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By J. Steve Dawson You can read the entire book at: www.parkcitiespress.com

I witnessed my wife's experience as three spirits briefly made contact with her. She was not having a near death experience; however, she saw the �light� and the light consisted of countless individual luminescent spirits. From her account of her experience I have experienced several realizations and now understand the implications of what happened to her.  

Based upon numerous hours of conversation with my wife about her experience, my explanation follows:  Another dimension exists which supports this dimension. Spirits inhabit that dimension. Spirits do not resemble the human form, except that they appear to have two distinct features resembling eyes. Their ability to travel exceeds any known measurement in terms of time, distance and speed. They recognize this human experience as being separate from their own. They have compassion for humans and they do not judge human behavior. Their existence in their dimension remains pure. The spirit experience remains unified and not dual. They do not appear to have the unlimited ability to visit here unrestrained. This information parallels the description of the dual nature of this earthly experience and the unity of the spirit experience given by the late Joseph Campbell, Professor of comparative religions at Sarah Lawrence College, and author of many books on the subject of human religions. 

From this information I have distilled the following: The spirit remains indestructible as a distinct entity separate from the human form. The human experience merely punctuates the spirit�s experience. The human psyche results from brain chemistry. The human personality is influenced by the perceptions created by the brain and the human environment. The personality becomes the product of the struggle between the human emotions created by our physical form and the divine virtues associated with our spirit form. When the human experience ends and we return to the pure spirit form we no longer experience the human emotions created by the dual nature of the human experience. In spirit form we know only the unity of thought, consciousness and perception experienced in its purest form. The spirits are conscious of the dual nature, the ethics, morality, etc., of the human earthly experience, but exist separate and apart from that distinctly human experience. 

The human experience has been created for a purpose. This temporary human experience has a dream like quality when compared to the reality of our permanent immortal spirit existence. The experience of the spirit while in human form has aspects which appear to be instructive. The design of the human experience remains rooted in physics. The omniscient nature of the intelligence which empowers the creative process cannot be disobeyed. The laws of that entity which the human form and all other forms of consciousness remain compelled to obey are the laws of physics. These laws define the development and existence of all forms of consciousness on earth. The patterns of existence which all forms must obey become the rituals of existence for those forms. Transformation in the form of birth; existence of the spirit in human form; and transformation in the form of death are the only experiences commanded of all forms. There are no other rituals ordained by the forces of creation.    

The brief history of the human form demonstrates that humankind has been wrong more often than right, due in part to the fact that the brain is a secondary organ of the body. Religion, as the human attempt to define experiences which defy explanation and as the attempt to personify the forces of creation, becomes at best a means of reassuring the fragile human psyche. History has proven that mystery does not exist, that the future does exist and that the explanation of mystery relies upon the occurrence of future events. In addition, history gives us the understanding of causation. All events have one source of causation. The human interpretation and perception of those events becomes the human description of this experience which controls the dialogue here on earth.  

Human perception and perspective, because of their design limitations, cannot be used to establish absolutely the true nature of this dimension and certainly not the next. However, the experience my wife described has contributed greatly to my understanding. The importance of this understanding has changed my perspective of this experience. I now know that the dialogue between my earth bound spirit and my spirit family, in the other dimension, is ongoing and only limited by life's distractions.  My spirit is indestructible and will not be judged because the duality of experience only exists here in this dimension. Emotion is the language of the spirit, not conscious thought. Compassion, love and acceptance become the most desirable emotions because my wife felt the compassion, love and acceptance of the spirits who visited her. This is the message which Jesus has been credited with bringing to this experience. This is why we revere his spirit. We do not believe any of the impossible or improbable descriptions used by humans to deify the human or any other form. While here on earth all forms obey the omniscient laws, the laws of physics.   

I'm certain there are other important realizations which I have inadvertently omitted from this brief description. I cannot emphasize too strongly that most people have been given, myself included, the wrong information about this experience from birth. If the world could ever recognize the true nature of this temporary simulation, the advancement of human understanding and therefore human behavior would have the necessary foundation for positive change. Until that occurs humankind remains destined to repeat the unhealthy behaviors created by the human experience's reliance upon ego, fear and ignorance. 

We have now reached a place in our experience where love and compassion for the spirit have dispensed with our former reliance upon our lesser human emotions which caused us to judge, suffer from hypocrisy and the distractions of meaningless faith based ritual mysteries invented by other human forms.

JS Dawson  Copyright - 2006