Experience Description

Scott Hobbs, Near Death Experience Discussion Transcription

At that time, I couldn’t tell anyone. At first, because I had all these doctors testing me to see if my basic functions still worked (like, what’s this picture, it’s an apple). I felt that if I told them about my experiences while they were doing the tests, they would immediately think I was crazy, that they did ‘break me’ after all, that they had damaged me somehow, and I didn’t want that to take away from what the experience was, which was the real deal, not the brain misfiring. So, I just told everyone that I didn’t remember anything, which was hard, because it’s something that you wish everyone knew and understood, because, if that was the case, if people knew the truth. I asked my dad if he remembered when World War II ended. He was just a boy, but he said, ‘Oh yeah, everyone was honking their horns, dancing in the streets.’ And I asked, ‘Was it something that you could just feel it in the air?’, and he said, ‘Oh yeah, there was nothing like it since and probably nothing ever like it again, because the whole world, at that time, was happy that it was over.’ And I told him, ‘Well, dad, if people knew what I know, experienced what I experienced, that’s what would be happening right now. People would be so lighthearted and happy because they would never need to worry about anything ever again. That’s the best way I can describe it.’ So you can understand, the yearning for every person to really KNOW it and not have something in the back of their mind like ‘well, it must have been the anesthesia, it must have been the drugs.’ It’s human nature to do that. Unfortunately, we’ve been conditioned to do that. So, my parents were the first ones I told actually. I didn’t tell my wife first because I wanted to tell her when I felt the time was right. I wanted to heal first and I didn’t want her to worry because she had a lot to worry about as it was. After I got out of the hospital, I went back to Michigan to stay with my parents because they had specialists there who could work on my left side. My parents were the first people I told because I knew they were intelligent people and they know me well enough to know that I wasn’t making anything up. Telling them first made it easier to start telling other people. I figured, well, if I tell someone and they don’t believe me, there’s nothing else I can do. I feel bad for them because I’m trying to offer them a gift, but I figured all I can do is tell people, and what they do with it is up to them.


The first experience: We had a cat who was a Manx, a little black guy. Chris was having a tough time at work one day and decided that being around animals would make her feel better and give them love, so she went over to a local shelter, but being the Humane Society, needless to say, she brought two home that day. He was sick, he had upper-respiratory distress, and what we found out was that they had another problem – because he was a Manx and had a little stubby for a tail, not all the nerves around it develop right, and they have a very hard time going to the bathroom. I guess it’s a very common problem – we never heard of it, but he had a problem where he would get constipated and we would have to take him in, and you can imagine the pain the poor little guy was in. We found out that we would have to give him medication twice a day his entire life so he could go to the bathroom. And you know how hard medicating an animal is, especially a cat, and you feel horrible because you have to get a hold of him and wrestle him to get it into his mouth. And poor Chris was a trooper; she did what she had to do. But this cat, there was just something about him – he was so caring and trusting, we just loved him. Even if I was late for an appointment or something, usually I would go running out of the house. Anytime I saw Bear, as I was running out that door, even if I was late for a flight, I’d always stop and say ‘Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr’ in an excited way, because that’s how we would say it to get him happy and excited, and I’d pick him up and hold him before I left. That’s just the way it was. The medicine was tough because sometimes it made him sick. He was either constipated or had the runs from the medicine. Chris tried to regulate it as best she could, and did more than most people would do, but unfortunately, he had gotten stopped-up a week before my surgery, and the vet told us that this is a progressive thing, and maybe the medicine isn’t working, and maybe we should put him to sleep. We didn’t want him to suffer, but it was a hard decision. So my first experience, I got to be with Bear.

You think you have a body because you were ‘above’ it all. The view that I had was what I’m sure was the operating table with my head cocked to the right, and then looking down my right arm, just looking down past my arm about fifteen feet away on a white floor, and the walls were white, with white tile, so it may have been the operating room. I was just looking that direction and all of a sudden, Bear appeared walking toward me on the floor. Everything about him was Bear. The reason we called him Bear was because he was black and had a little stubby tail, and he had a swagger to him when he walked, like a bear does. He was looking up at me as me as he was walking toward me, and our eyes were connected. It was as if I could tell, I don’t want to say I could tell what he was thinking, but it was very comforting, a comfort feeling. There was light emanating from him and around, it was like a warm looking orangish yellow kind of light emanating from him. And I went to say, I wanted to say, I could feel it in my chest wanting to say, ‘Beaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrr,’ when a voice spoke to me that said, ‘Leave Bear alone, Scott.’ And I let Bear keep coming, and the voice told me, ‘Look at him. He’s perfect.’ Then there was another pause, and then it said, ‘Bear doesn’t need you anymore, Scott.’ I know it sounds sad in a way but I felt so good because I could feel Bear, I could feel that he was great, and I could see it, and I knew what it meant, so I was so comfortable unbelievable and relieved knowing. Bear still was. He is. The messages I got were the answers to questions anyone that anyone who has ever owned a pet, whether in childhood or ever, always wanted to know. They have a connection, not only in life where you feel a connection, a love. I always felt that way. You know there are religions that believe that animals don’t go to heaven because they don’t have souls, but I know better.

