Experience Description

As told to Elaine S.

On April 16, 1968, Pam was in North Carolina giving birth to a son. She was placed under anesthesia and found herself going through a tunnel. She heard tinkling chimes, experienced flashing lights, and saw there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Someone was waiting at the end of the tunnel dressed in a long robe with a hood who took her to another area. There were five or six others dressed similarly in that area. They looked like monks. She couldn't see their faces, but she knew who they were, although now she doesn't know who they were. Even though she felt at the time that they were loved ones. It was like being home again.

Everyone hugged and embraced. There was an overwhelming feeling of love. It was like a reunion. Then she was told that her name would be called three times and that by the third time she must answer or her world would be destroyed. She heard a baby crying in the background and she wondered why the baby was crying, where its mother was and why it wasn't being cared for. She was told she had to go back even though she strongly wanted to stay.

Then she snapped back and the nurse was calling her name. She had a son, named Gary, the same name as her husband. Four weeks later, Pam had a dream. In the dream, the doorbell rang, she went to the door and she saw her husband covered in blood at the door. A week later Pam's baby died a crib death. Pam believes that people on the other side were letting her know that her baby would be cared for and be with people on the other side. They would take care of him.

Pam's husband was not injured; she feels that the doorbell experience was symbolic of her son. She says the experience was so real and it tends to make her believe in past lives. Perhaps the people she saw at the end of the tunnel were from a past life. The experience has changed her personality. She no longer fears death. She knows that when she passes on there will be loved ones there to greet her. And, we're here on this earth to love each other. Had her son lived, he would have been forty years old on April 16, 2008.

While this experience is similar to other near death experiences, the missing ingredient is that no medical staff told her that she was near death while under anesthesia.