A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife
by Victor Zammit
  published by Gammell Pty, Ltd.

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*Available for download free of charge www.victorzammit.com.

You, the reader, are the judge.  Here is the evidence, carefully prepared, thoroughly documented, described topic by topic, and professionally presented.  You must decide.  Of considerable importance is the subject of this case, is there or is there not evidence that there is an afterlife for all humanity, but especially for you.  You realize that this could be the most important case that you have ever judged.
As the author has described:  "If a judge has to assess the evidence presented to him/her, the level of persuasion for the evidence (the information in the book) to be accepted should be over 51%- in civil matters the test of acceptance is one of the 'balance of probabilities.'  Usually the issues to be taken into consideration by the jury (or the judge if not a jury matter) are: the quality and the credibility of the witnesses, their
qualifications and experience, and whether expert information is objective, repeatable, verifiable, etc."

In this matter, the lawyer presents his case in 27 chapters.  Each chapter deals with a special concept that may be important to the final judgment.  These presentations range from an Opening Statement to a presentation of What Happens When we Die?  Concepts that are presented to you include a wide range of so- called "psychic phenomena" and include the scientific observation of mediums, materialization, electronic voice phenomena, out of body experiences, near-death experiences, death-bed visions, and
many more.

This book is highly recommended to any reader who is interested in the afterlife.  Especially, this book is highly recommended to those scientists who are concerned about whether human consciousness can be explained by a skull full of brain cells or
whether there is a better explanation.  

In the judgment of this reviewer, the time is long past for scientists to seriously consider the nature of human consciousness and include such studies as part of physical science. 

 Victor Zammit, A Lawyer Presents the Case for the Afterlife, 3rd
edition, c2002, Gammell Pty, Ltd., 225 pages, illus, index,
glossary, 220 refs, ISBN 0-9580115-0-8.