had not yet come and that my mother and sister still needed me.  
NDE from auto accident.

4001.  Serena NDE  8/23/2015.  NDE 7753.  From Italy.  Original in Italian, translated to English.  I remember PERFECTLY that I entered a dark tunnel. I was blissfully flying, laughing and happy like I never have experienced before. Around me it seemed to be snowing. I was flying.  The air was cool and I could hear happy laughter. I don't know what blocked me, what or who sent me back.  
NDE from a seizure triggered by looking at Christmas lights.

4000.  Émilie M Shared Death Experience  8/23/2015.  Shared Death 32380.  From France. Original in French, translated into English by Marguy.  This golden light radiated such an intense joy that I had the impression that on my face a big smile was forming, covering my face completely. This immense joy, I had never experienced on earth. Yet, the joy was familiar to me and was putting a comforting balm on my heart, instantly wiping out my suffering. Inside of the ball were two bright forms with vague outlines. I could only see the form of a head and chest; I saw neither arms nor legs. It were as if they were looking at me through a window. The being of light at the right seemed female to me. She was like a guide accompanying my friend, who was at the left from my viewpoint. It communicated with me by thought, 'There is a dear being that wants to see you a last time.' I sensed a feeling of compassion and sadness for our earthly sufferings, coming from the guide. I immediately reached towards the light, with what I think was my 'energetic hand.' I grabbed a protuberance resembling a hand of golden light, that came out of the light ball.  
Shared Death Experience with a friend.

3999.  Sergio S NDE 8/22/2015.  NDE 7751.  From Peru. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.   Next, images of my mother and daughter appeared, as if I was thinking about them. Again, I said, 'I HAVE TO RETURN.' This time, I was able to break the transparent film. I appeared in a very bright tunnel. It looked like luminous acrylic paints of different colors were falling. I went through the tunnel. I felt very happy and was aware that I was returning.   
NDE from allergic reaction to antibiotics.

3998.  Vikki H NDE 8/22/2015.  NDE 7752.  I found myself in total darkness with no contact to the earth. I was extremely happy and content. I knew who I was and had no fear. I did not care about the past and only wanted to continue being extremely content. Over the next half hour, one sense came back at a time. This happened very slowly until I was in a lot of pain.  
NDE due to criminal attack with head injury.

3997.  Erica P NDE 8/15/2015.  NDE 7750.    As I went further up the tunnel, the light got bigger and brighter. Then I was in the throne room of God. Jesus Christ was seated next to God. The throne room was pure white. Then I stood there in absolute awe at the beauty of Jesus. Jesus was wearing a white robe with a purple sash and had flames in his eyes. His golden crown had many bright jewels in it. The jewels were purple, green, and red. I looked back at Jesus and his sash. Then the sash turned red. I was looking into His eyes. I saw forever in them: He was so beautiful. Then I remember bowing before Jesus and God. They both spoke to me, but I do not remember what was said by them.  
NDE due to overdose of medication.

3996.  Tristan JCG Probable NDE 8/15/2015.  Probable NDE 7749.  From the UK.  I can remember that I was seeing reality became liquid and that all the colors on earth were traveling with my presence inside of it. I was traveling at high speed through some sort of pipeline leading to a hole. I was like a swirl such as like water being sucked down a hole in the sink. Once I was through the hole, I heard several noises like I was going through a sound barrier 'bof, bof, bof.' I was tumbling and had difficulty flying straight like I was in space. I remember being very cold. I could hear myself thinking, 'It's so cold.' I felt frightening for a second. Then I saw what looked like a black hole. I reminded me of the movie 'Contact' with Jody Foster. I saw flashes of very blight light. I did not want to go through the back hole but I had to go. I had no choice in the matter.  
Probable NDE due to heart attack.

3995.  Fred B Experiences  8/15/2015.  Drug Experience 7748.  From Canada.  After being diagnosed with mild Asperger syndrome in 2006, I started using recreational ketamine for about 3 years. As you know, a lot of NDE have been reported by ketamine users in the past.  And of course, they also happened to me.  
Here are several Ketamine experiences.  It is up to the reader to determine if NDEs are 'brain chemistry.'

