Experience Description

In 1990 I was run over by a car. I had surgery to take care of a ruptured artery in my brain. When I was transferred to the intensive care unit, I suffered a convulsion due to a medical mistake. I was not given an anticonvulsant. I then went into a coma that lasted two days, according to my mom. During my coma, I saw a marvelous, very white light, and I felt very much loved and at peace. I seemed to be in a place where there was no pain, and I did not want to leave. Suddenly I saw my grandmother, and my father, who had died a year ago. My grandmother was wearing a dark brown tee shirt with a light brown skirt just like what she used to wear when she was alive. I did not see how my Dad was dressed. Then my grandmother said to me, ‘No, my sweetheart, you still have many years to go before you can be with us.’ Then the light disappeared. I opened my eyes and found myself in intensive care with my brother beside me. I said to him, ‘I love you so very much.’ I decided to write to you about this experience after reading your website and all the testimonies from others that have had similar experiences. After the accident, I started to be a better person. I have tried to get closer to God and I am no longer afraid of death. The coma state is not death, so I don't know what allowed me to have that experience.