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ALL NDE's & related experiences are remarkable and important!  Some are especially interesting or unique...

4213.  Tricia B NDE  8/25/2016.  NDE 8086.  Exceptional Experience.  One of the most important lessons that was transferred to me by the light is that love is all that matters. Though this seemed like a hippie slogan or a paraphrase from the Beatles, the message sunk into me on a deeper level. Every interaction is meaningless if love is not attached to it in some way. A prayer is meaningless without love. A sermon is meaningless without love. A religion is meaningless without love. The prayers of those who loved me felt like wind, slowing down my progress toward the light. Though their love felt sweet, and reminded me of my life on earth, their prayers did not stop my desire to keep going deeper into the light. I’ve always been an adventurous soul, and this was the greatest adventure I’d ever been on. When I returned to my body, it felt like a dark wind had engulfed me. I still felt one with everything.  
NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

4210.  Robin L NDE  8/25/2016.  NDE 8083.  Exceptional Experience.  We are standing on this cliff edge facing each other. He nods his head to the right toward the open space. He is showing me our next step is off the cliff edge. He offers both of his hands to me with his palms open. If I were a newborn baby I would fit in the cradle of his large hands. I step closer to him. With complete trust I put my hands in his. My hands look small and perfect in his. We inch our feet toward the edge. I curl my fingers around his and squeeze tight as we leap off the cliff together. We begin falling into black night and total silence. There is great ease in staying together just as when we had our feet on the ground. Now instead of being held steady by the ground, we are surrounded by sky. It does not feel like wild falling, it is peaceful. We have a relationship with every star. Some stars are becoming further away, while others are coming closer. He looks at me with pure love, and with his voice speaking inside me he tells me, 'This is dying.'   
Abducted at age 8 from America and brought to Africa.  NDE due to bullet grazing her head.

4197.  Ali A NDE-like  8/7/2016.  NDE 8066.  Non-Western NDE.   Originally from Algeria, living in France.  Original in Arabic and French, translated to English by John.  Since I had been electrocuted at 360 volts, it was expected that I would die. Yet, it happened that I came back to life. I’m grateful that I came back with a wonderful discovery. I am instilled with Security, Peace, Love and Trust in the Beyond.   
This is a remarkable NDE-like experience promoting love and peace.

.  Marina P NDE-Like   8/2/2016.  NDE-Like Experience 8059.  From Spain.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  There was complete and serenity wrapped in a sense of timelessness or eternity. I had the sensation of living there all my life, as if I had always been there. In fact, I had no memory at that moment of the identity I now have. I didn't remember anything from my current life, including my name, age, or the fact that I live on a planet called Earth. I had no memory of what it is to be a human or about anything that comes with it like eating, sleeping, or travelling. I felt love and ecstasy. This is the hardest part for me to talk about because trying to explain this sensation with only words degrades the experience.  
Profound NDE-like STE that started as a meditation experience.

4174.   Diana H NDE  7/2/2016.  NDE 8034.    My next realization was that I was no longer frightened about not being able to breathe on my own. I was at peace and very aware of the steps the doctors and nurses were taking to save my life. I understood all the terms they were using and could comprehend that I was not alive as far as they were concerned. I became aware of is the state of each person's relationship with others in the room. There were suddenly no secrets and yet, there was no judgment on my part, but rather an unconditional love. I felt very much loved at this time and I wanted to extend that to the others in the room. But they could not hear me.  
NDE due to complication of pregnancy.

4167.  Jeffrey C NDE  6/29/2016.  NDE 8024. 
  The Blessed Mother asked me what I thought of what I learned. I told her I thought it wasn't right that I had to put up with people hurting me, that Jesus was suppose to protect me, and if I was going to go back that I wanted him to make it right. He looked at me and said, 'My son, I can not cause pain to another, I can only heal those who are broken.' With the arrogance of youth, I tried to pull the old 'I want to talk to the manager' routine and demanded to talk to God. The Blessed Mother said, 'You can not 'see' God.' Jesus spoke up and said, 'No one can see God.'   
NDE due to suicide attempt.  Remarkably transcendent.

4165.  Celso NDE  6/26/2016.  NDE 8022.  From Paraguay.  In my particular case, God took the form of a luminous warm water. It does not mean that a luminous warm water is God; it is just that for me it became a representation of the concept God because it was with the experiencing of the luminous warm water that I felt the most connection with the eternal, with the source of the life force. Despite this image still being a somewhat poor representation of God, for me it does entail all the overwhelming emotional qualities of the genuine concept of God. It created in me that profound emotion, that feeling that shakes all the molecules of each one of your DNA helixes and changes your life forever. Believe me, once you have had such experience, your life will never ever be the same!  
Exceptional NDE from a biomedical engineer due to drowning; remarkable observation of the time in his watch during NDE.

.  Bobby R NDE  6/5/2016.  NDE 8010.    The place seemed to expand for all eternity. I do remember a being of light, God, standing near me. It was looming over me like a great tower of strength, yet radiating only warmth and love. Its first words sent a shock through me, 'Bobby, I'm sorry for the pain this meeting will cause you. When I created the Universe, I put rules and limitations in place. Every time you come here, it changes you, because this is your second time here. You will remember more than you're supposed to, and it will cause you more pain than you know. You will suffer as no one in your family ever has, and I can't change that.'   
NDE due to respiratory arrest caused by asthma at age 4.  Remarkable awareness of future events.  Was born legally blind but could see perfectly in NDE.

.  Steven D NDE  5/9/2016.  NDE 7981.   The next memory I had was trying to stand up, but it was like I was slipping on a hillside with lose rock like shale. As I looked up, it was dark and there were three crosses. The man's face on the cross in the middle had a 'slash' of light illuminating his face, mainly his eyes, but just from his face you could tell he had been severely beaten. But his eyes - to this day I get emotional when I think and feel the complete love, compassion and caring I felt he had for me.  
Exceptional NDE due to heart attack.

4126.  Deborah L NDE-Like  4/26/2016.  NDE-Like 7961.    My brother began motioning to a white marble bust on a pedestal that had no head or arms, just the torso. 'One thing that you have to understand about our cousins is that they just didn't have it in them to be any different than they were when I was sick. Look at this bust, it has no arms. You wouldn't expect a person without arms to play the piano or to catch a ball. It's the same concept with our cousins and how they behaved. They didn't have it in them to be any different.' I nodded and looked at the statue. His words seemed to make sense to me. 'If you carry bitterness and hatred towards them in your heart, you will only end up poisoning your own life,' he continued, 'You must consider them as souls who are spiritually handicapped.'
Detailed ADC Dream from her brother.

4107.  Sharon M NDE  3/17/2016.  NDE 7925.    For me, all He did was love me throughout the review of my life. Not a word was said, and it was over in a blink of an eye. It was after the life review that I heard a male voice say, 'What you put out into the universe will come back to you'. As I stood there in the garden, I noticed once again, how beautiful and brilliant the colors of the flowers, the trees and the grass were. The reds were redder, the pinks more pink, and yellows more yellow. The colors were so much more vibrant than any colors I had ever seen. The air was sweetly fragrant. It was so clean and clear. The grass felt cool to the touch, like on a beautiful spring day. There were birds singing in the trees, and I saw a stream where the water glistened like diamonds in the sun as it flowed over the rocks. I heard music, which was more beautiful than anything I had ever heard before. It was then that I noticed everything had its own pitch or sound. The trees had a sound, the leaves on the trees had their own sound, the grass had a sound, the rocks had their own sound, the water had yet another sound, and so on; and, when you take all of those individual sounds and put them all together, it sounded like the most magnificent symphony and choir ever created, and what’s even more amazing, was, everything and everyone in Heaven was singing praises to God.  
Exceptional NDE where she met God and Jesus!  Remarkable in many ways.

4065.  Philip S NDE  12/13/2015.  NDE 7855.    But then I was caught off guard, because this perfected royal figure was not there to see them. It came to within an inch of my face and smiled at me with the same concern a parent would have for their child after they been involved in an accident. I still couldn't see, hear, smell or taste, but my feelings returned. This royal figure just smiled and gently said something to the effect of, 'My child, why are you here? It is not your time to be here, I have to send you back!' This incredible figure sensed my concerns and added, 'Don't be afraid when you return back to Earth and make mistakes, just live your life the best way you can and try to show the unconditional love for the people you meet, the same way my subjects shown their unconditional love for you! Don't be afraid if people believe in me or not, just have faith that anyone you meet will be touched in some way or another from your experience and let me handle the difficult job of judging people if needed.' I felt this Royal figure gently pick me up and take me back to my body that seemed billions of light years away. The journey back was so much more peaceful as we headed back to earth.   
NDE due to cardiac arrest.  Extraordinary understandings on time and location from NDE.

4055.  Sharon NDE  11/18/2015.  NDE 7839.    I then noticed a very soft, yet worn-looking, flow and fold of a light blue and gold robe. I could only see the legs of the person wearing the robe. I knew He was God. I wanted to see His face as I moved closer, but I did not. During my travel toward the light, I recall hearing gently softly-spoken words. I somehow knew that I needed to remember the words. I recall feeling slight frustration that I was having difficulty remembering the words, but after a while, I had 'memorized' them and recall feeling relieved. The words I was being 'told' were:  'Seek not to understand so that you may believe, but seek to believe so that you may understand.'  I then felt myself being pulled back and away from the light. I did not want to go and recall feeling sad. I tried to fight being pulling back. Yet, I continued moving backward.  
NDE due to pneumonia.  Shared by a nurse.  Experience shared less than a month after it occurred.

4040.   David N Possible NDE  12/30/2011.  Possible NDE 6135.    As the angel took me up out of my room and up towards the upper atmosphere it was talking to me the hole time and telling me things about the reasons as to why we live and learn on Earth to help us to evolve our spirit. The Angel told me that it was 'all a learning experience.WE moved on from there into heaven where I was taken to a Beautiful building that had a clear ceiling that you could see out to the heavens. I was introduced to family ancestors and people that I had met that had passed over. I was filled with love and joy that I can not describe when I was in there presence, It was like we could feel each others love and joy as though it was one energy. The angel gave me time with the past family and friends and then we moved into another part of the building to a room where I met two Very wise male figures who spoke to me about my life. I absolutely loved being in their Presence.  
Exceptional Possible NDE that is at the least a NDE-like STE.  Remarkable spiritual wisdom.  He submitted this in 2011 but was just diagnosed with sleep apnea, so it is possible that this could be a NDE.

4019.  Cristine H Experience  9/14/2015.  SOBE 23053.    I took notice of the flowers, of how they were alive and they were immersed in a love that was pure. To this day I can cry thinking of it. The garden’s colors were also alive with hues that made every other colors at ‘home’ dull. The flowers moved as if a gentle wind always was present. It was sunny but the sun never hurt my eyes. The temperature was perfect and I felt a sense of wellbeing as I never have. The sun lit up the petals and wings, making them transparent and I would fly in to enjoy the intricate designs (like I did inside the kaleidoscope)  
Among the most remarkable SOBEs ever shared with OBERF. Sudden visit to a beautiful realm with remarkable descriptions of her experience there.

4018.  Phoebe O Experience  9/9/2015.  STE 23052.    This great opening came right after several days of sensing deeply that everything I encountered— furniture, hair, paper, clothes, music, food, soap, bodies, minds, thoughts, reactions, plans, cities, cars, trees, clouds, and more—had an unspeakably complex history that was inseparable from the history of the whole universe and everything else in it. Everything simple looked magnificent in still observation… I saw that there was a vast life that was the Source of everything that was and ever will be. I was not seeing with my eyes, but with the core of my being. I saw our universe, all physical space, all other universes, and everything that changes as one tiny dark finite speck surrounded by an infinite sea of life and light. I saw even more clearly life’s nature of pure love, bliss, creativity, and wisdom. This sea of pure life is formless and spacious, and yet it is fully conscious and intelligent. It is the only true experiencer, the only true “I.” The Source is present everywhere and in every moment whether we are aware of it or not. As this great being showed Him/Herself to me, I could see that the pure divine life that is Him/Her is the same life that is the essence of every being through all space and time. The formless gives birth to all forms. Every taste, opinion, personality, and experience grows out of pure divine life. Every set of what we humans perceive as opposites or differences is actually one.  
Among the most profound STEs ever shared with us. Astounding spiritual insights. A quite long account, but a must read!

3993.  Duane S NDE  8/15/2015.  NDE 7743.    As I was shown around, it was explained to me how most of our celestial, eternal knowledge is blanked-out during our chosen life spans on earth. We must temporarily forget most of what our higher-self already knows so we can immerse ourselves in the roles we have chosen to play. Furthermore, they said that it might take a while for all my knowledge and memories to return. To ease the transition back into this realm, I was told to think of my time on earth as an extended visit to the ultimate theme park. Consider it a place with thrilling rides and various adventures that I could choose to experience or not. I was also reminded that the reason we leave the celestial realm at all was for the excitement, variety, adventure, and entertainment that different incarnations offer. However, to take all our celestial knowledge with us on our various adventures would have ruined the very experience that we had chosen to live. Someone there said that I should think of our trips to other realms as choosing a new novel to read. I can choose a new book, depending on what I am in the mood for. Furthermore, if I knew every turn and twist of the story, line by line, prior to reading it, it would spoil the fun.'  
Astonishing exceptional NDE due to illness.

3991.  Mohammad Z NDE  8/14/2015.  NDE 16083.  Non-western NDE from Iran. Original in Farsi, translated to English by Amir. 
One example of my life review was when I was a little kid. We were traveling by car and stopped somewhere along the way. There was a river not far from the road and I was asked to go and bring some water in a bucket from that river. I went to fill up the bucket but on my way back, I felt that the bucket was way too heavy for me. I decided to empty some of the water to make the bucket lighter. Instead of emptying the water right there, I noticed a tree that was alone by itself in a dry patch of land. I took the effort to go out of my way to that tree and emptied some of the water at the tree base. I even waited there a few seconds to make sure the water is soaked in the soil and is absorbed. In my life review, I received such an applaud and joy for this simple act that it is unbelievable. It was like all the spirits in the Universe were filled with joy from this simple act and were telling me we are proud of you. That simple act seemed to be one of the best things I had ever done in my life! This was strange to me, because I didn’t think this little act was a big deal and thought I had done much more important and bigger things. However, it was shown to me that what I had done was extremely valuable because I had done it purely from the heart, with absolutely no expectation for my own gain.   
Exceptional Muslim NDE from an auto accident.

3982.  Joschua B NDE  8/2/2015.  NDE 7737.    
I could see myself under the water and I remember feeling no attachment to the body. I floated higher and higher above the scene and could see a great part of the city below me. I still had a human form while floating up, it was like a 'ghost body'. I remember looking up into the sky and then being somewhere else. This place was like being in space except with no stars. Wherever this somewhere was, I had no human form. I was like a small ball of yellow light. Though in darkness, I knew I could see in all directions at once. Around me appeared other orbs of light. The orbs were other people who had passed away. We all glowed with different shades of light. Some were more pink, some were blue and I was yellow. I remember that all of our thoughts flowed into and out of each other simultaneously. Despite this, I could still process my own thoughts. I knew that the lady near me was in her 30s, that she had died in a car accident leaving behind children but she was at peace with the fact that her husband would care for them.   
Exceptional NDE due to drowning at age 6.

3970.  Bil VandenBush NDE  7/6/2015.  NDE 10081.  Interview Recorded by NDERF 3/5/2004. Transcribed by Amey G. 7/5/2015.  Beyond me, I could see that there was a beautiful setting. It was almost this pristine meadow and water and I wanted to move there. I had this feeling that I needed to move toward that. But as I did, another being approached me, one that was obviously someone that was in charge, someone in authority. And that person said that I couldn’t go on, that I had to return – go back where I’d come from. And he told me that I had a higher purpose to fulfill and that I’d be fulfilling that purpose and that at some point, after that purpose was fulfilled, I would return to that place.
Exceptional combat NDE from during the Vietnam war.

3947.  Untimely Departure by Sonia Berkallah S17.TV  6/3/2015.  NDE 16078. 
NDERF has a wonderful partnership with S17.TV which is a French WebTV all about NDE. The studio is set up like a news room and is the next big movement towards getting the word out about NDE. Sonia is also the organization behind the European NDE conferences. I urge people to visit her website S17.TV NDE WebTV and support her world changing efforts. She has also released her documentary movie 'Untimely Departure' in English and in French. 

3942.  Nancy R NDEs  5/17/2015.  NDEs 7674.   While my time on the Other Side (aka, 'Heaven') was brief in human terms, when I was there it felt as if weeks or months were passing. I observed an amazing amount in at most, a couple of human hours. The first wonderful thing that I experienced was the beauty of Heaven, both visually and in a feeling-sense.   When I was there, a landscape of gently rolling hills surrounded me. Flower-filled grassy meadows spread out on the hills around me.  There were huge, deciduous trees in full leaf.  The trees were larger and grander than any here on Earth and surrounded the meadows. There was the barest sense of a light mist, as if it were a humid summer morning clung to the tops of the trees. The sky shown a very light blue, similar to what you might see at the ocean's shore, with wispy clouds and a very bright but somewhat diffuse golden light.    That was the visual. But there is more to Heaven than what we can see with our eyes. Below the surface visuals was a well of feeling fueled by love, peace, and an abiding Presence that I will call Spirit or God.  
Exceptional NDEs due to being hit by a truck while riding a bicycle.  Remarkably transcendent.

