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Following pages are copied from the One of the most Important & Great Islamic books named as �

Ihya' 'Ulum al-Din  (Revival of Religious Sciences) written by  a Great Muslim Philosopher, Sufi/Mystic, professor and scholar, Top most expert of that time �Imam Al-Ghazali� about 1000 years ago.   This book has 4 volumes.

Following pages are copied from the end of chapter 10 of 4th Volume, as these pages are very important and relevant to NDEs research going on. What following pages depict is correct and any thing described by NDEs, which is different from following pages, is either exaggeration or brain deception mind or personality.

Following pages (Copied from the 10th chapter of 4th volume of  �Ihya Ulum Al-Din� written 1000 years by Great Muslim Sufi/Mystic Imam Al-Ghazali) confirms out of body of spirit and to it disclosure of hidden knowledge after death, confirms life review, confirm the existence of spirit and its role in human body, and confirm subtle bridge as stated by one NDE in the book �Life beyond ? � of Dr. Raymond Moody.

I have read a lot about NDE and read their countless stories, and have concluded that NDEs stories consist of TWO portions. First is True and 2nd is False being brain deception or personality deliberate or un-deliberate exaggeration. For example Budh NDE says he saw Budha a loving light, Chritian NDE says that he saw JESUS as light e.t.c. I think that part is formed by NDEs prevailed believes just before death(NDE). Because logically it is not possible and does not makes sense that one NDE saw Budha and Other Saw Jesus etc.

The True part of NDEs is to see loving light (in Quran it is clearly stated �Allah(God) is light of earh and universe�.  Besides profit Muhammad said that Allah(God) loves to his pious human more than her/his parents. Profit Muhammad also gave an example of that love. In battle field if a child of one mother is lost/disappeared, she searches her child here there every where, and suddenly she finds her child. How she will meet to her child? Every one knows how a month first time meets her child first time after once child was lost. Allah(God) meets with his human (spirit) like this. And all NDEs have confirmed it. True is also life review.

NDEs tell us just about a glimpse of Next life (in fact real life) but then returns back. But they cannot tell us what would have happened if they had permanent death and had not returned to the earth. So they gave us info which is just tip of a ice burg . But following pages tell you all about that complete Ice burg. 

I suggest to print the following pages and read and UNDERSTAND them at least 3 times. I am very sure that you will be unable to find such a convincing and true detail in any other book on the face of earth, which is given in this book. So it will be very helpful in your NDEs research.


Different opinions about death. Know, readers, that different people hold different opinions about death. Some say that death destroys everything and that there is no final destruction of the world and no Resurrection and that the death of man is better than that of birds and beasts, plants and trees. This is the opinion of the unbelievers. Another group of men think that death destroys. man and from grave to resurrection there will be no reward and punishment. Another group of men hold the opinion that human soul does not die and that punishment and reward will be awarded on soul and not on body, and that there will be no physical resurrection on the Resurrection Day. These are all void opinions and far from truth.
MEANING OF DEATH: The verses of the Quran and Hadis (Saying of prophet pbuh) and knowledge gained by experience show that death means change of condition, that when soul is separated from body, it receives reward and punishment and that the separation of soul from body means loss of power of soul over body. The limbs of the body are instruments of soul. It uses them in its works. It catches by hands, hears by ears, sees by.eyes and acquire knowledge of all things. Soul without these things can know'the relation of everything. For this reason soul suffers sorrows and pangs and enjoys happiness. There is no connection of these sorrows and happiness with the body. The body stripped of powers of works by death is like the limbs which become paralysed owing to rheumatism or serious illness. Soul cannot exercise influence on them. Knowledge and wisdom remain with soul even after death. Death means that all the limbs of the body become disobedient to soul. Each limb is an instrument of soul from which it takes works. By soul I mean that thing which enjoys happiness and feels sorrow. By death, sense of happiness and sorrows remains on soul. By man, we mean his soul which retains the sense,of happiness and sorrow. It does not die and will not die. Since its creation, it is eternal although it is created. Death means separation of body from soul and the body ceasing
to be an instrument of soul, as the paralysis of a limb means its ceasing to be an instrument of the body. Death means paralysis of all bodily limbs but the main thing of a man that is soul, remains.

There are two causes for this change of conditions. (1) The first cause is that all his limbs, ears, nose, eyes, tongue etc. are snatched away from him at death, and that he is snatched away from all his relatives and friends, and from all his wealth Thus there are pangs of separation of dear things of this world and he is shifted to another world where he feels pangs of separation in acute form. Thus there is change of conditions at death.

(2)'The second cause is that the real nature of things is disclosed to him after death which was kept hidden from him in his life time as what is not disclosed to a sleeping man is disclosed to one who is awake. Men are in sleep now and they rise up after death from sleep. Then the destroying thing sin and the benefiting thing virtue appear before him. Those are recorded in the Book of deeds which are kept secret in his soul. His engagement in world pursuits kept him away from its enquiry. When this engagement is cut off by death, all his deeds are disclosed to him. Acutely grieved at his sins, he even prefers to throw himself into fire. He may be said at this stage : Your soul is sufficient for account of yourself. That becomes vivid at the time of separation of soul and before burial. The pang of separation keeps him busy at that time but what he has acquired of virtues necessary to take him to the desired abode gives him happiness at that time. Such a man does not want but what is actually necessary for him in this world. Thus he relieves himself from the pangs of separation before his death. After he is buried, his body is returned to his soul, so that he may get the taste of punishment and happiness. Some time he is forgiven of his sins.

