Experience Description

I have an experience to share: First off, I have learned to relate and respect cluster groups; I have a memory from before I was born, and remember being a part of a "circle of souls" so interconnected and intertwined that we did not seem to think much of our own consciousness--then my consciousness developed awareness and I remember two beings giving me a "preview" of my life before I was to be sent to earth--they showed me something like a mirror or a curtain, offering pictures of the earth and showed me my parents and then told me there were certain lessons I needed to learn, though I certainly don't remember what...as I've spoken to psychics, they have often commented seeing these two presences next to me...Now I am having a soul mate experience with someone who is afraid of commitment. It's very painful because he doesn't realize it yet, though I do--hopefully he'll come around...anyway, the interesting thing about this is that I remember him, it’s as though he's "come back"--it’s the most profound experience!