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Dylan Tauber, www.SWStudios.net   www.DolphinNet.org  www.DoubleMIrrors.com  www.IsraelNDE.org Art inspiration and NDERF sponsor :)

Eight Years, Four Months – The Relationship between QuantumPhysics, Consciousness, Near Death Experiences, and our Eternal Nature  The book is written by a Physicist, who experienced multiple medically documented NDEs, and dispels myths and speculation by formally teaching the subject to the reader. The book is dedicated to teaching Quantum Physics in lay terms, the implications for ‘consciousness,’ Near Death Experiences, and the requirement that we are infinite beings.  The book validates the NDE in exacting detail, but within every acceptable definition in main stream Quantum Physics, provides the first working definition for consciousness, defines where it resides, and how it interacts with this universe over a life time – all using scientifically validated peer reviewed literature in Quantum Physics and Quantum Theory.

Debunking the Arguments of Pseudo-Skeptics and Debunkers - “Winston Wu has now written an essay that brilliantly and decisively rebuts the general skeptical arguments against the paranormal. This is among the best essays ever written on this subject, and deserves extensive study. The essay carefully moves through the entire skeptical lexicon of arguments, rebutting each in turn.  As it reveals the fallacy in each argument, it builds a crucial case against the whole skeptical approach to reality, suggesting that it is, essentially, a form of superstition that has the effect of filtering out data if it cannot be explained by accepted scientific theory.”  

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) IANDS Home Page
    International Association for Near Death Studies.  Excellent resources & links.

University of Virginia - The Division of Personality Studies explores theories about the nature of mind or consciousness, and its relationship to matter.  It's main focus is on children who claim to remember previous lives and near-death experiences.

Consciousness - Dr. Pim van Lommel - A leading NDE researcher published in the Lancet.  This is his English website.  He also has a youtube:  http://www.youtube.com/user/KMVT

NDE Europe - A Belgium NDE site connecting European NDE organizations and research.  Written in English and several different European languages.

NDE Network Australia - this is a great NDE resource from down under!

NDEr and Healer Joyce Hawkes - You can read her NDE by clicking here!  New Book: "From Soul to Cell. Spiritual Bridges to Healing" is available!  Go to: http://www.joycehawkes.com/books.html

Nancy Clark - NDEr and Author of "Hear His Voice."  You don’t have to die, nearly die, or suffer any physical trauma or illness in order to have the identical experience to what is currently called a near-death experience. A normal, healthy and fully conscious person can transcend time and space and enter a spiritual realm of existence so profound that nothing is ever the same again. Nancy Clark is living proof of this.  Hear His Voice guides us in our search for inner peace and a meaning to life through the revelations gleaned from Nancy Clark’s personal mystical experience.

Nonduality is dualistic.  You have a soul!  By Albert Haust.

Katherine Glenn - NDEr   This site exists so that we can learn how to really do Prevention. And the site exists so that we can learn, research, grow and love our fellow mankind, the earth and all that dwell on this planet. I try not to wait for something to happen to me first, taking care of self and family is so much easier and less expensive when one is well. All the items that you will find here are products that I have tested and tried somewhere during my 40 years of following the path of Natural living.

Dream Treader Press-  Dream Treader Press is committed to sharing a belief in the probability of the impossible—inter-dimensional communication. We are dedicated to advocating an open discussion about the continuum of consciousness beyond the limits of what is currently recognized.  by K. Paul Stoller, MD, FACHM

Short Sales and Foreclosures should not lead to an NDE 2/23/11 Blog article on NDEs by George Kenner.

The Words of Angels - Italian Website about Angels, NDE and other experiences:  Life on earth, life after death, everything becomes understandable when Love explains it to us. Messages dictated from the Sky, Angelic Testimonials, Testimonials of Graces and Miracles, Photographic Testimonials, our Questions to the Sky and their answers. Love explains and teaches us to understand life and to live it as an opportunity for growth and awareness.

 Information about paranormal Dutch portal about Paranormal

The Addition of Relative Matter and Acausality to Science - EBook by Paul Budding - It is argued that Sam Parnia's AWARE Study is a major breakthrough in science as it is an empirically verifiable study of the Near Death Experience. This and other deep unconscious experiences demonstrate other states of consciousness. (consciousness within unconsciousness) and with a Jungian description they can be understood. Such experiences add to scientific knowledge.

Apres Le Morte - French NDE website by a Noëlle, a French NDEr.

NDE Love Space:  A place for NDErs to share and unite.