**Comment: I don’t think we’re all that more special than cats and dogs**

It goes so far beyond that. A gentleman asked me, ‘do you think the Lord knows this or that?’ God knows if your lawn is too dry. If the grass is too long. There is not an insect small enough or insignificant enough to be overlooked. That is a very difficult thing for me or anyone to understand. How could a being be so in touch with everything all at one time? Trillions of things going on just on Earth let alone the whole universe. Think of all the things going on – the insects, the animals, the sea creatures, but yet there is not a time when his eye is taken off any of us. It’s hard to comprehend that, but through my experience, I was told that’s how it is. When the final words ‘Look at him. He’s perfect.’ Were spoken, Bear slowly just disappeared as he was walking toward me, not in a sudden way; he just drifted off, faded out. But I had such a great feeling of comfort. Like now I could go on, knowing, never questioning, that Bear and any other animals for that matter, were ok.

**Comment: Did Bear appear and then evaporate and went away? Do you have a sense of where he came from and where he went?**

The visual of him was for me, for a reference. The real Bear is in the same form that we are – the true us. You look at me, but what you see is not the true me. The true me, picture a little puff of mist or fog, a breath of God, a spirit form, there’s nothing really to reference. If you pictured all of us around a campfire, and God was there. If you look at the campfire, God reaches up and grabs some of the smoke that’s escaping and releases it, and it drifts toward your body and you breathe it, that’s your spirit, an actual part of God that is in you. That smoke is part of you, and part of the universe. And that’s like our pets, it’s part of perfection. It’s so much bigger and so much more simple and so much more complex than you can imagine or understand.


The message seemed to be more for me (personally). I was in this place where it was dark except for some mist. Reference-wise, about ten feet away from me, surrounding me. A curtain of mist. Not a wall. I was looking up; the wall seemed to go up forever. And all of a sudden I knew what was my soul, my spirit, was leaving me, and I was still in my body, my biological body, and I got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, like when your first love breaks up with you or something, you know. That sickly feeling of loss, like the feeling of losing an old friend. I saw what I instinctively knew was my soul leaving me, and I didn’t want it to leave. I had a terrible feeling like you get in the pit of your stomach. I don’t know how much time passed, there is no sense of time in any of these situations. It could be ten seconds or ten billion years for all you know. All of a sudden, I heard this song playing. Later, I described the song to my wife. I said, ‘there’s this song.' I don’t know what it is, I remember it clear as day as if it happened a few minutes ago. All I really remember about this song is that in the late 80s, when myself and some other friends were partying in Hollywood, driving around in the hills up there, this song came on the radio, and at the time I thought, ‘oh, this is a pretty cool song.’ But that was it. I never knew the title or who sang it, and never heard it again. I told her some of the words and she found it and told me what it was. It was a song by Paul Young called ‘Come Back and Stay’. And if you ever hear it, you can hear how it relates to how my soul was leaving and I didn’t want it. The song fit eerily perfect for that. I don’t know how much time went by. Another song was playing. All I know is that it was a beautiful song and I think I heard it somewhere before, maybe once, maybe twice, but it was a more recent song, and again, I told my wife the words I remembered and she looked it up and it was ‘Calling All You Angels’ by a group named Train. Again, it was a perfect fit, and the lyrics were a message for me because, like anyone, throughout my life, I always intuitively knew there was a God. My parents never were ones that ever made us go to church, they were just good, loving people, but always, naturally throughout my life, I knew there was a God. As you get older, like a teenager, you can become cynical and be sitting around wondering, ‘If there is a God, why this or why that.’ Why did he allow Hitler? The list goes on. But this song, the message, fits with me.


