--- Wilfred B NDE 949

Experience Description

I had just bumped the left side of a car while on my motorcycle after I had kept it from overturning and noticed the speedometer at forty-five mph. After my right elbow knocked the mirror from the driver side of the car door, I looked ahead and saw a row of three mailboxes, each on very heavy and thick supports. (I later noticed the 1st and 3rd were on eight inches in diameter posts and the 2nd on a railroad tie.)

At approx. 1:30 pm on Sunday, September 16, 1979, I was traveling South on Arkansas Highway Seven. This is generally located South of Russellville and the Arkansas River and more specifically South of the smaller town of Dardanelle. I had just reached the small community of Centerton and was enjoying a ride on my Kawasaki 400cc motorcycle. The destination was to a girl's house just a few more miles away for a Sunday dinner on this perfect weather day; nearly a total blue sky. A darker kind of blue sky that seems to be rarely witnessed in this day and age.

I began to take an easy curve to the left, and was moving at sixty mph while rounding the curve back into a southern direction. I then noticed a large car stopped in the road, with the front end angled somewhat to the left as it was starting to turn into a driveway. The right side of the back of the car still took up a lot of space on the right side of the road. I assumed it would turn on in, but then realized the driver seemed panicked and nervous. A large lady behind the wheel began waving her hands in a way that let me know she didn't know what to do. I knew then that hitting my brakes would only allow me to hit the back end more slowly, and I typically moved to my left better than my right, so I followed my instinct to try maneuvering the bike around the left side. I was wearing boots, and they helped give me enough stability to press my left foot into the gravel off the side of the road. I gained leverage and worked the bike back to a south direction while avoiding a ditch and going out of control. It might also have been a good thing that I was into power lifting at that time; the good shape I was in and the added strength had to help.

My goal was to skim along the left shoulder of the road and just get by the left side of the car. But, as the front end was angled in towards the driveway, it cut me off and I bumped the side a couple of times. I noticed my speed at forty-five mph, and then my elbow knocked the mirror off the driver side of the car door. I maintained enough control to think I might make it through and then noticed the inevitable when I looked ahead. A row of three mailboxes, and each on very thick mounted posts. I just knew this could be the end for me, and I quickly and sincerely uttered, 'Dear God please let me stay, I don't want to go now.'

Then a moment of duality. Physically, I knew I was going through the mailboxes. But before I heard anything hit, I immediately began to feel 'myself' being pulled up. As I then looked up, I noticed my right arm extended up, and wondered to myself why it was so silky white; the forearm and hand, with texture, yet transparent; that deep blue sky all around. I was still marveling at my arm, when realizing that I was higher in the air, these sparks began to form. Not exactly like a typical spark of electricity, but similar, along with a thicker dimension to each spark; as a type of plasma with just enough of a thickness to notice black on one edge or side and silver on another side.

A spark, then three, then they began to 'stream' together into a vertical line and travel down, then to my left, then upwards and then back to the right. Clockwise from my perspective at that time and place. Sparks flew as the 'window' formed and the black/silver tones were still there. An orderly, crisp popping noise was present the entire time until an almost square rectangle had formed. As I was looking at this and really focusing on it, without losing a wince of consciousness, a presence of 'others' began to show. There was a larger presence with at least three others around him. Seemed like a 'him'. I looked at the three others, and noticed distinct faces. Very concerned looks, and there may have been more of them, but the larger presence became even larger and I changed my focus back to him. I only saw him from the waist on up. As if a type of table or device with borders was in front of him, blocking view to any other part. All of this was occurring inside the borders of the 'window' that opened up.

I felt small compared to what I was looking at. Flames of what seemed like fire shot up in his eyes. Moving hot flames rising over what appeared to be like burning embers of hot coal. He seemed to be over fifteen feet tall, though I have no real idea of what size would have been like in the place that I was being drawn into. It's not like I was totally pulled inside, but I was right at the opening and lost all sight of that blue sky. There appeared to be a type of white robe type of clothing covering him from his neck on down. His hair was very wavy and somewhat long. It appeared to be full of a type of static electricity. Silvery hair, very white body and face, with grayish to dark outlines and features. Grand and masterful looking, not scary at all, but with a presence to be reverent of.

For a moment, I looked at the others, and they still had a deep concerned look about them. There may have been more than three, but I didn't take time to totally notice. They were of more normal size and were really fixed on watching me. Their hair was somewhat wavy and long, and they had distinct eyebrows. I began to realize that time seemed different, and there was a 'rushing wind' sound that was going on, while time was slower. I could also hear what was happening on the motorcycle, but this hearing seemed to be in slow motion. The thought I had at the time seemed like listening to a semi-solid wrap of sausage being beaten against a metal wall.