3994.  Jeanne MK NDE  8/15/2015.  NDE 7747.    I thought, 'What on earth are those people doing?' as I watched them racing around my shell of a body with the shock paddles trying to get my heart started again. I remember laughing and thought, 'Oh, no. I'm out of here.'  Then I was where someone was showing a very negative side of where people could go and stay. I just knew that I had to be the wrong place and I said, 'Please not me. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for anything I have ever done.' All of a sudden, I was floating down this mother of pearl path.  I was moving and the path was so much more beautiful because it had colors in it that I don't think I could ever begin to describe.  I moved to a path where people were walking.  Some of these people I knew from before came to me and asked me, 'Do you want to go see the buildings?' Of course I said, 'Yes.'  
NDEs due to unknown illness resulting in cardiac arrests.

3993.  Duane S NDE  8/15/2015.  NDE 7743.    As I was shown around, it was explained to me how most of our celestial, eternal knowledge is blanked-out during our chosen life spans on earth. We must temporarily forget most of what our higher-self already knows so we can immerse ourselves in the roles we have chosen to play. Furthermore, they said that it might take a while for all my knowledge and memories to return. To ease the transition back into this realm, I was told to think of my time on earth as an extended visit to the ultimate theme park. Consider it a place with thrilling rides and various adventures that I could choose to experience or not. I was also reminded that the reason we leave the celestial realm at all was for the excitement, variety, adventure, and entertainment that different incarnations offer. However, to take all our celestial knowledge with us on our various adventures would have ruined the very experience that we had chosen to live. Someone there said that I should think of our trips to other realms as choosing a new novel to read. I can choose a new book, depending on what I am in the mood for. Furthermore, if I knew every turn and twist of the story, line by line, prior to reading it, it would spoil the fun.'  
Astonishing exceptional NDE due to illness.

3992.  Stephanie P NDE  8/14/2015.  NDE 7746.    I believe I lost consciousness but remember everything around me being bright white light. I was above my body and could see myself being wheeled out to the ambulance. I was not moving but remember seeing myself there. It was all okay though. I was calm and felt at peace with not coming back. Relaxed and like everything was going to be fine from now on because all the other stuff didn't matter anymore.  
Two severe asthma attacks and associated experiences described.

3991.  Mohammad Z NDE  8/14/2015.  NDE 16083.  Non-western NDE from Iran. Original in Farsi, translated to English by Amir.  One example of my life review was when I was a little kid. We were traveling by car and stopped somewhere along the way. There was a river not far from the road and I was asked to go and bring some water in a bucket from that river. I went to fill up the bucket but on my way back, I felt that the bucket was way too heavy for me. I decided to empty some of the water to make the bucket lighter. Instead of emptying the water right there, I noticed a tree that was alone by itself in a dry patch of land. I took the effort to go out of my way to that tree and emptied some of the water at the tree base. I even waited there a few seconds to make sure the water is soaked in the soil and is absorbed. In my life review, I received such an applaud and joy for this simple act that it is unbelievable. It was like all the spirits in the Universe were filled with joy from this simple act and were telling me we are proud of you. That simple act seemed to be one of the best things I had ever done in my life! This was strange to me, because I didn’t think this little act was a big deal and thought I had done much more important and bigger things. However, it was shown to me that what I had done was extremely valuable because I had done it purely from the heart, with absolutely no expectation for my own gain.   
Exceptional Muslim NDE from an auto accident.

3990.  Marcel W NDEs  8/14/2015.  NDEs 7729.  From the Netherlands. Original in Dutch, translated to English by Garry.  On those five occasions I left my body and wanted to be near that curtain because it gave that fine, warm love feeling. It was during those times I would have not a single form of pain and this was very pleasant and inviting. Then I would hear rhythmic ringing leading me away from the curtain and slipping back into my painful body. The rhythmic noises were so loud that I would have to listen, and then it would lessen. In retrospect I came to the conclusion that my guides and Holy guardian were making sure I returned to earth and wouldn't let me pass by the curtain.   
NDEs from aorta dissection and apparently died 5 times.

3989.  Jeff D NDE  8/11/2015.  NDE 7745.    Soon, I started experiencing a calmness that was totally out of the norm; especially considering that I had just physically assaulted my assailant, forcing him to flee. As the calmness and totally peacefully feeling progressed, I soon saw my father along with another person that I could not identify. My father had died 30 years earlier and I was elated to see him. However, the shooting occurred in my next-door neighbor's front yard. My 11-year-old daughter was inside my house during the shooting. I began praying as loud as I could, asking Jesus to let me live for the sake of my daughter. One of the neighbors had worked in the local Memphis Trauma Unit and she has stated that she believed that I was gone as well as stating that she could not hear my prayer. After asking Jesus to spare me, all the pain returned.   
NDE due to being shot multiple times.

