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EMI de Conner I

Description de L'Experience:

I was having a heart attack causing my heart to stop beating. It was like passing out except I went somewhere rather than just going to nothingness. I saw the white light. I saw a figure standing there waiting for me. The figure was of monochromatic shades of brown. I moved toward the figure as if flying slowly or floating. I moved just by willing it. And then I woke up. I really wasn't out long enough to stay and find out or see much. It annoyed me that I had been brought back. My chest burned like it was on fire.

Renseignements généraux:

Genre:     Homme

La date à laquelle l'EMI est survenue:     12/23/1998

Au moment de votre expérience, y avait-il un événement qui menaçait votre vie?    Oui         I was having a heart attack. My heart stopped and the doctors told me they had to use the defibrillators on me four times before it restarted.

Éléments de l'EMI:

Y at-il des médicaments ou des médicaments qui auraient pu influer sur l'expérience?   Non   No   At that point I had been given aspirin, nitroglycerine, and something to thin my blood.

L'expérience a été onirique de quelque manière?   No, it was very real.

Vous êtes vous senti séparé de votre corps?   Oui   I didn't see my body remotely if that's what you are asking.

Durant votre expérience, à quel moment étiez-vous au maximum de votre conscience et lucidité?   I was very alert and in pain up until my heart stopped then I went unconscious.

Est-ce que le temps vous a paru s'accélérer ou ralentir?     Non    

Est-ce que votre ouïe était différente de ce qu’elle est en temps normal?  Non  

Êtes vous passé à travers un tunnel?   Non 

Avez-vous rencontré ou été conscient de la présence d'êtres décédés ou encore vivants?   Oui   Only from a very long distance. I could see a figure dressed completely in all browns. I could make out a human figure and I moved toward it by floating. But before I had gone very far I woke up (was no longer unconscious)

Avez-vous vu une lumière qui ne vous semblait pas d'origine terrestre?     Oui  As soon as I passed out I instantly saw a white light. At first, it had streaks flashing across it like interference on a television screen. Then it settled down and became a very brilliant pure white. Except there was a figure standing there in the lower left hand corner of my field of vision. So it was pure white except for the figure. The figure was distant, so it was a very small part of the scene I saw. Mostly it was just pure total whiteness.

Avez-vous eu l'impression d'entrer dans un autre monde non terrestre?    Un endroit clairement mystique ou un domaine surnaturel

Quelles émotions avez-vous ressenties durant l'expérience?     Not many. I knew this was a safe place and that I was supposed to be there. I knew I was dead or dying. I was totally unafraid. Everything was very matter-of-fact.

Avez-vous eu l'impression de soudainement tout comprendre?     Tout sur l'univers     Only slightly. See above answers. Again, I wasn't there very long.

Est-ce que des scènes de votre passé vous sont revenues?   I wasn't there long enough.

Est-ce que des scènes de votre avenir vous sont apparues?      Non  

Avez-vous atteint une frontière ou une structure physique limite?     Non

Êtes-vous arrivé à une frontière ou à un point de non-retour?   Non   I just opened my eyes and saw the doctor coming at me with the defibrillators.

Dieu, Spiritualité et Religion:

Est-ce que vos valeurs et croyances ont changé à la suite de cette expérience?     Oui    I feel very fortunate to have been there and enjoy sharing the experience with others. It proves to me that all this EMI stuff you hear about is not all bullshit. This stuff really happens. I know, because I saw it myself. Many of the problems of this world now seem trivial to me. I now know there is a better place for us all after we die. What happens here on Earth is really not that important. Humans are overly concerned about what happens here on Earth. Death no longer frightens me at all. When it is time, I will just move on. It's the most natural thing in the world.

Concernant nos vies terrestres en dehors de la religion:

Est-ce que vos relations ont changé précisément à cause de cette expérience?   I am much more likely to tolerate other peoples' faults. I see my criticizing them as totally unnecessary. I know now that Earthly existence is of only minor importance. I feel as though it is only a training ground for what comes later.

Après l'EMI: 

Est-ce que l'expérience a été difficile à décrire en mots?     Non    

À la suite de votre expérience, avez-vous acquis des habiletés médiumniques, hors de l'ordinaire ou d'autres dons spéciaux que vous n'aviez pas avant?    Non  

Est-ce qu'il y a une ou plusieurs parties de l'expérience qui sont particulièrement significatives pour vous?      There really was no best part. Again, it just seemed like a natural thing to be happening. Leaving the light and waking up was the worst part.

Avez-vous déjà partagé cette expérience avec d'autres?     Oui     They, for the most part, listened without comment. They know I would never lie about such things and so I think they believed or at least were interested in what I had to say.

Est-ce qu'une partie de cette expérience a déjà été reproduite dans votre vie?     Non   In the early 1970s I smoked a lot of pot, I drank a lot, and I experimented with LSD. The EMI was nothing like any of those experiences. The EMI was not at all like being high. It was like being somewhere else entirely. Nothing was freaky or unnatural. There was no euphoria, although I was flying. But even that seemed natural and normal.

Y a-t-il quelque chose que vous aimeriez ajouter à propos de votre expérience?     Only that my trip into the light was very brief and so it was very simple.