Experience Description

Pepe is from Spain. His interest in the NDE has led him to collect some stories from his fellow compatriots. He shares them with us below:

Here they are some cases I have recently learned about:

I recently talked about NDEs to several persons who work for my father (jul-03). When I told them, one of them told me: "Do you know Manolito?" (Note: Manolito is an older man who comes to my father's house in the country every once in a while. He is around 80 years old, he is retired, and he goes for a walk from the city to the country and back). Well, this person explained to me that a few months ago Manolito lost his consciousness (I still don't know why), but he went out of his body and could see everything from above. Next time I see him I will hear his version of it. Manolito is a very nice gentleman, and I do not think he would lie about this matter.

I have just talked to the father of one of my best friends (a girl), and have told him several things about NDEs (jun-03)... I did not give him any details about how NDEs usually develop (he does not speak English either), and after a while hearing me, he goes and tells me: "when I was around 15 years old I went out of my body into a dark tunnel... etc."

I must say that I have known this family for almost 15 years now, and we had never talked about this subject before. Today he explained to me what happened to him when he had the NDE: he had a small accident, he lost his consciousness, and he felt something grabbed him by his head and pulled him out of his body... then he found himself traveling through a dark tunnel at a very high speed... he saw a very brilliant light at the end of the tunnel, but before he could reach it, he heard his mother calling him, and he suddenly moved rapidly backwards until he went all the way back into his body and recovered his consciousness.

He also told me something else. Recently, about 5 years ago, he had cancer surgery. On one particular day he started felling quite bad. He started to have a "tromboembolismo pulmonar" (a clog of blood in his lung?), and he told me today that in his hospital room, he saw his wife's mother (who died around 15 years ago), telling him that "it was not his time"... He has recovered from cancer since then. I am sure he is telling me the truth about that vision. We have a good friendship and he is a very, very nice person.

A couple of weeks ago I went to buy a part for my car to a automobile shop where I usually buy those things (jun-03). I have a good friendship with the owner of the shop, so I started telling him about NDEs. After a while, one of the secretaries, who was listening to our conversation, turned to me and told me: "I've had several spontaneous OBEs"... and explained me how... and she also said her mother has had many of those.... but they do not usually talk about it to other people.

One woman who used to work for us referred to us a vision by his husband (around 1995?). He was dying of cancer about 7 or 8 years ago, and when he was close to his death, in his hospital room, he told her: "look, Angelita, here they are my father and my brother waiting for me." He pointed to the door of the hospital room, but Angelita could not see anything.

Angelita is a normal person. She has worked for us for about 9 years, and she has never talked to us about anything like that. On the contrary, her conversions were always about very earthly matters. I do not believe she would lie to us.

A very good friend of mine from my hometown told me that when he was a child he got very ill; they thought he was going to die. One day, his mother was sitting by his bed, and she saw how a "a cloud of white light covered the bed", and after that he got cured. I have only talked to my friend about it. He did not see it himself, but his mother later told him about it. When I go again to my hometown I'll try to speak directly to his mother.

One of my cousins (3th cousin), who is a very, very nice person, told me that when he was a child, he was in his bedroom, and all of a sudden, he found himself "inside the place where all the knowledge of the universe is". He got amazed and a little scared, because that place was "HUGE, HUGE, HUGE", and he went running out of his bedroom towards his parents' bedroom wanting to scream: "Dad, Mom, God exists, God exists!!!!"