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These NDEs, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested. We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of NDE. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of NDERF.


NDE Experiences and Comments: These are summaries of the accounts.  The expanded version can be found by clicking on the link for the experiencer's name.

3944.   Neha S NDE  5/17/2015.  NDE 7676.  From Australia  While I was in this unconscious state, I went through the most amazing beautiful blissful experience. I saw things about me and my family. I saw my things from the future, like my 19 year old brother with three baby girls pleading with me for help. I saw my entire life. I remember small bits of it now, but barely anything. I went to this amazing beautiful place: Some call it heaven; some call it God; some call it hallucinating.  All I know is that this is where everyone truly belongs. It is where the soul goes. I wanted to stay but then something happened.  I heard a voice, my voice, kept saying, 'YOU'RE ONLY 15. GET UP, RUN!' Then the blissful place in which I was in closed. It was like I was in a portal that looked like a black hole.  It was a black hole with all the colors you can imagine and colors that the human eye does not recognize, and it closed.
Teenager NDE due to lion attack 3 months ago.  Background faith was Hindu at time.

3943.  Kim B NDE  5/17/2015.  NDE 7675.    I remember, all of a sudden, standing in a yard. The grass in certain areas was very well maintained. Beyond the small yard were fields of wheat: Everywhere I looked, it was never ending. I noticed the sun was shining so bright, at least it felt like sun at time. The sun was so bright. I remember instinctively squinting my eyes then, realized I didn't have to squint. I have never experienced that kind of bright-beyond-words, warm feeling. I looked in front of me to find an old house with a wrap-around porch. The house needed a paint job, I recall thinking to myself. As I was staring at the house, I felt a presence to my left. I looked over and it was my beloved grandfather. I couldn't believe it! Inside, I was screaming with excitement and joy. However, at the same time it seemed normal, as if he and I were suppose to be there together at the same time. I recall every detail of him, he was back to the kind of chubby belly he had, a white t-shirt, his red suspenders, and his hat that he always wore kind of lop-sided. He took my hand and without speaking we were communicating. He told me, 'Let's go in the house sweetheart. Come on let's see.' We walked down to the house and stepped up on the porch that needed to be painted as well. I recall that the screen door was old like the house and creaked as we opened it. Once inside, I was hit with familiar smell of my grandmother's homemade split pea soup! I hadn't smelled that in years. She was alive on earth but had been down with dementia for years at the point. I looked around and inside I was so excited! It was a feeling I've never felt before, I was 'home.'   
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3942.  Nancy R NDEs  5/17/2015.  NDEs 7674.   While my time on the Other Side (aka, 'Heaven') was brief in human terms, when I was there it felt as if weeks or months were passing. I observed an amazing amount in at most, a couple of human hours. The first wonderful thing that I experienced was the beauty of Heaven, both visually and in a feeling-sense.   When I was there, a landscape of gently rolling hills surrounded me. Flower-filled grassy meadows spread out on the hills around me.  There were huge, deciduous trees in full leaf.  The trees were larger and grander than any here on Earth and surrounded the meadows. There was the barest sense of a light mist, as if it were a humid summer morning clung to the tops of the trees. The sky shown a very light blue, similar to what you might see at the ocean's shore, with wispy clouds and a very bright but somewhat diffuse golden light.    That was the visual. But there is more to Heaven than what we can see with our eyes. Below the surface visuals was a well of feeling fueled by love, peace, and an abiding Presence that I will call Spirit or God.  
Exceptional NDEs due to being hit by a truck while riding a bicycle.  Remarkably transcendent.

3941.  Kellie NDE  5/17/2015.  NDE 7673.   Suddenly, I was floating above myself; up against the ceiling like a balloon, and then softly bumping the ceiling. I could hear people talking, like my hands were cupped over my ears.  I really remember the parts in people's hair, straight down the middle, but I couldn't see faces.  One girl was trying to help me and was very upset.  She said, 'She's not breathing, somebody help her!'  While watching this, I was very calm and peaceful.   I did not know the girl. I felt grateful that she cared.  I had a sense of affection for her and her caring about me.  I heard someone say, 'She's wet her pants.'  Not caring at all, I was only curious about what I could see. Then suddenly, like a suction,  I was back in my body!   
NDE due to unconsciousness after smoking illicit substance at age 15.