LIFE: In order to understand life, soul and its attributes must be known. The Prophet did not give permission to discuss about soul except this that the soul comes from the command of God. Permission has however been given for discussion how the human soul will face after death. From this it is known that death does not mean that soul will die with body. There are proofs that it will not die. Gods says : Don't consider
those who are killed in God's way as dead, rather they are alive near their Lord and are given provision.
When some leaders of the Quraish were killed at Badar, the Prophet addressed them thus. 0 so and so, 0 so and so, I have found true what my Lord promised me. Have you found true what your Lord promised you? He was said : 0 Prophet of God, do you address the dead persons? He said : By Him who holds my life, they are surely hearing these words, but they cannot reply. This is the proof of Shariat about the immortality of soul.
The Prophet said: Grave is a hole of Hell or a garden of
Paradise. This is the proof of Shariat(Islamic law) that death means change of condition and entry of the dead man to fortune or misfortune. At the time of death, it comes suddenly without delay, but there are some punishments which come late.
The Prophet said: Death is a Qiyamat or doomsday. He who dies meets with his Qiyamat. The Prophet said : When some one of you dies, his place is shown to him morning and evening. If he is a dweller of
Paradise, he is included in the dwellers of Paradise. If he is fit for Hell, he is said : This is your place till you are Resurrected on the Resurrection Day. If one sees two places, punishment and happiness are not concealed from him. Hazrat Ali said : It is prohibited for a man to go out of this world till he knows his place either in Hell or in Paradise. Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet had said : He who dies in journey, dies a martyr. The punishment of his grave is forgiven and his provision comes morning and evening from paradise.
There is complete joy and happiness for a martyr-who is killed for the way and cause of God, as he has cut off all connections of the world and advanced for Jehad to seek the pleasure of God and being eager to meet Him. God says: 'What they desire will get'. There is description of all sorts of happiness in this verse.
The Prophet said to Jaber : 0 Jaber, shall I not give you a good news? He said : Yes. He said : God gives you good news. He says that He kept alive your father and keeps him seated before Him and says : 0 My servant, seek what you desire, I shall give it to you. He said : 0 my Lord. I could not serve you due to you. I hope that you should return me again in the world that I may fight a long with your Prophet and again be a martyr for your pleasure. God said to him: It is my law that you cannot return there again.
Once when a man died, the Prophet said : This man has gone from the world and left it for his family members. If he is please there, he will dislike to return to it again as someone of you dislikes to return to his mother's womb. The Prophet said : A believer lives in the world like a foetus in mother's womb. When it comes out of it, it begins to cry and when it sees light, it dislikes to return to its former place. Similar is the condition of a believer. When he sees and meets his Lord, he dislikes to return to the world as a child dislikes to return to his mother's womb. The companion Abu Sayyed Khodri said : I heard the Prophet say The dead man sees one who washes him, who carries him and who places him in the grave.
The Prophet said: When a dead man is placed in the grave, it says : 0 son of Adam, woe to you! Who kept you forgetful of Me? Don't you know that l am the abode of sorrows and sufferings, of intense darkness, of worms and insects? Why did you fear so much when you walked by my side? The Prophet said : A dead man sits in the grave and hears the footsteps of the living men. He does not talk with them, but his grave says : 0 son of Adam, woe to you! did nobody warns you of my narrow space, of stenchy and fearful condition of my worms and insects? What have you then prepared for me?
MONKAR AND NAKIR (name of 2 angles)
Hazrat Bara'a bin-Ajib reported: The Prophet came out along with us to pray funeral prayer of an Ansar. He sat by his grave and said thrice : 0 God, we seek refuge to you from the punishment of the grave. Then he said : When a believer advances towards the next world, God sends to him some angels with bright faces like the sun. They carry for him scent and coffin. They take their seats so far as the eyesight goes. When his life goes out, every angel of heaven and earth send blessings on him and the doors of heaven are opened up for him. There is no such door as does not greet to take his soul through it. It says : 0 Lord, this is Thy servant. Then He says : Return him, show him the honour I have prepared for him as I promised it. From this I have created you and unto it I shall return you. When they depart, he hears their footsteps. He is then asked : 0 servant, who is your
Lord! What is your religion? Who is your Prophet? He says : My Lord is Allah, my religion is Islam and my Prophet is Muhammad. These questions are asked in a very strong and stern manner. This is the last calamity which appears to a dead man. When he utters this, a proclaimer says : You have spoken the truth. To this effect, God says, God confirms those who believe with established formula.
Then someone with cheerful countenance and dressed with fragrant cloths says : Take good news of blessings of your Lord and Paradise
of lasting peace. He'asked him: May God give you good news, who are you? He says : I am your pious deeds. By God, I don't know. If you were hasty in divine service and made delay in committing sins, may God give you reward of good. Then a proclaimer proclaims : Spread out abed of Paradise for him and open a door for him towards Paradise. Then he says : 0 God, bring the Resurrection very soon, so that I may return to my family members and wealth soon.
When an unbeliever advances towards the next world and cuts off connections with the world an angel with an hideous and ugly look comes to him with clothes of fire and shirt of tar to cover him with. When his life comes out, the angels of heaven and earth curse him and the doors of heaven are closed against him. When his soul is taken up, it suddenly falls down. Then it is said : 0 Lord, the heaven and earth do not accept the so-called servant of yours. God says : Return him and show him the punishment I have kept prepared for him. From it (earth) I have created him and unto it I will return him. When they go away, they hear their footsteps. He is then said : 0 servant, Who is your Lord? What is your religion? Who is your Prophet? He says : I don't know. He says : Has he not communicated to you? Then an angel with the most ugly face full of stench comes to him and says Take good news of God's displeasure and lasting chastisement. He then asks : Who are you? He says : I am your evil deeds. By God, then an angel, blind, dumb and deaf is fixed for him. In his hand, there is a stiff iron rod. If all men want to lift it up, they can't do it. If a mountain is beaten therewith, it will be crushed to pieces. He beats him therewith and he is then crushed to dust. Then his soul is returned to his body again and he is then beaten on his face. Then everything except jinn and men hear its sound.
Then a proclaimer proclaims : Spread out to him two planks of fire and open a door towards Hell. Then it is complied with.
The Prophet said: The punishment of an unbeliever is is that in his grave, ninety nine serpents will be biting him and each serpent will have seven heads. This will continue upto the Resurrection Day.
Your must not express surprise at hearing the number of snakes as their number will increase according to the misdeeds of the unbeliever-pride, show, hatred and other evil characters and conducts. These will turn into snakes. Those who are well aware of soul realise and find these destructive sins. Those who cannot see them should not deny this, but seek its proofs. There are three matters to prove it.
(1)The cause of your not seeing the sting of a serpent is this that your outward two eyes of this world were not made for its sight. The thing which can see the affairs of the next world belongs to the spiritual word. Don't you see how the companions of the Prophet believed in the descent of Gebrail although they did not see him with a physical body. They believed him as the Prophet testified it. If you believe him, then why do you disbelieve punishment in the grave? As an angel is not like man and animal, so the serpents which will bite the sinners and unbelievers in the grave do not belong to the class of serpents of the world. These are serpents of the next world and this can be understood by the senses of the next world.
(2)Remember the condition of a sleeping person. He sees in dream the sting of a serpent and feels also its pangs. Even it occurs that he rises up suddenly with a loud shriek, removes the sweat of his face and shifts elsewhere. He suffers pangs as a man in wakeful state suffers pangs of snake-bite. You see his body in a peaceful state and do not see any serpent around him. Yet it is a fact that he sees the serpents and feels their sting but it is not true in your case.- Therefore there is no untruth in the saying of the Prophet.
(3)You know that a serpent itself cannot give you pangs, but the poison which it throws in you gives you pangs. The poison itself is not pang, but the reaction which is creates in you gives
you punishment. If the reaction is caused without poison, it is sufficient as a punishment. The explanation of the punishment cannot be made without the relationship of a material object according to long established practice as pleasure of cohabitation cannot be explained without the relationship of a woman. The enjoyment of cohabitation can be also gained without cohabitation with woman. Similarly punishment can be meted out with agencies or material objects of punishment. The pangs which appear at the time of death, are like the pangs of snake-bite without the material figure of snake. The change of nature gives pangs just as separation of the objects of love or its death gives pain in mind. So death means that what was the objects of love before death has turned into objects of punishment soon after death. He who cuts off all connections from the world and does not love but God and remains anxious to meet with Him, gets release from the prison house of this world and mixes after death with his Beloved. Thus he gets happiness which is never cut off and is ever-lasting. The greater the properties of the world one possesses, the greater will be his punishment in the next world. The thing left at death, will be a cause of punishment and repentance.
If you neglect your good deeds and remain engaged is arguments and dialogues, you will be like the man mentioned below. A certain king arrests a man and keeps him in confinement for the purpose of cutting his hands and ears and taking out his eyes. The arrested man thinks all the nights weather the king will do these things with sword or with knife or with razor, but he never thinks of warding off the basic punishment. This is his sheer ignorance. So a man must think how to ward off punishment after death but not in what way the punishment will be meted out or happiness awarded. To enquire about this is to spend time in vain.
Know, 0 readers, that the light of self introspection and the result of experience communicate to us the condition of the dead and their fortunes and misfortunes, but the condition of the general masses cannot be known by such methods as it is not known in what state a man died. His place of fear is heart which is so secret and subtle that a God fearing man even does not know
it, not to speak of others. When a man dies, he is removed from this material world to a world which is unknown and spiritual and it cannot be seen with this material eye. An eye is created within the mind of every man but it is covered by him with passions and earthly desires and nothing of the spiritual world can be seen with that eye of heart unless the screen over it is removed. As this screen is removed from the eyes of the heart of the prophets, they can see the things of the spiritual world, and also the conditions of the dead men. For this reason, the Prophet saw the pressure of earth in case of Sa'ad-bin-Muaz and his daughter Zainab. Similarly when the father of Jaber was martyred, he saw his condition and said that God made him seat in His front and there was no screen between them. This is true in case of Prophets and God's friends.
The Prophet said: True dream is one-forty sixt part of Prophethood. It is not possible unless the screen from the heart is removed. For this reason dreamof men other than that of the pious men, cannot be believed. He who has got greater falsehoods in him cannot be trusted regarding his dream. He sees only medley of dreams. The Prophet advised for this to sleep after performing Wuzu the object of which is to bring internal purity. He whos soul is pure can see what will occur in future, just as the Prophet said in dream that he returned to Mecca. God says : God has shown his Prophet's dream as true. Dream and what is seen in dream about future events are wonders of God and miracles of men. This is one of the positive proofs of the existence of the spiritual world, but men do not ponder over it as they do not look to the wonderful events of soul. The real condition of dream is included within the subtlities of the spiritual world. A short illustration of this maybe given below.
Every thing is reflected in the mirror. What will occur from the beginning of creation up to the end has been recorded by God in Lauhe Mahfuz ( or Guarded Tablet) or Book of Deeds. What has happened or what will happen in the world has been recorded therein. That cannot be seen with the open material eye. That Guarded tablctis not a plank or a book, but it is just like the impresstthdfTe fitters of the Quran in mind and brain. When one reads it, he looks to it. If his brain or mind is searched for after
being split up, you will not find any impression of letters in it. As the impression of letters is not found therein, you will understand that similarly the affairs of the world are imprinted in the Guarded Tablet. As the outward figure is seen in the mirror if placed directly before it, sol; the pictures in the Guarded Tablet are seen if placed directly before the mirror of human soul. But if there are screens of refuges or uncleanliness over the mirror, no figure will be reflected in the mirror. Similarly if there are screen of passions, sins and love of world over the soul, the things of the Guarded Tablet cannot be reflected therein.