3988.   Caroline J Probable NDE  8/11/2015.  Probable NDE 7744.    I was with my paternal grandmother, who had died ten years before I was born. I felt so much love and so safe. I was SO disappointed when I came back into my body.  
Probable NDE due to reaction from medication during surgery at age 4.  Shared 52 years later.

3987.  Frank H NDE 8/10/2015.  NDE 7740.   I can remember a brief moment of darkness. Then I was in a room. But not really a room. It was just a big open space with a pure white background and glow. I was not aware of a body and I floated into the space but yet I did not feel that I was floating. I was not standing on anything. I was floating towards a group of people who were out of focus. I could not identify who they were, but they were dressed in regular clothing. One person was yelling at me, 'You're not suppose to be here.' I was still a distance away from them. Then in a flash, I was aware of my surroundings and watching the gentleman who was giving me CPR. I heard my wife telling me, 'Please don't leave me!'  
NDE due to cardiac arrest. Shared within two weeks of time NDE occurred.

3986.  Denise Probable NDE 8/10/2015.  NDE 7741.  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I review my life, from my infancy until the meeting with my fiancé. The flashes are not flashes, but they resemble big pictures with golden frames and very beautiful moldings. I'm visiting the gallery of my life. I know that I'm advancing straight forward, pushed by some unfamiliar instinct. There is no space for reason and there is no goal. I have to go forward and that's all. Time doesn't exist. There is no path, yet I know that I'm going straight forward. As a background music I hear the song 'I just call to say I love you'.   
Nurse's probable NDE.

3985.  Martin C NDE 8/10/2015.  NDE 7739.  From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I spent a short while in blackness because during the experience time doesn't seem to exist. I felt myself rising as if I was in an elevator. At the beginning I was in blackness and then rose to be in a wonderful park. Everything was beautiful, really beautiful. More so, where people were there. All seemed happy and well. They didn't pay any attention to me. I felt very well. There was no pain, not warm nor cold and I felt no fear at all. I simply felt good, as I never had felt before. I took the opportunity of the moment to observe. Then I asked myself what I was doing there. Immediately I got a multitude of answers.   
NDE where he was aware he was having a NDE because he had read about it at age 13 or 14.

3984.  Barbara T NDEs 8/3/2015.  NDEs 16082.   From Poland.  Original in Polish, translated to English by Mal.  I don't remember how I got in the tunnel; I must have been pushed in with some great power. I was moving down the tunnel very fast at 45 degree angle. I heard loud noise that was like ringing and a whirr. I didn't have a body but the feeling of its shape somehow remained. I don't remember what I saw on my way through the tunnel. It's hard to describe. The tunnel ended suddenly and I found myself in big and bright place. I wasn't alone there. I think that on both sides of me there were exits of other tunnels and people that came through them at the same time as I.   
Two separate NDEs from surgery complications. 

3983.  Ginny H NDE 8/2/2015.  NDE 7738.    Then I was floating higher until I was surrounded by the whitest, brightest light I have ever seen. I remember thinking, 'Why does this light not hurt my eyes?' At the same time, I felt at peace. I found myself in this space. It was a huge white space. I felt love, comfort, peace, and joy that surrounded me. The feeling was in me, as if I could wrap myself in it and it was Beautiful. I walked forward to a curtain that was a beautiful flowing 'white lace' that was alive. I am not sure I can explain it, but it was like it was breathing. I am not sure how I understood that, but I did. I pushed the curtain aside and walked past it. I found myself in the presence of a male figure in a white gown made of the same material as the white lace curtain.   
NDE due to respiratory arrest during severe asthma attack.

3982.  Joschua B NDE  8/2/2015.  NDE 7737.    I could see myself under the water and I remember feeling no attachment to the body. I floated higher and higher above the scene and could see a great part of the city below me. I still had a human form while floating up, it was like a 'ghost body'. I remember looking up into the sky and then being somewhere else. This place was like being in space except with no stars. Wherever this somewhere was, I had no human form. I was like a small ball of yellow light. Though in darkness, I knew I could see in all directions at once. Around me appeared other orbs of light. The orbs were other people who had passed away. We all glowed with different shades of light. Some were more pink, some were blue and I was yellow. I remember that all of our thoughts flowed into and out of each other simultaneously. Despite this, I could still process my own thoughts. I knew that the lady near me was in her 30s, that she had died in a car accident leaving behind children but she was at peace with the fact that her husband would care for them.   
Exceptional NDE due to drowning at age 6.