3940.  Nancy L Possible NDE  5/17/2015.  Anesthesia 7671.   I was very close to my father who died when I was 19.  I did not see him there.  That is a good thing, because if I had of seen him, I would have not come back to my life on earth. God did not have a body or face, but appeared as dancing light.  When the nurse was calling my name, I argued that I did not want to leave God.  My words were, 'But I don't want to leave you.' The answer was, 'I am there (on earth) too. I can be with you.  You are the one who closed the door.'  I also remember that I was shown a holographic image of upcoming events in my life. I was told that these were golden moments and life was full of experiences that I should not miss.  Another light Being was telling me about the value of this life. 
Anesthesia Experience where she met God.

3939.  Mark R NDE  5/12/2015.  NDE 7669.  From Canada  I  felt as if I  had lost all hope.  I stood up and threw myself straight down against the corner of my desk with the corner hitting me square on my forehead right between my eyes.  I was immediately bounced  back onto my bed. And the first thing I heard was a high pitched ringing in my ears like the sound you hear when you've had a huge blast of noise and your ears are just ringing.  Only this was really loud.  Then it was a sound of being completely surrounded by a jet engine less the high pitch noise l,  just the continuous thundering like you've stuck your head out if a car window at a high speed. While this was happening I became aware that I was looking at my ceiling of my room but my eyes were closed.  I was instantly moving through a tunnel with a rolling cloud that had a cold blueish light behind it lit at the end not swirling but more like as if you were looking up at a grey storm cloud.  I immediately thought is this some sort of acid flashback but it seemed as soon as I thought it I was told no. I was instantly made aware that I was dying.  I said Jesus I'm not ready yet.  That is when everything reversed.  I came to.  And my life was never the same since.  
NDE due to suicide attempt.

3938.  Rob N NDEs 5/10/2015. NDEs 16076.  I soon came to realize that I was feeling the power of GOD. The love, warmth, peace, and tranquility was also caused by the shadows that were surrounding the tunnel. What I thought were tree branches, were not tree branches at all. They were the people that I loved who had passed before me. They were surrounding the tunnel while holding, guiding, and welcoming me home. I was so content and so complete. I felt the most incredible combination of feelings one could ever imagine.  
Three NDEs, one from a heart attack and the other two from surgery complications.

3937.  Bart F NDE 5/10/2015. NDE 7667.  Non-Western NDE.   Without any awareness of time, I found myself in a void.  There was really NOTHING; no fear, no danger, and nothing but the distinct thought that I was not "in Kansas any more." I was aware that there was a decision to be made. My initial impression was this decision was that of God, but as I pondered the possibility of not reaching adulthood it really became my decision.  BOOM!   
NDE at age 10 in Saudi Arabia due to Scarlet Fever.

3936.  Doug J NDE 5/9/2015. NDE 7667.  From Canada.  I was in the most beautiful place I have ever been and felt at complete ease and comfort. I felt completely at peace, like I have never felt before. I had a conversation with my Uncle about life and life's expectations but all that we spoke about is a little sketchy now. What felt like hours was probably only minutes. From far away, I heard a voice yelling my name. I thought to myself, 'Leave me alone. Why is someone bothering me?' My Uncle told me it was time for me to leave and go back. I found this very strange. I told him I did not want to leave this beautiful place. He then told me it wasn't my time and that I had to go back. His last comment to me was, "Play it again, Dougie." This was what he always said to me when he visited, as he wanted to hear the same song over and over again.  
NDE associated with injury that broke his neck from fall.

3935.  Bella F Possible NDE 5/1/2015. Possible NDE 7650.  From Italy.  Original in Italian.  I instantly found myself in absolutely real a place. I have no words to express all I saw and heard. I knew all; I knew why life, and why grief. But the knowledge is all gone because maybe a human mind cannot contain such amount of knowledge. In this regard, maybe forgetting is a way to safeguard us. The body I was in was quite similar to the human one, but incredibly powerful.  
Possible NDE vs. Anesthesia Experience from an atheist.

3934.  Katsuhiro H FDE 4/28/2015. FDE 7654.  From Japan.  Original in Japanese, translated to English by Max.  I heard a whizzing sound of the opponent’s punch cutting through air. Then everything started to slow down and I felt my body become weightless. At that moment, I saw two people fighting from the ceiling.  
FDE from sparring during boxing.

