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Near death experience and Islamic view
by F. Gerami


The hereafter world has long been a baffling issue for human. Philosophers as well as prophets and other groups has answered this question. However, humans still look for ways to reveal the matter. Silence, as mentioned in verse 85 of Isra surah in holy Koran “and you are not given aught of knowledge but a little”, failed to thoroughly answer it.It has only uncovered some secrets from “the death gate” or gain some information through the spirit world.

 It was after Raymond Moody’s “the life after life” (1975), a report of almost 50 person’s experience whom the author interviewed, that the near death experience attract people’s attention. Moody, both a philosopher and a physician, associated the elements which were often repeated in the reports to state the following ideal narration:

Someone is dying and when his corporal suffering climaxes he heard his physicians calling him dead. Gradually they hear an unpleasant noise, a bell ringing or a loud uproar and at the same time they feel themselves out of their bodies, yet still in their immediate bodily environment, and like a spectator they move away from their bodies and see it. From this appropriate and unknown view, as his emotions out bursting, he watches other’s struggle to bring him back to life. After some moments he become aware of his new conditions and become more accustomed to his bizarre situation. He understands that he still owns a body, but a body with different qualities and powers than the corporal one he left behind. Soon other scenes happen. Others going to help him, he saw his relatives and friends’ spirits who passed away before.People who had the near death experience often saw a light after being separated from their bodies. This phenomenon was reported more frequently in children. But we are going to discuss what this light is and how it was narrated in Islamic interpretations.

To visit the light

Agirl’s father naming ted talks about her daughter’s near death experience:

She possess an unprecedented state of calmness and told “I saw a pretty light and I know that I’m no longer staying hear” (Morse, 2006, p82)

Roy Millers in his book” The souls remembrance” stated:

Suddenly I got surrounded by a golden extremely luminous light, it embraces me. That light was more brilliant and astonishing than the sun light. It was a thousand times more powerful and stronger than the sun’s bright and glowing radiation.

Nevertheless, I didn’t go blind from staring to that, neither did I burnt. The light, was the source of a positive energy which embrace me all over.

What is the light?


In the mentioned cases, in most cases that people saw a light, at first they saw its beams from a distance and as they getting closer they found it out to be radiating from a luminous existence.

It is not easy to describe this light. Mostly it is described as an unconditional love. Others call it “absolute awareness” absolute mercy and absolute love. (Morse 1999, p 41)

In Islamic worldview

According to the holy quran all of the human being are going to meet God whether they step in the right path or not:

“To Allah is your return all of you” (Al-Maeda 105) the returning is not allocated for the righteous and the believers, but humans, whoever he is, is given the chance.The wrongdoers meet God as “the strictest punisher when it comes to punishment and revenge”. They meet God’s glory nor His beauty, they are incapable of that.

But the believers see the beauty of God an meet Him as “the compassionate the merciful”1

“The wrong doers are humble and weekend in presence of God in the day of doom” (Amoly 1999, p 243, summarized)



1)     Al-Ankaboot verse 5 whoever hopes to meet Allah the term appointed by Allah will then most surely come

Death or demise in Islam

Verse 11 of as-sajda chapter “say the angel of death who is given charge of you shall cause you to die. Then to your lord you shall be brought back.

Human going towards God

It is said that “all people, according to what God has put in their instincts, will move toward the major source and whenever someone doing a spiritual act, the act pulls him toward the hereafter, however there is time and distance differences between these movements.”

Some by the light of God’s glory, step in the right path, the reason to which is the verse 8 of at-tahrim chapter of the holy Quran “their light shall run on before them and on their right hands.”

And some divine endowments attract them to the Return call. Al-fajr chapter verse 8 “return to your Lord”. It means that they are addressed by this call from the moment their death occur until they enter the everlasting Eden.