Rob N NDEs 5/10/2015. NDEs 16076.  I soon came to realize that I was feeling the power of GOD. The love, warmth, peace, and tranquility was also caused by the shadows that were surrounding the tunnel. What I thought were tree branches, were not tree branches at all. They were the people that I loved who had passed before me. They were surrounding the tunnel while holding, guiding, and welcoming me home. I was so content and so complete. I felt the most incredible combination of feelings one could ever imagine.  
Three NDEs, one from a heart attack and the other two from surgery complications.

3899.  Mira S NDE 3/6/2015.  NDE 7602.  What is real is only that, which is permanent and changeless! That which changes, is within the mirage of time, and truly non-existent. Consciousness, however, as a gentle, delicate, smooth, flowing Presence is ever present; even within the human form, above and beyond the mind, as it is the Experience-less-ness underlying all experience. It never changes, never disappears, and it is therefore, the only Reality.’  ‘But if this Consciousness alone is real, the world was an illusion? Then where did it come from?’  ‘Like all manifestation, the world too is the creation of the great illusion or great delusion, which being the Creative aspect of this Supreme Consciousness, or the Lord, is the divine movie-projector of life, in the all-powerful play of the realm of Creation. Just as a mirage in the desert disappears when viewed from a certain perspective, your life as Arti on earth has disappeared, when viewed from the perspective of the Divine Self, where you are now.  
Astounding NDE from a Hindu living in the United States.  Profound spiritual wisdom.

3885.  Scott W NDE 2/15/2015.  NDE 7578.    I did feel consciousness forming but not like we know or understand. It was just doing its task. It was doing what it’s supposed to do and that’s all it knew. Then it became clear all of it, all things knew what it was supposed to do.  Something was directing it. I could tell, even though it had consciousness, it seemed as though it had surrendered its Will and accepted it’s truth to the Creator.  Then my Grandma reached for me and took my hand as we started back.  The universe was full, absolutely full of strings of light and energy.  They were pulsing, they were moving, and we were in it, part of it and it a part of us.  DNA stretched for eons; memories, connected, intertwined but all moving according to the Light.  I could see molecules, atoms connecting, intersecting, building and becoming new life forms and consciousnesses.  Galaxies, stars, fish, trees, air, water, man are all patterned forms, built from all over the universe.  Then we were back in the field, but it didn’t stop there. I looked at my Grandmother and the Light.  Everything opened up, illumination poured through me, out of me and in me.  It can’t be changed, or threatened.  It can’t be manipulated, or colored.  There are no Illusions or fairy tales about it.  It’s here.  Each is at its own time, in its own evolution, doing its own reality, living its own consciousness. We are part of it and it a part of us.  We truly have nothing to fear, we are really loved.  There is a power so great, that it can only be called God. 
Exceptional NDE due to cardiac arrest at age 42.  Remarkable experience in heavenly realm.  Astounding spiritual insights.

3875.  Rachel E NDE 2/12/2015.  NDE 7553.   I was no longer a body floating above the pool. I became time and space. I could see the entire universe and it was not like when you watch the Nova channel. It was different because I was the universe. I was everything. Sound disappeared except I could hear my debate. My debate was not sound. My debate was made of time. I could enter my body, my body was a piece of time in space. Or, I could stay out of my body and be everywhere, part of everything, which would be a different type of time in space. I asked the question, 'Should I go back into my body?'   
Exceptional NDE at age 12 due to drowning.

864.  Franziska R ADC 2/5/2015. 
ADCs/Other 7539.  From Switzerland.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  I woke up in a white chalked-up African hospital room. Far up, in the high room, there were two small windows through which dawn came and immersed the room in blue light. The whole room was vibrating with total love. Elage was welcoming me cordially. He was healthy! I sat with him at the little table and had to laugh for a start. It was like a prison that I could not get out of. The windows were too high up and the doors locked. Then we were talking as if we had not seen each other for centuries. We laughed, giggled, and reflected about the world. We solved all problems that exist and ever existed or ever will exist. Then he got up.
Exceptional ADCs and pre-birth remembrance.

3853.  Yvonne N Probable NDE 2/1/2015.  Probable NDE 7527.    I realized that I was sitting on what looked like an enormous wing. It was bright, colorful, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The brightness it was so intense that it should have been blinding, but it didn’t hurt my eyes at all. My vision was acute there. I could see even the tiniest detail clearly. The wing was auburn and gold and then browns too.  
Probable NDE due to surgery for brain tumor.

3852.  Leonard K NDE 2/1/2015.  NDE 7526.  When the concept finally sank in it was like a big celebration, and I got introduced to a lot more people. Both of my great-grandmothers on my father’s side stayed with me, and they introduced me to my great-grandfathers as well. Both of them were very nice, and the love that we all shared together was something that is hard to describe in words. It was intense and automatic.  
Extensive writing about an astounding NDE due to complications of emergency surgery at age 8 and shared 51 years later. 
Exceptional experience! 

3843.  Jennifer W NDE  1/21/2015.  NDE 7516.    Completely non-judgmental, yet clear and precise was the voice inside my head. I learned why I was dying and how it would affect my loved ones. More information kept flooding my consciousness as I listened, learned, and understood profound life conditions of the past, present and future. I became my own proof of individual divinity, blessed with immortal life, by the infinite mercy of God's unconditional love.  
Exceptional NDE due to drowning.

3839.  Arshan NDE   1/19/2015.  NDE 16074. 
Non-Western NDE from Iran.  Original in Farsi, translated to English by Amir. I was flying and entered into a gray-colored environment. I tried to reach a gray and dusty light that was moving in front of me. As I got closer to this light, it became brighter. The light looked like a vapor or smoke that is lit up under a street light. It was formless and had colors of blue, orange, yellow, and gold. I didn't know what it was. The light didn't bother my eyes and wasn’t blinding. I was pulled towards the light with great force.  The closer I got to it, the more joy and peace I felt. After a while, I noticed Beings similar to me but they were more brilliantly colored and were moving slower than me. Then I was surrounded by my deceased relatives. I was feeling so much joy and lightness from seeing them. I felt they were there to help me. Their body was transparent and luminous.
Detailed Muslim, non-Western NDE that is virtually indistinguishable from detailed Western Christian NDE.

.  Jennifer J NDEs   1/14/2001.  Shared NDEs 7510.    I was one with the Creator and with Creation itself. I was the Creator. We all were; those who haven't come back still are. It's impossible to describe. I was aware that my earthly body, my container or vessel of my soul had been shed, and I was so much more. I knew all things. I was God along with everyone else, and yet God was still there in superior existence too. A universal power that was gentle and kind, humble and pure. God lives in me, the soul of God was breathed into my dead body when I chose to live. Individual thought awareness yet of one being one whole without definition or separation away from each other. We were in and through and with each other. It was incredible. Humbling, beautiful beyond beauty, and powerful in the most gentle and kind of ways, and loving and peaceful that “transcends all understanding.”
A must read! Among the most profound NDEs ever shared with NDERF. NDEs due to severe complications following delivery.

3812. Penny W NDE 11/23/2014. NDE 7469. I see my body in the bed and it is very still. My friends Megan and David are now in another room, a waiting area. I am omnipresent both with myself in my hospital room and in the waiting room. David and Megan are discussing that if I survive this, I need to have a person that can make my medical decisions if I cannot. This conversation and the location of it have been confirmed. My attention is shifted back in the room. The conversation in the waiting room between my friend and my son and what is going on in my room and the ICU are happening all at once but I am able to shift my attention between the two.
NDE due to anaphylactic shock and need for resuscitation in ICU. OBE observations confirmed.

Bronwen C NDE  11/1/14 From New Zealand.   I found myself traveling rapidly upwards into the sky. I had an immensely joyous feeling of lightness. I remember looking back at my crumpled body on the rock below and observing that "I" was not my body. I could see everything below me very clearly. Below was the Hawkesbury River, and the beautiful bush surrounding it. I was heading towards some very beautiful cumulus shaped clouds. I had no fear, only joy. I looked back again and saw my boyfriend who i was very much in love with, standing beside my body. In real time this would have been several minutes after I fell, as he was quite a way behind me and it would have taken some time to get down the steep cliff. I was a long way away by now and still traveling upwards, but I could feel exactly what he was feeling. He was very distressed. My heart filled with compassion for him, which I guess was what brought me back.
Exceptional NDE due to head injury from fall and an encounter with an angel.

3784. Anna A NDE  10/27/14 From Greece.  I barely glanced at the over packed surgery room, emergency bells were ringing for my doctor to rush in, I saw her looking at my body and talking to her/it as I was hovering above, happy, healthy, excited. before I knew it, I got pulled, as if by a vacuum cleaner, into this wonderful pool of light... Till today, that pool is the most beautiful, most perfect thing (for the sheer luck of the truly matching word, I can't describe it as anything else but "thing") I've ever experienced. Yet, the one word I'd address to the entire experience/journey, would be "REALITY". THAT pool, THAT place, THAT event was the most REAL thing that's ever happened to me. On that background, the life I'd been living on planet Earth was an insignificant second of an experiment, which I'd volunteered for. The ME; I wasn't Anna the lady who'd just given birth; but it was a light being - "LIGHT" in every sense.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss after delivery. 

3774. Nichole BD NDE  10/11/14  I was running in a grassy field toward a giant sun. I remembered looking down at my legs and they were short to the ground, I was a child again. There was another child holding my hand and running beside me. It was a little blonde hair boy with blue eyes. The most amazing part was a pure feeling of the most intense love I can barely describe. It was just wave after wave of pure love. It was within me, it was around me, it was EVERYTHING. It felt like heartbeats of love, one wave of love after another. Yet there was love in the interim as well, then the wave would come with even more and more. It was endless, eternal and complete. I had no fear whatsoever, I had no feeling other than LOVE. I had no thought other than reaching the LIGHT. I felt pure happiness and joy.  It was the most beautiful feeling that words could never even come close to describing.  The closest thing I can think of to relate it to on this earth would be the moment I brought my child into this world.
NDE due to apparent complication during surgery.

3772. Elle D NDE  10/11/14 I wanted to find an anchor, a point of stillness, I observed my parents making love and was drawn to them, experienced myself in my mother's womb, then my own birth and relived my life...not so much the various experiences but what it was like to be myself at each stage growing up, until I became an old woman and died (again). At death I again resisted with everything I could muster and was again terrified. The same experience repeated itself. This cycle happened several times until I finally surrendered at the death stage. When that happened I found myself in a bliss realm, of supreme love and wisdom.
NDE due to strychnine ingestion.  Interesting frightening aspects of NDE until she surrendered- and the experience became blissful.

3754. Ricardo AH NDE  9/19/14 From Mexico.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Erika.   After several minutes we approached the mountains in front of us and the cloud was increasingly larger and brighter. Its whiteness was impressive and that glow was growing more and more; it approached me until it enveloped me. In the light of the cloud I realized that its color was white, but with a slight golden hue. I felt at that moment peace, joy and absolute tenderness, as if that light burned me and gave me complete serenity. I was subjected to a love without limits comfortable as if on ones lap. I felt welcomed, loved unconditionally, forgiven for all my mistakes in life. Everything disappeared, the sharp sound, the voice of my companion, the panoramic view, everything. Well I was there, enjoying the peace. In the light of the cloud I didn’t see my body either. I found myself joined with the light and full of happiness.
Exceptional NDE that happened two months ago from a priest going unconscious.

3753. Wendy G NDE  9/7/14 I continued to float up and a tunnel appeared.  A beautiful tunnel with a bright light at the end of it (the light was brighter than the sun but did not hurt your eyes and it was pure white light).  I knew that I had died and would be leaving behind a 5-6 month old infant and my husband but I did not care.  I wanted to go into the light.  I wanted to go home.  When I came through the light I knew everyone there and they were so happy to see me welcoming me home.   They were all dead relatives - none had I met before but I knew everyone.  They also appeared in human form to be recognized but somehow that was not their true form now (something I had sensed). I had a connection with everyone and almost a collective consciousness (I do not know how to describe it).
Detailed NDE due to cardiac arrest during surgery.

3741. Sam J NDE  8/16/14  I tried my best to ignore the energy but Creator/God/Great Spirit is a little hard to ignore.  Creator/God/Great Spirit said to me, "You’re going back."  Exercising my free will and choice (Yes, I have that kind of relationship with Creator/God/Great Spirit that I feel just fine talking back) I said, "No I'm not"  Creator/God/Great Spirit said, "Yes you are.  I have 'stuff' for you to do."  With that a bolt of energy came out of the energy form and zapped me.  (I often mediate on that moment that bolt hit me.  It takes me back to the moment when Creator/God/Great Spirit and I were one.)  I had the sensation of falling back through a black void to a small dot of white light screaming, "Define 'stuff'!"
Exceptional and thought provoking NDE due to apparent clinical death with absent brain function.

3737.  William H NDE 7340
  8/9/14 Each of us, as an individual sphere of communion seems the embodiment of two complementary halves: Understanding and Memory. While Understanding seems the principal characteristic of the higher soul, Memory seems to be the principal characteristic of the lower soul. As I experienced it, Understanding is our individual portion of the limitless Knowledge of the One Soul, the evolving insight we possess into the Way of the One, our individual spark of immortality. Memory, on the other hand, is the accumulated impressions of all the lifetimes we recall, the sum of all the personalities we have yoked to our soul, our enduring storehouse of mortal treasures.
NDE due to cardiac arrest.

3730.  Marie W NDE  8/3/14  Then a pair of hands came thru and they were amazing and I instantly knew they were the divine hands of Jesus, He reached and I was in them. He began moving me. Handing me off to the next Master. Then these exquisite sounds were all around me and through me.  It was like music, but not.  There were notes and frequencies and each note and each blend of frequency changed my experience into the next step.  I journeyed everywhere. I was taken by one ascended master after another and each master took me into a different dimension.
NDE due to criminal attack.  Remarkable account and very atypical.

3728.  Mary D STE  8/3/14  When my focus went to the field of particles I kind of had the thought "what is this?" which was immediately answered with, this is the tiniest particle. This is what matter comes from. This is love expressed as material. This is what everything is constructed from. This love, this love expressed as matter, is what the universe is made out of. This is love, this is God's love. Each physical piece of it is love and consciousness and the space between is love consciousness and infinite knowledge infinite information. This is what you did not know yet. This thing, this is it, this is the bridge between my love unexpressed and you. This is the bridge between all that energy unexpressed in the void and you, this field.
Exceptional STE while operating a vehicle.  Multiple insights, including insights into the tinniest particle that composes matter.

3717.  Bella J NDE  7/15/14   I remember the air being forced from me due to the impact. Immediately I was without a body; the best way to describe the experience is I knew who I was however I did not feel pain nor was I afraid.  I was surrounded by a tremendous white light. I felt unbelievable peace, love, harmony, goodness.  I knew I was floating, that I did not have a body; I sensed goodness around me then senses a question asking if I was ready to die. I knew I was conflicted - instantaneously I saw my grave with my two little children crying standing apart from my husband, their dad. I sensed I could not leave my children; I saw the lake water parting as I was pushed to the surface of the lake.
Exceptional NDE due to being hit by ski boat.

3700.  Michael Joseph NDE  6/9/14 I ended up with a life review, and was escorted around "the other side" by a being who was my guardian angel/teacher  whom I came to call "professor" but he had an incredible sense of humor. I say "he" with tongue in cheek because "he" was neither a he or a she.  I saw what happened to true atheists (apparently I was opened minded enough that I didn't qualify). I got to see various "heavens" and asked to see what "Hell" was like if there was one (and there was but it was nothing like I expected). I even asked to meet Jesus and apologize only to meet a man that was nothing like I expected and was given interesting historical facts I was later able to verify.
Two NDEs as a teenager.

3679.  Nicola E Friend Experience  5/26/14  Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE).  He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant.  ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions).  Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital… Then Michael said the most incredible thing. He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth.  Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.
The most remarkable pre-birth remembrance ever shared with us.  Exceptionally detailed observations of boy about to be born confirmed years later by a friend present at his birth.  Nicola E did not share her email address- we are asking her to email us.

Robyn F NDE  5/3/14 GRAPHIC CONTENT.  During the hour I had been praying, "Please Dear God, Let this cup pass from me...No one is coming to save me, no one heard me scream, no one..." It was at this point that I "knew" I was in two places at the same time. I left my body and passed through a tunnel of light which took me to a door of brilliant light. The door opened. I knelt down (and saw that I was dressed in a dark robe of some sort). As I knelt I looked up to see Jesus in front of me nailed to the cross. He looked down directly into my eyes. I've never seen eyes like those before or since. As he looked into my eyes I asked him, without speaking words, "What do I do?" He answered without speaking words, "Forgive him." As he "said" the words it was done. The forgiveness happened in that very instant. I was returned fully to my body in the bathroom but everything had changed, and I knew this.
Exceptional NDE due to brutal murder attempt by husband she was going to divorce.  Remarkable communication with Jesus that saved her life.

