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Soulmates 2003 Part 5 Soulmates  by Jody 2/13/03  This is the culmination study that discusses the findings of the other 4 Soulmate studies on consciousness, beings, relationships, emotions, universal purpose, changed beliefs, and the life review.

What is the meaning of the NDE and is it for the experiencer or for us all? By Jody 10/9/05  This paper was presented in an  abbreviated form at the 2005 IANDS annual meeting in Virginia Beach, VA.  I was fascinated by a book called "Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman.  I applied the emotional concepts to the meaning of NDE for the individual and for us all.

Jody's Book, "From Soul to Soulmate" What is a Soulmate and how do you find yours?
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Jody Long is also involved in the consciousness studies with NDERF/ADCRF/OBERF.  Jody was an Assistant District Attorney for the State of New Mexico working on a special DUI taskforce in McKinley County and the Navajo Nation.  She is an active co-investigator, and writer with the websites and related projects.  She helped Dr. Jeff with Paul Perry to write "Evidence of the Afterlife" which will be coming out in January 19, 2010.  Her own book is "From Soul to Soulmate: Bridges from Near Death Experience Wisdom" came out in July 2010. 

Jody gave the websites a face-lift in March 2002 and has been the current webmaster of NDERF, ADCRF and OBERF ever since that time.  Jody's dedication to the website and input on directions for NDERF have been important for the growth and research prominence of the websites today.  ADCRF has been consistently second on the search engines.  OBERF was resurrected and now is doing really well since people all over the world want to talk about and hear about other consciousness events.  The NDERF international project is very exciting because it has opened global vistas.  Consciousness can now truly be studied on a world-wide basis. 

Jody has been on talk radio in a segment called "ask the lawyer."  She also served on the Seattle, Friends of IANDS, Board of Directors.  Jody has been published in a peer reviewed journal for my research.  Her research has many original components to it and serves as the basis for many new studies and ways to look at NDE and consciousness.  The research has been used as part of a curriculum in a school in England.  Dr. Kevin Nelson, University of Kentucky, was so inspired by her research he conducted a study and published in the medical journal, Neurology. She appears in articles in woman's magazines in the UK, Australia, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt, and Argentina.  Jody has been filmed and consulted by numerous media and television sources including movie trailers for The Hereafter and Charlie St. Cloud.  She has helped countless authors and publishers in their research and publicity efforts.  

In her spare(?) time she enjoys making necklaces from genuine stone beads.  The newest member of the pack is Zara, a Neapolitan Mastiff 5 years old.

Love & Respect by Jody 8/4/02  A Review of the Study: Respect in Close Relationships:  Prototype Definition, Self-Report Assessment, and Initial Correlates, J. Frei and P. Shaver, Personal Relationships, 9 (2002), 121-139.  Here is a quick,  review of an insightful study on respect and how it figures in relationships.  Interestingly, marriage counselors hear about the two main issues in a marriage as being love and respect, but respect and aspects of respect have never been scientifically studied or defined until now.  Click here for Article

 Dreams and Neuroholography: An Interdisciplinary Interpretation of Development of Homeotherm State in Evolution, by Istvan Bokkon, Sleep and Hypnosis, 2005;7(2):61-76  Review by Jody 1/15/06  The last time I got this excited to see a paper published was when von Lommel published his incredible longitudinal NDE study in December 2001.  This PhD study is well worth the read! 

Review of New Swiss Study on OBEs, by Jody 9/25/02 The study was published in the British journal Nature on 9/19/02.  Several media articles were published based upon this study.  This article takes a look at: 1) the study, 2) the media coverage, and 3) critical discussion of both, the study and the media. 

