Experience Description

A special thanks to Elaine for transcribing this NDE as Ray told it to her.

On March 7, 2009, Ray ‘died.’ He was partying, did Ecstasy, and popped too many pills. Friends felt like he had died and was dead for hours. Gradually, he has been remembering more and more of what happened during that time period. At the time, everything went ‘dark,’ and he knew he was dead. He felt funny and not in control. It felt like dimming down a light. Then he went out of his body, was up at the ceiling looking down and heard everything his friends were saying. Then, he had the sensation of being sucked through a tunnel. He saw a galaxy and was going through the galaxy. Time did not exist. He was scared and praying to God for protection. He had thoughts about his family, his daughter, and didn't want to leave them. He ‘saw’ his mom collapse when she got the call that he was dead. His daughter was two years old then, and he saw her as a nine year old walking home from school feeling sad that she didn't get to know her dad. Ray started crying when he said he saw his sister and other family members crying at his funeral. Then he found himself wrapped in unbelievable light and pure love.

He felt a presence coming towards him, energy like a person. His Uncle Chico had passed away from cancer. He came to greet him. Another uncle who had committed suicide came to him, as did his grandmother. He could feel her presence. His old dog that he had as a boy ran up to greet him. Others were trying to greet him. He could sense them, but couldn’t see them. There were four to five others that were next to him, three uncles (one of whom died before he was born), and both sets of grandparents. One of the grandfathers he had never met before because he had died before Ray was born. They came to greet him and said they will be there waiting for him when he gets back.

Then Jesus came towards him with pure love and Ray realized that religion is real! Together, he and Jesus moved through the heavens, like clouds. They stopped in front of Mary and light came from her hands and he told her how much he loved her. They started moving through the heavens again, stopped, and God appeared in front of him. He felt that God was looking through him and knew everything he was thinking. Ray had a life review while standing in front of God. Ray was looking down and seeing different parts of his life and God was showing him how he forgave him for all the bad things he had done in his life. During the life review, he also saw his own future.

Ray wanted to stay that he believes God gives us a choice to live or die. Still, Ray wasn't ready to die. God knew he wanted to live. He could not leave his daughter. Then he found himself back with his uncles and grandmother. They said it wasn't his time to stay. Then he saw his grandpa and maternal grandparents. There was lots of happiness. He felt God was going to send him back and then he was ‘pushed’ into his body. Ray was in a panic as he ‘came to.’ His friends were looking scared. Ray wanted to know what time it was and he wanted to know how long he had been ‘gone.’ He believes that during the above experience he was in another dimension where there is no time. He kept the experience to himself for a couple of years before sharing it with anyone.

Ray believes the experience has changed him, that religion is ‘real,’ he was instantly ‘saved,’ and he knows God saved him. He no longer does anything wrong (he believes), tells no ‘white lies,’ and he helps people. God is in control of his life. He stopped using drugs. He says he used drugs only somewhat, not regularly, because he was depressed. Every day is better.

Ray believes that his reason for being on earth is to help people and be with his family. His mission in life is to write a book about what happened and start a children’s foundation to help as many people as he can. He wants to help people and be a good father.

From Ray for clarification 12/20/11.

I'm just going to tell you how it happened, because the second paragraph is kind of mixed up and confusing. After I saw my two uncles, (Chico, and the one who committed suicide), I then saw my grandmother. Then Jesus came to me and took my hand. After I got back with Jesus from seeing Mary, God, and having my life review, I was back with my two uncles and grandmother again. It was then that my grandpa, who I had never met and his son, my deceased uncle that I also never met before because they died before I was born, walked up together to greet me. As they did, I turned and saw my mother’s mom and dad walking up to see me. There were four to five others who were trying to greet me at the same time, but I could only sense them. I could not see them or recognize their presence. I just knew they were coming to greet me. It was at this time that I realized that they weren't greeting me because I was there to stay. They were coming to see me off because I was going to be sent back. (So, in total, I visually saw my three uncles, both sets of grandparents, my dog, and Mary, Jesus, and God.) I just sensed ‘others’ and other ‘spirits’. Then I realized I was going to be sent back and then I was ‘flicked like a pin ball’ into my body.