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L’âme sœur - Introduction
par Jody et le Dr Jeff, NDERF

Cette introduction présente les points de vue de la littérature courante sur les âmes sœurs. Les relations amoureuses auront des interactions différentes selon les leçons que chacun des partenaires doit apprendre. Ces interactions relèvent du karma, du dharma et des flammes jumelles. Lorsqu’on compare les compte-rendus de relations d’âmes soeurs à ceux de l’EMI, on remarque que les deux comportent des vérités communes. Nous avons inclus quelques citations de participants au sujet de l’amour, des relations et de la croissance spirituelle. Ces extraits nous fournissent une définition préliminaire de la relation d’âmes sœurs que voici : une relation d’amour basée sur la croissance spirituelle.  Cliquez ici pour l’or article (Française).  Click here for Article (English).

Une nouvelle perception de l’âme sœur

En juillet 2001, lors de la conférence annuelle d’IANDS, le Dr Jeff et moi présentions notre nouvelle interprétation de l’âme sœur découlant de l’analyse de quelque 100 rapports d’EMI. Pour en savoir plus, restez en contact car un rapport officiel paraîtra sous peu. Ce qui nous a le plus frappés, c’est la rareté des témoignages sur les relations amoureuses. Par contre, nous avons trouvé beaucoup de témoignages relatifs aux relations génétiques qui indiquaient la possibilité de groupes d’âmes – une sorte de noyau fragmenté. Prises dans le contexte d’un continuum de vies, il semble que les relations amoureuses servent à des buts très différents de ceux des groupes d’âmes. Les membres d’un groupe d’âmes semblent se retrouver davantage pour s’entraider durant l’existence terrestre, tandis que les partenaires amoureux semblent le faire davantage pour les leçons qu’ils en tireront.

PARTAGE - Relation d’Âmes sœurs

Si vous avez ou avez eu une relation avec une âme sœur ou un membre de votre groupe d’âmes, veuillez envoyer votre témoignage à

Jody par courriel

Ces témoignages, comme tous les autres, seront soumis en toute confidentialité selon vos directives. Nous ne croyons pas que ces ajustements d’interprétation nuisent à notre entendement des relations d’âmes sœurs. Nous croyons sincèrement que ces ajustements démontrent l’intégrité de NDERF. 

Relations d’âmes sœurs et commentaires

20.  Jean G's SMR.  11/23/03 IN FRENCH  Intriguing thoughts on soulmates based on his own
       experiences of sister soulmates and a twin flame.

Bob C's SMR Poem.  11/7/03   Eternal Companions

18.  Dave's SMR Poem.  11/7/03 MY SPIRIT WILL ALWAYS FIND YOURS  (for Janet)

17.  Yvonne's SMR.  11/7/03 I just met my soulmate, finally, at age 64. He is 66. We felt the universe suddenly open up to us as if someone pulled a string and the curtain went up. It is a spiritual awakening for both of us.

16.  Brian & Miranda's SMR.  9/22/03  But if I could feel her, than she was real. It was like she knew this and was giving me some kind of confirmation. So I started towards her, she started towards me and when I finally touched her it was the most marvelous thing I have ever experienced. I put my arms around her waist and pulled her close, she wrapped her arms around my neck and laid her head on my chest. I could feel the weight of her body leaning against mine, the light pressure of her arms around my neck even her hair in my face tickling my nose while I was breathing. Life has never been this real.  And all I could think was YES YES YES!!!!! This was real and I will see her again. I have never felt happiness to this degree.  NEVER!
Love transcends death!  Of interest is her description of what it was like to die and what happens afterwards.  She also promised to be with her beloved when it is his time to leave earth. 

15.  Kathy O's SMR.  9/21/03 I was being pulled toward this being that was the color of royal purple. I heard a name of this being (“Kevin”) and I heard the olive green being say to me telepathically “This is the one you will be with next”. I thought to myself – you want me to be with my ex-brother-in-law – that was the only “Kevin” that I knew at that time. As this being drew closer it realized that this was a different person. When we embraced it was so wonderful. It felt like 10 billion fireworks of love energy exploding all around and in me. Pure ecstasy. It was Love unbounded. That is the best way that I can describe it. Nothing that we can experience on earth even comes close to this feeling. I did not want to let go of this being. (When I get back “home” I can’t wait to embrace everyone).
These experiences have many different aspects to them.  She started as a child of age 6, and the experiences continued.  The most amazing parts of these stories are the descriptions of the other side, the soulmate story, and the soul contract of trying to help her first husband find God.

14. Marie's SMR.  9/15/03  When I was 17, I started having these dreams about this wonderful person.  They were odd dreams though.  I would essentially find myself in a dark room (that's the best I can describe but it was more just like darkness) and he would be in there.  We would have wonderful conversations and I loved him from that moment.  The odd thing was I knew everything about him from these dreams including how many brothers and sisters he had and that he was two years younger than me, but I could not make out his face. 
SMR is a dream come true!

13. Contessina's SMR.  7/4/03 When I met him, I was completely spellbound. I said, mentally to him, with a great cry from my inner being, “Once, a long time ago, we were the same person. Then something terrible happened and we were torn apart and we have been trying to get back together ever since!”  He said aloud to me, “I can see your whole life, but you’re not ready for it, yet.”
She describes being one part of a two-part soul.

