Experience Description

I was sitting on the low water crossing in the country, myself and three friends. It had rained upriver for about a week, but the water was clear where we were at the time. My friends were fishing and I was just sitting and watching.
There was a rushing sound coming from around the corner of the river, but the trees were in the way and I could not see what the noise was. Suddenly, flood waters came rushing towards me, and it felt just like I had been grabbed by the ankles and flipped off the bridge. The water current was so strong, I could not swim against it, and I wound up inside the large pipes that passed under the road where the water normally flowed through. The only problem was the other end was clogged up with tree limbs and grass, and I could not pass through. So I was just stuck inside the drainage pipe with the flood waters.
At first, I was panicking trying to get out and then, all of a sudden, a peace and a calm just came over me. I remember that I felt like I laughed and, all of a sudden, it was like I was standing on top of the bridge looking through the road. I could see my body flopping around in the water, but I could not see my Self on top of the road. It was really like I was looking through my eyes at myself in the water, and I remember saying to my Self in my mind well this is it! I never thought that I would drown though, and I remember thinking to my Self, I am not afraid, this is just it!
Suddenly, the pressure from the flood waters burst through the debris and it shot me out on the other side of the bridge and washed me upstream. My friend helped pull me out of the river.