Experience Description

In March, 1984, I was six months pregnant, and awoke with severe pain in my leg. In preparation of going to the emergency room, I began to feel faint. I felt like I was going to pass out. I recovered within a few minutes, and my husband quickly drove to the emergency room. While in the emergency room, I was lying down, and began to feel faint again. The emergency room staff quickly wheeled me into an emergency room where they began to frantically ‘work’ on me. During this time, I could hear them say, ‘We're losing her and the baby's heart rate is dropping.’ A nurse also apologized to me as she told me that I was going to feel tremendous pain while sticking a needle in my wrist to take blood and measure the oxygen level. I felt nothing but pure peace and no pain. I felt like I was floating. I remember thinking, ‘I just want to go to sleep.’ A voice quickly said, ‘No, it's not your time.’ The emergency room staff administered a dose of heparin since they determined that it was a blood clot. Once this was administered, I awoke and felt excruciating pain. Unbeknownst to me, a doctor took my husband aside, and told him that my daughter (yes, she was born a month later at three pounds, eleven ounces) and I were not expected to live. A few days later, I had an X-ray that revealed two pulmonary emboli (blood clots on the lung), which they believe happened during my fainting episodes.