Mastery of Love
by Don Miguel Ruiz, Review by Rio Cruz

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I loved The 4 Agreements and my copy now is dog-eared and marked up to a fare-thee-well. Someone told me "The Mastery of Love" was simply a reiteration of "The 4 Agreements" so I didn't bother to read it. No need to overload the brain circuits. But then two other people, whose taste I trust, told me "The Mastery of Love" was very different from "The 4 Agreements" and that it had really helped them on their spiritual journey.

So I went down to one of our local bookstores and got a copy and started reading. I didn't put it down until I had finished. I inhaled that book! But I try not to recommend books to others. Nevertheless, I would have to say that this one is the single most important book I have ever read. It was written specifically for me, in my personal universe. Every book I have ever read up to this point
(and that's a lot of books!) has been preparing me for "The Mastery of Love." All other books coalesce into this one little, easy to read and understand book. I'm sure I read it at a time in my life when I was especially open to its message. That's the way powerful books usually work for us. They are out there in the ethers just waiting for us to get to a point where enlightenment can click in.

The "Mastery of Love" picks up where "The 4 Agreements" leaves off. "The 4 Agreements" is mostly conceptual. It prepares our minds and spirits to better understand "The Mastery of Love." "The Mastery of Love" is a "How to" book. It's not just about ideas or concepts; it tells us how to overcome the parasites of our socialization process and transcend to a reality where emotional pain, suffering, guilt, shame, fear, jealousy, and all the other tools of civilizing no longer have power over us. He strips away the "blame game" and tells us we are each responsible for our emotional suffering. Mom isn't responsible.  Dad isn't responsible. The jerk who just cut us off on the highway
isn't responsible. We inherited suffering through our "civilization" process and learned to fear instead of love.

Unconditional love tells us that each and every person is perfect. We don't need to change anything about anyone else or ourselves to become perfect. We already are perfect. We just need to recognize
this perfection and treat ourselves and others accordingly.

Unfortunately, we have ingested ideas and concepts that translate into feelings that tell us we are not perfect and that other people are not perfect either. And we treat ourselves and others accordingly. We blame ourselves and others for feeling bad, feeling worthless, feeling that there is no way for us to escape the hell we find ourselves in where the parasites of fear, and grief, and suffering rule everything we do.

The Mastery of Love tells us we can change these negative concepts and emotions by gaining mastery over them and replacing them with the love that is our natural birthright. We have already mastered how to be angry, jealous, envious, sorrowful, self-rejecting, other rejecting. The Mastery of Love tells us how to, well...master loving. And that's all I'm going to say about it. If you want to find out how to change fear into unconditional love, get the book and read it