3981.  Steven K NDE  7/31/2015.  NDE 7734.  When I went down for the third time, I felt this peaceful consciousness coming over me.  As I looked up from under the water, I cried out to God to save me. It was then that a very bright light appeared in front of me.  I could see what appeared to be a long tunnel with the light at the end of the tunnel. As I floated into this tunnel and towards the bright light, there appeared an individual whom I could not make out.  It was standing at the end and pointed towards the opposite end of the tunnel from where I entered. I had this feeling from him that it wasn't my time yet and I was to go back. 
NDE due to drowning.

3980.  Siobhan B Probable NDE  7/26/2015.  Probable NDE 7733.    I was catapulted through a white tunnel. Then I walked up the stairs to a huge Greek building that looks JUST like the Parthenon in Athens, Greece I went inside and saw the beautiful, white marble flooring. I went down a long hallway and there was a room with thousands of scrolls. I pulled one out to read it. It was writing that I've never seen before. Then the writing disappeared in front of me.   
Probable NDE at age 5 due to allergic reaction.

3979.  Brent Probable NDE  7/26/2015.  Probable NDE 7732.   Next thing I knew, my eyes opened up and I'm sitting in the bed with the most golden and brightest, yet warmest, light I have every seen or experienced. It was shining through a window to my left. There was no pain; there was no fear. I felt completely at ease. At this point I felt a slight brush on my left hand.  As I looked to the side of my bed, there was a woman sitting with me. She was completely engulfed in this golden light. I could not make out her face and she wasn't looking at me. She slowly continued to brush my hand over and over again. I attempted to speak, 'Where is my mom?' But she didn't reply.  
Probable NDE associated with surgery at age 13.

3978.  Nancy T NDE  7/26/2015.  NDE 7730.    I felt light, weightless. I felt no stress or pain. I was elevating up into the sky. It was night. There were stars and moonlight. There were other people, lots of souls being elevated into the sky with me. I was not scared. I got to the opening of a long big tunnel. It was dark inside the tunnel but there was a light at the end. It was too far away. At the opening of the tunnel, an old man with a white beard was inspecting the souls and letting people through. But some people needed to go back. When it was my turn, he said to me in Arabic, 'It is too early for you. You haven't finished yet.'   
NDE due to loss of consciousness from unknown cause.

3977.  Albert Probable NDE  7/26/2015.  Probable NDE 7727   While in that state, I was in a Black Void.  I was at peace with everything and was not afraid.  
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3976.  Brian P NDE  7/26/2015.  NDE 7726.  From Canada  I was in a black place that did not feel like a tunnel but was vastly open. I was moving to a 'light' that was not bright but it was golden-soft like a cloud at sunset. I mostly remember the peaceful feeling with no panic; just calm in my mind. I also remember thinking, 'I guess I get to find out what happens now.' I knew I was dead and had no body anymore. I realized that I was not breathing now and also thought about the fact that I was dead and did not care. I was actually quite calm and in a state of wonder. I thought about the 'cloud' I could see. I wondered why I could see at all. I wondered how fast I was moving as there was no point of reference, but I could feel I was moving for sure. I remember coming to the 'cloud.'   
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3975.  Dave Z Probable NDE  7/14/2015.  Probable NDE 7725.    I was rocketed straight upward to a bright light. It was like a different galaxy, or some kind of vortex in the sky. When I hit the light, everything was backwards. Up became down and I was then racing downward. As it became closer to earth that was in black and white, I started to see streets and houses. It felt like a town but when I got closer, the earth then turned to blue and green in color. Upon impact, the colors expanded into an explosion of blue and green.  
Probable NDE due to cardiac arrest and coma for five days.

3974.  Stephanie R NDE 7/14/2015.  NDE 7724.    While I was on the other side, I had counsel about whether to go back. It was to be my decision. I would have injuries to deal with. And the dysfunctional life that I came from would still have to be lived. I also knew that I had plans for this life. I had curiosity and even enthusiasm for coming back. I became aware that the span of a lifetime is a speck compared to a place where time does not exist. I was comforted by knowing that this place, that I was lucky enough to visit, would always be there. I knew that I would be back someday, at the right time. I decided to complete my life plan. I realized it had been a plan from before this life began. I was given a choice. And I chose to come back.  
NDE at age 11 due to being hit by a car while riding a bicycle.  Interesting apparent fear-death experience prior to NDE during period of unconsciousness.  Shared 49 years later.

