Experience Description

I had a lung collapse in 1994, and was hospitalized, no apparent reason other than I had a cold and had a history of asthma, I was eighteen when this happened. About a month later, I had been home for a month, and during my sleep, I was dreaming that I was on top of a cliff, and fell. Upon that moment I landed, and felt I had stopped breathing. Immediately in my thought I said, 'I landed in my dream I must be dead.' Everything went black the second I made impact in the dream. At that point, I knew it wasn't a dream. I began floating in a black space.

I couldn't see around me and had fear for that period. At that point, maybe a second or two into the floating. I heard a deafening voice say, 'I AM THE ALPHA AND OMEGA THE BEGINNING AND END.' At that moment then, I saw a light come from the right side of me, and it was at a far distance, it got closer ands closer until it immersed me in light, and all I could see was light and feel warmth. Then I heard the a voice call me and address me as Jim, which isn't my name.

Then at that moment then the light took the shape of what appeared to me to be an outline of Jesus, similar to what the Shroud of Turin would look like. I spoke at that point, whether it was verbal or through means non-verbal is hard to tell at this point - but I perceive it as verbal. I asked, 'Am I dead?' I didn't even question if it was Jesus because I just knew it was him. I felt peace and love in the presence of the light/shape of him. I asked Him at that point that my name isn't Jim, why was I called that? Jesus replied that a mistake was made and it wasn't my time. In that second or for that second I assumed they had called the wrong person up.

But then something compelled me to ask, is there reincarnation, and if so, was I reincarnated and who was I? Jesus responded to me that there is, and I was reincarnated but that's not what's important. I then asked if I was Jim Morrison, the singer of 'The Doors' for some reason. Something that I perceive of as weird now because I had very little knowledge of him before the NDE. Looking back now, it seemed like the thoughts were put in my conscience to ask Jesus, so he could respond. He responded, yes, but it wasn't important, because, reincarnation isn't as we perceive it.

At that point I felt this became a more non-verbal communication, because, I was receiving knowledge at a rapid pace. I was told that even though we can be reincarnated , we are still the same soul, just in a different shell. But it's not important to focus on who I was, because, I'm still the same soul. I then asked if I could stay, and was told I have to go back, and it's not my time. Jesus, had a very calming soothing effect, and when I was told that, I changed my mind to go back. I then asked, if I was to go back, when would I return again, and Jesus responded, that there would be two ages that I could come back, one of either, 37 or 73, and that I would have a heart attack at 37, but it was uncertain still if I would be called home, but if I want to it would be because I was given ten more years than my last life.

You would think I would had been bothered by this but wasn't, because it wasn't scary. I then asked, when the world would end, and Jesus told me, that only the Father knows the exact time and hour. At that point I don't remember much else, other than Jesus' love and me being told I would go back. Then I felt my sprit descend back into my body which was lying in bed, as I was descending back into my body I felt like I was sinking into mud or quicksand.

I slept the rest of the time, and had to this day probably one of the most peaceful sleeps I ever had. Ok, now that I shared that story, I wanted to address who I was told I was. The reason is because without a shadow of a doubt I know that it was the truth. Things I did throughout my life add up now, and for the past nine years, I've been wrestling with the knowledge of who I was. When I was a child at three or four I used to spin in circles in the living room until I would almost pass out, and do native American dances. I'm not Native American and had no way of learning these moves. In the past eight years I learned much about Jim Morrison and learned that he believed himself to be a Shaman, and did dances and circle movements on stage. I had a physic, tell me that she saw me as a native American or native American medicine man standing beside me.

I also had a fascination with lizards as a little kid. Not uncommon, but, I used to go to Florida every summer as a kid, because my dad is from there, and I used to try and catch little lizards outside. During my high school years before the NDE, I won a poetry contest, but never pursued it, also I had an interest in filmmaking, and took 'Communications' in college, hoping to be a filmmaker before my lung collapse. I also sang in a band and before ever even hearing about the Doors, my band mates said my singing sounded like The Doors. These were all things that Jim Morrison had skill in and did. Also, I learned that Jim died of heart failure on July 3rd, 1971.

Even before my NDE, so I know it's not self created, I'm sick on or around July 3rd/4th every year. I also have lung problems, as mentioned, and heart problems. After studying NDE and past life circumstances, I've come to the conclusion, that seeing that I've had these conditions since a kid, that this was carried over from my past life. I have never partaken in drugs drinking or smoking. Yet, I have lung and heart problems, which I believe is from karma-like balance for the abuse my body took from those substances before. I also had an instance as a toddler were my family went to a restaurant in Florida named Morrison's, and while in the back seat of the car, I uttered out that that was my last name. My parents corrected me, because obviously it isn't in this life, I couldn't have been older than four at the time.

Also I can share with you, a little about soul mates.

After the studying I did on the topic, and Jim Morrison, I learned that his soul mate, died three years after him. Ironically, as a little child, I grew up for my first seven years with a little friend, that lived across the street from me that was three years younger than me and with red hair. After we were seven we moved away from each other, and then briefly were together at seventeen, and parted ways. After seeing pictures of Jim and his soul mate Pam Courson, I have no doubt that my friend since childhood, was my passing soul mate. Just due to that fact and resemblance. I haven't heard from her since about right before my NDE eight to nine years ago, and believe, it's in the best interest if both of us be separate so we can spiritually grow this time around.

In closing I have a lot to share about what I've learned, how I struggle with this knowledge, and why this time I have a quiet life, to reflect, thus the illness. I deal with this as a learning lesson, and truly believe that if I decide to, I could overcome my lesson, but a part of me I think feels I have something to learn from being in these circumstances. If I was to have my health and a better body, because of even my current desire to entertain people and share my ideas, I would repeat my past life, and I wouldn't learn anything.

Background Information:

Gender: Male