And some are dragged toward death… al-anam chapter verse 93 ‘when the unjust shall be in the agonies of death” (Ahany, 1980, p 66)

In the Al mizan in verse 12 of Al-hadid chapter “on that day you will see the faithful men and the faithful women- their light running before them and on their right hand”

In allame Tabatabaee idea this verse conclude all faithful people from all nations and not specified to Islam nation. (Al mizan verse 12 of Al-hadid chapter)

God’s light

In the holy Quran God depicts as the light of heavens and earth and the existence is a radiance of his light. And it is stated in the 35 verse of an-nor chapter“Allah is the light of heavens and earth” that God’s light is both excessive and consistent.

When Moses heard the “o Moses I am indeed your Lord” call, he knows by certainty that it is God who is calling him and the words are His words.

And the sentence “ I am indeed your Lord so take off your shoes’’ notify Moses of the face to face talking and the presence status, and that God specified him and grant him the privacy. (Tabatabee, 1982. V 27, p209)

Seeing God or saints?

In verses such as “looking to their Lord” (Al-Qiama v.23) someone look at his God The sunat Muslims believes that humans are going to see God on the day of doom however God’s existence is absolute and it can’t be seen and it can be interpreted as seeing the glory of divine successors (ShafieeMazandarani, 2008,p80). In Al-araf verse 143 Moses asked to see God “he said: my Lord show me thyself, so that I may look upon thee. He said: you cannot bear to see me but look at the mountain, if it remains firm in its place then will you see me; but when his Lord manifested His glory to the mountains He made it crumble and Moses fell sown in a swoon; then when he recovered he said: glory be to thee, I turn to thee and I am the first of believers” this verse shows that God cannot be seen by human eyes neither in this world nor in the hereafter; but he can be seen by the insight.

Abdo-llah EbN saleh asked the eighth emam: what does it mean to look at the sublimit God? Emam said God’s face is the prophets and messengers and His arguments. (Motaqi hendi, 1988, v15, p595)

Regarding the light of God’s saints it is said in the jame.e kabira prayer: He has created you as light and he acquainted you of his heaven. And we address them as God’s light in pilgrimage salutes. For instance in emam Hasan salute: salute to you, Allah’s light (syed ibn tavoos quoting Mafatih al-janan) and in mosa ibnJafar and emam Reza pilgrimage salutes“salute be to you, you are Allah’s light in the darkness of the earth”

An also in the day of congregationemam zaman pilgrimage “salute to you, Allah’s light, by whom people guided and by whom the believers problems are solved”

Therefore, human can’t see God for he is limited; however, through God’s displays, he see God as the saints light specially when dying. Overall, the pictures that people see at death are “the figures of the prophet, saints, angles of Allah, his properties or children etc.

Differences between taking away spirits based on differences between faith and deed

It is possible that Azrael or his aids or one of saints or God Himself do this. It is said in the book of resurrection that: the believers are in different degrees; the ones whose faith is weak, the angles who take their spirits are also weak and only in the time of death they have the power over them to take their spirits. The weak angels don’t have the power to take the spirits on the ones with strong faith and the more powerful angels are needed to take over them and take their spirits and abduct them. Moreover, stronger angels are ruling the believers as their faith grow stronger so that the believer gain a faith that the minor angels cannot take his spirit away. In this situation the Azrael who is an esteemed angel, take the believer’s spirit away. (Hosseini tehrani 1983, v1, p 236)

Spirits are taking away by some creatures who are higher in position than angels named “thesublimes” hear, as it can be seen Amir al-momenin added a sentence and that is the word “other than” which means they take away spirits by other creatures than angels. We should see what does this sentence mean? We can’t just ignore it. It is said by a God’s saint. He said that taking the body spirit can be done without angles be in charge of it or their supervision. This sentence conveys tow possibilities:

The first possibility is that the “other than” term refers to angels and it make sense in this sentence. It means that God take away people’s spirits also by some of his creatures who are not angels. Those creatures are higher in position, greater, more honorable than angels and even from the angle of death and they are called “the sublimes’ in the logic of the holy Quran. (Hosseini tehrani 1983, v1, p 227)

And the second possibility is that it means that: God take away spirits by whoever of His creatures (angels), or he take away spirits without angels being in between.

