Experience Description

I remember this as if it happened yesterday. Dad had given me this liquid to clean scuff marks off the back of the car’s front seat. My parents were inside their apartment, entertaining old friends from out of town. At one point, I got a little dizzy, so I stopped and sat up in the back seat and rolled the window down to breathe some fresh air. It was very cold outside. After a few minutes, I went back to work and that was the last thing I remember. They say when I passed out; my face fell right on a cleaning rag. In my dream, I was at least forty inches above and at an angle to the rear of the car. I was lying face down on the driveway and Dad was straddled on me, giving artificial respiration. Our friends were standing by, but Mom was not there. I suppose she had gone to call the ambulance. Then I floated in space and went by three very bright moon-like uninhabited planets, each full of large craters. All these years I have kept this a secret, feeling no one would believe me. This chemical was used, also, to clean typewriters and I never could stand the smell to this day. I do believe I have guardian angels that have helped me get this far. I believe my Mom and Dad are always around. Perhaps the angels back then were our friends, who were about to leave, but wanted to see the new car.