Experience Description

I was stabbed by a paranoid Schizophrenic while on duty in June of 1986. I was stabbed in the first and second intercostal spaces. It is a miracle I survived. I was rushed to the operating room within twenty minutes. On the way, the surgeon was holding pressure on the wound to slow the blood. I asked what the chances were of fixing it. He said he would not know until he got in there. I knew most of the operating room staff. They asked what they could do.

I asked for all present to pause and to pray for the doctors and for me. I told them however it turned out it was ok. I told the Doctor not to ever blame himself it I did not survive. I would be ok. I was not afraid to die.

On the operating table, as my chest filled with blood I felt my heart shift to the right. I softly said Uh-Ohhh. I knew it was a mediastinal shift. My anesthesiologist rushed from my feet where he had inserted a medicine instructing the nurse to tape it down.

He placed one hand on each side of my head and said Maria, why did you say that? I told him. He verified that my heart was shifted with his stethoscope and immediately put me under so they could get into my chest. When they got in, they removed over three units of blood from my chest cavity. The emergency room floor and the cart was a mess too!

I saw a bright light, and then I was in a room. It was basically L shaped. I saw two doors. One had a flip down bar, like a fire door. It was in the bottom of the L. The lighting was dim and there was a male being in a long robe, light in color, with a long white beard. He said you are to wait here until it is over. He left. I was a bit intimidated, unsure of what to do, but not fearful.

Then I saw a soft golden light coming out of an arch shaped doorway on the long shaft of the L. The doorway was formed of blocks of stone. Like a castle might have. It was the door to a tunnel. The walls rotated clockwise.

I walked closer to the door. I felt enveloped by Love and nurturing and concern and reassurance, then I realized the golden light was alive. It was swirling and moving. I stepped to the doorway and looked in. There was a long tunnel. It curved gently to the left about one hundred fifty feet down and I could only see to the curve. I could feel the love, caring, concern, and steadfastness of the light. I knew it was God with me.

I knew that this door led to Heaven, that if I had to go through it that I was safe and secure, and that everything would be fine. There was no worry about others behind. There was no regret. Just the knowledge that I was in the presence of the purist Love in the universe. I was safe and I would be cared for. I seemed to know that I could go into the tunnel if I wished, but I did not since I was asked to wait.

After a time, the being reappeared and I was shown to the ‘fire door.’ I pushed the bar and entered my body. I was in pain. I felt a horrible pain in my right medial diaphragm. I was in agony.

Later I was told my first response post op was to grab that area. Later I was told that the chest tube had migrated to the diaphragm and the diaphragm was injured by it. I was quite ill. I was in intensive care, but I knew that everything was going to be fine. And eventually it was.

Background Information:

Gender: Female

Date NDE Occurred: 1986