Experience Description

At first, I felt uncomfortable and painful. I tried with all my strength to get out of the situation. I heard a wavy noise. After a period of time, I seemed to fit the situation. Then I could not feel physically. The painful situation vanished. My spirit left my body through my head. I saw a group of people was around my body. It looked like they were working on my body. I felt my spirit was quite far from my body. I could not see exactly what they were doing. My spirit floated into a light environment with light blue background. I felt very quiet and peaceful.

Later I was resuscitated suddenly and lying on a bed. I had aches over my fingers, which was my first feeling. I did not know how my spirit got back into my physical body, which was like a flashback. Later the doctor told me that I had no breathing and a very weak heartbeat when she checked on me. Then they gave me emergency treatments. After they checked me without heartbeat, they continued to work on me with the treatments and needles. She told me they planned to stop after five minutes if I still showed no response. I began to have some response and movement. Then they were happy and continued to work until I awoke.

Near-death experience and World Peace - Do suicide killers have peace in their near-death experiences ?

In recent years, violence and crime cases especially suicide killers are increasing in the world. The majority of the killers have extreme faiths. Other killers have no any religious faith. There are three major reasons for their killing actions: (1) they have strong “hate”; (2) they consider their suicide killing actions could be considered as “hero” by their group people and (3) they consider they could have some rewards from their gods for their life after death. The following discussions for near-death experiences may help to reduce suicide-killing cases and to have more peace for the world.

Death is a major issue for the religions and non-religions for several thousand years. People with religious faiths believe there is external life after death. People with no religion, who may have non-religious faiths, believe there is no external life after death and consider death like turning a light bulb from on to off. People with extreme faiths consider only their faiths and ideas are right and even force other people to follow them. Some leaders use some extreme faiths for their own purposes to teach children and other people. Different religions have their ideas for external life after death, which may affect people’s attitudes, values and actions. Some leaders use religious faiths to cause many conflicts and wars in human history. Most suicide killers consider themselves or think their group people to consider them as “hero” for their actions and deaths. Death is a mystery and nobody can tell details because dead people cannot return to tell us the truth. Also there are no scientific evidences in related books. People with religions live by their religious faiths.

Near-death experience is a practical reality, which may be a common ground for all people. Everyone, weather you have religious faiths, extreme faiths or no faith, will face near-death experience. It has been “scientifically” proved by many people including myself, who have had near-death experiences. Dr. Raymond Moody has studied more than one hundred people, who have experienced “clinical death” and been revived, and published his book “Life After Life”. He has discussed his investigation for near-death experiences. There are evidences from near-death experiences that the dying people continue to have conscious awareness of their environments after being pronounced clinically dead. The people have experienced spirits out their physical bodies, seeing themselves and environments, with light, feeling peace and coming back. The web at www.nderf.org (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) is a good source for near-death experiences.

According to my own experience and study, near-death experience is a pre process in dying process, which lasts much longer time than “turning a light bulb from on to off”. People do have spirits. Spirit is a special energy. After near-death experiences, there are two possibilities. Spirit may continue to external life after death, which is favorable for religious people or disappear into air as the special energy transferred into environment, which is favorable for non-religious people. My concern is about relationship of near-death experience and peace. Near-death experience is a true feeling, which has been proved in the pre dying process.

Many factors may affect near-death experience such as faith, behavior, background, age, health, environment, situation, temperature and others. Within these factors, faith and behavior are two major factors. As we know from many near-death experiences that people with peaceful faiths and good behavior when they are in life, they usually have peaceful and good near-death experiences.

When Seung-Hui Chu killed other thirty-two people in Virginia on April 16, 2007, the people had near-death experiences. Near-death experience is a preprocess of dying, which lasts a period of time at least. The thirty-two spirits had their power to aware their bodies and environments. It is believed that their spirits still had the awareness to the killer’s action with his gun. Soon Chu killed himself. In Chu’s near-death experience, he would see thirty-three dead bodies because of his murder action. Then Chu’s spirit had no power to carry his gun and had to face other thirty-two spirits. In their near-death experiences, Chu’s spirit was too weak comparing with the thirty-two spirits. It was very difficult for Chu’s spirit to have peace in his near-death experience.

Suicide bombings often happen in Iraq, when a suicide bomber kills such as twenty people and himself. Soon he and twenty people have near-death experiences. The killer’s spirit has to face other twenty spirits from his killing. All twenty-one spirits should have ability to see, recognize and react during their near-death experiences. If the suicide bomber had a religious faith and thought he could have reward in his life after death, his god also needs to face the twenty spirits, who follow him and complain him. They are civil victims. Some victims in the twenty people may have same or similar religious faith.

Here are comments for a potential suicide killer. If you have no religious faith and have “hate” in your mind, you may have some power such as a gun to kill other people and yourself later. But you will face other spirits in your near-death experience. You will not have any extra power such as gun in your near-death experience. If you feel unfair and have “hate” in your life, which is from the past, somebody needs to show his/her love to others and do something to improve the situations at first. If only focusing on history and without doing something to improve, then it is almost not possible to have a better future. History should belong to the past. Our focus is for now and the future. The first person to do something for improving the situation would be specially blessed. Otherwise you have “unfair” in past life and no peace to face other spirits in near-death experience. That is too poor. If you have an extreme religious faith, which belongs to a faith issue, you need to face the reality in your near-death experience. If you kill other people and yourself, you have to face other spirits, who are civil victims and somebody may have similar religious faith, from your killing to follow your spirit in your near-death experience and the external life after death. Then your god would not give some reward to you in the front of other victim spirits. If you consider other people with your same or similar faith to consider you as “hero” because of your suicide action, you need to think your own near death-experience and how for you to face victims’ spirits. In your near death-experience, you will have no extra power such as a bomb. It is almost not possible for your spirit to have peace. Please respect other people and yourself and consider to have peace in near-death experience.

People will be responsible for their own near-death experience when they are in life. Their faith, behavior and other factors contribute to their own near-death experience. People weather with Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhism or non-religious background have common value for peace. Everybody will have near-death experience during dying process. Peace or not is up to you.