Taking away esteemed spirits by God

In this way it is possible that the meaning of “other than” term would be God himself, or this meaning refers to “thesublimes” by whom God take spirits away. Who are they that due to their highness and their high regards they were not assign to genuflect for human? According to holly Quran

They are from “sincere” that devils cannot reach their holy presence. “Thesublimes” are the holly spirits of prophets and saints and Imams who were entered the divine safe spot. They are “in the seat of honor with a most powerful king” (Al-qamar 55) and have reached degrees of devote and divine intimacy. (Hosseini tehrani, 1983, v1, p227)

Accordingly, humans see luminous beings that can be one of prophets ( jesus for instance for christions) or Mohammad and saints (among Muslims) in the time of death. Some may see the light of an angel called the angel of death and in narations, azrael was compared to a mirror in which human see their own interiot in that light which can be ugly or beautiful.

The tunnel

Some people felt that they were falling in a dark and black nothingness or a tunnel.

A woman named Maggie underwent a surgery in 1978, and unlike her husband she was not religious. She said:in the forth morning I was at such a great pain that I was breaking down and crying out louad for a new injection. But the nurses were not allowed to do that and I passed out because of the pain and not noticing anything afterwards. Later I feel like being in a black, dark and very long corridor and as I walk through the corridor I was so worried and frightened after I walked some way I found myself warm and at peace  but the darkness was still there and like a wall or a high mountain which has no end.(canon,2001,p72)

Any way there was a hope in all of them which was radiating at the end of the tunnel and they found out later as it approaching, that the light is from a devine self that everyone has a concept of it. It is obvious that christions beilived the light to be jesus or God (or based on their belief).

The next expression for dying is “ghamarat” it is the prular form of “ghamara” which means advanture, drawn, flood, hardship etc. “if you had seen when the unjust shall be in agonies of death and the angels shall spread forth  their hands: Give up your souls;” (Al-Anaam,93)

The pressure of the grave does not mean that the grave walls get together and bothers the body. However the pressure is invisible and imperceptible and it come to the dead person and his afterlife body and soul and made him a great misery. or some sinful souls have difficulty when their souls wants to leave them.

The review of life

In temporary death, people remember all of their lives and evaluate them themselves. They came across the question “ what have they done with their lives?”

Betty Jane Eadie says: in the presence of that devine luminous creature all of my life events were reviewing before my eyes on by one.

From the religion point of view

The review of life existed in almost every one who has the near death experience. Everyone evaluates what they have done. It is also mentioned in Islamic interpretations. Al-isra 13 “ and we have made every man’s action to cling to his neck.” Imam Sadiq interperate this verse as : people recall everything that they have done and the action were recorded in their souls, they remember them like they are doing them at the present moment and that is why they say woe on me, thisbook did not forget anything neither big nor little. Also Ayashi interpretation qouated Imam sadiq as “ when the day of doom comes, people will be given their book (the letter of their deeds) and be ordered “read”. The narrator asked imam “will he know what is in the letter?” imam answered God will remind him, and there will be no blink, step, talk and action that he won’t remember as if he was doing them in that moment (tabatabaee 1998, p132) and this recalling is different from reading because they see the action with it’s results like a movie. And in the next narration it is obvious that this action- representing also exist in death gate,  and in the in between world. And he also said “ when a believer or an unbliver is placed in the grave, his deeds will be represented to the prophet, imam Ali and other imams. (Majlesi, 1982, v6, p183) in this narration in addition to see the “action file” in the day of doom, a file is given when entering the in between world. It is also quoted from the prophet that in the day of doom  the beiliver wonttake a step until he is asked four questions which are: what have you used your life for? What did you spend your youth for? How did you earn your wealth and how did you spend it? And also they are asked about the love of imams. According to imam Ali’s narration “whoever dies, his day of doom beggings at the moment” we can attribute the mentioned questions to the time of death.

Who will be asked?

