by PMH Atwater & David Morgan

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The latest book by noted NDE researcher PMH Atwater is out!  THE COMPLETE IDIOT'S GUIDE TO NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCES through Macmillan (and assistant, David Morgan) is now available.

This book is the largest Idiot's book ever published by Macmillan; 460 pages, 5 appendices - the world's first complete compendium on the entire near-death phenomenon, its implications and aftereffects, a 360-degree approach, positive/negative.  It is a one-stop, one-shop source.  And there's nothing else like it anywhere.  Although for the general public, it is especially written for teachers and students, medical personnel, and the families of near-death experiencers.  The material is first-rate with new research and new cases, but done in a lively style - perfect for busy people on the go and for the younger generations of readers.  There are many drawings by the experiencers themselves, several photos; plus, whoever the Macmillan cartoonist is, that person did an incredible job.