Nothing Better than Death
by Kevin Williams

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  (Rancho Cordova, CA) — Author Kevin R. Williams announced today that his book entitled Nothing Better Than Death has been published and is now available for purchase nationwide.


Nothing Better Than Death, by Kevin R. Williams, provides a comprehensive look at sixty-two profound near-death experiences (NDEs).  Insights from these NDEs are divided into fourteen categories: Life before birth, Life, Humanity, Religion, Spirituality, Future, Science, Death, Life after death, God, Heaven, Hell, Reincarnation and Suicide. Fifteen interesting questions concerning the NDE are thoroughly answered such as: “Aren’t NDEs merely the product of a dying brain?”  and “Doesn’t the fact that NDEs are different suggest they are not true?”  A defense of the NDE from a Biblical standpoint is provided proving the following: NDEs are scriptural; NDEs are not of the devil; NDEs and the Bible affirm God is unconditional love; NDEs and the Bible affirm universal salvation; NDEs and the Bible affirm reincarnation.  The Appendix provides quotes from famous people concerning life and death.  Also provided are resources where more information concerning NDEs can be found.

Kevin R. Williams is the webmaster of “Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife” at  His website is one the most comprehensive websites on the internet concerning this subject.  Mr. Williams believes his mission in life is to bring information about the near-death experience (NDE) to the internet and world.  He states, “My mission is to magnify the truth and to shine a light in this world of darkness. I seek to end the ignorance and fear of death and to plant seeds of more spiritual love and light within my fellow human beings. I wish everyone could find the enormous love and the great light I have discovered in meditating on the profound truths revealed in the NDE. This is my mission in this life and my love.” Mr. Williams currently lives near Sacramento, California, where he continues to write and maintain his NDE website.

Available through or contacting Kevin Williams at (916) 858-0671 or email: