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NDE and Buddhism
Ashin Ottama (Buddhist monk)

The nature and significance of Near Death Experiences.

Explanation and convergence of neuroscientific, psychological and spiritual perspective.


Contents of the video:

0:00:04  Introduction
0:04:26  Presentation of the 3 existing ways of explanation

              (= hypotheses-believes): scientific, psychological, spiritual

0:11:04  Explanation of the relation between brain and mind
0:23:10  Example of an authentic Near Death Experience
0:31:31  Docking and undocking of mind to the brain
0:31:50  Dreams: partial undocking
0:34:19  Karma as understood in Buddhism
0:39:32  Influences from beyond
0:40:02  Brain as a pre-processor and a supplier of worldly data to the mind
0:40:40  Brain as shield, defender and blocker of spiritual content
0:44:46  The way the spiritual practices work (meditation)
0:46:44  Theories, argumentations and hypotheses from neuroscience
0:49:22  Spiritual experiences and the brain

0:53:06  A true story: Mind which docked to another body
0:56:46  'Human connectome project' - new questions

1:02:40  Brain 'plasticity' and the hydrocephalus
1:10:32  Two kinds of Out of Body Experiences (OBEs)
1:11:06  OBE of Dr. Susan Blackmore
1:13:17  Two central messages from Blackmore’s OBE
1:15:43  Veridical OBEs
1:27:35  NDE and Enlightenment
1:28:58  3 categories of Near Death Experiences:
1:29:22  1) Dying experiences
1:34:47  2) Near death experiences
1:38:45  3) Similar to NDE
1:44:53  Messages from the Tibetan book of the dead
1:51:53  Apparent development in the character of NDE throughout

               history and in different cultures
1:54:56  Rebirth in Buddhism; the decisive role of karma in rebirth
1:58:17  Plains of existence in Samsara, plains of appearances in ‘Omniverse’
2:05:12  Hell NDE
2:05:55  Irregularities in cosmic justice
2:08:03  The nature of NDE
2:11:30  Encountering deeper layers of one’s own ‘beingness’ in death
2:14:14  Central paradox of the NDE-phenomena
2:14:50  Scientific ‘religion’ of the future

2:15:14  Image of rebirth

2:17:03  The task of all great spiritual systems: to connect with the Centre
2:18:03  The conclusion: disagreeing with everybody

2:20:36  Immaterial matter: Abhidhamma explanation of ‘materiality’

2:22:52 ‘Materiality’ according to science
2:25:42 Handshake between theoretical physics and high level spiritual insight
2:26:43 The strange ‘reality’ of dreams, heaven and hell