I then looked back up, and this large lead presence had it all under control. How? My eyes became stuck to viewing his, because I could have never imagined it. They had begun to turn into a whirlpool of plasma like energy. Both eyes were spinning with layers that gave it that whirlpool look. This seemed clockwise from my perspective. The deepest look of concentration you could experience. I then began to feel myself to pull back, and the lead presence and others began to shrink away, the window became smaller, blue sky was noticed, the popping sounds came back, that boundary of plasma energy began to move counter-clockwise with sparks of energy sparking away as the line went back to where it had come from, followed by a few sparks and then disappearing.

I felt my self come back down and I was steering the motorcycle through the last mailbox, when I knew the bike was about to fall over. I took it on faith that I should just leap forwards off it, and though I hadn't had time to mull it all over, I knew that because of what I had been experiencing, I would be fine by jumping away from the crash. I sprung up into the air at about a thirty-degree angle and sprawled my body with hands spread out in front and legs fully extended away from my waist. While shooting through the air, my instinct was to look up and to my right, and I saw three of the others that I had seen earlier. One face at a time with each in its own 'cloud' like enclosure. They seemed to be concentrating on me, and apparently helped finish the process of keeping me alive and not hurt nearly as badly as I could have been.

I landed and skidded on the shoulder of the highway and finished by turning over a few times in the grass. My blue jeans had some black marks on the right leg and grass stains on the left, with some scratches on the knees of the pants. They weren't ripped, and I suffered no bleeding on either leg. Very faint scratches on my knees and a strange mark on the medial side of my left leg just below the knee. I had never had any veins show through my skin on my legs, but since then and to this day, a small section of veins can be seen. It never did feel different. I was wearing a red jersey style tee shirt with white trim, including a white football in the chest area and 'Arkansas Razorbacks' printed on it. After skidding, the right half was black with a few small holes, and the left side was green from the grass. The football was no longer white. To this day, I wish I hadn't washed it so much, or had worn it. I still have it, but most stains have been washed out. I had no scratches anywhere on my upper body, left arm or face. Shoulders, chest, backside were not affected whatsoever.

My right arm was another story. I had a good rip on the elbow from the mirror it knocked off that car, and I had two large gashes on the medial side just down from the main area of my forearms. Some skin had been eroded away from the top part of the forearm, and scrapes and small gashes on the back and front of my right hand occurred. There was a lot of bleeding and gravel had been swept into the wounds. I could move my arm, and there were no broken bones, no joint injuries. I surprised the group of people, who had gathered that I was up walking around, and picked up and accessed the damage to the bike.

They told me I should take a look at myself, and be checked out. At the time they were talking to me, I was fully cognizant of the experience I had just had, and was sorting it out. I knew I didn't need to be worried about anything. My first thought while setting in the grass before getting up? It wasn't that I told myself it was a miracle, but I thought to myself that it was 'scientific'. I wasn't upset about the motorcycle or about the car that wouldn't move. I found out from the highway patrolman that the lady suffered from high anxiety and heart problems, and she just froze when she saw my motorcycle coming up in her rearview mirror. I knew something grand had happened, and thanked God for the angels he sent to help, though they didn't look like 'textbook' angels.

The motorcycle was in bad shape and too damaged to drive or start. It was nearly totaled and I later sold it as junk. I surveyed the mailboxes. All three were knocked off the posts, and it seemed that my right arm knocked the first one off, if not also the second. The first eight inches in diameter post was broke in half with both pieces laying to the side. The middle post was a railroad tie and it was knocked over at a forty-five degree angle. The third post was eight inches in diameter like the first, and was knocked out of the ground on its side. All of these posts were to the left of the path I took. The helmet that I was wearing did not have a single scratch. I was face level with the mailboxes before striking them. I think that as my spirit was rising up, that my physical body came up some as well. By keeping my hands on the front handles, the arm took the brunt of the accident while my head missed it. I also noticed, after walking back towards the bike, that my Casio watch was missing. I never felt it pull on my left arm, scrape it or fly off. I was encouraged to go into the house where this happened and wash off in the bathtub. While I was doing this, the patrolman found my watch. It was about fifteen feet in front of where I picked myself up at. The band wasn't broken, but we couldn't figure out how it came off. It may have popped open when I jumped off and extended my arms. I did think inside about how time seemed to slow down during the experience, and then speed back up when I came back down. So I kept wondering if that's why the watch was removed. Who knows?