3645.  Ronnie D NDE  4/12/14  At that time a knowledge came to me that if I wanted any chance to live, I needed to slow the car down so when the tire went over me, the body had to be on its back. I knew somehow that if the car ran me over on my stomach, it would not survive. I did, I slowed the car down and was directing the car when to go over the body. I did get it to run over the body facing up and now I had to have the same thing happen with the back tire. The car being so low to the ground was making the body (my body) to roll over and over, Once it got near the rear tire I slowed down the car again so it ran over me facing up. It did, it ran me over facing up. Now the body was stuck behind the rear tire and a big clump of snow that was stuck to the car… In the morning the doctors began coming in one by one. They were discussing my condition and could not explain what happened to me with each other. But I knew. Finally the doctors went out and told my family, we cannot explain it, but we cannot find any blood in his cavity. He is stable and that they will continue watching me.
NDE at age 15 due to sledding on snow into path of oncoming car.  Remarkable sense of slowing car that might have saved his life.  Apparent inexplicable recovery after being run over by car.

3626.  John K Experience  3/23/14 
I told God, “If you really exist, I need for you to help me right now. I’m at the end of my rope and without your help and your love I can’t go on. If you really exist, then you need to show yourself right now. If you don’t, then your silence will be the answer.”  At that moment, as I lay in this cavernous old bedroom in the corner of the abbey, the room filled with a warm wind. Rays of light seemed to encompass me, and I felt that I was picked up and cradled in these big arms. I was engulfed in the most amazing sense of compassion and love I had ever felt. I had never felt anything like this before. I knew that I was being held in Christ’s embrace. All I could see was this warm, golden light, I couldn’t actually see Christ or the Father. God spoke to me in this beautiful, masculine voice, not with words but telepathically. It was amazing. God said to me, “I’m here for you, my child. I love you completely. You are my child, and I am your Father.”
Dramatic communication from God while he was a novitiate in a Benedictine monastery and was contemplating suicide.

  Romy NDE  3/9/14 From Australia.  I was watching millions of the pictures of my life’s event, like a movie broken down into picture frames.  All the little deeds, thoughts and moments upon moments, even the ones I forgot ever happened-they were there.  It was such a fascinating sight.  The most curious thing was that the pictures were not connected to one another- they had a gap between them that looked like a string of light.  It looked like they were threaded on this string of light.  My main feelings were equanimity, awe and curiosity.  There was a strong quality of inquiry and inquisitiveness as I was examining everything.  Every time a question came to me, the answer was immediately revealed.  This unfolding of pictures and gaps developed and progressed continuously, presenting a constant delicate consequential line in perfect order, a chain of events, yet somehow they were all happening at once.  The past the present and the future were all happening at once.  It was inspiring to witness the order and sense that all these little pictures seemed to have in “the big picture”.  I felt a lot of compassion.  I was all forgiven.  In fact there was nothing to forgive.  I could see that my life had “perfect order” to it.  In some way it was like watching a mathematical equation or sum that makes perfect sense- such event and such event create this kind of result.  It was a simple portrayal of natural cause and effect with a gentle understanding.  There was no judgment, only innocence.
Exceptional NDE from lady originally from Israel resulting from car accident in India.  Remarkable and detailed comments on life review.  Received information in experience that likely saved her life.

3601.  Carlos K STE  2/23/14 The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could "hear" heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness for which we have no name here on earth because those things do not exist here. I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really "personal" and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: "All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. Never done anything remarkably special. I'm just a regular guy, a normal human. What I have done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?". The moment I finished that thought I was instantly "swallowed up" by this amazing Love. "I" was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God... just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.
Exceptionally profound STE.  Among the most remarkable and detailed STEs ever shared with NDERF.

3596.  Lauren K NDE  2/9/14 I left my body and went into an oar of all white light!  It was totally warm and Peaceful, pure Love emanating through me and around.  At that moment my Grandfather, who had passed away early that year, appeared to me and embraced.  "My darling, you have a decision to make." I knew the decision was to stay or to come back.  At that moment I had a opportunity to view my life.  Ever thing seemed whole and complete, I knew my dog and cat would be taken care of, and I was pretty much willing to go, but I had some questions to be answered.  I asked if there would be anything wrong with me if I chose to come back?  A voice answered "No. The only thing that would show would be the scar of the tracheotomy."
NDE due to trauma as a result of an accident while being towed behind a car in a snow saucer.  Remarkable dialogue about the later need for a tracheotomy (and that she would be OK) if she chose to return to her body, or what her cause of death would be if she chose not to return to her body.

3556. Donald C NDE  1/19/14  After this my gram and him talked and she turned to me and said, "You have to go back."" I think I even surprised myself when I said no, I wanted to stay here." At this point that gram said that would make my family very sad because they love me very much. I said no they don't and was told to look, and as I looked down through what I thought was a television I could see my sister and my brothers trying to revive me. My older sister was digging the mud out of my throat and nose. And I was surprised. I could hear her saying "Donnie breath, Donnie breath, please”, as she slapped my face. Then my gram bent down and while on one knee turned me around and looked me strait in the face. With her hands on my shoulders she said the words that would haunt me..."Donald you've got to go back, but remember... remember You Are Part of Something Very Important!"
Exceptional NDE due to fall from a tree at age 10.

3554. Eruera M NDE  1/5/14  I looked at the grass I could tell it was grass but there was an element present that had been missing for the short duration of my physical existence, that element was love. The grass was me and I was the grass, the grass was aware of me, and I had just become aware of the grass. Another example was when I looked around, when I say I looked around, it wasn't as if I turned and looked, because I was already looking, I looked around at the trees and made a conscious decision to look at the trees because there was an aura of warmth and care emanating from that direction. When I looked at the trees again they were aware of me, exuding from the trees was love and acceptance.
Exceptional NDE due to injury during rugby game at age 15.

3553. Gillian M NDE  1/5/14  My next recollection is being in a vast, seemingly endless, space filled with brilliant white light.  I recall no limits on perception - no binocular vision, but panoramic/spherical/360 - hard to describe.   I spent what  seemed like a long time - certainly not minutes, hours, or days.  More like weeks, months, eons.  Time was meaningless.  I was with a group of beings that I felt I had known for a very long time.   Seems like more than 12 and less than 25.   I have a vague recollection of having my Earthly experiences ""downloaded"", and having a great reunion with these beings, and a great period of relaxation/recuperation.   Communication was non-verbal and instantaneous.  It involved relaying entire occurrences, concepts, and events with associated emotions, not just words and sentences.  Eventually a consensus was reached that I should return to the the life I had left as it was unfinished.  I don't recall how I appeared, but recall how the other beings appeared as I departed from them - Brilliant jewel bright points of scintillating light.
NDE due to cardiac arrest in a physician.  Extensive and interesting discussion about the NDE.

3523. Sarah W Probable NDE  11/23/13 It was a male's voice. His voice soothing and calming. It was the perfect pitch and music to my ears. I was going over in my mind what I always had. Why won't God protect me? I heard "He will" I said "He will?!!" He said "Yes." With each answer I could feel the weight of worry come off my spirit. You like the saying the weight of the world on your shoulders? I said "Why won't God stick up for me? He told me it was all temporary, the things I was dealing with. I told him I didn't do all those things I was being accused of. But, no one would believed me. He said "I believe you." I said "You do?" I can't tell you how great it felt to have someone believe me. I was still staring out onto Earth. It was so close to where I was. I was in awe of the size and colors.
Exceptional probable NDE at age 14.  Epic experience in the unearthly realms and with Jesus with answers to her deepest life questions.  By classification rules this is a ‘Probable NDE’, but what you read here is the real thing.

3521. Yazmine S NDE  From New Zealand.  It was in and with everyone and everything. It had always been in and with everything.  It was/is, Truth and Love and Compassion and Joy and All. This Goldenness held all information.  It was the One Mind. It contained the creation of all of everything ever created.  I felt, experienced, everything that has ever been and ever shall be. All is simultaneously occurring. There is no past or future. It all just IS. There is no way to describe the immaculate beauty of this experience, though every day for the last 35 years I wish I could find a way. Bliss, is a mere descriptive word, yet does not give to you what I wish I could, but yes bliss is close, sort of.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss following miscarriage. 

3519. Lisa T NDEs
Three exceptional NDEs at ages 10, 19, and 40 due to head injury, drowning, and cardiac arrest during medical procedure.  Remarkable insights!

3452. Joan LH NDE  
9/17/13  I went from being in my body to being in a place of absolute Love.  I can only describe it like being in a swimming pool, but even my body was filled with this Loving.  I was one with it, but also apart from it.  I was still me, but I was far more than me.  I was one with everything - and it was ALL good.  I did hear beautiful music, but it wasn't like our music.  The music itself was part of me, but I don't think I was singing.  It was more like it was just part of me and I was part of it, but it was much more than just me.  I felt weightless and free - absolutely free.  I was enfolded in this Loving, and was part of it too.  There was not one single part of me, or part of anything else, that was not love. Individuals did not exist in the same way as we do here. I was still me, but I was also part of The Loving.  I simply KNEW things without hearing a single spoken word. I WAS love. I KNEW religions had it wrong, all religions. There is no way rules and judgment could low from THIS. They made it all so complicated when really it was very easy.  There IS only Love and we're all part of it.  There is NO way we cannot be loved - no matter what.  We ARE love. 
Exceptional NDE due to complication of spinal anesthetic.  Contributor is a nurse.

. Dr. Bell C NDE  
7/28/13 From Hong Kong.  I was captivated by how the cognitive experiences of our body differed from that of the soul. Whilst our body is connected to the surrounding world through the five senses, our body relies on sensory cell to detect the outside stimuli, and make the mapping to a particular group of regions within the brain where the signals were received and interpreted, such as images and smell. In contrast, the soul does not require sensory cell to connect to the universe at all. Instead, it works in a way similar to telepathy. In that different state, my vision and hearing actually followed my changing mind. In other words, I saw and heard what I thought about. I was in active rather than passive cognitive processes. My perceptions were no longer restricted by any physical object or distance, because in that state I comprehended things through its basic forms similar to energy. That was a brand new cognitive experience to me.
Non-Western NDE from a PhD Psychologist.

3367. Deborah W NDE  6/4/13 & 11/17/13 All I know is that I was floating, upward for a while, then just forward and there was so much to look at. I was very warm and comfortable and felt pure love and joy at being there. The path I floated down had magnificent columns of undulating soft pastel colors. Columns from far below to higher than I could see. There was an underlying music all around me. The music of the vibration of color? I felt as though I was heading for the sun, but there was no glare and the temperature was perfect. I realized I was in Heaven.
NDE due to ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.

3399. Mukurarinda D NDE  7/28/13 From Rwanda.  I went and entered that room and found there Jesus Christ. He welcomed me in his office and had me sit before him while in between was a small table. Before anything, he stretched out a file with some written papers and he started to read everything I had done on earth till the time I ascended to heaven. Then He closed the file and asked me:'' Do you agree to have done this while on earth?'' I accepted all. While reading them, it was like a video or like you are doing it that moment, there is no way to reject whatsoever. He told me:'' I want you to go back on earth; there is something I want you to do, after you will finish it you will come back here in heaven and live here forever.''
NDE in Rwanda at age 17.  Contributor became a missionary.

3389. Garry R NDE  7/14/13  As I passed out I exited my body and found myself floating in the center of the room. I was aware of the entire room, my stuck body, and the surroundings within and without the house. I was also aware of a sort of shimmering fog that surrounded the area and that was growing more distinct and substantial by the moment.  While I felt very calm and very peaceful I was also aware of a sense of very real urgency in that, if I did not get help soon I would not be able to get back. I was aware of my sister playing outside in the yard with our friends and I moved out through the second story window and down into yard. I positioned myself just inches from my sister's face. I knew that I could not make any sound, and though I could hear my sister's thoughts I could feel a resistance like a heavy wool blanket between us preventing me from communicating with her. Somehow I knew to focus my attention in the mental equivalent of a shout in the hope that it would pierce that resistance.
NDE at age 9 due to suffocation.  Interesting apparent communication with 4 year old sister while in OBE that saved his life.  Remarkable observations on OBE state.

3379. Bolette L NDE  6/20/13  From Denmark.  Original in Danish, translated to English by RuniEverything was sharper and I could focus on it when I wanted to, colors were clearer and vibrant. My field of view was all around. It was so beautiful and all the colors were unearthly beautiful. I was so happy and calm during all of my near-death experience.  I have hearing loss in my life, I did not have that in death, and I could hear much better than ever in my life. I had no trouble with my hearing; the sounds were beautiful and melodic. The conversations I had with others did not take place with sound, but rather with telepathy. I was completely filled with emotions, such as great joy; deep, deep love; comfort; gratitude; freedom; ‘EVERYTHING is as it should be’ feeling; All is well… 
Amazing NDE where she met her future son.

3337. Robert N NDEs    1/5/2016 and 5/5/13.  NDEs 6712/7869.    There is no anger in heaven, there is no hate, there is no violence but that does not mean there are no misunderstandings. Does that mean that that particular soul does not want to see you or talk to you? No, not at all, you can have the opportunity to sit with that soul and other higher level Angels to find a solution to the challenges you two may have. You can discuss and ask questions about why they may have done certain things that affected you in a dramatic way. Perhaps there is an explanation we did not see on earth that would make sense now that we are in heaven again. This may sound strange but you must remember we are not perfect and we must grow our souls to become close to GOD and to achieve a high status in Heaven. We have lifetimes upon lifetimes to learn and to grow. Unfortunately there are times when we are not able to secure this meeting since the other soul has chosen to return to earth to relearn or learn a new task.  
Remarkable NDEs (3) due to cardiac arrest.

3304. Jeffery O NDE  3/31/13  I left my body at the scene of the accident and visited another realm of light where I was told by my own deceased wife that I must return to my oldest son who also survived the accident. As I returned to my body I had profound experiences with the living people I encountered. All judgment was lost as I saw others for who they really are through God's eye's.
Profound NDE due to car crash.  Encountered wife and son who died in the same car crash (shared NDE).

3291. Robyn NDE  3/14/13  I became ONE with ALL IN EXISTENCE, yet, I had a firm knowing that I was me. ALL was okay, all was LOVE, the purpose of human life is solely for experience and expansion. I was ONE with the doctor, the nurses, my Mom down the hall, the equipment, the sound of the flat line, and all the space in between. I could have raised the doctor's arm up if I wanted to... but here's the important thing: I had zero desire to manipulate his free will. None. But I knew I was capable of controlling the entire situation, it just wasn't in my best interest for me to do so. They were me and I was them.
Profound and exceptional NDE due to overdose of anesthesia.  This is a must read!

3265. Gustave P STE  2/9/13 The soul, or our consciousness, is *in* all things and *is* all things. I wasn't seeing, so much as I was *being* what I wanted to perceive. If I wanted to look at a pine tree, I wasn't actually "seeing" the pine tree, I *was* or *became* the pine tree—from whatever perspective I chose to observe it. I could either see it as a tree or know it at the molecular level. Since *I was* also the tree, there was no limitation to my ability to "perceive" or "know" the tree. In fact, this is a better way of putting it. The soul (or the nub of consciousness that we become one with when we leave our bodies) doesn't "see" things—we "know" things. If we want to see a pine tree, we "know" it. We don't "see" it, as on earth we do with our eyes. Also, concepts like "near" or "far" are meaningless to the "soul" because we are one with all things and all things are one with us. We see distant things with the same perfect clarity as nearby things, because there is no such thing as near or far—those terms are only used to refer to the position of earthly things relative to each other.
Profound Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) while “asleep” at age 11.

3253. Peter N NDE 6584  2/4/13  From Scotland.  I transmitted (communicated) my thought-feeling sense of reverence and thankfulness to this being. It was not necessary for me to do this as it already knew. It did however thank me for this with more love, which I knew it would not have withheld anyway. I surrendered myself to this being, I wanted to be open to this being, I wanted to be so close to this being forever. We united in mutual love. I could not begin to describe the comprehensiveness of this union. There is no union like this in ordinary existence between people on Earth. This is love expressed with no barrier of any form between the direct experience of the love of the other which is now not other. The sensations generated by union in this condition are beyond belief in their scope and in their subtlety. Again, I can only point at it by metaphor.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  Among the most transcendent NDEs ever reported to NDERF.  Very long account, but a must read!

3232 David G ADC  1/14/13   When he was about six to ten feet from the casket, maybe one or two people ahead of him, I saw a bluish-grey mist appear near him and just wrap around him completely.  It was Michelle and she was hugging him in the only way she could… She wrapped herself around him and I heard her say "Oh, Uncle Dave!  I love him so much !!!  I'll be with him forever. You have to tell him that I'll be with him forever and how much I love him."   There is nothing I have ever felt in my human existence that compares with the love I felt between them at that time.  He wasn't aware of it, at least I don't think so. But the love she was expressing was whole and complete and completely wrapped around him in ways no human touch could ever be.
One of the most profound after death communications ever reported.  Stunningly detailed and evidential.  A must read!

3199.  Walter C Experiences 12/1/12 From Canada.  My spirit moved about the shards in admiration for a few moments, and then turned to the 'task' at hand. This body (I felt NO emotional attachment) had been in an accident and I wasn't sure it was still inhabitable. I know that sounds odd, but that was the question in my consciousness... was this body still in tact and could I still 'use' it. My consciousness moved in front of the body and examined it, almost like a scan, from top to bottom. No damage.  SOBE at time of auto accident.  Remarkable observation of shattered glass in air as time stood still.  The feeling while I was floating was not a sensation. There was no 'feeling' of floating, only the fact that I was. I felt empathy and overwhelming compassion for my physical self, but the pain evident within that body was not felt. I 'was' within the room. There was no confinement of body; it was as though I was everywhere and anywhere within the room all at once. For a few moments, I oriented myself with this new freedom, moving about the room and observing the environment from various angles.
Exceptional SOBE that lasted for months following receiving traumatic news.