SOUL IS A MIRROR: In the soul effect of knowledge is reflected. Similarly the Guarded Tablet(where every event from start to end of universe is written) is a mirror. Therein is reflected all the effects of knowledge. Passions and temptations are screens between the two mirrors. For this reason, the things of the Guarded Tablet are nor reflected in soul. That is included within the spiritual world. If owing to the effect of the blowing of wind, the screen is partly and' temporarily removed, then something of the spiritual world is reflected for a short time like the sparkling of electricity in the mirror of soul. So long as he remains awake, the affairs of this material world and the five senses keep him engaged. That is the screen for the spiritual world. The meaning of sleep is that then the senses remain passive and they do not exercise any influence over soul at the time. When the soul is free from these senses and their bases are cleared off, the screen over the Guarded Tablet is lifted up and something therefrom is reflected in his soul just as a figure of one mirror falling upon another mirror without figure is reflected.

Sleep keeps the mind free from the working of the senses but does not keep i t free from the ideas and thoughts of the world. An idea follows what falls upon heart. Illustration can be given of it. This idea is established in brain and takes permanent root. When he gets up from sleeps, he remembers the idea. Take up an example. Once a man said to Ibn-Sirin : I dreamt that I have got a seal in my hand whereaith I am putting seals on the faces of men and on female organs. He then said : You are a proslaimer of Azan, you will proclaim Azan at the time of Fair in the month of Ramazan, He said : You have spoken the truth. Now look to the meaning of 'seal' which is to prohibit. That is reflected in the man's soul from what is within the Guarded Tablet. To prohibit the people from food and drink is that thing. The meaning of
closing with seal is to prohibit. Brain contains no figure but a picture of the figure born out of ideas. This is the better explanation of the sea of dream which is limitless.
Sleep is the brother of death and death is one of the open mysteries of creation. There is similarity between sleep and death as in both of them there is reflection of the spiritual world. Even a sleeping man can get sign of what will happen in future. By death the screen is fully removed and man can see rapidly his reward and punishment at the time of death. The Quran says : You are unmindful of this. I have removed the screen from you, as a result your sight to-day is very sharp (50:22). 'And there appeared to them from God what they could not conjecture before. Now think of the saying of the Prophet : Love what you like but you shall have to leave it. Live as long as you wish, but you shall have to die. Do what you like, but you shall have to get its return.' So live in the world like a sojourner and don't place one brick upon another and one plank over another for your habitation. Don't amass wealth, don't take anyone besides God as your bosom friend. The Prophet said : Had I had taken anyone as my bosom friend, I would have taken Abu Bakr as such, but your companion is the bosom friend of the Merciful. This shows that the real friendship with the Merciful was imbedded in his soul and the love of God filled up his entire heart. The Prophet therefore said : If you love God, follow me, God will then love you (Quran).

