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Blessings in Disguise
by Barbara Rommer, M.D.


"...[Dr. Rommer's] book is a major contribution, because she has courageously ventured into uncharted territory and produced a preliminary roadmap giving clues to the solution of an exciting puzzle..."

            -Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D.
            Author of Life After Life

At least 13 million Americans have had a near-death experience (NDE), according to a Gallop poll. Data suggests that 17.7% of these are "less than positive" (LTP)-experiences that are distressing and sometimes frightening.

Dr. Rommer, a practicing physician, personally interviewed more than 300 LTP cases, most of whom confirmed her hypothesis: that even the most horrifying NDEs eventually have a spiritual outcome.

New Title Takes the Fear out of the Near-Death Experience

Saint Paul, MN-On a recent episode of  The Sopranos, mafioso member Christopher Moltisanti suffered one; TV's Walker, Texas Ranger sustained one; Agent Dana Skully of The X-Files had one, and even Bart Simpson has experienced one. What do these TV characters have in common? They've all suffered a Less-Than-Positive Near-Death Experience. The media inundates us with messages about the "typical" near-death experience-the long, white tunnel, smiling, deceased family members to greet us, and the feeling of complete peace. But what about those near-death experiences that are frightening, even horrifying? 

At least 13 million Americans have had a near-death experience (NDE), according to a Gallup Poll in 1997. Data suggests that 17.7% of these are "less-than-positive" (LTP)-experiences that are distressing and sometimes frightening.  Dr. Barbara Rommer personally interviewed over 300 Less-Than-Positive cases, and Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience is the result.

Dr. Rommer is quick to explain that even negative experiences have a positive outcome-"The Less-Than-Positive Experience is a spiritual wake-up call, causing the person to stop, look back, and review past choices, " says Rommer, "It can help him or her understand the consequences of those choices, reevaluate thought patterns and "glitches" in thinking or reasoning, and then make necessary changes where indicated. I view it as the ultimate learning experience."  

Dr. Barbara Rommer, M.D., has practiced Internal Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, for over 25 years. She founded and facilitates the South Florida chapter of the International Association for Near-Death studies (IANDS). She is an engaging television speaker, having appeared on A&E's Beyond Death, 48 Hours, The Montel Williams Show, and various other television and radio programs.

Blessing in Disguise: Another Side of the Near-Death Experience is available from Llewellyn Publications, the oldest and leading publisher of new age books and other publications for the transformation of body, mind, and spirit. To request a review copy, or to request an author appearance, please contact Lisa Braun, Publicist, at (800)843-6666, ext. 8450, or at:




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