3169. Kate D NDE 6443. 10/16/12 “Look at me,” his voice was low and gentle. “I can’t,” I squeaked. I was too ashamed and too afraid to move. “You can,” he said in a soothing voice, engendering so much love and trust to me in that moment. He reached over the bench with his hand and gave me his strength. “Look at me,” he urged again. When my shallow and tear-soaked eyes met his, I saw that moment of violation from his view. I saw his heart swell to its brink with torture and pain. I saw the Creator of the Universe cry out with pain. He reached out through time and distance toward me, and took my little hand in his. In that moment of violation, he sent his love and his comfort radiating through my little four year-old body. His giant hand, so full of light and radiance, dwarfed my smallness. We endured that moment together, the Creator and I, both tear-soaked and full of heart wrenching pain. Through my weakness, he gave me His own strength.
NDE due to suicide attempt.  Stunning clash of good and evil in a courtroom.  Epic triumph of hope over tragedy.

3156. Gwen J NDE. 10/6/12 I was sitting next to my daughter when the rock larger than the tour bus fell on the back of the bus where we were seated. My daughter and I were asleep at the time. I knew immediately that I had a pneumo-thorax and would die unless someone recognized it. I also remember my teeth hitting together hard to the point some broke (which is what actually probably caused the concussion)- What I remembered was that I had completely merged again with God. It was a void, darkness, but unconditional love. I was no longer a separate being. I was where I belonged, where I came from. It was perfect. When it was time to return I had to again differentiate from God and become a separate soul again. Yet I was still a part of God. Then I was back on Earth in this physical body.
NDE from physician.  NDE due to rock falling on tour bus that she was in.  Exceptional NDE and also how she lived her life after the experience.

3151. Anna W NDE. 9/30/12 From the Netherlands.   My mother-in-law and grandmother vanished. In their place, beside my bed, my late grandfather appeared, clad in a white coat. (He had been a general practitioner/doctor during his life. However, I had never met him, as he had died when I was seven years old!) He spoke to me and pointed out in centimeters exactly where the three main internal infections were located. He specified their whereabouts in Latin (I don't speak Latin,) along with some other medical details, and then he disappeared.  I immediately re-entered my body, and so I was able to repeat to the emergency surgeon and my husband what my grandfather had just told me. The surgeon made detailed notes on what my grandfather said about where the infections were located.
Exceptional NDE from the Netherlands in English.  Peritonitis following surgery.  Remarkable information from deceased grandfather (who was a doctor) helped surgeon find areas of abdominal infection. 

3110. Roy S NDE. 8/11/12 I have some visual memories of my mother's womb, and of my birth, about which I can remember everything: the nurse, the doctor pulling me out, what the doctor said, what the nurse said, what my mom said. Everything about what I remember is exactly the same as how my mother remembers it. It's hard to believe. But being born from Heaven and not from Earth must have given me an enhanced ability to remember my birth, (and my first birthday, as well.) I could feel my heart beat, and the coldness of the room. When babies cry, it's because the doctor pulls you out. There is a lot of pressure that your head is forced to undergo, and it makes you want to cry. I saw a few pens in his front pocket, and I remember the way my grandmother kept walking in and out of the room. The doctor kept telling her to leave the room, but she kept coming back in. All this was verified by my mother. I know exactly where I was moved to from the room I was born in, too. It all fits what my mother claims.
Remarkable pre-birth & birth remembrance and NDE at age 4.

3107 Karen vDK NDE. 8/11/12 From the Netherlands During the operation of April twenty-third, I was aware of a hugely intense feeling of love and compassion. I travelled through a kind of tunnel. Time didn't exist, and I found myself at a "gate," together with three figures. One of them, I recognized as my grandmother—whom I knew was alive at that time. The other two were other kinds of beings, human-like, but I couldn't identify them. The feeling of harmony, love, and goodness was overwhelming. At one point we were "told" we weren't allowed to pass yet and had to "go back." It wasn't communicated in words, exactly, though. We were both reluctant. I "went back," but my grandmother stayed. The next day, my husband told me that my grandmother had had a stroke and was unconscious and in very serious condition. But I already knew, I said… My grandmother… had a severe stroke during my first experience, and actually died during my second one.
NDEs due to surgical complications.  Remarkable encounter with grandmother in experience at time grandmother had a stroke, and again when grandmother died.  Rare two separate shared death experiences.

3098. Lori E STE/SOBE. 7/28/12 There to my left on a screen was my life. I could see it! Me! I saw and felt all of my choices in this lifetime. There was absolutely NO judgment attached to it. None. I wasn't judging my life, I was simply seeing it. To the right it was dark, dim. I "felt" like the right side was reserved for when I actually did physically die. I would be privy to it then. It contained all the possibilities of all the angles of all the decisions I had made, played out in a different realm. As if, let's say, I had decided not to get married when I did. What my life would have been—and it actually was played out, but not in a physical way. It was still acted out. It was all the "probables" in life. I asked, in thought, or feeling, not with my voice, why I was here. I was told that it was because I had asked to be there. I knew this voice, as it was comforting and familiar and yet I knew it was God. How was that possible? I immediately questioned the voice about its being female. I had always envisioned "God" to be male. I had expected to be greeted in a male voice. I was shocked to hear/feel that I had chosen this voice, because it was MINE! It was MY voice! I suddenly knew that I was part of the universe.
This is a MUST READ.  Among the most remarkable spiritual experiences ever received.  SOBE with stunning spiritual insights.

3007 Victor C Other English expanded version 4/8/12 This experience has shown me something that I would like to attempt to describe in words; what I believe is that while we are in this body, we are equipped with the consciousness that comes with it. The difference between how I view what this consciousness is, in relation to my view of what awareness is, are two different things. Awareness for me is what is behind the consciousness that comes with the functioning of mind and body. The awareness behind it however is of a much broader, infinite nature. The thoughts that we all have in our consciousness appear to be a constant stream that is continuous and linear in nature. However, upon intense concentration on what is an iota of time between our thoughts, I believe that what I have experienced was a gateway leading out of consciousness and into the hidden spectrum of pure awareness that lies beyond- . It was kind of like this; I wasn't thinking but if I did think, I would become what I was thinking. Therefore, I dared not think about anything because that would have meant that I would have manifested out of total awareness and bliss. Being in this state was beyond bliss, you want to stay there and not do anything to disturb it.
Among the most remarkable and inspiring meditation experience that we have ever received.

3006 Natalie S NDE English expanded version 4/8/12 Having agreed, I moved to another vibrational location where healing would be performed on my physical body. From this location, I could see my physical body in the truck, head propped up by my right hand, elbow resting on the door handle exactly as I’d left it. I could also see my body as an energy matrix. Reading from both those levels simultaneously, I could tell that my right hand was nearly severed at the wrist, my right foot and ankle were badly mangled, and I had a deep wound in my right torso. There was a large hole in my head: I was missing one eye, the frontal sinus, and a portion of my brain.  Some energy beings and I worked together, quickly repairing the body, primarily working through the matrix. The injuries weren’t entirely healed, as some were to be of use in situating me for tasks I had agreed to perform or things that I wanted to experience as a whole infinite Self.
Exceptional NDE as a result from a roadside bomb in Iraq.  Remarkable account of healing and spiritual wisdom. 

2995.  Laura M NDEs English expanded version 3/31/12 ‘You are a Child of God ‘, He Said ,’and God Is Love-- I see you Purely as Love.’ There Was No judgment only Love coming from Him.. In order for Me to Understand this However I Needed to Forgive myself & Realize that I was a Part of Devine Love. Though the Atonement this was made possible.. ( Very difficult to explain).. I only know I remember Nothing I saw in my life review-- only the ‘memory of having one remains’ and of that Only The Love!  My surroundings were then brought into Focus as I became aware of a Flower. A magnificent Flower.. Rather like a perfect Gerber Daisy Glowing in Brilliant Orange Hued colors And it Was Alive And it was Loving Me! In Amazement I turned again to Him in Wonderment And Awe .. Exclaiming ‘ This Flower is Loving Me, I Can Feel It.’  ‘Everything, ‘ He said ‘was Made in Love For You’!
Two NDEs.  Relatively brief one early in life due to post partum hemorrhage which was frightening.  Stunningly transcendent second NDE due to shock from allergic reaction to blood transfusion.  Features an epic argument with Jesus.

2969.  Cherie B NDE English expanded version 3/1/12 While resuscitation techniques were being applied, my doctor rushed to get some type of life support system in place to keep blood circulating to my organs. But my heart did not restart. It was no longer beating. All of my organs were failing. I was eventually transferred from one hospital to a another where the medical tests show there was no left or right ventricle or atrial movement in my heart. I had arrived at the new hospital with no heartbeat… I was made aware that my body would heal and that it was safe for me to return to my body… It was clarified that we are not alone. We are always surrounded by loving beings when we cross over and even now in this existing dimension. I know that we are always safe and protected. And I know that no matter what our circumstances, who we are perceived as or judged by the world, or what we have done in this lifetime, that we are all pure love. It’s as simple as that. And we are all here to remind each other of our pure essence and what we can create in this 3-dimensional world through love and co-creating. I learned that we are all one in the same sharing different experiences. 
Stunningly transcendent NDE due to very prolonged cardiac arrest.

2965.  Isabel R NDE English expanded version 2/25/12 The voice reminded me of the vision I had had of my husband and son in funeral clothes.  He said if I didn't go back to them, I would disrupt some "plan".  The plan would be repaired and everything would eventually be ok, so I could go ahead if I wanted.  The consequences of my untimely demise would be that my husband and son would suffer in ways I could not imagine and I would know that these sufferings were because of my selfish decision not to go back.  I would know this throughout eternity.  It would not be a huge sadness for me to bear, more like a prick of conscience that could never be totally healed.  No big deal, unless you consider how long eternity is.
Exceptional NDE due to ruptured fallopian tube and internal bleeding.

2932.  Jean R NDE 6166 English expanded version 1/18/12 I then went through a life review. It was all about my relationships with others in this review.  During this, I felt what they felt in my relationship with them.  I felt their love or their pain or their hurt, by things I had done or said to them.  Their hurt or pain made me cringe and I found myself thinking, ""Oooh, I could have done better there.""  But most of what I felt was love, so it was not too bad. No one was judging me during this process.  I felt no disapproval from anyone else...only my own reactions to it all.  That feeling of unconditional love saturating me continued to be there.  I was judging myself, but no one else was judging me in this review… The first question I asked was, "What is the right religion?"  I was told, "They all are.  Each religion is a pathway trying to reach the same place."  I was shown a mountain, with each religious group trying to reach the top...separated from each other by distance...but each one was trying to get to the same place.  I was then told that people choose to be born into whichever religion or group that will help them achieve the lessons they are sent here to learn.  I was told that the earth is like a big school, a place where you can apply spiritual lessons learned and test yourself, under pressure, to see if you can actually "live" what you already know you should do.
Exceptional NDE due to toxic shock syndrome.  Remarkable experiences- a must read!

2930.  Pegi R NDE English expanded version 1/18/12 They were all standing, except one in the middle, up front—he was sitting. That was God. God spoke to me, and I replied to him. I was rude and disrespectful. I started screaming that I didn't want to be there and didn't want to stay. I was very angry. I told him I have young sons at home that need me. I screamed, "I won't go!" Then God let me know, through thought, that I may be trying to get my way, but, basically, I was not the boss there. So I humbled myself before him, and asked him to look into the future—and, I said, "If my sons would be better off without me, I will agree to stay." But if they wouldn't be, I begged to go back to take care of them. Then I saw them—my sons at home, being raised by their dad without me there. They were so sad and alone. He had a girlfriend and she didn't love them the way I loved them, and they missed me terribly. I was so sad and I longed to comfort them. I then asked God, "Who else will teach them about you?"
Exceptional NDE due to ectopic pregnancy and internal bleeding. Another NDE from drowning.

2927.  Sue C NDE English expanded version 1/18/12  Slowly, one...then two....then four...and on, stars lit up in my vision. They were far away, very tiny. They twinkled white at first, then as they grew in number and I felt I was getting closer, there were colors. Colors I have never seen, colors I love, colors I am familiar with. At first it was like looking at the sky, but as became one with this sea, it was more like a translucent river of stars and colors, they would breathe and undulate. They seemed to be as one. They all interacted together like an ocean, with a tide, with waves...rising and falling lazily in space. I became aware of my place among them, I floated and relaxed. The most important thing in this place was the feeling of bliss. I can only describe it as the feeling that comes right after climax, that unique relief and relaxation where nothing in the world matters. The only thing different about this was the feeling never waned, it stayed constant. It was the feeling of falling asleep on a summer's day on a hammock in the light of a warm sun. It was the feeling of drawing your child close to you out of love. It was the feeling of seeing a loved one for the first time in a long time. It was all good feelings, and it was ever present in this place.  I felt like I would stay in this place for eternity. …I awoke to being resuscitated, surrounded by relieved medical staff and my family.
Exceptional NDE due to accident at age 17.

2925.  Marilyn R NDE English expanded version 1/8/12  Suddenly I felt someone pick me up in their arms and I was surrounded by light and I looked in the smiling face of a man who said his name was Jesus he told me not to be frightened he was here to take me back. He had shoulder length brown hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing leather sandals on his feet with straps that went between his toes and tied around his ankles. He had on a long white gown with long gig sleeves with a long light blue tunic over it. There was a gold color rope tied around his waist. His voice was very soft and kind almost musical and I felt a feeling of pure love and complete safety and trust.  As we were walking up the stairs I noticed that the left side of the wall was still basement wall but the right side of the wall disappeared and in its place was a beautiful garden full of long grass and wild flowers. I could hear birds singing and there were butterflies flying. I could see little children playing and chasing little lambs and I could hear their laughter.
Exceptional NDE due to strangulation at age 6.

2922.  Jill D NDE English expanded version 12/31/11 When I stepped into the liquid, all that was "Jill" disappeared.  "I" no longer existed �� and yet, "I" was still there.  I was the essence of … life, I guess.  I don't know what else to call it.  I was conscious of my surroundings -- I had joined with all the other consciousness in the pool and had become one with it.  I "knew" all other life in the pool; I was "one with everything.  I was home.  My personal identity disappeared but my essence continued to exist…  This wasn't frightening at all, however.  Instead, it felt like I was truly myself, like when I get out of a shower, after having cleaned myself off.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.

2916.  Camryn L NDE English expanded version 12/30/11  I was losing too much blood to remain conscious and I was too light headed to comprehend how dangerous my situation was… I was bathed in bliss and harmony, I felt more love than I could even imagine and every thing emanated positive energy, affection, every single positive word in the dictionary could not capture the feeling of eternal bliss that I felt.  I then thought about music and I was instantly in an enormous concert hall and I was like an air particle in this beautiful theater and my (dead) Uncle Sydney was playing the piano with Arthur Rubenstein and Leonard Bernstein and my uncle looked up at me and smiled and winked.  he looked SO happy and content and I was really happy to see him playing because that is what he always loved to do the most and he looked so vibrant, not like he did when he died.  I then thought about otters and suddenly I was swimming with otters, but I wasn't wet or cold.  I remember thinking I should be cold and wet, but I wasn't.  The otters were very playful with me and kind of helped me swim with them.  They kept looking back at me to see if I was keeping up with them.
Exceptional NDE due to blood loss with remarkably transcendent experiences.

2855.  Barbara W NDE E101211 English expanded version 10/15/11 & 11/7/12  I took in a small breath of water and it was not at all what I had expected it to feel like.  I thought I would have choked and gagged but instead I felt relief.  I opened my mouth and hungrily swallowed down more water.  It seemed the more water I swallowed the more peaceful I felt. The next thing I remember is looking up and seeing a bright white light coming out of the center of my chest going upward toward the surface of the water top.  I was now looking down at my lifeless body feeling no pain or attachment to it.  I looked like a mannequin with my blond hair fanned out around my head.  My arms were floating in a relaxed position at my sides and my legs were still standing with my feet planted in the mud.  I looked like a life size doll. I felt totally disconnected from my body and at peace with everything in the Universe.  I was not the least bit scared. 
Several NDEs including a childhood drowning NDE and an NDE with Jesus.

2834.  Donna NDE English expanded version 9/25/11  I thought, “Wow, it’s all over, I’m going to die now” and suddenly and seamlessly I was over my body up near the ceiling. I looked down at the young woman on the bed, being killed and raped, and felt sorry for her, but had no emotional connection to her. It was like my body belonged to someone else. I was surprised at how comfortable I was, and how easy it was to die. It all happened within a couple of minutes. I said to myself, “Huh, I thought that one was supposed to last longer”, and headed up in a light cloud. It felt so perfect. I felt like I was going home and I felt comfortable and joyous with no doubts at all. It was like every cell of my body was happy and light and felt right and I have never felt so accepted.  I started rising rapidly which was weird because I don’t remember seeing any roofs but I must have been far over my house. I didn’t care about my family, friends, beloved pets, or my murderer; I just wanted to float in my light of happiness and go home.
NDE from criminal attack.  Remarkable apparent life-saving Divine intervention, and apparent hellish NDE immediately following in her attacker (the attacker’s second hellish NDE).

