Experience Description

There have been a number of experiences, but I will describe the two most profound:

The first was recurring over I think a year or so when I was approximately six years old. So 1971-ish. I remember my age simply because of my bedroom decor. The location was my bedroom at night. The same thing would happen. I would in the night ‘wake up’ and roll out of my bed tumbling onto the mat at the end of my bed. Above me was the hatch to the roof space. I did not like looking there, as it was dark and ‘bad.’ In my room, it was my room but not my room. It was altered. I will do my best to describe this, but it is hard to put in words. It was sort of grayed out and misty. There were things hanging down from the ceiling. Like wisps, I guess. Like invisible ribbons of gauze that felt like a forest to me. But the gauze was not touchable. I would walk through it trying to find my way to the window.

I was not alone. I could not see anyone as such. I vaguely recall I would run my hand along the ‘fronds’ back and forth until I got out to by my window. Again, very illogical, simply because the room was not large but somehow it felt like the size of a forest. When I got to my window, I would open it and climb onto the window sill. Sometimes I would just step out and fly around the school field that we lived at the back of. Then I would come back and just ‘wake up.’

I had this experience so many times there's hints of memories of differing aspects. Sometimes though I do remember being extraordinarily afraid of the space by my bedroom door. I am not sure if this is of relevance.

The second type of experience was definitely partly induced. It was 1979 in about the spring. I was fourteen and there was a craze at my school of inducing fainting to each other. When I look back, I shake my head and wonder why! I was one of the volunteers for this. It was in my Classroom during a morning break. My friends all gathered round and I had to breathe deeply and very fast about twenty times. Then one of them put her arms around me from behind and squeezed just around my chest/waist tightly while I held my breath. Next thing, the consciousness disappears away. I was aware of being laid to the ground. Then wham, I'm up in the ceiling looking down on myself near the door. And I can see everyone looking at me and chattering about me being out cold and giggling. It was a very strange and very positive feeling, I recall. I liked being up there and seeing the scene below. I was aware it was happening. I wanted to float higher and out around.

Next thing I remember is being sucked back and coming round. That is about all that happened.

Over the years I have had many small experiences, but these two for me are the most memorable to write about. A couple of times, I have experienced consciously a rush of wind sound in my ear and a tremendous feeling of being pushed in or out of my body which has ‘woken’ me.

I have rarely shared these experiences simply because I think most people will think I'm nuts. I have no idea if they all connect with what you look into, but if they are of use to you, I am glad. I do know one thing. For me they only seem to happen when I have in my life some form of particular stress, whether it be emotional or physical. I cannot predict when it happens, and strangely, I miss the experiences too, as during them there really is an indescribable serenity. Even though what visually happens should be scary.