The grave questioning is special for mere belivers and mere unbelivers.some narrations are used to say that the grave questioning is for the ones who purified their belief and are from mere belivers or purified their infidelity and are from mere unbelivers and the other groups are not asked any question and their questioning will be called off.(Hossein Tehrani,1983,v3,p99).in other narratin Imam Baqer said “people who are asked in the grave are either mere believer or mere unbeliever”(Majlesi,1984,p260)


After her own near death experiance, entering the tunnel and seeing the luminous existent, Betty Jane Id entered another part of in between world and gain some more awareness, including seeing spirits and guiding spirits: I saw the guiding angles stayed with me though hardship and help me at all cost. Sometimes there were a lot of guiding angles around me, sometimes there were some, it depended on my need. (ID,2009,P109).

Guarding spirits

Rarely, some people believed that the existent they came across were their guarding spirits. One of this spirits told a man: I am here to help you in this part of your experience and then I will surrender you to others to guide you.

From Islamic point of view

All of the creatures of the substance world are under the dominance of the devine world. All of the creatures of this world are ruled by a divine existent.

The earthly human has a close angel who grow and guard him. Each animal, planet, objects, and every little part of this world is like this.  And overally, all of the world which is the seen world and the world of kingdom, is under the power of a divine world which is the world of truth, meaning and conscience. The power and the immenseness of that world is much more than this world so that the former can train and taught some existent under it’s own circumstances. Those existents are called angels.(hosseini tehrani, v3, p128) the 10th verse of Al-Infitar says “and most surely they are keepers over you honorable recorders” it is said in a narration that: the tow guardians are two angels adressed to the human who came to the beiliver at the time of the morning prayer and by this time the other two angels who were responsible to record his deeds in night, would ascend.

The spirit’s familiarity

“the spirits are regulated like an army. Therefore, the familiar spirits will get closer to each other and the strange ones keep their distance from one another.”(foroozanfar, 2001, p103) also Morse mentioned an experience from hell:

Once I met a man who was in pain for such a bad experience. he was a fierce gangster as a young man. Later on in his midlife he got even more fierce and wild thinking of nothing but meeting his desire and greed and wild instinct. He was bitten by a broken bottle in a fight left in between death and life. He said he felt his spirit was taking away from his body as harsh as possible. His body exploded and burnt in the blink of an eye. Instead of angels he saw his firend’s faces who were killed before, they were crying for they were in pain and they told him that there is no end for their suffer and punishment. He left the murder and the smuggling bussines after this frightening experience.(Morse, 2011, p281)

 There is no light and radiating in the fire of hell and according to what narrations says it is dark and black. Also Molasadra believes that the heart of the nature is the fire of hell. (Dinani, 2003, p207,208)

Ayatolla Amoli in “the future life in holly Qoran” book:

Hell is nothing but the reward of human deeds. Such punishments are a forcible matter which are placed in the human from his own and burn him. An-Naml verse 90 “whoever brings evil…”

The special separating fire and winds

Two factors bring humans to this desert and it’s five components: one is the special fire or winds and the other is two guardian angels. Ali Ibn Irahim follows the verse22 of Al-Anam “and on the day when we shall gather them all together…” quoting the innocent “God set a fire which separate believers and unbelievers.” And the 59 verse of Yassen “and get aside today, o guilty ones” they say: o sinners separate from the people of heaven today. He quotes the innocent as “God set a wind that seperate them. Meanwhile someone called “and get asiade…”

Imam Ali said “the earth won’t be clear in the day of doom unless two angels grab each man’s by arm and tell him: answer your God’s calling. (Habibian, 2010, p 153) sura Qaf verse 21 “and every soul shall come with it a driver and a witness” and all of this is because his declining from the hereafter reminding and his returning to God. As God says in Taha verse 124 “and whoever turns away from my reminder, his shall be a straitened life.” And by divine intuition,it has become clear for the prophets and their true followers that the hereafter suffers that are placed in the souls of the ones who prefer worldly life to the hereafter, are three types which are spiritual suffer and Pain and are before the bodily chastisement with fire which come at last, and that is burning the desires and lust, the embarrassment of revealing the wrong deeds, and the regret of losing the beloveds. (Molasadra, 1983,p56) according to this the inbetween world’s suffers are more spiritual and other suffers are postponed until the day of doom. The fire of hell, unlike the world’s fire is dark. The people of hell are in dark, and those who are not interested in God, will be deprived of his blessings and the only survive for them Is the prayer of the alive ones.