Before leaving the scene, eight bystanders seemed stunned. I just tried to be matter of fact about it all. I was full of energy, and beaming on the inside. I couldn't really tell anyone exactly what had just happened, as I didn't know them well enough. They convinced me to ride with the patrolman into Dardanelle to the hospital, and he also thought I should stay overnight just to make sure there were no internal injuries. The worst part was the large pan of hydrogen peroxide that my right arm was dipped into. They didn't know where to start on my arm, so they dipped it all at once. I hadn't had any pain from the accident until that happened.

I called my roommate from Arkansas Tech University, and he brought some items up for me. While waiting for him, I was laying in the hospital bed (felt foolish, because I knew nothing else was wrong) and another person in the room was hooked to some machine. It happened to quit working and a nurse came in. She became quite perplexed as it had never quit, shouldn't have quit and should have been on a backup plan to restart. Frustrated, she left to find a doctor. My mind had been going through a lot, as this experience was 'burned' into my consciousness. No doubt, all experience. I felt a surge of confidence in my faith, and meditated that the machine would start back up within thirty seconds. It did, and when the nurse came back in, she couldn't understand it and felt embarrassed by an upset doctor she brought in.

My friend brought some items in for me, and I finally had to tell someone what had happened with me. He was from a much different background than me spiritually, but we were both becoming more non-denominational at the time, and he listened with great interest. And he knew I was honest, that I wouldn't have a reason to fantasize about it. My arm was totally bandaged from the fingers to the shoulder, and I wasn't able to bend it enough to even drink a glass of water. So I wrote left handed the next two weeks, lifted my weights with just my left arm and did as much normally as I could. At two weeks, the bandages were taken off and the doctor was very impressed with how well it looked. Just minor bandages after that and I could resume any activity that wouldn't knock them off.

Background Information:

Gender: Male

Date NDE Occurred: September 16, 1979

NDE Elements:

At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? Yes Accident quick and sincere prayer Life threatening event, but not clinical death I experienced an OBE while going through this NDE event. I knew death could occur, which is why I made the request, and was fully conscious of physically going through the accident and spiritually being caught up into the window that opened up.

How do you consider the content of your experience? Mixed

The experience included: Out of body experience

Did you feel separated from your body? Yes From the body, yes. But I also knew the physical was going through the accident and listened to it. I returned to it after I felt myself 'coming back down'.

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? Not dazed at all. Complete, one hundred percent. I never lost a beat, never felt faint or confused. I was alert to detail, and had the awareness of some 'duality'; listening to some of the physical experience while I took in what was happening before my eyes. I noticed that time was different - even sensed it while the experience was taking place, not just afterwards.

Did time seem to speed up or slow down? Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning A lot of things were witnessed in the short time it took the motorcycle to get through the mail boxes. I sensed time to slow down, and heard sounds slow down from the physical scene occurring below me.

Did your hearing differ in any way from normal? Popping sparks and rushing wind effect.

Did you pass into or through a tunnel? Yes Up into the sky, and then to the opening of the window that opened up.

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings? Yes Inside the window that opened up. One larger with the look of a white robe, white body and fiery eyes. Somewhat long wavy hair with look of static electricity in the hair. Communicated a commitment of love, confidence, and focus, guiding and saving me. Saw three other entities in the window experience and again on my right side near the end of accident. White faces with highlighted features, especially the eyebrows.

The experience included: Darkness

The experience included: Light

Did you see an unearthly light? Yes Not like a bright beam, but a well-lit atmosphere within the window and beings of light-like structure. Flame and plasma like light in the eyes of the central entity.

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? A clearly mystical or unearthly realm What appeared to be the 'window' opened up by a plasma sparking energy is what I would now call a portal into another dimension. It popped in from place from sparks that appeared to come from nothing while looking into a pure blue sky. After the OBE was over, I witnessed three smaller entities again (faces only) in 'cloud' like formations.

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? Everything about the universe It was compressed, and more came out later. When I said I didn't want to 'go' now, I knew it was because of a purpose I hadn't fulfilled. Some of the knowledge I gained is that this was 'scientific' - this wasn't hocus-pocus. That there was more to spirituality than what religion tends to allow for.

Did scenes from the future come to you? Scenes from the world's future Not right then and there, but a greater knowledge of some came about after the experience. I had always had some ideas of esoteric things, but this experience accelerated that.

The experience included: Boundary

Did you reach a boundary or limiting physical structure? Uncertain While I was pulled up (OBE), I noticed my spirit arm with blue sky around it. But the portal that opened up didn't seem to come from the air around me. It seemed to come from nothing. As it became larger, I didn't notice the sky, and felt myself pulled to the area where the window opened up. I can't say that I was pulled totally inside, but I might not know all of the difference.