There are in this section the following matters-(1) Blowing of Trumpet. (2) Discriptions of the Resurrection. (3) Perspiration, (4) Duration of Resurrection, (5) Fearful events of the day, (6) Questions to the sinners (7) Balance, (8) The Bridge, (9) Intercession, (10) Fountain, (11) Paradise
, (12) Hell, (13) Divine vision and (14) God's mercy.
(1) Blowing of Trumpet. God says: There will be blowing of Trumpet. As a result, all in Heaven and earth will fall in swoon except those who are saved by God. There after there will be another blowing of Trumpet. Then they will standup, looking on-39:68. God says : When there will be blowing of Trumpet, it will be a very grievous day, it will not be easy for the unbelievers. God says in verse 23:101-When the Trumpet will be blown,
there will be no more relationship between them that day, nor will one ask another. God says in verse 69:13-When one blast is sounded on the Trumpet and the earth is moved and its mountains etc. The Prophet said : 'How can I enjoy happiness when the angel of Trumpet is awaiting and hearing attentively turning his forehead to one side when there will be order for the blowing of Trumpet and when he will blow Trumpet ?'The angel Israfil is keeping his mouth attached to the Trumpet just like a trumpet in war. The circumference of the mouth of this Trumpet is like that of the heavens and earth. He is awaitiong order fixing his gaze towards the Throne. Immediately after receiving order, he will blow the Trumpet for the first time. As a result of this, all in the heaven and earth will expire except Gebrail, Michael, Israfil and Izraile (Angles). Then God will order to take the life of Gebrail and then that of Michael and than that of Israfil. Then the angel of death will take out his life himself. After the first blowing, all the created beings will remain in Barzakah for 40 years. Then God will restore life to Israfil and order him to blow the Trumpet again. The Quran says : Then there will be second blowing when they will stand up looking on-39:68.

(2) Resurrection. The Prophet said : On the Resurrection Day, men will be gathered together in such a field which is white, clean and round like a loaf. There will remain no sign therein. The narrator explained that the whiteness is not like that of snow. Clean means there will be no structure or building wherein recourse is taken. There will no distance out of sight. Think not that the ground will be like this ground. God says : When this world will be changed into another world and the heavens too, the whole world will then be full of darkness. The sky will fall down into pieces and flow like molten silver. Everybody will stand up naked. The Prophet said : Every man will be raised up naked and circumcised. Their perspiration will rise up upto their ears. Hazrat Sauda asked a the Prophet : 0 Prophet of God, if we stand up naked, will not anybody look at others ? He said 'everybody will be busy with himself. That will be a fearful day. The hidden things will be disclosed and nobody will be safe. Some will crawl upon their bellies and some upon their faces. The Prophet said : On the Resurrection Day, men will be divided into three classes, some will be coming on riding, some on foot and some on faces. One man asked : 0 Prophet of God, how will they come walking on their faces ? He said : He who can make men
walk on foot, can also make them walk on their faces. Man denies what he is not accustomed to. If man did not see serpents crawling on their bellies, he would not have believed it. He who walks without foot would have disbelieved one who walks on foot.
(3) Perspiration. All the creations before and after will be gathered together in one place-the creations of seven heavens and seven earths, angels, jinn, men, devils, birds and beasts. The sun will shed lustre on them and the lustre will be increased manifold. It will shine very close to them. There will be no shade on the earth except the shade of the Merciful destined for the pious. Everybody will therefore give out perspiration. It will rise up to them according to their actions in the world and upto waists of some, upto ears of some, and some will be drowned therein. The Prophet said : Remember the day when the whole mankind will stand up before the Lord, even some of them will be drowned upto their ears. The Prophet also said : On the Resurrection Day there will be perspiration of men, so much so that it will rise upto the height of seventy cubits and upto their ears. The Prophet also said : They will stand up looking towards the sky for 40 years and owing to excessive heat perspiration will almost drown them. The Prophet said : On the Resurrection Day, the sun will come very near the earth and men will perspire. It will rise upto the waists of some, to the feet of some, to the knees of some, to the face of some and it will drown some." This will occur before accounts of actions are taken. Know, 0 men, that those who did not perspire in the world in the way of God, pilgrimage, fast, prayer, Jehad, advice to do good and prohibition from evils, will perspire on the Resurrection Day.
(4). Duration of Resurrection. In the vast field of Resurrection, all the creations will be looking upwards without any talk and with fearful heart for a period of 300 years. They will have no food or drink and no breeze. The Prophet read this verse : What will be your condition on the Day when God will gather you together ? That day will continue for 50 thousand years and He will not look to you. The Prophet said when asked about the Resurrection Day : By One in whose hand there is my life, that day will be made easy for a believer more easy than the obligatory prayers.
Try to be one of the believers. You have got freedom of actions till your last breath. Be prepared for the great Day and take provisions for the Day.
(5) Terrible sufferings of the Day: 0 wreatced man, be prepared for the terrible day of which the events are most fearful, duration long, judge very strict and time is near. You will see the sky rent asunder, the stars seattered all round out of His fear, the sun overturned, the mountains displaced, the creatures gathered, the oceans swollen, fires of Hell enkindled, Paradise near, mountains roaming the earth changed with terrible earth-quakes, the mountains will become like cleaning of cotton, every suckling woman will forget her child, every pregnaat woman will suffer abortion and the punishment of God will be most grievous.
The earth will become a vast plain with no unevenness or crookedness. Every man on that Day will be presented with his good or bad deeds. Tongue will then be closed and every limb will speak. On hearing the terrible nature of the day, the Prophet become grey haired. Hazrat Abu Bakr one day asked the Prophet
0 Prophet of God, I see you greyhaired. He said : The chapters Hud, Waqeah, Murselat and such other chapters have made me grey- haired.
(6) Rendering accounts of worldly affairs: On that day, everyone. young or old will be asked of his deeds in the world. The angels with big bodies and terrible figures will come down and they will catch hold of the sinners and bring them to God. The Prophet said : There is such an angel of God, the distance of whose two eyes is equal to the distance of one hundred years' journey. God says : I will ask them of what they did including every Prophet. The Prophet said : There is no such man with whom there will an interpreter or screen at the time when God will ask him. The Prophet said : Every man among you will stand before God and there will be no screen between him and God. He will say to him : Did I not give you gifts ? Did I not give you wealth and properties ? He will reply : Yes. He will see Hell on his two sides. So save yourself from Hell giving in charity of a portion of even a date. Muzahed says : No man will place his feet near God till he is asked four things, how he spent his life, how he translated his learning into action, how he wasted his body, in what way he spent his wealth and wherefrom he earned it.
(7) Weights and Measures (Balance): After accounts are taken, people will be divided into three classes-One class of people will have no virtue. A prolonged neck will come out of Hell and overtake them just as a bird takes seeds of corn and throw them into Hell. The second class of men will have no sin. They will enter Paradise. Those who pray at night will be included among this class. Those who have not been diverted from the remembrance of God by the worldly affairs will be among this class. Those who have not been diverted from the remembrance of God by the worldly affairs will be among them. The third class of men will be the majority and will have good and bad deeds mixed together. Then the Balance will be set for them to weight which of the actions good or bad is greater. A great commotion will be created at that time.

