Experience Description

The simple gist of the experience is that my soul left my body. I was in ethereal form with the extreme alertness that I had separated from my physical body and shot up into the heavens with a speed unknown to me here on earth. The sensation left me breathless, exhilarated, and in wonder. I remember vivid reds, oranges, and pinks in clouds and swirls. Then realized that I was coming into the presence of a Holy energy. Words cannot describe it but the knowledge was vivid that this energy was of God. The amazing love, compassion, and warmth enveloped me. No other experience on earth has ever matched that energy in the 'heavens.' To my surprise, I passed this energy (everything was at lightning speed) and became aware that I was coming into the 'energy field' of my father, who had died in 1986. I remember the knowledge that I would be meeting him and the emotion of joy. At nearly the same time of this recognition, I came back into my physical body remembering words to the effect of 'not time.' I am a psychotherapist that works in oncology, often assisting people in passing over. Shortly after the dream, I experienced a vivid awareness and sense of knowledge. Awareness that the energy that I was 'bathed' in the dream offered healing properties in this earthly realm. I sought out experts in churches, metaphysical arenas, dream interpretation, and other avenues. I am still unsure as to what happened to me. My awareness of this experience is with me every day. I have no fear of death and long for the connection in the other world. This is my dilemma. I have trouble with electrical gadgets or computers because they seem to short unpredictably. I have become a spiritual director since the experience but am quiet about the actual 'dream.' I continue to work with people who are dying as well as other persons with cancer. I recently went to Bhutan for a month of solo trekking in the Himalayans and this is the closest I come to the experience. I am in a bind now as I long for the freedom offered me outside of my body. I am fairly aimless and see little purpose in earthly goals. I need to have a 'place' to go with this. But I feel awkward completely identifying with near death experiencers as I wasn't declared clinically dead and there were no witnesses to whatever happened to me.