Survival Research Institute of Canada: The site features a few rarely-seen photographs of Canadian Spiritualists and psychical researchers, as part of our ongoing historical research activities.  Included are 22 descriptions of Canadian individuals and organizations, available to read on the website in PDF format, in these categories:  1) Canadian Spiritualists (including Reverend Beatrice Gaulton Bishop & Reverend W.C. Partridge), 2) Psychical Researchers (including Dr. T. Glen Hamilton, Dr. A.D. Watson, & George and Iris Owen), 3) Spiritualist Organizations (including the International Spiritualist Alliance & the Spiritualist Church of Canada), 4) Authors on Survival After Death (including Ian Currie, Joe Fisher, & Tom Harpur), 5) Ghost Investigators (John Adams), 6) Fellow Travelers (Prime Minister Mackenzie King & Lucy Maud Montgomery), and 7) Scientists (Professor Michael Persinger).

Suicide: No single explanation can account for all self-destructive behavior. Edwin Shneidman, a clinical psychologist who is a leading authority on suicide, described ten characteristics that are commonly associated with completed suicide. Schneidman's list includes features that occur most frequently and may help us understand many cases of suicide.

Home and back My name is Phil Graviet. This summer my executive producer, Joseph Varley and I had the opportunity of working with people on a documentary about near-death experiences. While working with these ordinary people who have had extraordinary experiences and listening to these people as they speak of place of joy and happiness has changed my way of thinking about the creator, life and how we treat others. Although everyone is welcome here the main reason for this website is to help comfort those who are suffering from the loss of a loved one. I know that many of you are suffering badly from the overwhelming loss of a loved one. But, you can be comforted in knowing that this person is alive, more alive than he/she has ever been, and is in a joyful, peaceful place.

Life after Death:  Afterlife - The evidence for and against.

Truth Seeker TV: hosted by Jimi Petulla, this is an all new Reality Show that dares to go where other shows fear to tread.

International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) International Academy of Consciousness International Academy of Consciousness - non-profit research and educational organization that studies out-of-body experiences (astral projection), bioenergy (chi, prana, subtle energies), and the evolution of consciousness.

NDU's (A Swedish NDE-Site) - An excellent NDE site hosted by Lisa Meyler (an NDEr), NDERF's website translator from English to Swedish.

Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences (ASPE) - ASPE is interested in compiling information about experiences involving all facets of the paranormal, from UFOs, energy vortexes, native American spirits, alien abductions, poltergeists, crop circles, animal mutilations, reincarnation and ghosts to the Taos Hum and beyond.

Destination Light - Website by NDEr Martha St. Clare. My wondrous near-death experiences have filled me with a passionate and sacred desire to share the magnificent love and blessings that Mother/Father God has for each one of us.

Ahhh-The Light If you have ever had an experience that took you outside the familiar physical world perspective most of us take for granted as reality -- examples being a near-death or out-of-body experience, an after death communication from a loved one, a mystical experience, a reincarnation memory, or even a psychic premonition that came true or déjà vu occurrence -- then you will instantly relate to what this website is about.  Especially if the experience clearly adds meaning and purpose to your life and thereby expands your worldview and the sense of who and what you are as a spirit being temporarily in a physical body, you will notice something within your core self has shifted as a result.  That moment enriches and enlarges your sense of reality, and inevitably,  earthly existence never quite looks the same again.

The ReincarnationistMy name is Emily and I am the editor of author M.J. Rose's new blog:  (www.reincarnationist.org). We are starting a section called REINCARNATION DIARIES and would love submissions from folks who are comfortable sharing their stories.

The Supernatural World On this site you will find a huge range of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. Browse through the vast collection of topics on the site or enjoy the friendly community in their discussion forums.

My Electromagnetic SelfI would like to introduce you to my original research into the “Electromagnetic Self” of a human being, my website “The Electromagnetic Self Discovery Centre” and my e-book "You-The Electromagnetic Superhuman" 

Notre-Experience:  Vous êtes ici sur un site de témoins de NDE (Near-Death-Experiences), encore appelées « expériences de mort imminente » (EMI) ou « expériences de mort-retour (EMR), et de témoins d’ECM (expériences de conscience modifiée).

Psychic Revolution - This website, Psychic Revolution is a natural extension of the academic research which I carried out at Monash University in Australia. My dissertation was entitled: “The Nature, Incidence, Impact, and Integration of Spontaneous Parapsychological Experiences” and the results of the internet survey are cited elsewhere on the Internet, including Wikipedia.