Did you come to a border or point of no return? I came to a barrier that I was not permitted to cross; or was sent back against my will Not in the decision, but I was aware of rising out and returning back.

God, Spiritual and Religion:

What was your religion prior to your experience? Conservative/fundamentalist At age 23, I was making the transition from Southern Baptist to conservative non-denominational.

What is your religion now? Liberal None, but looking for likeminded groups. Not anything too organized of it in my locale, but spend time on the net w/ likeminded groups. I'll visit some of the less formal / less pushy churches around Tulsa from time to time.

Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience? Yes It's been a gradual process. I've been able to read through things and situations that seem to put limits on others. I have a hard time dealing with the fact that many other people can't relate to some of the understandings that I believe I've gained because of these experiences. My spirituality is not chained to some of the traditional beliefs. I don't blindly accept every literal interpretation that some religionists try to mandate. Some writings and events may very well be symbolic and I also have the faith to believe that the scriptures, however many there may really be, may be both literal and symbolic. I wouldn't put limits on the Authorship that very well could intend for those things. Through my school years and the first two years of college, I had a terrible attitude about science. I avoided it and took as few courses as I could manipulate. By age twenty-three, I could get into a little of it that seemed health related, as my major had been changed to that area. But I didn't want any of the heavy duty science. So, what do I do now? The miracle of this event is that I teach high school science. As I began to take more science courses both before and after I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Physical Education, I've made my best grades in them and still enjoy spending time reading up many articles and incorporating some science issues in my daily life. I believe the subject is an extension of spirituality, as all knowledge is. When we know why and how things work, many issues in life make a more purposeful sense. One might even realize a sense of 'providence'.

The experience included: Presence of unearthly beings

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? Uncertain It wasn't hard for me to understand what I was trying to say, but it was to some people. Very difficult for some, if it didn't fit the parameters they had been conditioned to.

Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? Yes Many things through the years. One in particular, and the most telepathic of any, was four months later. I was walking from my dorm to the cafeteria one Tuesday in January of 1980. Walking east through the parking lot, I felt a 'wave of energy' just come from the northwest to the southeast. It literally struck the back and left side of my head and through to the right and front of my head and I nearly passed out - I had to catch myself from falling down. A message was imprinted in my mind and it was very clear and matter of fact. I just knew it, and knew that I couldn't doubt it. Word for word, the message was, 'Jimmy Lewis is going to call you in three days between 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning'. He had been a friend of mine since moving to town in 5th grade, a good friend since 9th grade and a close friend since our senior year of High School. I knew that I shouldn't tell anyone and to go about my business. I knew when I went to bed on Thursday evening he would call. He had never called me while going to college; we just connected when I would get back to town. The phone rang at 5:50 am, and he was in dire straits. I also experienced what some churches call a baptism by the Holy Spirit in November of 1979. Not the traditional church way, or by emotions. I spent some time in my bed one Saturday morning after breakfast on campus. In going back to bed, I felt that I needed to pray for a girl on campus who seemed to show a need for it. I was very sincere with it and really focused. It was cool in my room as I had a window open on the fourth floor (I was hot natured). While in prayer, I began to hear a rushing wind, and felt the most comfortable warmth I've ever felt. I became wet with sweat, but it was nice. I felt very light, and began to feel my tongue move on its own. I knew then that something I had been wondering about was about to happen. I just let it happen rather than think about it too much or freeze up. My tongue began wagging back and forth like I never experienced and a foreign type language began to come from my mouth. I felt a peace that would be hard to explain, and when I gradually allowed myself to sense more of the physical things around me, I couldn't believe how well I felt. The warmth was incredible, though the temperature in my room was no more than sixty degrees.

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you? The best part would be what I know and many things I've realized since. The worst is how put out what I became when others just can't get it. When others allow limits to be put on themselves.

Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience? Yes In the sense that some events were influenced by the angelic; though maybe not directly seen, the effects have been there (I've detected the presence of angels, including some who were in a setting that at first made me unaware). Also, the inner knowledge, and that's why I guess they don't have to necessarily be seen. Events that happened before this motorcycle accident and some experiences since seem to show that all of this is part of a general plan. Many esoteric questions have been addressed, and there's more hope for answers to come.

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience? Yes, I've studied some psychology. I'm no PhD, but have added it to my certificate to teach. I appreciate the subject, but I also know it's not the end all of understanding. Things in this time and space can't measure what may originate in another dimension. I've had dreams and read theories. This event was neither. I believe some of these entities were angels, and the larger presence was a part of the Christ spirit. So, this event helped to propel a purpose that I was moving too slowly on. I knew at the time of the accident that I was wavering on many issues, and this was a wakeup call for me.