Once Prophet's head was lying in the lap of Hazrat Ayesha and she was weeping remembering the Hereafter and her tears fell on the cheek of the Prophet. He rose up and asked : 0 Ayesha, why do you weep ? She said : I remember the Hereafter, Will you remember your wives on the Resurrection Day ? The Prophet said : By One in whose hand there lies my life nobody will remember anybody in three places : (1) When the Balance will be set up to weight the deeds, (2) when the books of deed will be given till he sees whether they are placed in his right hand or left hand, (3) and near the Bridge.

The Prophet said: God will say to Adam : Rise up and see the number of the dwellers of Hell He will ask : What is the number of the dwellers in Hell ? God will say : 999 persons out of every thousand. When the companions heard it, the clours of their face became completely changed. The Prophet then said : Go on doing deeds and take good news. By One in whose hand there is my life, you have got two creations with you-children of Adam and the children of the devil. One of them destroys the other. The companions asked : What is that ? He said : Gog and Mogog At this, the comapnions were pleased. The Prophet said : Do actions and take good news. You will have such distinction on the Resurrection Day as there are black signs on the sides of camels or signs in the eyes. of horses.

He whose scale will be heavy will live in happiness and he whose scale will be light will go to Hell. Nobody will be safe there except one who takes account of himself in this world. He weighs his actions in the scale of Shariat in this world as Hazrat Omar said Take account of your actions before your actions are taken account of, weigh your actions before your actions are weighed upon. The meaning of taking account is to repent with sincere heart before death for all the sins committed to look to the shgi tcomings in the obligatory duties, to return the properties to the true owners taken unjustly or by oppression, to make compensation for the wrongs done to others by tongue and hands, to redress for wrong notions against anybody. If he dies without doing these duties, his enemies will surround him. Some one will say : You have oppressed me. Some one will say : You have rebuked me. Some one will say : You have put me to jest and back-bited me. Some one will say : You have engaged me as a labourer but you have not paid my wages. Someone will say : You have sold me a thing but you have played fraud with me, you have concealed from me the defects in the sold thing. Someone will say : You were above want, while I was in want and you have not given me food. Someone will say : You have flattered the oppressor or did not remove his oppession from me although you had such power. God says : Don't think that God is unmindful of what the oppressors do. He puts them off for a day when their eyes will be sharp. They will flee with raised heads. They will look to him. Their hearts will be vacant-14:42. The Prophet once said : Do you know who are really the poor ? We said : 0 Prophet of God, he among us is poor who has got no money or property. He said : He is poor among my followers who will bring with him his prayer, fast and Zakat but on account of his childing others, backbiting others, misappropriating the properties of others and cheating others, his virtues will be given to them. If his virtues are found short but still their claims remain fully unsatisfied, their vices will fall upon him and he will be thrown into Hell.

(8) The subtle Bridge: (one NDE
in Dr Moody�s books �life or light beyond ?�confirmed it. I have read that book)


