Experience Description

What follows is a portion of the transcript of my interview from Fox News, the Medical Doctor interview and Reporter questioning the audience, can be seen on the final documentary. (I was given spiritual permission to tape this, as I was told it was for the benefit of the reporter/interviewer, to help her awaken and realize who she is and what her purpose and missions are for this world. It is being aired so late at night; few people will ever see it)

I had just graduated from Catholic High School, as the first Jewish kid in the school's brief history of education. I was honored with Magna Cum Laude status. I had just received a Congressional Appointment to the Merchant Marine Academy and life was good, at least I thought so.

My friend, Lou was taking me fishing early in the morning. We were driving in my first automobile, a 68 Mercury Montego, a present from my parents. I had just picked up Lou and we were heading west bound on route 80, in northern New Jersey, when everything went black. Later I was told I had driven 20 miles before we crashed. Lou never knew what had happened, because he had been asleep when we were hit, broadside. He only said later, that he had grabbed the wheel just before we hit the divider, preventing the car from flipping over.

I found out that the side impact had thrown me to the right and clear out of my safety belt, where I had hit my head on the right side dash board, where it meets the door post and windshield. He found me crumpled up in a ball, stuck between the front seat and glove compartment. A State police officer and Lou dragged my body from the car, where I was pronounced dead.

Meanwhile, what I do remember was as follows; After everything went black, I felt no pain, I simply looked down at my hands, which I could see through, and said, 'If this is death then there is nothing to fear.' All I had felt was peace, love, and the greatest sense of a warm fuzzy. I had no anger and no negative thoughts, only feelings of Love. Then I noticed I was in a tunnel and moving toward a bright light. When suddenly a voice told me, 'It's not your time, you must go back, you haven't completed your missions and purposes in life, yet'. I felt sad to leave this feeling of total Love, but somehow knew I didn't belong there yet. The next thing I knew was when I woke up on a cold metal gurney covered with a white sheet. I sat up and the sheet fell away revealing my startled parents, who had been told I had died.

From that point on, I began to receive messages, while I slept. In the meantime, I went on to become a Medical Examiner. I also traveled to the Holy Land, where I found that searching for GOD, lead me back to myself and my own inner light. The more I correctly followed the messages the better results I began to have, doing anything. On the other hand, if I did not follow the messages, I would suffer the consequences of physical and emotional pain of failure.

*Then over the next twenty years, since I wasn't listening very well or having much faith in the messages, I had initially been receiving, I would experience a lot of pain. First, a failed marriage, then break ups with 12 girlfriends, a bankrupt business and lots of anger, greed and ego issues, to deal with. Every challenge has actually brought me closer to GOD, but he was teaching me that 'I had to surrender first'. So I bent down on my knees and began to pray with a surrendered Will. I had prayed for a way out of my troubles and received a gift of illnesses.

I began to lose weight and bleed rectally. Everything I ate made me sick, and all I wanted to do was escape the situation, but I now knew GOD had another direction for me, first. During a surgery to remove polyps, cysts and growths from my bowels and kidneys, the doctors accidentally overdosed me and my heart stopped, creating my second NDE. This time the journey down the tunnel seemed instantaneous, and as I met my guardian angels, I asked them, 'Can I go home now, my body is a mess?' They then replied, 'NO, you have still not completely your missions and purposes in life yet, you will heal and then share this information with others.' Simultaneously, I noticed my deceased grandfather standing next to the entrance of Heaven. My Grandpa Sam, who had died before I was born, said to me that after I experienced the 'Book of Life Review', I was to meet someone special, before my return to earth.

My Life Review then proceeded to show me my strengths, weaknesses, and all the people I had helped and all the people I had hurt. Not only did I get to feel my joy, pain and sadness, but that of everyone else's life I had touched. All this seemed to transpire in an instant.

Then, suddenly I saw and sensed a very special man, standing over to the left of where I was standing.

My Heart recognized HIM before my eyes, did.

I immediately walked over to him and asked, "Are You the Being, called JESUS", and with a warm soft,

sense of Love and Laughter, he replied back, 'I am called by many names, however because of your background you can call me BIG BROTHER, and I will call you, My Little Prince of Peace'... He then went on to indicate, that I could either stay with HIM or return to earth. However if I did not return, many people would miss their connections, in order to complete their missions and purposes in life. Reluctantly, but with an deeper understanding of My Mission, 'To help Healers, Heal, so they can be of service to GOD and ALL his children', I chose to return to help ALL of my assigned brothers and sisters, on our planet.

JESUS instructed me that I was to do this, 'without greed or ego getting in the way.' I was to connect doctors, attorneys, priests, rabbis and peoples of ALL faiths, young and old, alike, to help one another. I was told to 'BE PATIENT', 'Heal yourself through forgiveness, Love, prayer and mediation. I was sent back to my body on the operating table.

I was born and raised in a conservative Jewish Family, the Great Grand Son of the Chief Rabbi of Moscow. I went to Catholic High School, and studied Chinese Buddhism. My name 'Shalom', means Peace.

I am to teach through, Love, Joy, Peace and Harmony. GOD cannot be put into a box or labeled. GOD is NOT only one religion, but ALL religions. We are not separate peoples, on this planet, but ALL His children, connected by the Spirit of GOD within. And, last but not least, in order to have Faith in GOD we must have faith in our selves, for we are ONE with the BIG GUY!

It is my intention to help 'Awaken of the Spirit' in all that read this, short story.

Not only do I still call JESUS, my BIG BROTHER, but I have also learned to call him, Mich'l of Nebadon, the Prince of Peace, GOD's Archangel Son of Love. So seek HIM, and you will find HIM through Grace and Gratitude. Remember your Boss is the BIG GUY, too!

May your will always be GOD's WILL, and may you be blessed with the perspective of the HOLY ONE.

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to All Men and Women.

Sincerely, with Many Blessings of Love and Gratitude

Shalom G