2816.  Tracy D NDE English expanded version 9/10/11 He looked so perfect and so at peace. I can't really describe how awesome and calm and perfect he looked. When he passed he was all gray beard and mustache , 73 years old. As he appeared before me he was much younger (in his prime with thick wavy bright deep red hair as he had when he was younger, only much more vivid and intense. Any imperfection or flaw he had was sculptured, chiseled away to a smooth perfection. HE LOOKED PERFECT, BEAUTIFUL AND CONSUMED WITH PEACE AND JOY AND OVERFLOWING WITH UNDERSTANDING AND LOVE.. I COULD GO ON AND ON.... WE VISITED FOR WHAT SEEMED LIKE HOURS.  (afterward I discovered I had been without a heartbeat for 1 min and 14 seconds ) WE LAUGHED AND HUGGED AND CRIED ( AND EVERYTHING WORKED...NO FREEZING OF LIMBS ,...NO INABILITY TO MOVE..) and then he hopped down off his post and turned on the ocean floor and started to walk away. I jumped up and said..."DAD... HEY,... WAIT A MINUTE " AND BEGAN TO FOLLOW HIM AND IT WAS AT THAT MOMENT HE STOPPED, TURNED AROUND SMILED THIS HUGE HEARTWARMING AND INDESCRIBABLE SMILE AND SAID..." NO SON , YOU GOTTA GO BACK . THEY'RE FIXING YOU, ITS NOT YOUR TIME."
Remarkable NDE.  Met deceased father- contributor had to make a difficult decision to end life support for his father.  His father directly addresses this.  A must read for anyone who has struggled with end of life decisions for a loved one.

2776. Cate NDE English expanded version 7/30/11  I felt the presence of my deceased grandfather. I don't remember everything that was said, but basically I remember that it was revealed that I could move on if I wanted to, but once I reached the light I would not be able to return to my body. He did not want my life to end, though, because I still had some important lessons to be learned in this lifetime. He said that after I learned what I needed to about love that it would be my time to go. I have a chronic illness and this last year I have narrowly avoided death five times. My illness almost claimed me three times, I was also crossing the street when I felt an unseen force push me backwards out of the path of an incoming car, and last of all I nearly fell off a cliff. He said that it was no accident that my life I had been spared each one of those times. And what I need to learn in this life is so vital that I really need to go back.
NDE due to apparent medication reaction.  Remarkable for awareness her life had been saved multiple times in her earthly life.  Remarkable also for awareness of two men who died in a car accident- she became aware of and confirmed details of the accident.

2772.  Paul P NDE English expanded version 7/23/11  They transferred me to critical care and the heart specialist came. My heart rate went up to 300 beats per minute and stayed that way for 5 hours. The lights were glaring overhead and I could not fight any more. I left my body and went up a tunnel toward a beautiful golden light. I was in the presence of a spiritual being, Jesus.  He told me that it was not time for me to stay and that I would go back, that my mom needed me. He told me other things that I cannot remember. I remember seeing a baby, I remember being in the hospital room but not in my body and knowing it at the time. I was no longer sick or scared. It was very peaceful and I knew I would be okay and when I returned to my body I felt stronger and I got well… I told my mother about it when I was very young and able to communicate.
NDE due to congenital heart problem at age 7 weeks.  One of the earliest age NDE ever recorded.

2766.  Sue D NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  From France.  Then somebody spoke to me in a loud voice. It was my dad. He said I had to go back because my mission wasn't over yet. I fell back into my body in bed with a great sadness.  My soul was totally sad and I could not explain what had just happened to me.  I remember getting up out of bed and wondering if I was going to die. The next morning I found out that my dad was in ICU and had had a massive heart attack he pulled through and lived for 4 more years after that. He by some uncanny transfer enabled me to live a NDE without going through the death stuff for particular reasons. Just the experience.
Remarkable account of an apparent NDE at the time her father had a severe heart attack.  She was not aware her father was having a heart attack, and he was a continent away from her. 

2764.  Joanie S NDE English expanded version 7/10/11  I found myself in what I now think of as a previous life. I smelled smoke from a fire I was near and saw others around me. I looked into another woman eyes and I knew her immediately as the woman I called my grandmother in this life. I knew our lives had "danced" around each other since time began. She was once my mother and once my sister. She was my aunt and several times my cousin. The life that was being shown to me now was a prehistoric time when we lived winters by a creek cave and summers we had a camp in the woods where we foraged. Looking down I realized I had a child in my arms and the woman I knew in so many lives was chatting at me to cover the child to keep it warm and then showed me how to tie the wraps around me to carry the child while we collected wood. 
Exceptional NDEs.  First NDE due to seizure during delivery.  Remarkable description of past life in prehistoric time.  Second NDE is shared NDE. Due to blood loss during surgery.  The child she was losing at this time said that they would be back soon- and her sister-in law became pregnant what she recognized as her lost child very shortly later.

2758.  Andrew J NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 I am told that I was dead on the operating room table for 3 minutes during brain surgery to correct life-threatening damage to head… The Lord then spoke and said "Your father spoke to me earlier and did not wish you to die. I granted his wish." I conversed more with the Lord and my father...this portion isn't something I remember what we talked about but I get the hazy sense that it was just as if we were talking things over and they were both consoling me.  My memory picks back up at the point where I expressed my anxiety at returning to life. I think I said "Well, I'd like to get back down and check on Daniel" and I gave my father and the Lord a parting hug. I still remember the hugs well, for when I gave the Lord a hug, he whispered into my ear as I was transported back, "You will not remember everything we spoke about, but don't worry, you'll remember what you need to know in life when the time is right and you will remember it all when you cross heaven's threshold once again."
Exceptional NDE due to accident.  Shared death experience- his father had died in accident, and was with the Lord in heavenly realm.  His father had asked that the contributor not die, and the Lord granted his wish.

2754.  Carol J NDE English expanded version 7/4/11 Following behind us were two teeny tiny Cherubs, very small, had wings, short curly hair, naked, neither sex, one solid pink and one solid purple. It was like they were trying to keep me entertained and they did. I was trying to catch or touch them with much laughter and giggles.  They were fluttering around us like humming birds.
NDE at age 6 months due to unknown illness.  Shared 67 years later.

2662. Nilda P NDE English expanded version  4/5/11  From Brazil.  Original in Portuguese, translated to English by C. Rodrigues He said: I am going to show you some things. Then, in the distance, I saw a globe that looked like the moon during an eclipse. He said:  That is the Earth, and I saw many points of light in the globe. Then He said: in every point of light there is someone praying, if all the people on  Earth could pray, it would look like that, and the Earth became illuminated as the sun. But so is not and the globe darkened again.
Remarkable NDE!

2658. Denise NDE English expanded version  3/28/11 At that moment he shared his name, "John". As we moved he also shared with me what was happening. The following is a reiteration of his words. "Everyone has choices. Everyone has free will. How this interacts in your life, and death, and with others, is all by choice. The girl who came here at the same time as you. If the ambulance driver takes a different road to the scene, if someone decides to move her and doesn't know what they are doing and cause more damage, if her internal organs are too crushed by the accident by speed and timing, she will stay here. You are laying in your sons bedroom.  Your one neighbor was given the responsibility to check on you. it is her choice. Her free will. Will she find you? Will she decide to take a shower first and be too late? Each of us always hangs in a balance, by decisions. Not only by our own actions, but by the free will and actions of others." He finished, "I need to tell you, your neighbor is entering your home. She will find you. You will be going back."
Exceptional NDE due to illness, and a must read.  Remarkable apparent shared NDE with person unknown to her.  Remarkable encounter with ‘John’ with discussion of free will.  Later mystical experience led to identification of who John was.

2626. Cynthia H NDE English expanded version 3/2/11 At that time He told me I could ask Him seven questions and He would have to answer them. I said really? He said that's one.  I then said You mean if I ask you something but don't mean it you will count it? He said that's two…  I then asked Him one that all of us kids were asking, and we heard a lot of grown ups asking.  I know you love me and all life, but if you really love all of us continuously without end, then how can You send people to hell throughout eternity?  He said Cindy I do love all life without end. Some people chose to go to hell, I have already forgiven them; but they must forgive themselves… I asked if there is just one religion that will make it into heaven?  He said all who believe and have faith, even those who don’t outwardly think they do.  It depends on their hearts.
NDE at age 12 due to a pinealoma (a tumor of the pineal gland, located in the central part of the brain).  Exceptional NDE, including interaction with God, who allowed her to ask seven questions which were answered.

2588.  Renee M NDE English expanded version  1/30/11 & 4/14/13  I was almost instantaneously after the feeling of floating upward into this massive soft, Loving  intriguingly beautiful bright light that  transformed me and sucked me into its magical atmosphere "merged with God" I instantly became all knowing. I became a part of the creator itself. I had no known memory of the feelings of separation of anything.  This may be hard for most to understand but I had been there before. You can never be saturated from yourself and death is an Earth created illusion and illness. Come back where?  I never left.  This is a dimensional world that has levels and planes.  Dimensional  frequencies that can be moved higher, lower, brighter, slower, faster designed into manifestation thus leading us to other planes and different dimensions of existence.
NDE due to motorcycle accident.  Remarkable spiritual insights.

2555. Jean K NDE 4964 English expanded version  1/1/11 As I looked out at this most beautiful sight of stars, planets, and the great radiant and loving Light, I saw tiny trails of blue, pink and green lights traveling across the expanse of darkness toward the Great Light. I wondered what they were, and instantly I had the information that they were prayers from people seeking the Light. They were very beautiful, and once they reached the Light, they were absorbed into it. Then larger trails of white light traveled from the Great Light outward.  I knew that these were answers to prayers. I just wanted to watch the traveling of the lights, be warmed by the Light and enjoy the beautiful view. The Light turned a magnificent blue and rolled toward me like an ocean wave. It was not really close to me, but nevertheless I could see the image of Jesus within the blue wave. Love poured out upon me, like warm water. Jesus looked just like he did on the poster in my Sunday School class.  I had the thought that if I had been a Buddhist, perhaps he would look like Buddha, and I was told, "That is right. God appears in a familiar form."
Exceptional NDE due to respiratory arrest from bronchitis.

2386.  Amy C NDE 4720 English expanded version  10/9/10  I did not have an experience of seeing 'God' as an "old man in a big white robe, sitting on a throne," although, that was the most prominent image I might have held in my mind, formerly.  At NDE, 'God' was the Mind, or maybe I'd say, "The Order" in all things.. 'God' felt to be the Supreme Highest Vibration and Frequency, that felt like more of an ESSENCE than an old man, to me.  It was all around and in everything.  And 'God' no longer felt male to me.  I didn't sense a gender, if there was one.  The idea of that just seemed silly to from the Other Side.  God was just all that is beautiful and peaceful and One, and all that is Good. 
NDE due to allergic reaction.  Among the most profound NDEs ever shared with NDERF.  This one is recommended to be read by everyone!

2366.  Justin U NDE English expanded version  9/26/10 From the UK I moved quickly to an warm and absolute feeling of love and light. On the way though to it I was stopped. Some beings both what seemed like beings of light and love, and some family members who had passed away were in a semi circle and I stopped just before them. They looked (the family members) as they did on earth but where not material and all had much light, calmness and serenity about them. I saw my Aunty who died at age 7 one year before I was born. I described to family members the exact clothes, and certain jewelry she had on the day she died, which was confirmed. It was impossible to have this information without seeing it. They seemed to be welcoming me. The beings of light with them seemed not to have ever been in an material body. They could be described as angels. However they had no wings but I can understand where that comes from in history. The love radiating from their hearts was so powerful and large it surrounded their upper body almost like wings. 
NDE from auto accident.

2321.  Stanley P NDE English expanded version  9/11/10 One by one the souls were pulled into the physical universe but there seemed to be a voluntary nature to the participation. This was an extremely interesting experience since I witnessed everything from the beginning, formation of stars, etc. But as the physical universe evolved and as my soul was pulled into the universe I seemed to focus on just the Earth, but saw and experienced it on a micro level, having simultaneous, complete knowledge of every bit of earth especially of any living thing, including the smallest microbes in the soil or ocean. It's difficult now to remember the feeling of being simultaneously aware of every living thing. Along with the total history of the earth I saw and experienced my little part in it, thus seeing my own life and death. After I died in the experience my soul floated in space above the earth and even though I was back to being a soul, it seemed to have the form of my naked body. As earlier in the experience, my soul had the godlike quality of omniscience and I think therefore omnipresence. However, as I floated in space I slowly became aware that I was gripping something in my hand. At first I tried to ignore it but eventually I found I couldn't open my hand to see what I was holding. At that point I was "informed" by "God" that I was still tied to the physical world and had to go back.
NDE from going unconscious.  Amazing universal experience!

2301.  Teri R NDE  English expanded version  8/10/10  Then I emerged from the tunnel into an indescribable place of peace and tranquility.  There was the most beautiful Being of White Light there.  With the level of understanding I had at the time, I saw that he took on an image so that I could relate and feel comfortable but that his true essence was Light and Love.  He appeared to me as an older man with long gray hair and a beard.  But what stood out above anything else was that he loved me unconditionally.  The feeling of being in his presence was something that felt like I was "home"-in a sense that I had never known.  I saw that my true essence was also this energy of love but as he reviewed my life with me, I received the understanding that I was the one who removed myself from the benefits and bliss of love by the anger I felt over some experiences I had had growing up.  I saw how important it is to project feelings of love instead of the energy I was projecting through my emotions and feelings about life.
NDE due to auto accident.

2114.  Kathleen B DBV English expanded version  2/2/10 I began telling my grandfather that it was okay to let go and God would take care of him and to go toward God when I felt like I was being pulled toward a great bright light.  Not a harsh light but a light filled with warmth and peace.  I remember feeling and seeing my grandfather's had in mine and him telling me he was scared and he needed me with him.  It was bizarre as I was not dead or dying but I was having this feeling as if my spirit/body was being pulled toward the light at the same time as my grandfather was.  The light got brighter and then enveloped us. We were standing in a place that was illuminated but not with regular light or lamps or candles and there were other people there but I could not make out who they were nor was I frightened or surprised to see them.  My grandfather was on my left and we were still holding hands.
Exceptional experience of transitioning with her dying grandfather into the afterlife.  These types of experiences, along with shared NDEs, are among the strongest evidence that what happens in NDEs is what happens at the time of permanent, irreversible death.

2187.  Viva T NDE English expanded version  4/6/10 Then there was One of incredible dimension, brightness, beauty, majesty.... As I was drawn toward (combined with earnest choice) could see complex shapes and colors (words don't describe-have tried to draw) and dimensions where the colors and shapes were overlaid one on another (like translucent immense precious stones fitted together to form a complex multi-doesn't describe-dimensional impression of a Most Loving Being that drew me to Him, invited me in, and pointed the Way to the Light.  ALL wisdom and love was conveyed via unheard thought transmission from that Being (Jesus?).  That light was a yet far distant point that I immediately (in combination again of will and being drawn) directly my self to with all earnestness with the conscious goal of uniting with that light (or perish?).  As I approached, the light grew larger, brighter, compelling until I was suddenly thrust into it (beyond a sense of boundary) with indescribable speed.
NDE described by Nurse with a PhD.

2108.  Dea M NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 The colors got more intense and more detailed, turning into patterns and textures and weaving of both color and sound.  While I knew that this was not of our world, it all seemed natural and without need for explanation.  At some point I understood the essence of creativity and was given the "joy stick" of my own imagination so to speak, to create my own visions.  It was amazing what ever I thought became vision, and swirled around me in its own reality.  I realized my unlimited potential as a human, I realized the unlimited ability to feel love, I knew that I was being held in that "love" and I knew that this was the forever-ness of that love. I knew what it was like to LOVE the way that God loves, and when that happened my "heart" opened and I could feel my soul touching that of the unseen creator, I knew that "God" does exist and we are a part of it all.
Exceptional NDE due to car accident.  Perhaps the most dramatic description of colors ever.

2104.  Beth B NDE English expanded version  2/2/10 The entire experience felt like I was in a higher level of awareness than I had ever been.  This event is crystal clear in my memory and has always been… Experience was definitely real           When my Grandmother visited and I told her about the man I thought was my grandfather, she listened and then pulled out this picture of him (he was 65 when he died). It was the same man I had visited, but much younger.  He didn't say this to me, but I said something to my Grandmother that convinced her that I had seen him -- it was strange, but I remembered to tell her that the key was behind the stove.  She had lost her clock key, and that's where she found it.
NDE due to drowning at age 7 ½.  Shared 53 ½ years later.

2099.  William M NDE English expanded version  2/1/10 I went to sleep while driving. Then I was aware that we were out of our bodies & quickly flying up toward space, holding hands. we flew straight up for a minute or so when we started to see a park or countryside-like landscape. It seemed to be in twilight, sort of dark, but we could see trees, bushes, etc. Suddenly, we were intercepted  by 4 creatures. They seemed about ten feet in height & were invisible, but we could see a vague humanoid outline (my best description would be like the invisibility effect in the movie "predator" which I saw some years later. Two flanked each of us and began to gently separate us. They overwhelmed us with a feeling of the highest love & compassion that was well beyond anything we could experience on earth.
Rare ‘shared NDE’ account.  Auto accident with his girlfriend.  The two of them shared part of the experience.  He was sent back, she was not.

2094.  Marta Y NDE English expanded version  1/26/10 From Mexico. Original in Spanish translated to English by Simon.  After this I saw myself floating in the void, and little by little tiny spheres of many colors became manifest, not moving at first, then suddenly starting to vibrate while smoothly approaching me and incorporating themselves with my essence, which made me feel something I can't manage to describe, it was as if I was being tickled. I asked what this was, and a voice said, "This is the knowledge you have accumulated in previous lives, it was kept from you, but now it will be of use to you."
Very detailed NDE where she met her second son who had not been born yet!