This is a long bridge over Hell which is sharper than award and more subtle than hair. He who treads on straight and right path in this world will cross it easily on the Resurrection Day and will get salvation. He who is misguided and saddled with sins will slip therefrom at the first step and will fall down into Jahannam below. Below the Bridge, there is the fire
of Hell. The sinners will fall down below with their heads downwards and legs upwards. The Prophet will say then : 0, my Lord, make us safe, make us safe. The wailings and cries of the dwellers of Hell will reach your ears. What will be your condition then?
The Prophet said: The bridge will be placed over the back of Hell. I will be the first to cross it along with my followers. None will speak that day except the apostles. They will cry, 0 Lord, make us afe.
The Prophet said : People will cross the Bridge over Hell. There will be thorns and iron pegs thereon which will catch the sinners from every side. Some will cross it like lightning, some like the blowing of wind, some like running of horse, some will walk, some will walk on their breasts. The inmates of Hell will not live or die and they will be burnt by fire. The Prophet said : God will gather together all the creasures from first to last on a fixed day. They will keep standing in that condition for 40 years looking towards the sky and waiting for Judgment. Hazrat Annas reported : I heard the Prophet say : The Bridge will be sharp like sword and thin like hair. The angels will give salvation to the believing males and females. Gebrail will catch my waist and I will say : 0 Lord, give us a salvation, give us salvation. The number of those who will slip down will be numerous.
(9) Intercession: When a party are adjudged to dwell in Hell, God may accept intercession on their behalf by the Prophets and the truthful ones. Those who are near God can intereede for their relatives and dear ones. The Prophet once cried out saying : My followers my followers. God said : 0 Gebrail, go and ask Muhammad why he is weeping. Gebrail came and asked him accordingly. He said : God knows it best. God said: 0 Gebrail go to Muhammad and tell him : I will soon satisfy you regarding your followers and will not forget you. The Prophet said : I have been given five things which were not given to the Prophets before me. The power of intercession is one of them. Each Prophet waa sent to a particular nation and I have been sent for the whole mankind. The Prophet said : On the Resurrection Day, I will be the leader of the Prophets, their mouth-piece and having right of intercession. There is no pride in it.
The Prophet said: God will gather together all the creatures before and after in one field. The sorrows of some will go to the extreme and some of them will say to the others : Let us go to Adam. They will come to Adam and tell him to intercede for them to relieve them of their sorrows and difficulties. Adam will say to them : Today my Lord grew into such a rage as had never happened before. He prohibited me not to go to the tree but I disobeyed it. I am busy with myself.
They will then go to Noah. Noah will say to them : I am busy with myself as I invoked wrath of God against my people. Go to Abraham, the friend of God. They will then come to Abraham but he will say that he spoke three lies for which he is anxious for himself. He will say : Go to Moses. They will then come to Moses, but he will say : I killed a man without order from God. I am busy with myself. Go to Jesus. They will then come to Jesus who will say : I am busy with myself. Go to Muhammad. They will then come to Muhammad. He will go to the Throne and will fall in prostration and say: 0 my followers, 0 my followers.
(10) Fountain: The Fountain is a honoured gift. It will be given to our Prophet. There is one special attribute of the Fountain that if a man drinks a sip therefrom, he will never be thirsty. Anas reported that the Prophet one day rose from sleep and began to laugh. The companions asked him : Why do you langh, 0 Prophet of God ? He said : I laugh for only one verse which has just been revealed to me. Then he recited the verse 108 of the Quran : I have given you Kausar. So pray for your Lord, and do offer sacrifice. He asked : Do you know what is Kausar ? The companions said : God and his Prophet know best. He said That is a river. God promised me to award it to me. There is abundant good in it. Therein there is a fountain. My followers will come to it for water on the Resurrection Day. Its pots are numerous like the stars in heaven. The Prophet said : When I was travelling in Paradise
, I came to a river of which the two sides are woven with jewels. I asked : 0 Gebrail, what is it ? He said : It is Kausar. Your Lord gifted it to you. The angel struck it with his hand and it was seen that its earth was made of musk. The Prophet said: The distance of the two banks of my fountain is like that of Medina and Sana'a or Medina and Omman.
The Prophet said with regard to Kausar that it is a river in Paradise
whose sides are made of gold. It's waters are whiter
than milk, sweeter than honey, more fragrant than musk. That is flowing upon the bases of emeralds and jewels.
The Prophet said: The first batch who will come for its water is the poor refugees. The hairs of their heads will be dishevelled, their clothes uncleans, no woman married them and no door of honour was opened for them.
The Prophet was asked about the number of its pitchers. He said : By One in whose hand there is my life, they are numerous as the stars in the sky in a dark night. He who drinks therefrom will never be thirsty. The Prophet said : Every Prophet will have a fountain. They will take pride about the number of people who will come to drink therefrom. I expect that my followers will be greatest among them.
Paradise: The Prophet said: Some one will declare : 0 dwellers of Paradise, you will live in Paradise healthy without any ailment. You will live therein forever and you will never die. You will enjoy therein permanent youth and you will never become old. You will forever live there in happiness and you will never suffer troubles. This is the declaration of God. The Prophet said : He who spent two kinds of property in the way of God will be welcomed to Paradise from each of its doors. Paradise has got eight doors. He who prayed will be called from the door of prayer. He who paid Zakat will be called from the door of Zakat. He who fought will be called from the door of Jihad. Hazrat Abu Bakr said: It appears that each one will be called from each door. Is there any person who will be welcomed from all the doors? He said: someone will get that welcome. I hope I will be one of them.
The Prophet said: When I will come to the door of Paradise
and order it to be opened, the guard will say : Who are you ? I will say : I am Muhammad. He will say : I have been ordered not to open it before you entered.
The Prophet said: The dwellers of
Paradise will see the inhabitants above their heads just as you see the stars in the horizon from east to west. This is because of their high status. The companions asked : 0 Messenger of God, that is the status of the Prophets and none will get that position except the Prophets. The Prophet said : That is true. By One in whose hand there is my life, there are men who believed in God and believed the Prophet as true. He said : The owners of the high status will be seen from their
places just as you see the bright star in the horizon. Among them there will be Abu Bakr and Omar and they will be given blessings.
The Prophet said once to Jaber : Shall I not give you the news of the windows of Paradise ? We said : 0 Messenger. of God give us that information. He said : Those are made of emeralds and jewels. Their inner parts will be seen from their outer parts. Therein there will be such enjoyments, amusements and joys as no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart has conceived. I said : 0 Messenger of God, who will be the owners of those windows ? He said: Those who spread peace, give food, keep fasts, pray at night when the people remain asleep. We asked : 0 Messenger of God, who will be able to do that ? He said : My people will be able to do that. I am saying it to you. He who meets his brother, salutes him and replies to his salute,' spreads peace; and he who gives food to his wife and members of his family to their satisfaction gives food. He who keeps fast of Ramazan and three days every month, keeps fast as it were for the whole year. He who prays Isha and Fajr in congregation prays as it were the whole night when the people remain asleep. God says : The fine buildings in Eden Paradise.' The Prophet said regarding its meanings : These places are builts of emeralds and jewels and in each building there will be 70 rooms of red colour and in each room 70 sub-rooms of green colour and in each sub-room there will be one throne and over each throne 70 beds of varied colours and on each bed a girl having sweet black eyes. There will be 70 dining cloth in each room and 70 kinds of food in each dining cloth. There will be seven girls in each room. Each believe will be given such strength in the morning as he can cohabit with them.