3933.  Requested removal.

3932.  Bobby HR NDE  4/23/2015.  NDE 16075.  The sound was loud and beautiful. I can still hear it in my head, though it cannot be described with words in my vocabulary. The music was like incredible streams of notes and chords that cannot be heard by the human ear. The appearance of the angels was hard to describe because they barely had shape to them and their bodies did not look like human bodies. There was a very vague line that defined their substance, almost like pillars of energy contained by a thin line of light. I don't recall distinguishing features like noses, hair, or anything else like what humans have. However, the angelic mouths were soft o's as they emitted beautiful music. Their eyes had no definitive description of color but they did looked identical to each other. Their eyes all gazed at the center of this stage where this bright light shined. This was GOD.
NDE from surgery complications as a child.

3931.  Norberto Possible NDE  4/19/2015.  Possible NDE 7657.  From Argentina. Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  Then I began to go through a dark tunnel extremely fast. I wanted to cling to the sides but it was impossible. Just then, I started to slow down. I saw beautiful colored lights on the sides. Below, appeared a very strong white light, to which I drew near. Almost as if in slow motion, I was floating and feeling a deep peace. It was a beautiful sensation of tranquility. I arrived at this light that was so intense it was almost blinding. I went through the light. Arriving was like a toboggan ride. I sat down. By my side, were two people dressed totally in white. They reminded me of a planning board.   
Possible NDE due to surgery complications.

3930.  Joanne L NDE  4/18/2015.  NDE 7658. From Wales.  Everything was a deep, deep orange color.  I was up against the ceiling with my hands pushing against the ceiling. I thought I was going to be drawn further to the white light in the tunnel above me.  I remember thinking, 'Oh my God! I can't leave my unborn baby with my partner.  My baby needs me!'  My partner was violent towards me on many occasions.  I felt like at that very moment, I had a choice. I could stay or I could let go and be drawn up to the light. I felt my father, who passed a few years previous to this incident, was waiting up in the tunnel.  He was watching and I could feel his love.  It was like a personal love, not like the love coming from the white light itself. I made a huge effort not to be drawn up to the light above me because I knew my baby would need me.
NDE at time of delivery.

3929.  Tom A NDE  4/18/2015.  NDE 7656.  I said aloud, 'I'm dead.' As soon as I said that, I felt a warm feeling wash over me. At no time was I scared, worried or concerned. I felt so much peace and calmness.  I then heard a voice to my left telling me, 'I'm impressed.' I turned to the voice and saw my Dad. His back was against the hallway wall. As he walked to me, he said, 'I'm impressed.  A little John Wayne-ish, but I am impressed.' The wall of the hallway began to dissolve behind my Dad. Behind the dissolving wall was a large valley that was very green with a few trees. Further away, I saw large mountains with very blue water in front of them. The sun was behind the mountains. My Dad was smiling with a very bright light on him. 
NDE due to heart attack.

3928.  Joel B NDE  4/17/2015.  NDE 7648. From France. Original in French translated to English by Marguy   During this time, I was in an endless tunnel and had the impression of seeing my life flashing by. I passed relatives and other people that I knew like my fiancée and brother.   
Atypical electrocution NDE from an atheist who remained an atheist.

3927.  Jessica D Possible NDE  4/14/2015.  Possible NDE 7653.    It was exactly as if she was in a tunnel. Then I began to hear beautiful soft sounds of bells all around me. Everything around me appeared to be immersed in white, as if we were in the middle of a fluffy white cloud.   
Possible NDE due to bleeding after delivery at age 17.

3926.  Joe H NDE  4/13/2015.  NDE 7650. I opened my eyes. 'Cool,' I thought. 'I made it through this and I'm not even hurt! No pain at all!' Then I tried to move. Not so much as a finger responded. I was lying face down, head in the back seat, my feet somewhere up around the area of the steering wheel. A thumb was pressing hard against my nose and lip. I could see that it appeared, by it's relative positioning, to be the thumb from my left hand, but it was my right thumb. I could also see that my right arm bent in an awkward position under my throat. 'God, I'm glad I'm paralyzed because that would really hurt if I could feel it,' I said to myself.   
NDE due to crash, then multiple OBE experiences as he came remarkably close to death many times after the crash.

3925.  Mrs. Grace NDE  4/13/2015.  NDE 7649. Non-Western experience, From India.  I counted up to about 12 and noticed that I was in complete consciousness but felt bodiless and a kind of lightness. It was like being lifted above the cot. I felt bright and saw myself moving effortlessly inside a self-illuminated tube.  The tube had a brightness that I have never seen before. It was a divine brightness and a pleasurable experience. I insisted on moving forward, but suddenly started feeling the reverse events. I felt heaviness of the body, as started carrying the weight when I move. I then heard doctors conversing among themselves.   
NDE from psychiatrist and associated with complication of appendectomy.  Contributor is physician from India who was Hindu at time of experience.