2037. Marta G NDE English expanded version   12/6/2009 A beautiful woman dressed in bright white light pulled me out and, looking into my eyes asked me what I wanted.  I was completely satisfied and could think of nothing until it occurred to me to take a trip around the lake.  I did and saw detail I would aver have seen in "real" life.  I could go anywhere, even to the tops of trees, by simply intending to do so. …I was legally blind and for the first time saw leaves on trees, bird's feathers, bird's eyes, details on telephone poles and in people's back yards that were far more acute than 20/20 vision.
Exceptional NDE at age 5 due to drowning.  Legally blind, and saw much earthly detail visually for the first time in her life.

1993.  Veronica W NDE English expanded version   10/24/2009 There was one major being of love and many other beings of love with actual personhood or souls.  I could not see much but light and vague outlines in a way.  There was nothing but love, goodness, truth, and all things to do with love with NO ROOM for fear or evil or anything but this love.  It was more wonderful than any of my best hopes or experiences on this planet.  It was beyond perfect and loving as we in our human state know it.  No words to describe it.  I was so happy to be there. 
Exceptional NDE due to anaphylactic allergic reaction.  A must read.

1957.  Leonard NDE English expanded version  8/15/2009 Original in French, from Canada, translated to English by Jean Peter.  God then showed me all my life from birth till NDE. I felt and experienced again all these events and I also felt emotions I had raised in others. I was my only judge! This experience was very painful. I dare not imagine what Adolf Hitler underwent when feeling the pain of millions of individuals… God showed me when I had generously done things without thinking about it beforehand, and when I had done unloving things. I even saw myself steeling sweets in a shop, thinking to myself, “Whew, nobody saw me!” But indeed somebody saw me… Yes God saw me! But he does not judge me. In fact this is what hit me the most: God does not judge, he just loves us with unconditional love, this love is indescribable, it is not like what we feel on earth, this is rather a force-love.
Exceptional NDE from a heart attack.

1936.  Bobbi D NDE English expanded version  7/9/2009  The greatest emphasis of this experience is LOVE. You are so totally engulfed with a love that does not exist in our physical world. No matter how deep a love you feel for your children, it does not compare with this love. This love is the purest, truest, deepest, totally unconditional love that you could EVER imagine. Now, I realize you may be saying "that's what I feel for my children." I'd say that too. But, it goes way beyond what these words can describe. And I think this is because it is communicated to you in the form of feelings. It knocks your socks off. When you receive this love, it is not comprehended with your mind. It is FELT by your soul. And that immense feeling of this perfect love shoots straight into your heart, as a feeling that you experience. It can bring your soul to it's knees, in a sense, with a quick swoosh of sensation. Now, this is not overwhelming in a bad way. It is totally overwhelming in the best way imaginable. Once you have a taste of it, you will forever be changed.
NDE at age 17 due to apparent infectious illness and coded during surgery.

1781.  Randy S NDE English expanded version 12/15/2008 I was pronounced dead to my family when the doctor tried again and I started crying… I remember the very bright purple and white lights.  I felt that I was leaving home.  I wanted to go but again, I didn't… I went from the light into my body… I was coming from a place where time did not exist.
Wow!  Apparent NDE at the time of his own birth, due to complications during his own birth.

1744.  Kristy C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/16/08  I remember being pulled backwards and when I turned I was in an earthy tunnel and a door was before me that opened into a spectacular light. The light was brilliant, but it did not hurt! As I passed into it, it glowed with warmth, love, knowledge, & understanding. Not just my own knowledge but knowledge of everything complete understanding, collective but separate. Everything made sense. Everything was more vivid the colors were brighter & deeper, everything was tranquil and at peace the moment I crossed into the light. I was now standing in a lush rolling meadow, covered with blooms & trees. I felt a presence strong and even more wonderful; I knew my family was with me. The presence had a deep resonating voice that touched the core of your soul. I don't remember what the voice told me, but the peace & calm seemed to magnify. I remember sitting in the meadow, I was cradling something in my arms, asking to cross a small free flowing stream, and not being allowed, I asked to stay. I did not want to go back.
NDE due to complications during gallbladder surgery.  Interesting in that she had awakening during surgery, then cardiac arrest, then NDE.

1734.  Cathleen C NDEEnglish expanded version  11/1/08  I knew that He had the answers to all questions so I began to ask Him things I had wondered about the most. Why is there evil? His reply, because there is good. I asked how anyone, being what they are, be permitted to exist in this home of God. He made me understand that He knew everything about me, that I was who I was because He Himself had designed me to be exactly, precisely who I was and that whatever I was I was still His creation, His child and He loved me so very much.
Remarkable NDE due to criminal attack involving strychnine poisoning.  Initial part of NDE in hellish realm.  Exceptional spiritual wisdom.

1717.  Marney S' Daughter's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/12/08 I am writing for my daughter who experienced a sudden cardiac arrest at the age of 2 years old.  She was resuscitated in a hospital setting using a defibrillator after being gone for at least four minutes.  A few months after being released from the hospital, she told our then 12 year-old daughter, "I'm all better now."  Our older daughter responded with, "You are?  How do you know that?"  Our 2 year-old said, "God told me."  A few weeks later, we were sitting around the campfire as a family roasting marshmallows when our daughter told us, "God came to see me when I was at the hospital.  He carried me up to the sky when the doctors were putting something on me.  He told me I was all better now and took me back to the hospital." 
NDE at age 2 shared by parents when she is age 5.  NDE due to cardiac arrest.

1708.  Stella NDEEnglish expanded version  10/1/08  From Italy - Original in Italian, translated to English by Amy.   The tunnel was semi transparent and I saw points of light like distant stars becoming rays of irregular lights, like the headlights on a car that is speeding down a curved road. My speed kept growing until the light could no longer reach me and I saw that the tunnel was one giant curve, but a curve that was barely discernible, yet I could feel it. Then I was home. The light surrounded me and I was in eternity, every question I asked had an instant clear response, even if I didn't understand every answer. I was surrounded by the gentle song of many voices and I couldn't understand the song. I walked barefoot in an undulating field on soft grass and not far oak tree stood out, it was more imposing than anything I had ever seen, a brilliant green like life (I could write a whole book about that tree alone but I will stop here).
4 years old. Exceptional NDE. OBE- saw nurse lose ring and told her where to find it. Remarkably transcendent. Profound insights on life's purpose and free will.

1675.  Glauco S NDEEnglish expanded version  8/17/08  Anyway, I was missing my life and I want to go back. I had flash backs about playing soccer with my friend, being hugged by my mom, the sun the rain, things that made me happy. I also knew my angel did this for a reason because any sane person would not want to go back. I also realize for the first how beautiful and fragile Earth really is. I could sense the earth breathing like it was alive. I could see a light around everything that was alive, trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans.  I sense that humans was in control over other living things, I have the word (aura) stamped in mind ever since. Don't no why but the angel told me not tell anyone and that time will reveled itself. I said "What"?
NDE due to near drowning (under water about 22 minutes) in Brazil at age 8.  3 brothers saw the same angel.  Remarkably transcendent experience.

1671.  Ekaterina A NDEEnglish expanded version  8/14/08 From Bulgaria. Suddenly, as though I was this man, I was watching the world through his eyes. He had a small woman and eight kids, and the last kid was newborn. He was a poor peasant, who hardly supported his family, but among all peasants he was considered to be in the middle class. His native language was German, but he was also speaking French well. He was living outside of the city and cultivated the earth. I understood all of this when I started watching through his eyes. He went round the hill and in front of him a vast plain revealed itself, in the middle of which was an ugly, gray, depressive city, from our point of view   small. The historical time was the Middle Ages. He reached the city and entered. The picture that I saw from his eyes was so startling, that it can't be seen even in the most bravely staged and realistic Hollywood movie about the Middle Ages.
Exceptional NDE.  Associated with operation for pheochromocytoma (rare tumor) at age 16. 

1654.  Bridget F NDEEnglish expanded version  7/21/08  At this point a being made of light came to my side.  I was not raised religious nor was I baptized.  I could be wrong but, it felt like what people call Christ.  It was not the Christ we see in paintings or pictures, it was not the Christ we hear about from evangelicals, it was not America's Christ nor any other representation of Christ I have come across.  This was a being so pure and so benevolent and so non-judgmental I could barely comprehend the level of compassion this being possessed in the small yet brilliant light that it was.  Not until it touched me and said "I'll take that, it's for me" and took the beam from me and touched me, was I even able to fathom this amazing love. 
Exceptional NDE due to auto accident.

1653.  Linda G NDEEnglish expanded version  7/20/08 From Australia I came to understand that we all choose to come to earth to fulfill a plan of some sort or even learn about a particular interest. We choose our  bodies and parents and life plan. May I also add that some people come here for the most simplest of reasons to learn how to play tennis for example or simply for the cake and food, as silly as this sounds our life plans aren't so high and lofty as one might think. I DIDN'T MEET ANY SAVE THE WORLDERS OR ANYONE WISHING TO BE A PRESIDENT. MOST HAD SIMPLE WISHES.  I was also told we could exist on different planes for another lives but our life here on earth is a life purely to experience physical pleasure or pain but to have a physical experience because all other planes we don't need a body as a vessel. I also learnt that this life here is just a drop of water in the bucket of lives in which we all experience, many here on Earth & many in other realms of existence. All to progress and grow in some way.
Exceptional NDE due to accidental drug overdose. 

1645.  Cara NDEEnglish expanded version  7/6/08  After a craniotomy, the body clinically hovered between life and death for two days. My spirit left the body at that time. I looked down at the body, and although it wasn't a pretty sight, I was not concerned. I perceived it to be a vehicle, which carried me through the earth school. I was in a place of love, kindness, compassion, contentment, acceptance, joy...a place of "knowing". I perceived myself and other beings as masses of energy...all connected and yet separate. There were no body forms, or communication as I know it in human form. There was simply a sense of all knowing. Each and every spirit being was supportive of each other, and I "knew" them, although they didn't have the same forms as when I knew them on the earth school. There were no limitations such as space or time in the spirit world. I was aware of the big picture regarding the past, present and future. I was aware that the earth school experience was one part of my evolution.
Exceptional NDE due to head injury.

1634.  Henry W Probable NDEEnglish expanded version  6/22/08  The next concept or rule I learned is that God can never be proved by scientific means. To do so would corrupt the environment. It would destroy faith. When we have faith we seek, we learn. If God were to appear before us a huge being at the United Nations. The entire world would believe but live in fear as well. To successfully experience the human existence, one must be physically out of touch with God. You have to learn and seek on our own. To search out the meaning of our own existence and experience here. Faith, is the engine of discovery, without faith we are just like ants.
Suicide attempt.  Profound spiritual wisdom encountered.

1615.  DW Experience English expanded version  4/27/2008 & 11/19/11  I loved it, but it had loved me first and I loved it for loving me. I wish that I could explain how precious that was to me; To be wanted when I didn't even want myself. I had just killed me. To be told I was not only desired as one to love, but that it wanted me to love it. That I was sought out in such a way by one so loving was more than I could understand. What greater love is there than a love that reaches out to you and says, "I will always love you", then shows you all they are, not knowing if, in the telling, something will make you judge them someone you can't love. It made itself vulnerable to my rejection. How could I not love a being that trusted me with all of it's true self? That being already KNEW me before I arrived there. It chose to love me and wanted me to love it, KNOWING all of it. I wasn't asked to love blindly. I was showed the self that wanted me to love it. It wanted to be chosen by me as one that I would love. It had loved me before I was human, it loved me before I was born, it loved me being back with it, but most of all, it loved that I loved it, too. It was joy filled that I loved it. I was in a state of bliss from the love we shared. So was my new friend, the Divine Loving Being. Our perfect understanding in complete Love was, and could only be, Divine. I was HOME. That is what it felt like, the ultimate homecoming. I was where I was meant to be. I fit perfectly there. I was so glad to be there, loving with that being. "It was where I was meant to be" is as close as I can put it. To be together with that other, loving self was the perfect place for me to exist.
NDE due to suicide attempt.  Note From Dr. Jeff: "This is among the most profound NDEs ever shared.  I encourage EVERYONE to read this."

1609.  Hafur Experience English expanded version  4/19/2008  From Mexico Original in Spanish, translated to English by Rio.  The figure on my right, who was guiding me, stopped and I could not see his face and as though we were at a small, enclosed beach, there was a hill that served as a place for projecting my life from beginning to end several times.  At first rapidly and afterwards more slowly.  It was amazing how my life was shown with events I had completely forgotten about and others that were so insignificant that it felt like I was seeing each frame of the  personal movie of my life on earth. I realized that I understood everything with a great clarity and super-lucidity I had never experienced before.  I discovered that I had personally chosen to take on a physical body and have the life experiences I was having.  I realized I had wasted time in suffering and what I should have been doing was using my freedom to choose true love, and not pain, in all that came into my life.
Exceptional NDE!  She met her twin flame too!

1515.  Mrs. L NDE English expanded version  1/13/2008 I was 2 years old and fell into a creek.  I remember seeing a bright light [cone shaped] and a woman standing at the top of the tunnel of light, she was dressed in white.  I looked down and could see my body floating face down in the water.  I had on brown pants and white shoes and an over shirt.  I thought about many times but never mentioned it until I read about a NDE in a magazine.  I had always known about my near drowning, but none of the details.  I questioned my mother about it, and she confirmed that she had thought that I was dead when she got me out of the water.  I have never been afraid of dying, because of the extreme peace and calm that I associate with the experience.  I realize that I was so very young, but the event is a real as if it happened yesterday.  The woman seemed to draw me back to her, then she just faded into a cloud like atmosphere.
Amazing NDE at age 2!

1506.  Rick R NDE English expanded version  1/13/2008 Then without warning it happened! 'What have you done with your life?'. The voice penetrated my very being! I had no answer! Then to my right I saw what seemed to be like a movie; and I was in it! I saw my mother giving me birth; my childhood and friends! I saw everything from my youth up! I saw everything I had ever done before my eyes! As my life played out before my very eyes I tried to think of good things I had done. I was raised in church and had been very active in church functions; yet as I pondered on this I saw a man in his car that had ran out of gas. I had stopped and given him a lift to a local store about a year ago.  I had bought him some gas as he had no money and helped him get on his way! I thought to my self; why am I seeing this? The voice was loud and clear. You took no thought to help this soul and asked nothing in return! These actions are the essence of good! I saw all the people I had hurt as well and was shown how my actions had set in motion the actions of others! I was stunned! I had never thought of my life having an effect on the actions that friends; family; and others I had met would take! I saw the results of all I had done! I was not pleased at all! I looked on until the events came to an end. Indeed I had done so little with my life! I had been selfish and cruel in so many ways! I was truly sorry I had done so little. Then again loud and clear I heard the voice speak again. 'You must return!'.
What have you done with your life?  This is one amazing account!

1465. Gülden NDE English expanded version  1/10/2008 From Turkey, Translated to English by Aylin.  I felt raising up above my bed, taking direction to a white, very bright light. Meantime, I saw my uncle, who died one month ago, while passing me he said “not yet”.  I was surprised how I understood him without spoken words, but I felt very peaceful. Later  a lady came to me, if I see her now, I would recognize her.  She took me to a wonderful place with mountains and said that this was the place of my life.  The place we went was beautiful, but I said to her that this place is not my life’s place.  Then we came to a sea shore with a little village and she said again that this place was my life, but I don’t know this place and I said to her that this is not the place of my life.  After we travelled some more very beautiful places she said that I was not ready to stay in these places and asked me what I remember about my life.
This is a hot one; A Muslim NDE from Turkey.

1369. Diane C NDE English expanded version  12/14/2007  I first came to an absolutely serene and beautiful countryside.  This is where I saw animals [including unicorns] and they were so beautiful and contented, so full of LOVE.  The grass and trees and flowers were all so exquisite that my mind said so, and in return a vibration of Love flowed back to me from them.  The water was so spectacular that I expressed this in my mind and the waters were living and sparkled back to me with love.  There was melody or music all around, not unexpected and perhaps because I love music so much.  And God has permitted me several times in this life to hear this awesome music, fully more melodic and more beautiful than anyone could write while here on earth.  Just suddenly playing and filling my soul with joy.
Exceptional NDE from Cardiac Arrest.

1235. Kathi B NDE English expanded version  10/14/2007 So the thoughts came into my head: what kind of form or shape would make you most comfortable. “What do you mean?” I thought back.  Some require me to take the shape of a wise old man, others a woman and still others an animal, all of different races, ages, sizes or species.  What about you?  I thought without hesitation “Human.”.  With that the light began to simultaneously separate into amazing rays of color and intensify into a more solid form.  Once the light reached the stage where it looked like a human form, a rather generic looking cookie cutter shape, like a gingerbread man, I thought, “That is enough, I am comfortable with this form.”  The shape could move and was three dimensional.  It was composed entirely of light and rays of luminescent color emanated from every part of it.  I saw the color again, many years later when I first saw iridescent material.  The feelings of safety, love and peace were even greater in its presence.  We were still communicating through thoughts.
NDE due to near drowning.

