Heart And Soul
Jim Chapman
Book Review by  Jody Long

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...have ever wondered what will happen when you die?
...have ever been weighed down with doubt and worry about the meaning of life?
...have ever had a heart attack, stroke or similar life-threatening experience or know someone else who has?
...have a friend who's in need of a gentle boost toward happiness?

If so, "Heart and Soul" is a must-read, and a gift that will continue to give, reading after reading. It has the answers that will give you peace of mind, help you live a richer, fuller life, and end your fear of death forever. Jim Chapman's NDE, Excerpts from his book "Heart and Soul"  (12.9 MB) .mp3

        I read Jim's book and was very impressed.  Jim is a Canadian Radio Personality on CJBX 1290 Newstalk.  I read hundreds of NDEs - and his is a core experience.  The part that drew my attention was the intense fear of death that set off a chain of events that led to an eventual heart attack.  The transformation that happened is truly inspirational.  I would recommend this book heartily.  It is short, easy to read, but contains a very human element that is so refreshing to read in a book format.  He also has a wonderful CD available where he reads excerpts from the book.  He also has some transformative material that is not contained in the book.  All proceeds go to local charities.  For more information visit www.jimchapman.ca  (519) 686-2525