Deacon Robert M. Pallotti, D.Min.

32 Dalewood Road

Newington, Ct. 06111




EDUCATION:           D.Min., Graduate Theological Foundation, Donaldson, Il.

                                            Graduated with Distinction                                                                             1999

                                            Doctoral Project: The Deacon in the Ministry of Justice and Peace

                                            Praxis for the 21st Century. (2 vols.)


                                           M.A. Religious Studies, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, Ct.               1984

                                           Awarded Graduate Assistantship, 1980-1984


                                           B.A. History, University of Hartford, West Hartford, Ct.                              1979

                                           Graduated top 10% of class


                                           A.A. Liberal Arts, Manchester Community College, Manchester, Ct.          1977


ORDINATION:         Ordained to the permanent deaconate, Archdiocese of Hartford, Ct.             1995



TRAINING:               Certificate of Completion, Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT-CC          2005

                                            Advanced Certificate for Emotional Freedom Techniques,

                                            EFT-ADV                                                                                                       2005


                                            Certificate of Completion of on-line course, The Final Solution

                                           Of the Jewish Problem, 60 hours of education on the Holocaust

                                            From the International School for Holocaust Studies at

                                            Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, Israel                                                                      2012


AWARDS/HONORS  Msgr. Teulings Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement,

                                              St. Joseph College, 1984

                                             Moreau Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Holy Cross Tradition,

                                             Holy Cross High School, 1992

                                             Dr. John Kerr Award for Outstanding Essay in Religion, Science and

                                             Ethics, Oxford University Summer Theology Programme, Oxford

                                             University, 1998

                                             Congressional Recognition for Community Service from U.S. Rep.Nancy

                                             Johnson, 2004

                                             Invited Clergy and Participant in the Carnegie Endowment for International

                                               Peace Conference on Non-Proliferation, Washington, D.C., 2007

                                             Family Champion Award from Connecticut Council of Family Service

                                             Agencies, 2013


INTERESTS:                Racism   Environmental Justice    War and Peace   Economic Justice

                                            Holocaust    Political Science         History              Conflict Resolution

                                            Theology     Ecumenism & Interreligious Relations  Near Death Studies


EXPERIENCE:         Holy Cross High School, Waterbury, Ct.                                          1980-1996

                                            Chair, Department of Theology (1984-1996)

                                            Theology Teacher (1980-1996)

                                                 Served on Academic Board, 1983-1996; Faculty Liaison 1995-1996;

                                                 Moderator, Student Council, 1984-1987.


                                            Adjunct Faculty for St. Joseph College in West Hartford, Ct. in

                                                 Religious Studies                                                                          1986, 1990






                                       Director for the Office of the Diaconate

                                               Archdiocese of Hartford                                               Oct. ’05- present


                                       Pastoral Minister, St. Joseph Church, Bristol, Ct.        1996-2005


                                                    Design and implementation of adult education programs and

                                                    ministries within the parish. Administer programs including

                                                    RCIA, marriage preparation, Small Christian Communities,

                                                    hospital and nursing home visitation, funerals/wakes,

                                                    Baptism preparation, Confirmation I, altar server training,

                                                    pastoral facilitator training, Homefront Day, Coordinator

                                                    for parish involvement with United Action for Central Ct.,

                                                    Wellness Program and diaconal liturgical duties.



                                                Archdiocese of Hartford, Bloomfield, Ct.                                   

                                                Instructor for the Archdiocesan Catechist Formation Program   1987-2005

                                                Professor for the Deacon Candidate Formation Program          2005-present

                                                   Old Testament, Homiletics, Christian Ethics (war and peace,

                                                    social justice, human sexuality, environmental issues, medical ethics,

                                                    economic justice etc…)

                                                Presenter, workshops on justice and peace for the Deacon

                                                      Ongoing Formation Program for Deacons

                                                      Designed “Curriculum for Justice and Peace” for Deacon Formation

                                                      Program, 2000

                                                      Designed Deacon Mentor Program, 1999

                                                      Workshop Presenter: Conflict and Conflict Resolution for

                                                      New England Conference for Deacons                                        1999

                                                     Designed  a Manual and presented a program to the deacons                   

                                                       Of the Archdiocese of Hartford entitled, “The Deacon and Social

                                                       Justice 2002.”  

                                                      Executive Director and Treasurer  of the Board of Directors of the   

                                                       Catholic Lending Library and Catholic Bookstore,                  2011-2012  







                                          Archdiocese of Hartford

                                                     Justice and Peace Commission: Vice-Chair (1992-1994), Chair (1995)

                                                     Advisory Board for Small Christian Communities: Member

                                                     (1996-present), President (2004-2011)

                                                      Board of Directors, Office of Urban Affairs: Member (1996-2002);

                                                      Treasurer (1998-1999); President (1999-2002)

                                                      Ct. Committee for Interreligious Understanding: Co-founder and

                                                         OUA representative (1995-2004)

                                                      Publication team member for “Quest,” a publication of the Pastoral

                                                      Office for Small Christian Communities (1988-present)

                                                   SANE/Freeze, NGO, United Nations, New York, NY

                                                      researcher for organization supporting a comprehensive nuclear test ban

                                                      Treaty (1989-1990)

                                                   Vice President for United Action of Central Connecticut 2003-2005

                                                   Advisory Board Member for Catholic Charities, Western region 2004-


                                                    Board of Trustees for Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Hartford

                                                      2006, Chair of the Public Relations Committee, Member of the

                                                      Strategic Planning Committee 2010, Chair of the Trustee Committee


                                                     Second Vice-President for Board of Trustees, 2013

                                                    Member, Peace Committee for the Archdiocese of Hartford  2005

                                                    Member, Committee for Third Edition of the Roman Missal, 2010

                                                    Member, Committee for the Year of Faith, Archdiocese of Hartford


PUBLICATIONS:             The Deacon in the Ministry of Justice and Peace: A Handbook

                                                   (in progress)

                                                   Healing the Body of Christ: Racism in the Church. Archdiocese of

                                                   Hartford, 1994 (co-authored with Dr. Marie Hilliard)

                                                   Pastoral and Theological Challenges and Opportunities of the

                                                     Near-Death Experience, four part series in Deacon Digest, 2006-07.

                                                   The Prophetic Ministry of the Deacon, seven part series, Deacon Digest,

                                                      November 2009-October 2010.



AFFILIATIONS:            Oxford Foundation Fellows  

                                                 Karl Rahner Society

                                                 Arms Control Association 

                                                 Union of Concerned Scientists    

                                                 Academy of Political Science       

                                                 Southern Poverty Law Center      

                                                 Bread for the World                      

                                                 Carnegie Council for Ethics in

                                                   International Affairs

                                                 Pax Christi

                                                Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C.

                                                The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences

                                                International Association of Near Death Studies

                                                Forum member for Eternea



LANGUAGES:             Familiarity with Spanish, French and Russian