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A Higher Good
by Ron Kruger

Book Review by  Dave Woods

This is Dave Woods.  I'm sure that you remember me for my Soulmate Poem for Janet "My Spirit Will Always Find Yours".
From your Newest NDE'S I read Ron Kruger's NDE, and I bought his book "A Higher Good" from Publish America.  This is an invaluable book, and I've already bought two more copies.  You should do everything in your power to promote it.  I say this because I know that you want the spiritual consciousness indicated by the NDE to spread across the entirety of Mankind.
In NDE's some people are told that they must go back.  Some are told that they have an important mission to accomplish back on Earth.  However, it's always true that they have to discover what that mission is by themselves upon their return. 
Ron Kruger is someone who experienced the other side as fully as he was allowed to stay.  He's also someone who was damaged by organized religion in his early youth, but after his NDE and his newfound knowledge, went totally on his own spiritual path.
At Last..... we have someone who's had the full spiritual impact of the truth of the other side, to give us a deep penetrating and wise view of the human condition here in time space.  Ron Kruger has fulfilled his mission.
A Higher Good shows us all how to search our innermost selves and unlock the chains that keep us from evolving spiritually.  It also exposes the pitfalls of our societies that we fall prey to.  I have benefited greatly from A Higher Good.
I can see myself more clearly than ever before, and as I keep reading it, my clarity expands and deepens. If I can fulfill the realities that A Higher Good reveals to us all, maybe I'll make it this time around.  Please Review and Promote A Higher Good by Ron Kruger.
Dave Woods   www.musictolight.org