This experience, to me, was meant for the world. It wasn’t for me exclusively, just one billionth of that experience would have been enough to fill me for my life and then some. There was so much that was given during that experience that I knew that it was meant for anyone in this world that wants to hear it. I was given it to touch the most people I can. The difficulty is finding a way to truly describe it because we are so limited with our vocabulary. The problem seems to be that our language was started and based upon being able to describe three-dimensional things to each other. That’s what the need was for, and that’s how it turned out. What we have here is many many many dimensions and fascinating ways the universe is made up. In trying to describe those types of things, there are no words, so sometimes I have to take the easy route and say ‘multiply it by a billion.’ On the third experience, I found myself in a place; it wasn’t the tunnel you’ve always heard about with the light at the end of the tunnel. Where I was, again, there was a mist around me. I call it a mist because it was thicker than fog, and I could see tiny droplets of water, like a curtain of mist, but I could see through it, and beyond that, I had a complete view of what I knew to be the entire universe all at once. The reason I knew what it was is because at the same time I was experiencing this is, I was being exposed to all knowledge of the universe and meaning. You hear people say they had no questions about anything, and that’s because you know absolutely everything. You don’t have any questions because you’re given this knowledge, the type of knowledge you would expect only God to have. And the light was with me. It was in this curtain of mist about head-level, and it wasn’t a type of light that was blinding. It had a warm, emanating energy from it. It was a combination white/yellow/orange, and it had a warmth, a love, a type of love that I’ve never experienced. Most people would never be able to comprehend that level of love. A complete and total unconditional love. In the knowledge that forgiveness that God has for us I can’t begin to describe. It blows me away to this day. I tried to measure that level of forgiveness, but you just can’t.

**Comment: so God forgives us our mistakes?**

Oh yes. When I hear people refer to God as a punishing, vengeful God, I want to tell them, but I know I can’t. You can shut many people off by going against what they’re saying. I’ve never been confrontational like that, since my experience. Before my experience, I would have gone out of my way to one-up them, but-

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I was in the presence of the light, and I’ve heard people describe it before that it was so bright that it felt it was blinding. It felt good, but it was blinding. But I felt a presence, and I knew that everything I was experiencing being provided by this light. When I was looking out over the universe, I knew inside that it was the universe, and it looked like a full night of stars, but I knew intuitively that they were not individual stars, but whole galaxies, millions of them. They looked like stars because there were so many of them and the immenseness of the universe. I was completely connected with the entire universe, connected in a way that it’s difficult to describe, but the best analogy: if you were a drop of water in an eyedropper, and you were plopped out of the eyedropper, that little drop of water became the ocean, and the ocean became you. There’s no way to separate you from the ocean. You are interconnected. I was experiencing how great and wonderful and perfect everything is. How everything has a reason. There’s good in everything, and there’s a reason for it. Before my experience, if you had asked me ‘if you could change something about the world, what would it be?’, I could have rattled on for days, of course, I knew what’s best. But having the knowledge from my experiences, I wouldn’t change a thing. I wouldn’t change any suffering, by myself or others. I realized that there is a very deliberate and direct reason for everything. There is no way the universe could be improved. With all its perceived imperfections, it is a perfect system. Our ‘biological selves, our fleshy bodies don’t see this, but the spiritual part of ourselves does.

**COMMENT: the Bible says born of the flesh, born of the spirit.**

I’ve always considered myself a spiritual person, but was never involved in any religion. What amazes me is that how much of the Bible is correct as a base for understanding God. I didn’t find any conflict within the Bible and my near-death experience. Instead, it helped better benefit from the experience by giving it additional meaning. It was such a relief and a good feeling to know that something that mankind has placed on that level is truly meaningful. I skipped over a part of my experience. While I was being exposed to a view of the whole universe, I was also exposed to all knowledge of the universe. I knew instinctively that the universe is infinite. It goes on for eternity. I didn’t see the beginning and the end of the universe, because there is no beginning or end. It was certainly far beyond what I could comprehend. It’s so large and so perfect, and yet we’re able to be so connected to it that we are the universe and it is us. And we have a God that has created this universe that is absolutely perfect. One of the things I mulled over is the age-old debate over evolution or creation, but it is really quite simple. This is what I meant when I said things are unbelievably simple, but yet mankind tries to complicate things, for whatever reason. Maybe we’re not involved enough yet, but it isn’t really hard to understand that God created evolution, so therefore you have both. At some point, science and religion meet.

If all the people of the earth could be exposed to what I was, you would see a glow emanating from the earth from joy. They would know the truth.

**COMMENT: Is it hard for you to come back and be in this body? Would you rather be ‘in the light’?**

Many people have felt that, but for me, I know that I am definitely here for a reason. I don’t even want to play around with whatever that reason by yearning for that experience. When you know that you will spend eternity in a state like that. Someone asked me, ‘wouldn’t it be boring to have everything perfect?’ You would be amazed by the beauty, and endless stream of amazement. We’re so grounded in our bodies to even think we could experience that.

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