Experience Description

This experience I have been keeping to myself for almost last fifty years. I was born as a child after eight months of carriage with a very hard delivery. At the age of about three, I had epileptic attacks, which are occasionally present after all these years. Until today, all had been within the normal range, but without tablets, I would not have succeeded to live without attacks. It was the Winter of 1960/1961 and my parents had visitors and most were smoking. After they left, the window was opened for short time to let the smoke out. Outside the temperature was under minus ten degrees Celsius. A full ashtray was left in the room. When parents were going to sleep, they checked on me, as usual. Then they found out that something was wrong. My father, a medical surgeon, started giving me mouth to mouth. The window was widely opened. I was watching from under the ceiling his work and listening to his asking, begging me to start breathing. I was answering that where I was is beautiful, and trying to persuade him to come to join me in this beauty, so that we both could go out through the opened window. I felt no cold or any uncomfortable environment. He did not hear me. Then I found out that I was back. Next morning when I woke up. Besides this, I had a clear vision of how I knew some things I shouldn’t have known. My attacks started when I was a baby of ten months.