1230. Valerie K Other English expanded version  10/14/2007 As I neared the front of the line another soldier grabbed my arm and restrained me just before I reached him. Just then we heard the click. My friend had stepped on a land mine. The force of the explosion threw me backward against a tree. I screamed as blood splattered my body.  The next instant found me again in the doorway of my apt. and I heard the sound of feet running as my friend and the two boys waiting for me came to see what had happened. They found me standing in the doorway with my hands braced against the door jam on each side. I had blood and dirt splattered on my clothes and face and my right shoulder was painfully swollen and turning black. It had been dislocated when I hit the tree.
Among the most remarkable experiences we have received.  OBE/ADC at time of friend’s death by land mine in Vietnam.  Incredibly, she was covered with blood and dirt immediately after this experience, though she was living in America at the time.

1153. Jennifer V NDE.  English expanded version 9/16/07 Then the voice said his nose is cut off his face you will need to go back and help him he is bleeding to death I said no let somebody else do it he will be fine without my help I do not want to go back down there No! The voice said I will tell you what to do you take off his shirt after you pick his nose up off the floor board of the car it will be next to your feet and his right foot place his nose on his face pressing down to stop the bleeding its just blood so do not be afraid I am with you as always (I knew I was never alone from as far back as a child as I could remember) So then Jennifer you will begin to walk him up the right side of the road and a car will come tell the man to take you to the nearest hospital keeping the man calm go to the hospital ECM where you were born you know the way and everything will be alright you must do this understand?
NDE at age 11 due to car accident.  During experience, received explicit information to save another person who was in car accident.

1131. Patsy D NDE.  English expanded version 8/18/07  I turned around and was immersed in light. I was surrounded by unconditional love, and total acceptance. I knew I was complete at last. Never had I felt such safety and serenity before. Suddenly, I had all knowledge. All that I had ever heard or known was swept away. I knew that Christ had not died on the cross and that there is no sin or evil. I knew that I had existed since the moment of creation and that I shall always exist and that all consciousness is in the act of becoming. I knew that I had lived many times in physical reality and I watched those expressions and observed each of them. I experienced what we mean when we say that we have free will and that we choose everything. There are no absolutes. I watched every thought I had ever chosen to its natural end, and each person it had touched.
Amazing NDE from our archives!

815.  Wayne H's NDE. English expanded version  4/2/06  & 8/18/07 The wall beyond my gurney became transparent and I was shown what appeared to be a flowing river. It was silver and shimmering as it flowed. The drops in the river were each a different color yet all flowed together as one body of water. Nothing gave me the impression this was actually water or a river but this is the best descriptive example that can be given of something I witnessed for which there are no words.  The main body of the flow was silvery shimmering lights with different colored drops on the flow. I understood (I use this term because I did not actually hear) the colored drops were the experiences of all who had lived. The experiences existed as separate items yet belonged to the whole. The whole was the collective knowledge of all. I understood there was no individual, just one, yet each experience was individual making up the whole.
A MUST read! NDE from being struck by car as a pedestrian.  Thought-provoking Jesus Encounter, fantastic description of the other side.

1038. Ruud L NDEEnglish expanded version  3/6/2007 Original in Dutch, translated into English by Wouter.  The first week after the accident they injected me literally full of morphine, to keep me in a sort of coma. Afterwards a doctor and also my parents told me that I had not been conscious for one moment during that week.   The funny part is that I can remember everything that happened at the intensive care. I know my parents came to visit, that my father had to throw up when he saw me, that my mother did not know what to do and could not stop crying.  There was also a nurse that came to sit by me whenever she could manage the time. I knew she was taking courses in surgery assistance. I saw her and her colleagues working the whole week, with me and other intensive care patients. One given moment, I knew precisely what patient was given which medication and what time.
This is an amazing NDE!  It proves that the NDE is not brain chemistry because the morphine did not change his lucidity.  The other part is that what he saw in the out-of-body state was entirely accurate and verified.  That means that the NDE was not a hallucination or figment of his imagination.  The skeptics will be hard-pressed to
explain away this NDE.

1036. Darlene K NDE. English expanded version  3/4/2007 I floated up to the ceiling.  Lucy entered the room with the bright rays of sun through the window.  She had no body, like me.  We greeted each other happily and played, spinning and twirling in the air.  It was fun.  When we stopped, she took me up through a dark tunnel with an intense light at the top.  When we arrived, there was no top or bottom.  There was nothing there but love.  It was pure love.  Intense love.  Everything was okay.  Everyone there was okay.  They were all happy, loving beings.  They were expecting Lucy.  They talked with her and laughed with her.  I watched them and felt the love all around me.  They reviewed Lucy's past.  Suddenly, I felt a being communicate, "You're not supposed to be here."
NDE due to smothering.  Interesting encounter in experience with her cousin Lucy.  Later found that Lucy died around the time of the NDE, making this a relatively rare example of a shared NDE.

1011.  Linda S Probable NDE. English expanded version 2/3/07 I did not see the Spirit as I had seen Jesus of Nazareth depicted in paintings, but the innate knowing of my heart remembered and acknowledged Christ. The radiant Spirit was Christ, the manifestation and expression of pure love. Because of my Christian education, I knew no other name to call what I felt as I looked at him.  Others might have called him Buddha, or Yahweh, or Great Spirit in the Sky, but the naming did not matter, only the recognition of absolute love and truth was important. Safe in the gentle yet powerful embrace of his love, I rested, secure that everything was okay, exactly as it was supposed to be.
This is a must read.  Astonishingly beautiful and exceptional experience.

977. Barbara J NDE. English expanded version  12/10/06 "Why is it not my time?!?! I'm ready to die! my life sucks!! My best friend died three years ago!! why is it not my time?!?!" and then he turned around as if someone was talking to and turned back around to me again and said, "someone wants to talk to you." Then he pointed to the gate with the city behind it. But someone was standing there. at first I couldn't see who it was but when I got close I couldn't talk, cause it was Jake. You see, Jake, my best friend, died in a car accident five years ago on 2001. We were both seven years old. And when I saw him there I ran to the gate as fast as I could! And when I got there, we both reached out and grabbed each others hands and cried. He looked my age, but I knew it was him.
Incredible NDE that happened at age 10 and is shared when she is 12.  Youngest person to share NDE directly in NDERF history.  Note she is resuscitated by paramedics that then immediately left the area and vanished mysteriously.  Barbara and her friends guessed the paramedics were angels.  Earthly paramedics would never leave after a resuscitation involving defibrillation.  Very mysterious!

924. Anita M's NDE. English expanded version  8/21/06  From Hong Kong I was drifting in and out of consciousness during this time, and I could feel my spirit actually leaving my body.  I saw and heard the conversations between my husband and the doctors taking place outside my room, about 40 feet away down a hallway. I was later able to verify this conversation to my shocked husband.  Then I actually "crossed over" to another dimension, where I was engulfed in a total feeling of love.  I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works.  The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable.  Words seem to limit the experience – I was at a place where I understood how much more there is than what we are able to conceive in our 3-dimensional world.  I realized what a gift life was, and that I was surrounded by loving spiritual beings, who were always around me even when I did not know it.
Exceptional NDE due to nearly fatal Hodkin’s Lymphoma (malignancy of the lymphatic system).  From Hong Kong, and a relatively rare non-Western NDE, and the most detailed non-Western NDE we have received to date.  Exceptional insights and apparent miraculous healing associated with NDE.
NDERF INTERVIEW - 1/25/07  Interview with Anita M by Rio Cruz
    Forum with Anita M

Brian T's NDE. English expanded version  3/26/06  One example when I approached the boundary. No explanation was necessary for me to understand, at the age of 10, that once I cross the boundary. I could never come back period. I was more than thrilled to cross. I intended to cross but my ancestors over another boundary side caught my attention. They were talking in Telepathy which caught my attention. I was born profoundly DEAF and had all hearing family members, which all of them knew sign language! I could read or communicate about 20 ancestors of mine and others through telepathically methods. It overwhelmed me.
Remarkable NDE!!!  Profoundly deaf from birth.  NDE associated with drowning at age 10.  Communicated telepathically with multiple deceased relatives.

. Gary D's NDE.  1/1/06 At that exact second a land appears behind The Guide a beautiful land like no other I have ever seen in my life. I have traveled to many places here on earth but have yet to find a place where the plants and trees glowed like they did in this place. It was like a beautiful tropical jungle I could see birds flying with three distinctly separated tails not like the birds I had seen here on earth. I could see plants and trees that made no sense to me. It was so beautiful so peaceful and very bright, everything was bright and alive. By now I was beginning to understand what is going on here. I know now it isn’t anything earthly that I am looking at or for that, matter experiencing.
Astonishing NDE 33 years ago due to scuba diving equipment failure.  Remarkable for several elements including the observation of a watch he had on during the OBE phase while passing over significant earthly distances.  Remarkable observation of his diving partners of his body’s color returning toward normal while he was under water and not breathing at the end of the NDE.

. Lou F's NDE. English expanded version  12/25/05  People were upon this Earth and appeared happier and more content although seemingly living like the Native populations of old. Cities, built by the Ancient Ones, that were buried beneath the Oceans were now being populated by the surviving people in this new world. I saw Tribes joining tribes and small Nations forming, but it was what I didn't see that made my heart burst, there were no more wars, true peace and happiness had finally befallen on mankind. Gabriel now tells me that this is His message that I must take back, to let others know that there is little to fear, for the Earth will go on forever, as did all the Planets I had visited... "MAN WILL PREY ON MAN ~ UNTIL MAN PRAYS FOR MAN!"
Remarkable NDE as a result of car crash 42 years ago.

Mary W's Fear Death Experience. English expanded version  10/8/05  He let me ask him questions.  My only question was how could He give me the parents I had?  How could he forget all about me and leave me so alone to work my way through those years?  What was He thinking!?  I have to admit I was pretty angry.  He showed me why I had the parents, childhood and life I had experienced.  I asked Him for it!!!  I chose this life because I wanted to learn those lessons.  Everything was so clear to me …I had to go through it all to learn what I needed to learn and be able to continue my work here.  He never left me alone and I could see in hindsight that he was always with me.  I was making a lot of wrong choices because I wasn’t listening to or trusting myself.  I was spending too much time comparing myself to others.  I was doing what I thought I was supposed to be doing.  I felt like a little mouse in a maze trying to find my way but I wasn’t getting anywhere.    By what I was shown I understood that Earth is school and when we are done we have a “Life Review” and then we get to graduate and go back home.  The whole experience was amazing because I felt like my brain had been opened up to the whole universe.  Everything made so much sense.  The lesson was so simple …it’s all about love.
Profound experience.  Stunning spiritual insights.  A “must read” for anyone interested in NDE.  NDERF defined as a “fear-death experience” with experience immediately prior to physical compromise, but obviously part of the spectrum of near death experience.

687.  Andrew P's NDEEnglish expanded version  10/8/2005  I am rushing toward the Light, and for some unknown reason I have no fear, and I love the Light.  Oh what a wonderful, beautiful, enchanting, warm and loving Light.  I’m getting closer and closer, it’s as if I’m being drawn into the Light by a gentle, giant magnet.  Closer and closer…  “What now?”  “Where am I?”  I’m inside an immense sphere!  And the inside of the sphere is like an enormous, unending movie screen.  Everything is going on at once, all around me … left, right, up, down … wherever I look I see my life.  I cannot only see it, but I can also hear, feel and experience every event in all of my lives … past, present and future. There is no beginning!  There is no end!  I can observe all of the moments of my lives all at the same time, all around me.  Strange, there is no fear or judgments; it’s just my life’s experiences as they are occurring.  What incredible feelings, I can relive every thought, word, and action whenever I focus on any one of them.  What a wonderful, fantastic, incredible experience being in the Eternal Now!
NDE 50 years ago from drowning.  Truly profound experience.

 Nevie G's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  At the point I left my body I was no longer intoxicated, I was completely clear and could see everything at once.  I realized that I was almost dead and became very upset and began to cry for Jesus to help me.  At this moment I was aware of a light enveloping me. I was the light and it was me  There was another Being with me. The Being let me know that I was going to die and I must leave this body for good. I remember arguing with the Being explaining that I didn't want to because it was so hard going through the childhood years and I didn't want to have to go through this again. The Being indicated that my body was severely damaged and I couldn't go back. I became very adamant at this point that God was all powerful and could fix the body. At some point the decision was made to let me re-enter my body on my faith or will, what ever one may call it.
NDE at age 13 due to alcohol poisoning.  Quite detailed.

654. Jaime G's NDEEnglish expanded version  7/23/2005  I noticed that there was a florescent light that emanated from the top of the room and I started feeling so good like.  I can't describe it.  Love.  Or like the first time you kiss.  Electricity.  Butterflies in your stomach.  Like the best drug.  I don't know how to describe, it felt so good.  I then kind of got a little panicky because I noticed that there was no light source; it was just there.  That's when she [my grandmother] touched my hand that I noticed that I looked down and could see my hand also.  It was there but it looked white almost florescent and she told me that it was all right (all this conversation was in Spanish by the way) and said lets drink the coffee.  I did.  But I notice that it was not hot and had no taste. It was lukewarm; but yet there was steam coming from it like it was hot, but was not. It's like when you are sick and there's no taste; anyway.  I tell her that we<family> think of her every day.  She stated that she knew.  She knew that we loved her very much and she loved us; and then I noticed that the room was dome like.  that in one section the left side of that domed room was like a curtain and I saw my grandfather on my moms side peek though.
A rare Hispanic gustatory NDE; He had coffee with his grandmother.

Anthony M's NDEEnglish expanded version 3/13/05 Then Jesus told me “this is what your death will do to the people you love.”  And then he opened them up so I could also see their hearts.  I could see my wife Ann, my mother Grace, my brothers Daren and Buvy, my sisters Christie and Diana.  Their hearts were torn and pieces were dripping down.  Jesus told me that their hearts were breaking.  I also saw my stepchildren Nicholas and Danielle.  Then Jesus said “this is what the future will be like without you in their lives.”  I saw my mother with a sadness in heart that just wouldn’t leave. She was saying things like “why my special little baby?” Then I looked at Ann –she never left the house, she stopped eating, started smoking more and most importantly, she never dated or went out again.  Then I saw Danielle.  She was about twenty years old and was getting ready to walk down the aisle – with no one to give her away.  She was so sad.
NDE from accident: was on motorcycle without helmet and was hit by car (flew 76 feet after impact).  Saw many deceased relatives.  Met Jesus.  Was allowed to see several years into the future to help him make a decision about returning.  Was able to see the prayers of those on earth.  Jesus escorted him to hospital at the end of experience. 

Richard L's NDEEnglish expanded version 3/5/05 I looked back at the three people in front of me. These people were ancient. I don't know how I knew that, but I knew that they were "old souls" who watched over my group. We all had "sprung" from them, like children, each going their way yet connected to the source. I felt nothing like judgment of our actions from them. If anything, I felt a kind of amused benevolence from them, like parents watching their children playing. Even at the really bad things we did in our lives, there was no judgment.  The one with the beard spoke to me. "You can ask questions. We will answer them and you will remember. It is important that you do this."  My first question was "Is this heaven?".
An exceptional NDE.  At 8 years old, on bicycle and was struck by car.  Had OBE, could hear and understand thoughts of multiple people simultaneously.  360 degree vision.  Was allowed to ask questions, and remember the answers.  Remarkable spiritual wisdom in responses to the questions.

574. Craig T's NDEEnglish expanded version 3/5/05  When I was one and a half I became very ill. On the way to the doctors I went into a seizure which trigged cardiac arrest, birth occurred five times total.  I was flat lined for a short time in transportation from one hospital to another.  I had no religious background I was baptized and that was it, I came back talking about Heaven and telling my grandfather he'd be warm there, but I didn't even know what heaven was.  I was drawing pictures saying it was Jesus or relatives I never met.
Seizure and cardiac arrest at age 18 months.  Has no memory of experience, but parents told him after the experience he talked about heaven and drew pictures of Jesus and relatives he never met

Joyce H's NDE.  2/16/05 Suddenly I was in the presence of a Being of Light. I could not see the face, could communicate, but not in words or pictures even; in some connection of oneness. I experience that connection in meditation frequently, but I cannot explain it very precisely. It is beyond words and other kinds of experiences. The emotions are always enhanced. I feel joy so deep that my whole self leaps with gratitude; I feel peace; I feel awe and belonging. I did not have a specific life review, but felt everything about me and my life was known, understood and not judged. I was profoundly loved.
Joyce is an amazing lady who now devotes her life to healing and also has a new book called "From Soul to Cell."  http://www.joycehawkes.com/books.html

Mark J's NDE. English expanded version 2/13/05 There was something familiar about this "place", as if I had been there before, but more like I had returned from whence I came. Then there was an intense sense of well being, a feeling like immersion in the emotions of love, surrounding from every point. And a sense of belonging, as in one in the same with some divine greatness which binds all matter in the universe. It is very difficult to try and describe the overwhelming feeling of this place. It is vast. I can't find the words, but there is a message which seems to give me the impression, that this place is always here, and is present in all things, and beings. This was the most tranquil and peaceful moment in all my life.  Profound NDE!

547. Barbara S NDE. English expanded version 1/16/05 & 1/30/2011 & 9/7/14  The next thing I remember was coming into a clear white light.  I lost all fear of drowning.  I knew that my body was perfectly safe.  I felt this total love and acceptance from this light.  I realized that the white light had a voice in it and was separate from me.  I also realized that I was still me but was part of this white light also.  I belonged to it and it belonged to me.  I was told that you are here to gain knowledge and to learn how to love.  When I was told this I realized that when the entity say "You" it didn't mean just me, it meant the human race.  I understood all the ramifications of love and knowledge when it said this to me.  It didn't mean physical love as much as learning to accept all races and knowing that no soul is better than another. 
NDE due to drowning at age 10.  Shared 49 years later.