Archive X  The web's largest collection of paranormal stories

Acquisition of Astral Awareness - a website exploring the OBE as consciousness awareness.

Beyond Indigo: Website devoted to helping others through the grieving process.

Death Resources:  death related news, books and web resources

Cersan Mystical Organization:  A very spiritual site that has a little of everything

Encyclopedia of Death and Dying

International Academy of Conscientiology (IAC) Natural development of the IIPC has given rise to a new European division known as the International Academy of Conscientiology [IAC].  

THE INTERNATIONAL SURVIVALIST SOCIETY (ISS) - The sole objective of the ISS is to disseminate the scientific proof of survival death on a global level. We aim to provide a scientifically valid alternative to religion (belief and faith), pseudo-skepticism (irrational dogmatism) and orthodox science (defending current paradigms).

Xsist - A nice, new spiritual non-commercial site dedicated to helping the soul

Lazarus - After-life psychical organization - Great Website and lots of NDE resources

www.lizdale.com  - Dr. Liz Dale is a Clinical Psychologist, NDE researcher and author of a book regarding gay NDE.  Crossing Over and Coming Home.

Lou's Website  - Lou's NDE Site. Lots of great stories (including his) and many NDE resources. 

Pacific Neuropsychiatric Institute (PNI) There are excellent articles that combine neuropsychiatry with paranormal (anomalistic) research.

Quantum Consciousness - By Stuart Hameroff, M.D.  The new frontier in Brain/Mind Science by developing a model for consciousness involving Roger's objective reduction occurring in microtubules within the brain's neurons.

Institute for Afterlife Research - An interesting NDE and OBE site from Ireland.

Near Death/New BirthThe Near Death/New Birth Research Group presents the unique idea that a Near Death Experience is astrologically a "new birth".

Earth Angels USA - A new site devoted to inspirational stories of humans helping humans.

The New York Ghost Chapter: Website devoted to ghosts.  I was amazed at all the pictures! 

Tachy Yoga, The Art of Retrogenesis, a free on-line book by Trinogen.  Intersects NDE teachings with Yoga practices.

Mortology.org  A website that explores life, aging, and death.

Wayne WirsThis is a website dedicated to photography and the pursuit of inner peace. Many of my visitors are admirers of the arts, spiritual seekers, students of eastern philosophy and psychology.

Within the Light by Tracy Lee Nash (Services)

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Near-Death Experiences
Scott Roberts "Links to most of the near-death experience (NDE) information on the internet."  Very well done.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) Into The Light... Home Page of Dr. Melvin Morse
    Home page of Melvin Morse, M.D., major author on NDE, including children's NDE.  Fascinating children's pictures of their NDE experience.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)
Science and the Near Death Experience
    Excellent review of scientific thought regarding NDE and rebuttal of "scientific" concerns about the validity of NDE.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Readjusting After Your NDE 
    Web site devoted to helping NDErs adjust after their experience.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Derry's Near Death Experience & Spiritual Poetry
    NDE experiencer writings & poetry 

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Observations on God, Life and the Human Journey
    Excellent compilation of NDE wisdom by Robert Jenkins.  Well worth reading!

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Personal Accounts of NDEs
    Scott Roberts excellent postings and links to dozens of NDE experiences, as told by the actual experiencers! This is an outstanding resource to understand NDE.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) Thoughtful Living
    A web site based on the knowledge and meaning of the near death experience.  Good discussion of NDE perspectives by a NDE experiencer.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) Dr. Raymond Moody Home Page
A world renowned scholar, lecturer, author and researcher, Dr. Raymond Moody is the original author and a leading authority on NDE.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) NDE Meetings on the Internet
    Summary of the major NDE newsgroups, message boards and chat rooms on the internet.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)
Near Death Experiences and the Afterlife
    Excellent compilation of NDE related writings, and summaries of multiple author's NDE experience.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Near Death Experience- Diane Goble
    Interesting NDE and how it affected her life.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)Christian Near Death Experiences
    Christian web page sharing accounts of NDE experiences.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes)
Masai Jones' NDE
    NDE account from the
Aesclepian Chronicles.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) Skeptics Comments
    Comments from individuals and groups skeptical of the NDE experience.

wpeD.jpg (800 bytes) The top 104 best-selling books (in order) regarding NDE from Barnes and Noble Booksellers.
    A listing of the most popular NDE books, and a links to further information about the books.  NDERF has no financial relation with either Barnes and Noble or any of the listed authors.

Psychic-Connections.Biz, various types of readings from a commercial site.

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