The Prophet said : The walls of praradise are built of bricks of gold and silver, its dust of saffron and earth of camphor. The rivers of paradise flows under the mountains of camphor. If there remains a single ornament of the dwellers of paradise, that will be equal to all the ornaments of the world. The Prophet said. There are trees in paradise. Under their shade, a rider can pass one hundred years' journey without any obstruction. To this effect, the Quran says-And extended shade.
God says : They will be given bangles of gold and jewels and dresses of silk. There are innumerable verses regarding this. The Prophet said : He who will enter paradise will live in happiness, he will have no want, his dresses will not grow old and his youth will not end. He will get such things in-paradise as no eye has seen no ear has heard and no heart has conceived. He said : Twice fruits will come out of trees every year. He said : The faces of first group in paradise will be bright like full moon. They will not spit therein, nor throw cough, no- urinate. Their pots and combs will be made of gold and silver. Each one of them will have two wives. On account of their beauty, their hind bones will be seen from the front sides. They will have no differences, no malice and no hatred. They will proclaim the glory of God morning and evening. In another narration each wife will have seventy dresses. God says : They will be dressed with bangles of gold. The Prophet said : On their heads there will be caps of gold. A small piece of jewel therein will brighten what is between the east and the west. The Prophet said : There will be camps made of emeralds. Their height will be sixty miles. In each corner, there will be girls for the believers who will not be seen by the other girls.
The Quran speaks of the food of the inmates of Paradise fruits, birds, Manna, Salwa, honey, milk and other varieties. God says : Whenever they will be given any food, they will say : similar foods were given to us before. God says about their drink in the following narration. Once a Jewish learned man came to the Prophet and asked him : Who will first cross the Bridge ? He said : The poor refugees : The Jew asked again : When they will enter paradise, what food will be served to them first ? He said : Roasts of the livers of fish. He asked again : What will be their morning lunch ? He said : Cows of paradise will be slaughtered for them. He said : What drink will be given to them ? He said They will be given drink of Salsabil. The Jew said : You have spoken the truth. Once a Jew asked the Prophet : Do you think that the inmates of paradise will eat and drink ? The Prophet said Yes, by One in whose hand there is my life, each one of them will be given food, drink and strength of one hundred man to have sexual intercourse. The Jew asked : Will he have any necessity of passing urine and stools ? The Prophet said : In place of urine and
stool, perspiration will come out of them like camphor and as a result their stomach will be cleared therefor. The Prophet said to Ibn-Masud : If. you wish to eat a bird in paradise, it will fall before you at once cooked and fried up.
The Prophet said: If a woman of
Paradise would have peeped up into this world everything therein would have been illuminated and filled up with fragrance. Every hair of her head is better than than the earth and its treasures. God says : They are like Eakut and Marjan. If their faces are seen within screen, they will be more clear than mirrors and the smallest jewel therein will illuminate what is in the heaven and earth. The Prophet said : In the night in which I was taken to heaven, I entered a place in Paradise named Baidakh whose camps are of emeralds and green pearls and red Eakut. They asked : 0 Prophet of God, Salam to you. I asked : 0 Gebrail, whose sound is there ? He said : of the beautiful women in camps. They seek your permission to salute you. So give them permission. They will be saying : We are pleased therewith. We will never be dissatisfied. We will remain here forever, we will never travel. Then he recited the verse : The beautiful damsels detained in camps. In another verse : Pure women. Muzaher explained this by saying that they will be free menstruation, urine, stool, cough and children.
A man asked the Prophet : 0 Prophet of God, will the inmates of
Paradise have sexual intercourse ? He said: Anybody among them will be given sexual strength of seven, persons among you. The Prophet said : An inmate of Paradise will have five hundred hurs, four thousand unmarried women and eight thousand widowed women. Each of them will keep embracing him for the duration of his whole worldly life time. He also said: There will be markets in Paradise in which there will be no buy and sale, but there will be men and women. If any man will wish to have sexual intercourse with a woman, he will do at once. The Hurs will sing in Paradise on divine purity and praise-we are most beautiful Hurs and we are for the honoured husbands.
The Prophet said to a man: 0 servant of God, if you enter Paradise
, you will get what you will desire, what your eyes will
be pleased with. The Prophet said : If an inmate of
Paradise will wish to have a son born to him, he will get it. Its stay in womb, its weaning away from milk and its youth will come to pass at the same time. He also said : The inmantes of Paradise will be beardless and hairless. Their colour will be white and their eyes painted with collyrium. They will be youths of 33 years of age. They will be sixty cubits long and seven cubits broad. He also said : The lowest rank of an inmate of Paradise will have eighty thousand servants and seventy two wives. In short there will be such bliss in Paradise which no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no heart has conceived.
(12) Hell: God says: 'There is nobody among you who will not come to.. it (Hell). That is an affair decreed by God. Thereafter I will give salvation to those who are Godfearing and leave those who are sinners.' So it is certain that you will also go there. What hope have you got for salvation ? The Prophet said : There are seventy thousand valleys in Hell and in each valley 70,000 serpents and 70,900 scropoins. The unbelievers and hypocrites will meet them. He said : Seek refuge from 'Jubbul Hujn". He was asked : 0 Prophet of God, what is Jubbul Hujn ? He said : A valley in Hell. The Hell seeks refuge from it seventy times. God prepared it for those who do divine service for show of man. There are seven layers of Hell. The first and highest layer is called Jahannam, the second layer is called Sakher, lower than it is jai, lower than it is Hotamah, lower than it is Saierr lower than it is Jahim and lowest layer is Habiyah.
While we were with Prophet, we heard suddenly a great sound. The Prophet said : Do you know what this sound is ? We said : God and His Prophet know it best. He said : It is the sound of a stone. it was falling down from the topmost portion of Hell for the last 70 years and now it reached the bottom. The Prophet said : The least punishment that will be meted out to an inmate of Hell will be two shoes of fire, on account of their heat his brain will bubble. Now think of the heavy punishments. The Prophet said that the fire of Hell was washed seventy times by the water of mercy and sent to this world and it has been made then suitable for its inmantes.
The Prophet said explaining the fire of Hell. God ordered the fire of Hell to burn for one thousand years. It then became yellow.
Thereafter it burnt for another one thousand years and it then became white. It then burnt for another one thousand years. It then became black. It is now black and full of darkness. The Prophet said : If a basketful pus of Hell would have been thrown into this world, everything in the world would have been stenchy. This will be the drinks of the inmates of Hell. Whenever they will ask for drink, they will be given this stenchy pus. Death will come to them from every side but they will not die. If they want drink, they will be given drink like heated molten lead. It will burn their mouths.