The inbetween world’s garden (heaven)

The purgatorial garden (heaven)


Betty jean id entered a garden as her experience of near death: when I entered the garden I saw mountains gorgeous valleys and rivers in the distance. My escorts left me and I was allowed to go by my own. maybe they want no body to bother me when I was experiencing all that beauty. They garden was filled with trees and flowers planned especially as though they’ve grown the way they were. I walked on grass for some time. The grass was crispy and cool as if it way alive under my feet.

But what stroke me most was the bright colors. There is nothing like them in this world. When light glow on something here a radiant light reflected from that making a thousand shadows light, in the spiritual world. It is not necessarily a reflection of something. It emanate from everything and has the quintessence of life there was a million a billion colors. For example the flowers were completely alive and bright radiating with colors as though they are not insensitive matters. Because the bright halo of every flower was for itself it was hard to say where a flower’s surface begins and where it ends. It was obvious that every part at the plant every microscopic part of it has a sense for its own. That’s the best word I can use to distinguish it. Every moment that part was full at its spiritual life and it can cooperate with other parts to create every living thing. The same factors were in the flower which will be a part at other things and it was alive as well. It does not have a soul like ours but it has its own sense and organization which can create by the allowance at god and other worldly rules. All of these are documents for creation in there especially in the flowers.

There was a beautiful river in the middle of the garden[1] which was not so far from me and I dragged to it immediately. I found out that the river is emanate from a big water fall with the purest water and the river pour to a lake. The water, radiating from purity, looks alive, life was in the water too. Every drop of the water fall has its own sense and goal. A beautiful majestic music came from the water fall filled the garden and mix with other sounds that I was barely aware of. The music was came out of water from the sense of water and every drop has its own sound and tone and the harmonica sound of drops, Synchronized with other voices reflecting in the space. The water was resaying[2] well for its life and happiness. The overall impression of it was more than every music and symphony in the world. If comparison is going to be made our most flawless music is like a child playing drums. We don’t even have the capacity and the ability to understand the power and immensity of the music there. (Id 2009 p 79)

Jesus[3] were not really away from me. He was at my right side still radiating a flashy light. He took a step ahead. He told the council: let’s show her what her commission involves with. he reminded me that when I go back to earth I would forgot my commission and the things which are about it and I shouldn’t think of it because it will happen on its schedule (ID, 2010  p ll3)

Levels of in most honor.

There are several levels of honor in heaven regarding proudness and honor of human intervals. Some of spirits are radiating more brightly and more proudly than the others. But no spirit will judge another in heaven (Eadie, 2010, p2g) 

 Heaven in the Holly Quran

The verses 45 to 54 at al-rahman describe the heaven in the Holy Quran: “And for him who fears to stand before his lord are two gardens which then at the bounties at your lord will you deny?

Having in them various kinds. In both of them are two fountains flowing. In both of them are two pairs of every fruit. Reclining on beds the inner coverings of which are of silk brocade and the fruits of the two gardens shall be within reach: if we suppose that the two gardens in al-rahm surah means material heaven and spiritual heaven then these two fountains will be a spiritual fountain (like he fountain of knowledge) and the other will be a material fountain(like pure water or milk or homey) (Makaremshirazi .13.v23  p124) the people of heaven dressed in silk and in the best accessories sit in front of each other in soft beds and patchwork furniture. They praise and think God. They won’t say nor hear any unnecessary word. They won’t be annoyed by either heat or cold. They have no suffer or tiredness no fear or grief. Their hearts are clean from any vengeance. (Sobhani 2007, p36)

The extent of heaven

        Aal-e-lmran 133 “and a garden the extensive of which is (as) the heavens and the earth. The meaning of extensive is the extent and width of heaven and it refers to the fact that the heaven is so extensive that it reaches its apex or it is so extensive that human mind cannot understand it (tabatabaee 1984 v7 p31) it is quoted from the prophet: the distance between the highest man in heaven and the lowest one is like the star which is seen in the west and the east of the earth. (Mohamadi rey shahri 2010 p5 5) the prophet said   heaven has a hundred degrees. The difference between these degrees is like the difference between earth and sky (nahj-al-fasahe the hadith number 1222) and the number hundred   shows intensity and maybe it’s the number of heaven or people. Imam Baqer said be aware that heaven has 8 doors that it takes forty years to go from one to another. (Sadooq 1984 alovab al-thamanie) and if this 40 years would be light years it convey the extent of heaven.

