Experience Description

By telephone, I interviewed Rebecca yesterday evening. She told a clear, impressive story:

Rebecca's near death experience occurred about twenty years ago in 1990. She was on a garden tour with her parents when she began to feel light headed. She felt worse and worse and finally went to a medical clinic. Her heart rate jumped to one hundred eighty and then to two hundred sixty six. She passed out. The doctors told her later that she was clinically dead for five minutes.

While ‘gone,’ she was totally happy. Her body was shed from her and she felt liberated, like shedding her clothes. She was gently pushed by Beings that she could not see. Initially, it was dark. Then she saw a light and there were lanterns on the side. She sped up to a huge amount of light. She felt like she was in ecstasy, inside of pure light and love, which was a wonderful feeling. She felt that she was with God. It was like having a million orgasms all at one time.

Then, she found herself in a big hall. Something said her name, and a ‘Book of Knowledge’ opened to her name. Images were projecting on to a wall of a time when she was a small girl. There were conversations with others. She could feel the emotions of others as they were feeling them. She saw the effect that she had on other people. It was like a life review. She saw the good and the not so good effects that she had on others. She realized that she had an effect on everything in the world. Mostly, she learned to be kind and give love to others.

Then the thought came to her that she should be with her children. She vacillated back and forth and thought she should stay here. It was much more enjoyable. Then she wondered who would raise her kids. Her parents and husband could raise them, but she wanted also to influence them herself. She found herself on a playground falling backwards, more and more slowly. She slammed into a wall, which was really going back into her body. She opened her eyes and ‘they’ said, ‘she's back, she's alive.’

Since the experience, Rebecca has tried to live her life the best she could. She's not afraid of death and she's a lot more spiritual. She was raised Catholic, but the Catholic rituals didn't have nearly as much effect on her as the near death experience did. Eight years ago, while in her bedroom asleep, she woke up and saw a glowing Being at the end of her bed. It conveyed so much love. The Being said He was Jesus and that, ‘I'm here to give you love.’ A year after that she felt her foot hit something though nothing was there. She believes it was a spiritual Being.

The experience changed how she lives and how she looks at life. However, she has felt some isolation with the experience in that she knew no one who has had such a near death experience. She felt that no one believed her.

She believes we have many lives, and that we're ‘recycled’. ‘We're at a different frequency when we're out of our body. There is lightness and airiness.’

‘There is no sense of time.’ She felt that it was different from dreaming, there are no constraints as there are in dreams where one is still tied to the body.

Interviewed by Elaine Smith