Experience Description

I had mine when young, maybe 8 yrs old. I don't remember all to well but, Dad was teaching me to swim, in the pond on the farm, something happened and I went under, I left my body, and was above it, and back some, and could see myself wondering why, I guess. Everything was green, except there was a big white light over my right shoulder, behind me some. When I was removed from my body, there was a feeling of great rest, or indescribable feeling, peaceful beyond words. Then all of a sudden I felt like I was pulled threw a pipe, back to my body and out of the water. Dad said I had came up for the third time when he was (just) lucky enough to grab me. Dad was very upset, and took me to get swimming lessons from then on. I will add a personnel note to you. I think this experience helped me get through Viet Nam, because I had no fear of getting killed, except one, leaving my family behind. I did about buy the farm a number of times. Lost 13 buddies one night within 100 feet of me. Life is really great however and I want to live to be 100 plus, just to see the families grow.

Background Information:

Gender: Male