12.  NDE-Like James B's SMR English expanded version, 4/6/03  The thought came to my mind telling me that we are all inter-connected, we are all as one, part of the one great big plan. We are all linked in spiritually! WOW! I thought. Then he told me that I had to go back because there was people who needed me. He told me to wait for little Pebbels, that he had given her to me before we walked this Earth. That we were placed on this earth on the same day. He told me that she was my soul-mate and would be along soon. He also told me to wait a few day and I would receive a letter in the post from the people that had made me hurt so much.
This is a NDE-like event where he was told about meeting his soulmate.  He did meet her just as he was told.  He also came back with some unique paranormal gifts:

PREDICTION (Prospective Study):  Yes I can feel when other spirits that have passed on are present. I can also predict a lot of up coming events. I will tell you now for a fact that in this current war on Iraq, Saddam will not be caught and he will unleash a chemical weapon in about 3 weeks time.

11. Steven B's Experience.  10/3/02 I absolutely knew I had left the physical world and had left my physical form, as though there was a wall (not a physical wall) between my current state and my former physical state. I knew that I was not a great distance from my former state, but was separated from it.  The 1st thing that came to me after a while (I have not sense of how long) was an overwhelming sadness, because it occurred to me that my leaving my physical form (my death) would bring great sadness to my family and those that i loved, this knowledge that my leaving would bring great sadness to their lives made me very sad. 
This is a unique blend of a dream and an OBE.  There is also a woman on the other side that could be his soulmate, higher self, or a member of his soul-cluster group.

10 Melanie's SMR:  I have an experience to share: First off, I have learned to relate and respect cluster groups; I have a memory from before I was born, and remember being a part of a "circle of souls" so interconnected and intertwined that we did not seem to think much of our own consciousness--then my consciousness developed awareness and I remember two beings giving me a "preview" of my life before I was to be sent to earth--they showed me something like a mirror or a curtain, offering pictures of the earth and showed me my parents and then told me there were certain lessons I needed to learn, though I certainly don't remember what...as I've spoken to psychics, they have often commented seeing these two presences next to me...Now I am having a soul mate experience with someone who is afraid of commitment.  It's very painful because he doesn't realize it yet, though I do--hopefully he'll come around...anyway, the interesting thing about this is that I remember him, its as though he's "come back"--its the most profound experience!  6/20/02

9. RAS de John et Mary Alice. Version française complète  « Nous sommes ensembles depuis plus de 24 ans, en amour plus que jamais, avec l’éternité devant nous. Deux autres points d’intérêt. À peu près une semaine avant cette nuit glaciale de mars, j’ai fait un rêve qui m’a tiré d’un sommeil profond. Un rêve comme je n’en avais jamais eu avant, ni depuis. C’était bref, sans dialogue. J’étais assis à un café-terrasse; il était tard, la nuit peut-être, et il y avait un brouillard épais dans l’air. Deux silhouettes marchaient vers moi. J’ai baissé la tête vers le journal mais j’ai ressenti la présence de l’une des personnes qui s’assoyait à ma table. J’ai levé la tête et j’ai vu Mary Alice. C’était comme si ce rêve était un présage, un signe avant-coureur des événements à venir. » Il est toujours inspirant de lire des témoignages imprégnés de tant d’amour et du vague souvenir de l’âme sœur. 

Sherry H's SMR/ADC. Version anglaise complète "He looked up and saw me, his expression was pure amazement. The most interesting thing about this experience was that I could feel his emotions as though they were my own. He came towards me and I to him.. he picked me up and swung me around saying... 'I love you, I love you, I love you.'"  Series of ADC dream visitations with several family members.  Illustrates the spectrum of connections between family members in this life and the next.  This account is also part of the After-Death Communications Website at www.adcrf.org. 2/22/02.

7.  Q's SMR. 
Version anglaise complète " I  have always remembered being in "Heaven" before the descent into the physical form.  There was someone there with me. (Spirit.)  There was an immense amount of love and energy flowing though us.  We were being separated to come into the world in two different forms.Twin Flames SMR with pre-birth remembrance.  

6.  Jennifer's SMR. 
Version anglaise complète "I met my soulmate (and there is a difference to me between the two of them) in August 1993 in Idaho at the family cabin on a lake.SMR with past-life connections.  

5.  John & Ellen's SMR. 
Version anglaise complète  "Our meeting was chance (outward appearance) and I knew the moment I laid eyes on her that I was falling hard."  SMR Romantic Soulmates.  This is such an inspirational and loving account, even after many years.

4.  John Paul Francis SMR. Version anglaise complète "Rita is my ex wife and now a good friend.   I wrote the following poem for her. "   NDEr Soulmate Poem.

3.  Julie's SMR. Version anglaise complète Amazing account of learning lessons and overcoming obstacles - with love as the ultimate lesson.   Karmic Soulmates Turned Dharmic.
2.  Robin's SMR. Version anglaise complète "Soulmates, perhaps, come from our more intimate "core" group.  Several years ago I met another woman.  There, too, was an almost instant recognition that this person was important to me and I to her.  She is also married.  Our relationship is really the opposite from my "marriage."  I would describe us more in terms of the Twin Flame you mentioned."   Two Romantic Soulmates At The Same Time.

1.  Rich B's SMR. Version anglaise complète "Your article touched on some understanding I derived from my NDE.  The  concept of soulmates or helpmates was something I came back with although I  thought it was an original idea unique to me."   NDEr Returns With Soulmate Truths.

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