3973.  Christian Y NDE  7/11/2015.  NDE 23034.  At this point, I somehow instantly and fully comprehended this as an out of body experience. While sitting there and feeling an overwhelming silence, I felt absolutely no pain. I started to lift of the bench from next to the EMT and floated above everything while looking down. I thought for a very brief moment that I physically started to turn away when I saw they were trying to revive me. Just as I felt myself turn and float through the roof of the ambulance, an extremely loud and physical WOOOOSH threw me right back into my body!'   
NDE due to being hit by car while on motorcycle.

3972.  Diana Possible NDE  7/11/2015.  Anesthesia 7722.  From Columbia.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  I began to feel happy.  I found myself in a garden with beautiful golden yellow flowers, maybe a relative of the sunflower.  I went along touching the flowers with my hands.  I started to feel an indescribable emotion akin to extreme happiness.  As I walked along, I saw in the background  a very bright light.  It was as if looking directly at a spotlight.  It was too strong, but it made me so happy to look at it.  I ran and ran to be with this light because I wanted to stay there forever.  
Anesthesia experience during surgery.

3971.  Shawn C NDE  7/11/2015.  NDE 7719.   I had been floating through total darkness with the feeling of indescribable love all around me. I finally came face to face with God.  He looked into my eyes.  I could tell that he knew everything I had ever done, things I was thinking at that moment, and things I would say or do in the future. You can't lie to God. He was very pleasant and said two things to me. He spoke telepathically from his eyes to mine. He said, 'I'm not ready for you yet.  There are things I want you to do first.' Then I came back to consciousness.      
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3970.  Bil VandenBush NDE  7/6/2015.  NDE 10081.  Interview Recorded by NDERF 3/5/2004. Transcribed by Amey G. 7/5/2015.  Beyond me, I could see that there was a beautiful setting. It was almost this pristine meadow and water and I wanted to move there. I had this feeling that I needed to move toward that. But as I did, another being approached me, one that was obviously someone that was in charge, someone in authority. And that person said that I couldn’t go on, that I had to return – go back where I’d come from. And he told me that I had a higher purpose to fulfill and that I’d be fulfilling that purpose and that at some point, after that purpose was fulfilled, I would return to that place.
Exceptional combat NDE from during the Vietnam war.

3969.  Alex H NDE  7/5/2015.  NDE 7717.  From the U.K.  I was looking down from the ceiling of a room at myself. Everything was very white and bright. My body was lying on a surgery-type bed with medical staff around it. One person was trying to wrap a silver blanket over my body and I could clearly hear them saying, 'Breathe, Alex, breathe. Come on, breathe.' Then I took a breathe and was instantly back in my body.  
NDE due to respiratory arrest after surgery.

3968.  Elizabeth T NDE  7/5/2015.  NDE 7716.  Interviewed and transcribed by Amey G.  I saw a light that I can't explain but it was the brightest light I've ever seen. There were two brown-haired children sitting at a table; one was a daughter that I had miscarried and the other was my daughter Michelle L's miscarried son.  They were grown up.  I was happy to see them and they hugged me.  My grandson, he was a little bit bigger than his two brothers on earth.  My daughter Susan, looked just like Michelle her sister.  I didn't know the reason why the miscarriages happened, so always had a sense of worry as to what became of them.  They looked like they were very, very happy, which made me feel a lot better.   Both children looked at me.  My grandson said, 'Grandma, go back, we don't need you.'  My daughter said, 'Ma, we're happy, we don't need you. Go back.'
NDE due to complication during surgery.

3967.  Katie E NDE  7/1/2015.  NDE 7714.  From the U.K.  I collapsed and hit the back of my head on the pavement and I had a seizure like an epileptic fit for about 2 seconds. After the short fit, which I have never had prior to this event or after, my eyes opened as I gained consciousness to see my boyfriend and two sweet women who had stopped to help. I was only out or a few seconds but I know I travelled to another world which felt like I was there for hours and hours, but I couldn't really put a time duration on it, all I know is it was a lot longer than a few seconds. I have no real memory from the other world that I travelled to just I have the feeling that I travelled through the most beautiful paradise I have ever seen and when I reached the destination I spoke to very wise knowledgeable beings, like God or Jesus. These people gave me knowledge and an understanding of the universe which I wanted to share with people on this earth. Then everything was black again and it felt like all the memories of this beautiful amazing place and the people that I met, all the memories were taken from my mind and it felt like sand falling through my fingers… It felt like they or the other world did not want me to bring the knowledge back and I believe there is a reason for this.  
NDE due to fainting and head injury at age 15.

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