Then look to their food. It will be fruits from Zaqqum tree. God says : It is a tree which will grow from the bottom of Hell and it will have branches like the hands of the devil. They will eat therefrom and it will fill their bellies. then heated water will be thrown upon their bodies and then they will be taken to Jahim. God says : We have got Chains and Jahim and throat-choking food and severe punishment. The Prophet said : If a drop of Zaqqum would fall into the sea of this would the inmates of the world would have found it very difficult to live in it. The Prophet said : The dwellers of Hell will have hunger. If they want food, they will be given thorns of poison. It will not give strength nor satisfy hunger. Thereafter they will ask for food and they will be given food that will choke their throat. They will then ask for drink and they will be given heated hot water with heated iron rods. When it will be brought close to their mouth, their mouth will be burnt. When it will enter their stomach, the entrails will be cut off. They will say : Call the guard of Hell. When he will come, they will say to him : Tell your Lord to alleviate our punishment for a single day. He will say : Did not any Prophet come to you with proofs ? They-will say : Yes, he came. Then they will say Pray to God. He will say : The prayers of the unblievers will be turned into nought.

Now think of the serpents and scorpions of Hell. They will be constant companions of the inmates of Hell. Not a moment will pass on them without their sting. The Prophet said : The wealth given to a man who did not pay its Zakat will be turned into serpent on the Resurrection Day. It will cling to his shoulders in the Resurrection Day. It will say : I am your wealth, I am your hidden treasure. They he recited this verse : If they are miser with regard to the wealth which God has given to them don't think
that it will do them good, rather it will do them evil. On the Resurrection Day, their amassed wealth will cling to their necks. The Prophet said : There are serpents in Hell like the necks of the camels of Bukht. If one of them stings once, the effects of its poison will continue for 40 years. They are so poisonous that if one of them stings once, its effect of poison will continue for 40 years. These serpents and scropoins will sting those people who were misers, meted out bad treatment with the peoples and gave them trouble.
The Prophet said : The front teeth of the inmates of Hell will big as the mount
Uhud and the thickness of his skin will be the distance of three days journey. The Prophet said that his upper lip would fall upon his breast and will cover his face. The Prophet said : On that day, Hell will be brought. It will have seventy thousand bridle and with each bridle there will be seventy thousand angels. He also said. Weeping will be sent to the inmates of Hell. They will continue to weep till blood comes out. Their faces will become like cultivated ditches. If any boat is floated therein, it will easily float. The Prophet said : Death will be brought on the Resurrection Day as if it is a sheep of white colour and it will be slaughtered between Hell and Paradise. It will be said : 0 inmates of paradise, you will live here permanently without death. 0 inmatres of Hell, you will live here permanently without death.
These are in brief the descriptions of Hell and it has got no end. Another punishment is that they will be deprived of the heavenly bliss and divine sight and pleasure.
(13) Vision of God: God says : For those who do good there are rewards and additional rewards. This additional reward is nothing but the vision of God which is the most tasteful of all rewards. The happiness of paradise is insignificant in comparison with that gained by the sight of the Lord. The Prophet said once looking to the full moon : As you see this moon, so you will see your Lord. You will not be tired of His sight. He said : Pray before sun-set and sun- rise. Then he read the verse : Glorify your Lord before the setting and rising of the sun. The Prophet said : When the dwellers of paradise will enter paradise, some one will proclaim : 0 dwellers of paradise, God wishes to fulfil what He promised you. The companions asked
What is that promise ? Has He not filled up our Balance ? Has He not brightened our faces and admitted us in paradise ? Has He not saved us from the fire of Hell? At that time, the screen will be lifted and they will be gazing at the glorious God. Nothing will be dearer to them at that time than His sight. ?This is the greater reward. At that time they will forget every enjoyment and happiness. There is no limit to this happiness and no example.
(14) God's mercy
The end of the book "The Revival of religious learning"
We have, by the grace of God, finished the book "The Revival of religious learning" and we hope for God's grace and blessings. God says : God does not forgive setting up partnership with Him. But He forgives one besides this whom He wishes. God says : 0 those who have made oppression on their souls, don't be deprived of God's mercy. God can forgive all sins. He is forgiving, kind.
We pray to God for forgiveness for the mistakes we committed in this book or exceeded, for the thoughts mixed advertently in what we wished and intended. We pray to God for forgiveness for those who read this book write it or hear it. The Prophet said : God has got one hundred mercies, out of which He distributed one among men jinn, beasts, birds and lower beings with the remaining 99 mercies left to Him. He will show them on the Resurrection Day on His servants.
The Prophet said: On the Resurrection day, God will take out a writing from undrneth.the Throne wherein it was written : My mercy has defeated My anger. I am the Most Merciful. The Prophet said: God will laugh for us on the Resurrection Day and say: Give good news to the Muslims. There is nobody among them in whose exchange I have not placed a Jew or a Christian in Hell. Teh Prophet said: God will give the power of intercession to ten crores and ten thousand men out of the children of Adam. He also said: God will say to the believers on the Resurrection Day: Did you want My vision? They will say: 0 our lord, we wanted. He will ask: Why? They say: We hoped for Thy forgiveness and mercy. Then He will say: l have made My forgiveness sure for you.
The Prophet said: The Glorious Lord will say on the Resurrection Day: Take out the man from Hell who remembered
Me for a single day or feared Me in a critical place. The Prophet said: When the inmates of Hell will assemble in Hell with those of people of the Book, the unbelievers will say to the Muslims: Were you not Muslims? They will say: Yes. They will say: What benefit did you derive by your acceptance of Islam? You are with us now in Hell. They will say: We committed sins for which we receive this punishment. On hearing this, God will pass order to take them out of Hell. They will, then come out of Hell. When the unbelievers will see it, they will say: Woe to us! would that we were Muslims, we could have come out of Hell like them. Then the Prophet read this verse: Those who are unbelievers will wish honestly that how good it would have been if they were Muslims.
The Prophet said: God will show mercy on the believers much more than a mother showing affection to her child. The Prophet said: A proclaimer will proclaim on the resurrection day from behind the Throne : 0 the followers of Muhammad, I have forgiven the trust which I reposed in you. Now there remain in your rights. Give them one to another and enter paradise through My mercy. Hazrat Ibn Obadah reported : I heard the Prophet say : God made Hell unlawful for one who testifies that there is no deity but God and that Muhammad is His Messenger,
The Prophet said: God will say to the angels on the Resurrection Day : Take out the man from Hell in whom you find good even to the measure of a dinar. They will say : 0 Lord, we have taken them out whom you have ordered us to take out. Then He will say: Go and take out one in whom you find good to the weight of half a dinar. Then they will take out many men. They will say : We have taken out those whom you h ave ordered us to take out. He will say : Go and take out one in whom you find good to the weight of a mustard seed. Then they will take out many men. They will then say : 0 our Lord, we have taken out those whom you have ordered us to take out.
The Prophet said: God will say : The apostles have interceded, the Prophets interceded and the believers interceded. There is none now except the Most Merciful. He will take out of Hell by His Hand a party of men who never did any good deed. They became like burnt coal and they-will be thrown in a river of life in the mouth of paradise. They will come out of-that river as straw is swept away by current. Don't you see the trees and stones that face the sun taking green colour and those that
remained in shade assume white colour? They said: 0 Apostle of God, you are as it were wandering in plains. He said : They will come out like jewels with necklace on their necks.

Ibn Abbas reported : One day the Prophet came out to us and said': All the nations were presented to me. With a prophet, there was only one man, with another there were only two, with another there was nobody, and with another there were a party of men. I found many parties with one Prophet. It was said to me that he was Moses and those people were his followers. I was said : Look on and I found numerous people covering the whole horizon. I was said that these are my followers. Out of these, there are seventy thousand people who will enter Paradise without account. The Prophet said : God has promised me that He will aa.nit seventy thousand of my followers in paradise without account, I prayed for more to Lord and I found Him merciful. He told me to give salvation seventy thousand men with every man of the above mentioned seventy thousands. I said : 0 Lord, will my followers reach that limit? He said : I will give salvation for you numerous persons like the number of the entire Arabs.

The Prophet said: Gebrail came to the cave Hira and said to me : Give good news to your followers that he who dies without setting up a partner with God will enter paradise. I asked : 0 Gebrail, even if he steals and fornicates? He said : Even if he steals and fornicates. This was repeated thrice. The Prophet once recited this verse : From him who fears God, there are two gardens. The narrator asked : Even if he steals and fornicates? The Prophet said: Even if he steals and fornicates.

The Prophet said: No Muslim will die till he sees his place in Hell filled up by a Jew or a Christian. It was reported that a child was searching his mother in a battle field. Afterwards finding his mother he came running to her. She took her child in her lap and cried out : My child, my child, The Prophet said to his companions. God will show more kindness to you than the mother showing affection to her child. At this, the Muslims were overjoyed and went away. From this Hadis we may cherish hope that God will shower His blessings and kindness on us, even though we are not fit for such favours.



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�Abu Hararah (Great Narator of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad�) once said � Prophet taught me two kind of knowledge. First kind is Hedith  that I am telling you all always. But 2nd kind I cannot tell you, as if tell the 2nd kind (most probably about Spirit), I will be killed�.

---------------------------------------------------------------------NOBLE QURAN  (Surah Maidah verse 116)

116. And (remember) when All�h(GOD) will say (on the Day of Resurrection): "O 'Iesa(Jesus), son of Maryam(Mary)! Did you say unto men: 'Worship me and my mother as two gods besides All�h(GOD)?' " He will say: "Glory be to You! It was not for me to say what I had no right (to say). Had I said such a thing, You would surely have known it. You know what is in my inner�self though I do not know what is in Yours, truly, You, only You, are the All�Knower of all that is hidden and unseen.