Spiritual Spectrum Overview  by Jody  In order to fully understand what an out of body experience (OBE) is, it must be understood as one of many related spiritual spectrum phenomena.  An OBE can be defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body.  In this writing, I will look at the history of OBE and research findings on near death experiences (NDEs), the most extreme of OBEs.  An OBE is also compared and contrasted with dreams, lucid dreams, astral projection, and autoscopy. 4/21/02

Dreams, Near-Death Experiences, and Reality by Jody 3/27/03. This is a review of literature and dream studies combined with a retrospective study of near-death experiencers (NDErs) who were asked "if their experience was dreamlike in any way?"  This paper gives an overview of consciousness and altered states of consciousness as it relates to memories, recall, and narrative of experiences.  Then I compare and contrast NDEs with dreams against the backdrop of reality. 

Why Study NDEs?  by Jody  "Man's fascination with immortality and what happens after death is the ultimate mystery of life.  The study of near death experiences spans a surprisingly wide spectrum of areas that touch the very core of human existence. click to see the ARTICLE

NDE Rhetoric, Debunking the Debunkers, by Jody  NDE Rhetoric was written to highlight the common arguments for and against NDE.

The Fourth Dimension and NDEs, by Jody 11/25/02  From near death experience research, a model that fits the data is that consciousness (synonymous to soul) is a fourth dimensional construct.  This concept necessarily affects the way we view time and how we integrate consciousness with our three dimensional, earth reality.  Our science, religion, and society are all affected by how we perceive our earth reality.  This paper attempts to explain the fourth dimension by analogizing to one, two, and three dimensional concepts to what NDErs are telling us about their fourth dimensional experiences.
How Do You Reconcile the Message of NDEs With the Current Terrorist Events?
by Jody of NDERF.  9/16/01.  SUMMARY In a time where it may seem that the NDE messages of love and compassion appear irreconcilable with recent terrorist attacks on the United States, there is a framework that may be useful for healing. There are many emotions and many questions.  One of the hardest things to reconcile is how to lovingly and compassionately engage in war against terrorists and countries that harbor and train terrorists.  Another problem was, how do you reconcile irreconcilable differences between two different ideologies of life?  One way to heal emotions is to individually collect our own thoughts and write them down.  Everyone will process the events differently.  I realized that my processing came from news input and emotions as viewed through the lens of good and evil.  This writing represents my struggles in reconciliation in hopes that it will help others to find their own path to make sense out of the recent events and come to peace within themselves.  click to see the ARTICLE

More than a Book Review on "The Four Agreements."   by Jody  "This is a summary and discussion of The Four Agreements, by Don M. Ruiz This is one of the most spiritually powerful books packed into 138 easy to read and understand pages.  As my friend William points out, "A summary is possible, but you really need to read the whole thing to do it justice.  And, I might add, it's definitely worth taking the time to read.  I have read a whole lot of 'great' books in the past 25 some odd years that deal with expanding human potential.  I have to say that this one is the clearest, cleanest and simplest I have ever read. click to see the ARTICLE

Where Professionalism Intersects With NDEs and IANDS  by Jody  The purpose of posting this article is not only for general information, but mainly for those seeking professional counseling and psychological help resulting from experiencing an NDE, the death of a loved one, or trying to integrate a spiritually transformative event.  There are many who hold themselves out as healers, but may not be licensed or competent to practice in the healing arts.  Although there are many good and competent medical professionals among our ranks, there are always a few that spoil it for everyone.  The bottom line is to make sure you thoroughly check out any medical or counseling professional you decide to obtain services through.  With that as the backdrop, below is a discussion of legal liability concerning where professionalism and IANDS intersect.   click to see the ARTICLE

NDEs Call for a Celebration of Life on Earth by Jody  "So why would one want to celebrate being on earth?  It is one of the rare opportunities to experience growth of the spirit.  It is hard to learn or grow in an environment with total knowledge and unconditional love. click to see the ARTICLE

NDE-Like Experiences, The Awakening Consciousness by Jody  This article explores the integration aspects of NDE-like experiences on the spiritual path.  A sample life-journey is examined to help others integrate their own unique experiences during their spiritual journey.    click to see the ARTICLE



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