Experience Description

I don't have in my memory the events that led up to my experience, but I know I was two years old and under water in my grandparents' swimming pool. My memory starts with my looking down at where I was in the pool, maybe by fifteen feet or so, and seeing my grandparents there. I don't think I was aware of seeing my body below me, all I remember was looking down at them. (I was so young at the time that I probably didn't think to look for my body. I had no understanding of a 'body' or 'life' or 'death,' none of that. Yet I do remember in vivid detail what I experienced during the actual 'out of body' state.)

I saw my grandmother, strikingly tanned, with short jet-black hair. She was wearing a muted-yellow tank top and long khaki colored shorts. She was standing by the side of the pool, opposite and above me, up in the air. (Somehow, I was no longer looking down, but where my body was, looking up.) Her hands were cupped around her mouth and she was screaming. She yelled, 'Pat!! She's in the pool!!' I saw my grandfather tear off his glasses, thrust a hand in his pocket, pull out his keys and wallet and throw them to the ground. Then he dove into the pool (at the shallow end).

Although in my memory, the events seem be in slow motion, it must have actually happened very quickly. During this experience, my baby consciousness changed to one of a mature, or even an ageless person. I didn't feel as if I was of any particular age (certainly not the age of two) but as if I had already experienced a full life. I was feeling peaceful and calm about the events that were occurring. I felt as though everything was understood and everything was the way it should be. Then abruptly my awareness ceased. I have no memories after the point at which my grandfather jumped into the pool to rescue me. Obviously, he must have pulled me out and I must have been resuscitated.

I think of this near-drowning event often - even after all these years - and am completely convinced that I was dead or near death. It was more vivid and clearer to me than any thought or dream I have ever had since this occurrence.