Entering heaven’s gates

Az-zumar 73 “and those who are careful of their duty to their lord shall be conveyed to the garden in companies” until when they come to it and its doors shall be opened.

Doors of heaven.

Imam Mohamad Baqer be aware that heaven has eight doors that it takes 40 years to go from one door to another it is quoted from the holy prophet that in the ascension night he saw the following sentences on the eighth door whoever wants to pass through all of eight doors should have four traits 1) charity 2) generosity 3) kindness 4) avoid bothering servants of god.

So God say in Holy Quran: As-sajde 17 “so no soul knows what is hidden for them of that which refresh the eyes a reward for what they did” the bounties of heaven are of two kinds: material and spiritual.

Although some interpreted the material bounties as spirituals too. For instance it is said about heavenly wines that they as enjoyable as they are for believers prepare their souls for understanding the truths and God’s names drinking of this liquids won’t have the wordily hazard s (headache, getting drunk, nausea) or Mola Mohsen Feys kashani says about heavenly nymphs:

With the brides of truth who has not been seen by man or men or gin.

There is the time of marriage and dowry.

Heavenly trees

 Trees are the symbol of effervescence and the place which is full of trees is a place full of life. Bird’s singing music leaves singing in the wind mesmerized every one with God’s glory. Their life in spring and death in winter reminds us about the hereafter. Blossoms and the grandeur of trees in spring worth watching. The trees unnumbered benefits cleaning cities air, fruits and their beauty made them unique among the God creatures.

God the sublime said in the holy Quran an-naba 16 “and gardens dense and luxuriant. The gardens full of beauty and trees will be given to people who love beauty, in the hereafter. This scenes waiting for you.” And also Yaseen 56 “they shall be wear green robes of fine silk and thick silk”

Green outfits a cheerful color the color of tree leaves people love green for so long years youth hope effervescence are all conveyed by this color.

Green cloths pranked with silver radiating like crystals even more beautiful than pearl and ruby.

The tooba tree

“Tooba” is the feminine word for “Atib” meaning cleaner and more Halal. This is the adjective for one of heavenly trees which is a distinguished tree due to its greatness and special traits. There are many narrations describing this holly tree. This tree is the product of all believers it’s greatness present in all of the heaven leaving no home or room without a bark. Its fruits are used for pranking as well as eating and wearing. However this translated concepts are different with this world’s they are transcending our imagination we are unable to understand them so the prophet said if one of the heavenly cloths reveal for people of the earth they can never bear to look at it. (Majlesi   1984 v8 p128)

Heavenly Music

There are trees in heaven with silver bells hanging from them. When people of heaven desire music God sends a wind to move this bells. The sound of this bells is bells is so good that if earth people hear them the upbeat music kills them. There is a jovial music coming from heaven lakes which praise god (Habibian 2010 p277). An Arab asked the prophet is there music in heaven? He answered. Yes indeed there is a lake in heaven in which sides are virgins white-were and white-skinned who sings and that’s the highest bounty of heavenly bounties. (Same. P196) the prophet were asked what would this virgins be singing? He said God’s praise .also it is in narrations that there are trees in heaves with silver bells hanging from them. Whenever people in heaven desire music god sends wind to move this bells. The sound of this bells is so good that if earth people hear them the upbeat music kills them. (Same 126)

Heaven music is actually good deeds and music which comes from the creation the instruments of which is heavenly trees leaves and barks and its singers are those heavenly virgins. The tune of David is a heavenly tune which not only attracts good people but also according to narrating attracts birds.

Imam Ali said David is the owner of playing flutes and the heaven singer.