3924.  Phil S NDE  4/8/2015.  NDE 7647.  After some time, I was still drifting under the water when I saw an object far ahead which I was approaching.  As I got closer I could see it was a female form wearing a flimsy white flowing garment. As I approached closer, I recognized the person as my older sister Diane who had died of cancer, 13 years previously at the age of 28. There was no surprise in meeting her, and in some way that I can't describe she was different than I had known her in life.   She was more radiant and fairy-like perhaps, but it just seemed ordinary to meet her that way. She beckoned with one hand for me to follow her and I did without any thought for where we were going, much like a couple of kids playing a game. We swam for what seemed like ages through the light-patterned, almost shimmering water.  After a while, she headed upwards. I followed her. 
NDE due to head injury and fall into water.

3923.  Jennifer W Probable NDE  4/5/2015.  Probable NDE 7645.  I found myself in a wonderfully, beautifully lit space. There were no walls, ceiling, or even a floor. Everything was pure white with light. I felt so happy, so free, and so loved. Even though I didn't see anyone or anything around me, I didn't feel alone.  Contrarily, I felt as if I was surrounded by unconditional love and acceptance. I did not feel like I was in my body. I didn't even think about this aspect until much later, but I recall feeling unrestricted by gravity and completely pain free.  I remember wondering if I was in heaven, but though I never actually spoke such words, I felt an affirmative response to my wonder.   
Probable NDE from surgery complications.

3922.  Javier G NDE  4/5/2015.  NDE 7641.  Following the sudden impact, I lost the notion of time, location, and everything else, including life itself. I felt that I 'ascended' into space and was being 'absorbed.' I floated upwards into a space where it was all white and peaceful. It was not shiny white like the sun reflecting on the snow, nor like the white of clean bed sheets. It was a different whiteness. I was floating in the air and suspended in a vacuum. I was very happy while looking at the relaxing whiteness around me. I felt attracted to the whiteness, like through magnetism. I was being pulled gently up and absorbed slowly. I let myself go up, ever deeper into the whiteness and was eager to continue. I looked around me and everything was marvelous, calm, attractive, and inviting. There was no sound. The place radiated peace and was full of positive sensations.    
NDE from a train crash that killed 42 people.  It is intriguing that the description of hell could be REM intrusion because the earthly scene around him is described similar to his description of hell.  Also interesting that with that many people who died at one time that he didn't have a shared NDE with someone else.

3921.  Dolly M Probable NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7640.    That is when I went through the most healing light.  It was warm, loving, and peaceful.  I was surrounded by spirits all around me.  I was so happy not to feel any more pain both physically and emotionally.  I knew it was another realm and not here on earth.  
Probable NDE from blood loss from ovarian cysts rupturing.

3920.  Analia R Probable NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7639.  From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  At my side they took my hand, me an adult, her a child. My cousin was with me, all dressed in white, as well. 20 years ago, she died, an angel, at the age of 4, she was my friend in those days of eternal infancy. Her smile was so beautiful. She never said to me in words, but I knew what she was saying, she wanted me to come with her to the top of the hill. We began walking, looking at each other for a moment, happy. Peace, tranquility and joy, I felt, I never wanted to return and live, it's indescribable with words. I was immensely happy, and nothing bothered me, I had to get to this hilltop in my cousins hand. But this wasn't going to happen, I woke up suddenly in the operating room feeling a sense of suffocation, it was maddening.  
Probable NDE during surgery.

3919.  Omar R NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7635.  From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  I continued listening but from above, and suddenly I started to see a bright white light, every moment brighter, as if I had travelled towards it very rapidly. I felt one with the light, as if I were part of the white energy, very bright like the white light of energy saving lamps, I was part of this LIGHT, I was deep PEACE, so much peace and light.  
NDE from asthma attack.

3918.  Lu F NDE  4/1/2015.  NDE 7636.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean  I told him my family and friends about my 'innocent' experience of leaving my body and the world far beyond. I was sitting on the first stair of some steps, that led to the terrace. I am still living in the same house with some changes and improvements. Suddenly I fainted. I saw myself leaving my body with no pain, nor intensity from my body sat at the bottom of the stairs.  
NDE from fainting.

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