by Shaza Muhammad
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This is a work in progress - I find it extremely valuable to learn about other culture's belief systems, especially since the NDE has so many spiritual components.  It would be fascinating for Islamic NDErs to explain how the NDE has or has not been impacted by this belief system. - Thanks, Jody

In Islam Religion believing in the Afterlife is not necessary, but it is one of the basic rules of Islam.  So all the Moslems believe in the Lifeafter.  Similarly to Christian beliefs, they believe that the good people will be rewarded in Paradise.  The unbelievers of God and bad people will be punished and sent to Hell.  There are many levels of paradises depending on good beliefs and good deeds in the first life.  There are also many levels of hell depending on the bad beliefs and bad deeds in the first life.  To the followers of Islamic teachings, belief in the Afterlife makes sense out of living in this life.  It provides motivation for good acts and fear of consequences from wrongful acts.

Some quotations from Moslems� Holly Book QURAN that reassure followers that this life is not lived in vain:

-The God asked the people, "Do you think that I created you for nothing and you will not come back to me?"

-The God also said, "your present life is short and the Afterlife is real and forever life."

The God described the process of death in many section of Quran, the God said:

when the soul comes out of the body and reach the last step �the throat-you look at the dying person but you never see what surrounds him.  If the dying person was good in his first life he will be rewarded by paradise, if he was bad and unbeliever he will go to hell to stay forever.

The Soul in Islam:

The God describes the soul in Quran by saying, "The Soul comes to the life by an order from me, and you �the people- have little to know about it."

After Death:

The souls of the deceased people do not disappear after death, these souls are living in the so called (Barzakh), waiting for the judgment day, but the bodies spoil on earth (ground).  The souls of the deceased people have connections with the live people-by permission of the God-this connection can be done in sleeping where the souls of the deceased people meet the souls of the sleeping people. And deceased souls can send messages and tell the sleeping people souls about their life and some future events. Which must happens exactly. Then the souls of the sleeping people come back to body. And the souls of the deceased people stays in Barzakh.

The Prophet of Islam Mohammed said, "the deceased people know the visitors to their graves, as the God send their souls to their graves during visiting."

What will happen in the Judgment Day?"

Many sections of Quran describes what will happen in the judgment day, the souls of the deceased people will come back to their recreated bodies and will come out of graves, the God asked the people who denies this recreation by saying, "I have created you from unseen sperm and ova, how can you doubt and say that I cant return you to life again? Recreation is easier to me than the first creation."

The God gives an example for recreation and said, "Don�t you see the dead land? When the rain falls the dead land in few days becomes green and flourishing, it is like recreation."

The prophet Mohammed said, in the judgment day, the rain would fall like sperm, and the recreated bodies will come out from the graves.