Tony Robbins
by Jody


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Tony Robbins

I had the most exciting weekend and just have to tell you about it!

I only briefly saw the sun because the seminar was so long on all four
days. We would start at 9:00 and go straight through with one break a
day until 11:00 p.m. -1:00 in the morning. Needless to say, sleep and
food were not plentiful.

Wow! That Tony Robbins seminar was simply the best! I think the
experience was the second most defining time of my life (next to
standing on the stage when I got my law school degree). The experience
was so impressive! I came back hoarse, but ecstatic from four days of
yelling combined with clapping, dancing, hugs, and massages. I did the
firewalk where I made it across the burning coals in bare feet. I not
only learned so much about myself, my motives, and how to change that
motivation to achieve my goals; but I was able to integrate myself on a
mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual level. The subconscious
component of this seminar was truly awe inspiring. And. . . for the
first time I feel totally connected to myself and to life. I feel like
I'm really living in the world rather than just going through the
motions. In this state, I feel like I can do anything.

The first day was mind over matter - the firewalk was incredible. I
found I have a tendency to center myself and pull my spirit up out of
my body when confronting my fears. But. . . they forced me to pull my
energy down into my hara and stay physically connected to the
experience in a peak state. A new pattern when dealing with life . I
think it was also interesting that the fears and goals that I went in
with changed position on the value system. What I really was afraid of
surfaced and what I really wanted came out. I was able to define my
goals in terms that made more motivational sense so that I would
achieve them.

The second day was an integration break through for me. I was able to
break through a lot of psychological barriers. The third day was
pretty powerful where I was able to turn the inner child from a
fearful, restrained child into a princess. He used a lot of timeline
techniques where you replaced negative childhood images with positive
ones. There was a lot of leverage created psychologically to enable
the mind to change.

The fourth day was a health seminar. Pretty impressive too. The way
he had described meat had linked a new association so strong in my
brain, that I had a few surprises when I ordered dinner at the airport.
I was starving since food (and time to eat it) was probably the
biggest problem with the weekend. I sat down to a wonderful pasta meal
with sliced roast beef in it. I couldn't eat the meat without a gag
reflex. So I settled for the bread and the pastas. Then I tried to
eat the delicious mud pie - (you know chocolate my absolute favorite)-
Couldn't get past half and then started feeling sick. One of my goals
was to master eating healthy, but I didn't expect that result.

And the best part . . . Coming home and being with my girls. We had
tons of hugs and a wonderful time. The connection with myself and with
life transferred to love and enthusiasm to those closest with me. We
talked and teased. It was tremendous! So guess what two little
entities are going to go through the power CD's with me? They're going
to live a new life too.

Just had to share :)

Copyright1999 by Dr. Jeff and Jody Long