(Nahj-Al-balagha-160 p300). Asem-Iba-hamid asked Imam Sadiq: is there any singer (ghani) in heaven? He answered Indeed there is artic in heaven god orders the winds to blow to it there is a music coming from this tree which people never heard like this (bounty) is in return for the sounds which believers avoid hearing for the fear of god.

(Majlesi V8 P127).

Spiritual Bounties in Heaven.

There is a narration from He holly prophet that God says: I prepare bounties for my right do servants that neither any eyes have seen, any ear have heard nor even crosses a mind. (The message if Quran p23)


Praying is the most important thing that a human being can do for himself or anybody else while he is on the earth. When people are extremely disappointed have nowhere to go or nothing to do they always can benefit from the mercy and blessing of praying.

        The Bible said: pray unstoppable because the merciful God always inclined to hear praying for him and do it usually .actually praying is nothing but speaking to God. Any conversation any speaking is praying and worshiping. We can kneed by our bed and pray for hours we can do it by saying thank you God. Even a cry for help any time of day from the depth of our souls or with concentrating with our mind s to God while doing other. Thing can do it. All of these are paying! At the beginning at a day he merciful God with a thousand ways shows us how much he loves us and alternatively. He likes to hear telling him how much we love and trust him.

The reply of praying.

Weather we know this fact or be unaware at it our praying always comply in a way even when sometimes it’s not what we asked for. This is because God the sublime knows better than anyone in this word that what we need more than other things. Sometimes we ask for something which we don’t need. Or we pray for something that will make our lives worse than with it is. Because of that it is so important that people pray for God s will to perform because it is only the sublime God the wise creator who wants the best ending for us. (Milles 2009 p104)

The need relevant answer

I understand that God considers interests that we don t know about  he look at our past and ultimate future  and he knows our eternal needs with the love he has for his servants and according to this needs he answer to this needs considering future with his sheer knowledge. He respond all the praying to tally. I UNDRESTAND THAT there is no need to constantly repeat my requests as if he didn’t t UNDRESTAND THAT. But it needs faith and patience. He gave us free will and when we call him we allow his will to interfere in our lives.

Praying is the joint canal between human and God. Ali said one of the most beloved acts on earth for God the sublime is praying. (Tabarsi 1973 p260)


The holly prophet said the kinds are necessarily in heaven and dyspeptics are in hell there is nothing better than kindness in the scale at deeds is the first thing which will be put in the scale and most if my people enter heaven by this and by fear of God. (Habibian 2010 p212)

Kindness and serving people.

One day Muses tell God as he prays: if you were a human what would you do among deeds? God answered: Muses if

I was human I serve people but for God (Kolaini V2 p198) it is said in Quran that being kind to other is actually being kind to yourself become God is needless Al-isra 70 if –you do good you will do good for your own souls.

It is narrated from imam sadiq that whoever help s his upset brother with his ability and reveal his pain or help him which God will give one at them to him in this world. To repair his job and life with that and he saves the other seventy one bounties to protect him from the terrors of the day of doom Also the holly prophet said 

After believing in God the best of acts is philanthropy and kindness to people whether they are right doers or wrong doers. (Noor Mostadrek 2 p67)

There are a lot of narrations regarding helping each other. there is a review from Imam Mohamad Baqer who follows to help other  Muslims God put him in guard with seventy five thousand angels he will take no step unless God write  him benefits and forgive his sins upgrading his situation. And when he finished helping others he assign him a Haj benefit it is also quoted from Imam sadiq that solving a believer problem is beyond ten Haj (pilgrimage) it is narrated that a in Bani-lsreal when a worshiper extended all worships he choose helping to solve people problems among all of the other worships (Qomi 2011 p43)

God said: who come to the judgment day with good deeds he found gratuity better than that and they will be safe from the day of doom terrors (Qomi 2011 p42)


[1] .Holy Quran (baqara-12): gardens in which rivers flow.

[2] .All at the creatures rosary God in heaven

[3] .surprisingly I found out that jesses is  apart from God and has his own divine goals and I knew that God is our father despite my protestant educations which tough me that God and jesses are one (ID 2010 p51)