Experience Description


I read with great interest the article in Newsweek about your research with near death experiences. 39 years ago, my dad had a near death experience, which I would like to share with you.

My dad had always had ulcer upsets, which back then required surgery to correct the ailment. In his last attack, the ambulance came to take him to the hospital- his screams of agony and pain were traumatic, but as I had witnessed these attacks before, I had faith in the hospital he would be OK.

He did make it through surgery. But 6 months later, out of the blue, he told me, "Never be afraid of dying." I looked at him rather strangely, as a discussion about death wasn't something a 14 year old was used to hearing. In this conversation, he told me how he had floated out of his body and watched the frenetic actions of nurses and doctors working on him. A nurse was crying but remained focused on the doctor's directions. My dad then said he had the most incredible feeling of peace and happiness swell over him as he watched. This euphoria lasted along with a big bright light- he remembered how he just wanted to stay with the bright light, but the light in a mystical sort of way communicated that it wasn't time for him to stay. He then returned to the operating table, as he remembered, with a "thud".

He lived for another 19 years, and died from a blood clot in his kidney.

Before he died, my siblings and I were able to get to the hospital to say goodbye. Even though he was in a non-responsive state, I knew he knew we were all there. While it was highly emotional to see my dad leave the physical world, I had an inner peace that he was once again with the bright light and this time he was allowed to stay.

My dad's experience and your research was/is empowering.