404.  Lavette H's NDE. English expanded version 4/24/04 I was amazed at how much more real and vibrant the colors and light around me were. This is real and that body there was just a coat I had been wearing. It felt good to be out of it. I felt free from pain, confusion and all the heaviness of the weight of life on ones shoulders. My entire perspective on life was changing as fast as I could think.  As  I was basking in the wonder of it all the same one who pushed me in jumped in to get me. I watched as she pulled the body to the top of the water. As fast as my self came out of the body, it went back in and I was instantly very angry about it .
Teenage drowning NDE.

253 Roger C's NDE English expanded version 4/2/03 I went to a dark place and nothing around me but I wasn't scared, It was really peaceful there. Then I started to see the film of my life starting from almost been a baby and coming toward real time... It was so real! I was looking at myself but better then a 3D movie as I was also capable to feel the feelings of the persons I was dealing with. I was feeling the good and bad emotions I made them go through. But I was also capable to see that the more good emotions they where going through because of me, will give me some credits (Karma) and the bad ones will take some of it back... Just like in a bank account but here it was like a Karma account to my knowledge. The more I could get will give me permission to access a better area or a better place somewhere. It was the knowledge I had then.
This is one incredible NDE!  He interacted with the light, felt the great love, and got to explore other planets - one on a higher and one on a lower evolutionary scale than ours!

Joe G's NDE
. English expanded version 9/12/04  Then i felt like i was pushed back into a wall and my arms pinned back to the wall.  I felt totally helpless and then i saw what looked like hair ball with shark teeth come at me.  I looked to my right side and saw that the voices were little monsters that were turning into the hairballs and back into monsters.  They were the ugliest looking things i have seen and yet to see.  They looked like snakes crossed with bats crossed with something that had horns.  They had bodies that was like that of a snake and it had wings.  They arms and hands look like those of a bat.  Their faces look like snakes and they had fangs like a bat and a snake.  On the top of their heads they had horns, but not like the horns of a bull or a ram.  They had pointed horns but nothing that i could say was earthly. 
This is an extremely profound NDE in so many ways!  He went to hell, then to heaven.  His sister, Mandy had a NDE a week before he had his NDE.  Talk about a family soul group!

Linda B's NDE
. English expanded version After experiencing all of the miracles of this day I would still find my future playing out just as I had seen.  And as it progressed I would know fear, sadness, and lack of faith just as they had predicted.  I would sin and more.  The angels knew this but it took me years to fully understand everything that they had showed me and wanted me to understand.  They knew all of the time that I would not turn into the perfect saint.  They loved me just the way I was.  God loves me always not just when I am obedient and perfect.  What a wonderful feeling that is.  I just have to remind myself that He is here and learn to stop talking long enough to listen for His voice.
This is one of the most riveting accounts that we have.  In describing her NDE, she takes the reader through the emotional gambit.  Truly Amazing and a Great Novel!  (All 35 pages of it!)

James T's NDE
. English expanded version 7/13/04 It quickly grew in size as I approached it, and realized that this was the same pure white light I had experienced at four.  It is the most absolute, pure light that never hurts to look at, probably because you’re not actually looking at it with physical eyes, even though the sensation is that of seeing, it's simply a sight of the mind.  It was like a sun or a planet of light until I got close enough to see more detail.  It was at that moment, where seeing this detail, that what could only be described as "all" was revealed, and even that is a poor description of what is conveyed to you.  The detail I can only describe as billions and billions of ‘bit's’ of light both spiraling back to and away from this "body of light", which is simply a more visual description of what we call God.
Two NDEs lead to one of the most profound knowings that are shared in this account!

364. Juliet N's NDE. English expanded version  1/17/04. MultiMedia Presentation   The colors were so beautiful--watching the Light whirl all round me, pulsating and dancing…making whooshing sounds…and being ever so playful at times…then very serious at other times.   Many things would take on a luminous glow--a sort of soft peach color.  Everything was so vibrant--even when I saw deep space!  I was constantly in a state of awe…  There were always beautiful beings round me as well--helping me…guiding me…reassuring me…and also pouring love into me.  I was never alone. 
Another amazing NDE with a core-experience description!

Diane G's NDE
 10/13/02.  Suddenly, we burst into the light and a whole new reality was revealed to me, similar to the physical world, but, in this higher vibration, more colorful, more beautiful, more amazing. I saw plants, trees, mountains, lakes, animals, and shimmering crystal-like buildings, some very large and ornate. I saw beings moving about, light beings, going about their daily lives. They don't have physical bodies, but they are distinct fields of energy. They don't walk, they float. They have lives much like ours, but without the struggles and sorrows. They are artists, musicians, dancers, singers, inventors, builders, healers, creators of magical things... things they will manifest in their next lifetime in the physical universe.
Great rafting NDE! A must read because of the vivid NDE descriptions and integration afterwards.

Bill W's NDE. English expanded version 10/29/02 and 11/12/02  The grass was so green it hurt to look at it, and it felt so good!  I could even taste the grass by feeling it, it tasted like watermelon.  Walking on the grass was wonderful – it was an incredible feeling.  The best way I can describe it was, “OH MY GOD! WOW!!!”  The sense of smell was not with the nose.  It was more like it permeated through my cheekbones under my eye, like smelling through the sinuses.  This is one of the most amazing accounts with such detailed descriptions of the indescribable!  This is Bill's first time telling his story and it truly is such an honor to hear the account first hand!  ADDENDUM Experience - one amazing story that happened to him after he told his NDE that will send goosebumps up your spine!

Mari C's NDE. English expanded version 11/11/02 A hazy journey (seemingly short) and I was enveloped in light & exquisite & infinite love. By now I recall this as an ageless soul. I felt as best as I can describe in a state of total bliss, once again there is no language to convey feelings. There seemed to be a collective consciousness who welcomed me but at the same time conveyed the knowledge that I was the one responsible for the decision to stay or go back. I recall these decisions not as a small child but a person with accumulated knowledge to evaluate the choice and make a decision.   This NDE happened when she was 18 months old, with crystal clear memories.  This is amazing because the implications are that the recalled memories could not have been stored or processed in the brain of an 18 month old.  Therefore, the experience would tend to support memories stored in the consciousness that survives the body.

David H's NDE. 7/7/02 FIRST PART: So beautiful was his light, words cannot express, His light was like the rising sun. And like the sun he rose up from behind the mountains  into the sky. Love poured into every part of my being and my soul was revitalized. The planet was also changing under His light. I saw parts of the mountains tear open and gush forth in the form of water falls.  7/23/02 SECOND PART: All thoughts are heard here so you can't hide a plan for your self. instead you just have to come out and say it. So I said very stern, "who are you!!" she then tore off a part of the shroud that hid her face and showed me only bone and skull. her jaw opened wide, as if dislocated, and she rose completely out of her robe and swooped down at me for a bite. It was my left shoulder, my spirit body. The pain was so great, it was worse than death. so at that very moment as she swooped around in mid air to take on another bite of my spirit, I dropped down on to my knees and cried out for God.  David gave us pieces of his story as he has time to write it.  It was worth the wait as it is truly a remarkable experience!  This NDE is a special one that helps to show that gay guys do not go to hell, as some extreme fundamentalist rhetoric would have one to believe. 

Bob A's NDE.  5/14/02. "I remember standing up and looking around and seeing that everything was in the color green.  Light green, dark green, all shades of green.  The church was green, Mississippi River was green.  I thought I broke my head, I put my two hands on my head to hold it, and I laid down on my back.  As my body hit the ground, pictures of my life went through my mind.  It was like a freight train of knowledge moving at the speed of light.  Each car was experiences of my life (both good and bad)"
Although Bob's NDE is highly noteworthy, the aftereffects are truly astounding!
This is one of the more astounding cases that I have ever run across.  I want to express profound gratitude to Bob for sharing his story.  Although he is a bit shy about his dyslexia handicap that prevented him from filling out the NDERF form, and apologized over and over again, he did e-mail us and indicate that he really wanted to share.  I cannot tell you how humble I felt in the presence of such a unique and highly spiritual fellow.  It was such an honor to interview him so that I could help him share his experiences with others.   - Jody

William Si's NDE.  4/29/02-5/4/02.  Passing through this area, which seemed as if it could be endless, yet wasn't, I could sense those spirits that were in the shadows, I understood why they wouldn't look into the light, mostly because of the religious indoctrination that had lived by on earth, they felt they were not worthy to look into the light because of actions they had done in the human existence. 
Describing his third NDE in light of his first two NDEs and what he has read.  This is a wonderful, extremely down-to-earth viewpoint from a Salt Lake City IANDS member.  There is a letter addendum with additional questions from NDERF, and another e-mail dialogue with a reader.  Such spiritual insights!

Emma Louise S's NDE.   A rare 1884 NDE (horse and buggy days), as related by first hand account of son and by granddaughter.  4/22/02. 
She recounted a most remarkable experience during this period of time after being declared “dead." She felt as though she were taking a gentle journey down a river. She heard beautiful music. She felt a degree of peace and joy such as she had never experienced before. She believed she was in heaven and recognized that she had died. While this was going on she began to have conflicting thoughts-I must go back, my children need me vs. I can't leave this contentment and beauty. This internal struggle went on for some time. Then she awakened and recovered her health, living a full and satisfying life, and seeing her children all grow up and have successful lives of their own.

This is an wonderful NDE story, with most of the classic NDE imagery and after-effects, yet occurring almost a century before Raymond Moody coined term "near-death experience" and long before NDEs were ever publicized. 

Karen S's NDE. 
English expanded version  3/17/99. 
"We discussed my life, we discussed religion, we discussed secrets of the soul that as humans we must forget, lest we'd never be able to thrive on earth. All the while I was in awe."

Remarkable story of struggle with the guides to come back.

Sarah's NDE As heard on the Art Bell Radio Show 2/4/99 and replayed 3/20/99 (Saturday).  The story that astonished millions of listeners! 
Special for NDERF readers... Astonishing NEW information on Sarah's NDE at the bottom of her NDE account... (use link above).  Truly REMARKABLE!

David's NDE 
"I only lasted ten seconds in the Seventh Heaven. Whole galaxies could be created with the light there with total ease."
Remarkable tour of the seven levels of heaven

Cougar's NDE
Remarkable as heard on the Art Bell Show May 2001.  Cougar's story closely parallels the ancient Sumerian story of the Goddess Inana, as she journeys through hell.  

AMAZING! Cougar-Inanna Parallels

"My third NDE was caused by fever and I think, borderline coma.  This was a journey into the Pit.    13 years later, I discover that my journey into Hell was strangely similar to an ancient myth before the 18th century BC.  My journey into Hell was astoundingly similar to that of Inanna's journey.  Here are the twenty similar items within our stories:  Click here for the rest!

Lisa M's NDE

The being of light showed me that all that was really important in life was the love we felt, the loving acts we preformed, the loving words we spoke, the loving thoughts we held. All that was made, said, done, or even thought without love was undone."
Transcendent NDE at age 5 from near-drowning.  Truly remarkable!  3/5/00.

Twenty Years Later: Memories of My Death and It's Effects On My Life 
Remarkable collection of wisdom gained from a remarkable NDE!

Dr. George Rodonaia’s NDE, Was he really dead for three days?  You decide.

Lee Wang's List that was especially meaningful to him

http://www.nderf.org/brian_l's_nde.htm 9 year old, chose to live, was told the future in detail, 命中有的, 躲不過.

http://www.nderf.org/gunter_p's_nde.htm, 未來己定, 有劇本

http://www.nderf.org/england_k's_nde.htm Jesus said: “Future can be changed.


http://www.nderf.org/teen_death.htm    中陰生, 他心通, 神足通,

http://www.nderf.org/mandy_j's_nde.htm  神通, 証具


http://www.nderf.org/deborah_le's_nde.htm中陰生成相, (pull energy)

http://www.nderf.org/sylvia_w's_nde.htm       婆婆媽媽

http://www.nderf.org/stefan's_ndelike.htm      開悟


http://www.nderf.org/joann_m's_nde.htm        開悟, 回魂, 遮障 (Masked off the knowledge of universe)  


http://www.nderf.org/sherry_g's_nde.htm pro World Natural Ms. Figure 2000 

http://www.nderf.org/Sarah_nde.htm     Hell  

http://www.nderf.org/roger_c's_nde.htm  3587 the end of all life on this planet 

http://www.nderf.org/paul's.htm  輪迴


http://www.nderf.org/david_b's_nde.htm明心見性, True self

http://www.nderf.org/Jean's_NDE.htm明心見性 (Pear shape, 胎袋

http://www.nderf.org/james_t's_nde.htm见塩水蜂炮, 火樹银花.

http://www.nderf.org/frank_a's_nde.htm知識 圖書館 

http://www.nderf.org/nigel_m's_nde.htm 如何逃出地獄 

http://www.nderf.org/meg_a's_nde.htm 如何逃出地獄, Give up, Let Go, Forgive 寬恕, Love, 不是非信某教不可

http://www.nderf.org/Frank%20S's%20NDE.htm地獄, 得天眼通, 能見末來

http://www.nderf.org/steve_b's_nde.htm Forgive, theory of incongruity (不平等?)

http://www.nderf.org/joe_g's_nde.htm  地獄,背誦聖經 升天 

http://www.nderf.org/John%20F's%20NDE.htm Guardian Angels 

http://www.nderf.org/mary's_NDE.htm經典, 詳盡, 証具(Ceiling Fan)


http://www.nderf.org/mary_anne_f's_nde.htm得天眼通, 能見末來


http://www.nderf.org/martin_e's_nde.htm去留皆由已, 非命定 

http://www.nderf.org/Karen%20S's_NDE.htm出竅之後, 看到新劇本, 但拒絕了.  

http://www.nderf.org/julie_n's_nde.htm得慢性絕症, 地獄, 天堂.

http://www.nderf.org/Analisa%20D's%20NDE.htm地獄, 天堂, 一切由心. 它心通. 善念.

http://www.nderf.org/dario_f's_nde.htm地獄, 天堂.  



http://www.nderf.org/jim_c's_nde.htm上帝?(Being) 非萬能.  


http://www.nderf.org/Israel.htm   靈魂出竅, 回魂, 來去自如. 

http://www.nderf.org/India%20Physician's.htm见真如, 天眼通 

http://www.nderf.org/g_ryan's_nde.htm兩靈魂出竅, 一死一活 

http://www.nderf.org/Gail%20T's%20NDE.htm上帝 乃 衆生灵集合体

http://www.nderf.org/andrew_c's_nde.htm當權派 是何宗教(耶和華?, 真主? 佛祖? 玉帝? 閻王?,…) 由靈魂出竅者選.  

http://www.nderf.org/edna_c's_nde.htm命書可改, 人生以利它為目的 

靈魂出竅, 360 degree vision, 他心通,

http://www.nderf.org/Duane's%20NDE.htm天眼通, R.R. 當美国總統, 6 years ahead. 他心通, 能控制它人心志


http://www.nderf.org/bill_w's_nde.htm他心通, 通鬼魂 

靈魂出竅, 憶前世


http://www.nderf.org/bob_a's_nde.htm憶前世, Solve murder case.  

M.D. and a Ph.D. in neuropathology, and a Ph.D. in the psychology of religion.

http://www.nderf.org/GeorgeRodonaia's_nde.htm  见了閻王, 人有善惡, (?)經真偽相雜.

http://www.nderf.org/dot's_nde.htm靈魂出竅, 分身數個, 同時出現多處. (Time slicing? Real time?)

http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experiences/Diane_nde.htm  靈魂出竅, On Drug (LSD) , 到了天堂, 開悟

http://www.nderf.org/diane_g's_nde.htm開悟, 活在當下, What we can do for others?

http://www.nderf.org/denise_b's_nde.htm看到將來, 選擇回魂, 錯誤選擇

http://www.nderf.org/Delona's%20NDE.htm Strange substitute

http://www.nderf.org/Deja_Vu_NDE.htm 回家, 见親友, 曾開悟, 能成人形.


http://www.nderf.org/arthur's_nde.htm死去親友, 2 not yet known dead at the time.


http://www.nderf.org/achild's.htm见死去 從未见面姊姊, 知到家人皆有命 (Plan).

到了 七重天 ?

http://www.nderf.org/Davids_NDE.htm到了 地獄, ()鬼咬一口 ?

http://www.nderf.org/david_h's.htm靈魂出竅, 立刻得神算通, …


http://www.nderf.org/David%20O's%20NDE.htm命書, book of life

http://www.nderf.org/daron_j's_nde.htm靈魂出竅, 以他心通, 說話給活人(医生).




http://www.nderf.org/anna_m's_nde.htm不信宗教, 過去諸世有如a deck of cards 

http://www.nderf.org/Alexa'a%20NDE.htm基督徒 靈魂出竅, 回魂 遊走陰陽兩界


http://www.nderf.org/annick's_nde.htm此间樂, 不思蜀. 不要回魂.  

http://www.nderf.org/anthony_n's_nde.htm地上8 Minutes, 天上2,500 Years. 

http://www.nderf.org/Australia%20NDE.htm蓋棺論定 Life Review, 店裡小東西, 沒事 有心, 無心言行, 傷人心, 或与人歡喜, matters. 

佛教徒 靈魂出竅,




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