Experience Description

Introduction: My name is Urvashi G, female, from India.

I want to share my near death experience.

When I was thirteen years old, I fell down from first floor of the house. My stomach hurt. The pain was so severe that I could not let doctors take the x-ray properly. They suspected that either my spleen or liver must be destroyed. If it is spleen, then there were chances of my survival, but because of heavy bleeding inside, they were not very sure. My grandma and relatives started crying when I was taken for surgery. I was wondering why they were crying, so I scolded them angrily to stop crying because I would be back after a while. Today, I also wonder about my confidence.

When I was on the operation table, I could hear what the doctors were talking about between themselves, despite my having of a full dose of anesthesia. Suddenly, I realized that I am going down a round-shaped tunnel, struggling to come out. I noticed figures that looked like humans, but small, like the size of a thumb. Sometimes they looked golden in color, and sometimes they appeared to be silver. The figures were horrifying to me with their voices and laughing. I went deep into extreme fear. I tried to look inside the tunnel, which was more horrifying. I narrated the full incidence to my mom, but she said it must be a dream. I said, ‘a dream of two and a half hours?’

One more incident happened which made it clear to me that it was not a dream. Once, I went to the Exhibition Hall in New Delhi in search of new story books for my daughter. There were thousands of people falling on each other. I fell down on print out of paintings of famous painters. I liked them and selected a few of them in seconds because the crowd was literally falling on me.

When I had the pictures, I kept them safe so I could put them in my own home later. One day, after years, I took them out for framing. I was thinking that I was unable to buy my own house. I was realizing that I was short of money and these paintings would go to waste. The cost of the poster was ten rubels each, and framing was costing me five hundred rubels. I took the posters back home.

My mom died and a very close and old friend heard and came to her funeral. She offered to make a large poster of my mom for a prayer meeting. She didn't charge a single penny for that as she was into the framing business at a very large scale. She framed all my paintings free of cost. After that, somehow I managed to get my own house. I hung all the paintings in different rooms. After four or five years, one day I saw one of the paintings, and the same picture appeared in my mind. I had seen it in the near death experience.

How I came out of the tunnel was a mystery to me until that time. Looking closely, I saw Brahmsutra (the Ultimate God) at the center. The name of the painting given by the artist was 'Brahmasutra.’ There were other things also the same as what I had seen.

I run a beauty salon here. One day, one of my clients insisted that I accompany her to her Pandit's (one who performs rituals in temple) house, as her father died. I didn't know him personally. As I was free at the time, I went with her. The Pandit was talking to her and she said, ‘I knew that the soul of my father will definitely be near the body, so I stayed awake. He came around the early hours of the morning but his size became like a thumb and his color became silver-white.’ I interpreted their conversation and said it must be golden color. Both became silent for few seconds, and then he asked me what I was talking about. I narrated my experience to him. He said, ‘oh my God, you haven't seen a dream, it was your after death experience! You are the second person I'm hearing give the almost same story!’ Then I asked why the color was silver to you, and golden to me. He made it clear that if I see the sun that it looks golden red, but after sometime, its shine becomes silver.

Then I became one hundred percent sure that I had experienced something real.