Experience Description

I have thanked God for the gift of life and the opportunity to learn more about God’s conquest of evil through his loving grace. Situations have arisen that I could have returned to our lord at a young age such as my appendix inflammation, eating poisonous mushrooms, car accidents, and my near death experience with Jesus.

My friends please understand that it is ok not to believe my near death experience. I would rather have my God’s people believe more in the scriptures of God than my own personal testimony. For certain, I can tell you that God is reaching out to his people in a mystical way that is above our understanding and words. Near death experiences are common and you will discover that thousands of people worldwide have returned from a brief moment of death. Since my experience, God has strongly encouraged me to politely share my story at the appropriate moment. At the same time, God wants me to always be learning and to improve as a fellow Catholic.

My near death experience took place at a young age of about 5. I ran and played around our indoor residential pool. As I skipped and ran happily like a child toward the front of the pool, I fell backwards. My back landed on top of the surface and immediately the weak pool cover surrounded my body and pulled me into the water like quicksand. My arms and feet swayed in every direction to gain control and get my body out of the pool, but I couldn’t swim.

My inability to swim caused my body to sink below the water. As I was under the water, I looked up to see the surface glitter like shining stars. Then I saw complete darkness for about two seconds with silence.

I was now in a place that is not easily to describe in words. This place had deep feeling as well as sight. I remember an intense feeling of happiness that was so great that no event on earth will ever reach its equal. I was in a fog like place that had hazes of fog on the floor, to my right, left, and above me. I only had a clear sight of a man that stood to the far right of me.

I knew immediately that this man was Jesus. I never saw him before, but I knew that he was the master and my lord. I understood that he knew every fine detail about me. Jesus wore a white roman like cloak from his neck to his feet with long arm sleeves that were very loose. A red loose ban of clothing stretched from his left shoulder across the chest to his right waist. He had long brown curly hair that dangled to his shoulder length. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t see his wounds in his hands, face, nor see the color of his eyes.

Our conversation differed from a typical face-to-face speech. Somehow, I was able to communicate with the choice by mouth or the mind. Jesus spoke to me with his lips and spread his arms and said, “It is not time for you to die yet.”

I understood in my mind that my time has not yet come for me to pass away. Then Jesus spoke again saying, “Your parents must be worried about you.” I understood that my parents didn’t know where I was and that they must be worried. I told Jesus through the mind that I was really happy in his presence and that I am prepared to die for him if necessary. Then somehow Jesus reassured me through the mind that he understood that I would die for him in which was an honor for me. I wanted to stay with Jesus, but I knew that I had to go back. Immediately after, I remember my family pulling me out of the water.

For years, I was silent about my personal testimony until I met individuals that were atheists, witches, anti-Christians, and etc. I politely shared that Jesus is for real and will return to us soon.

I am amazed that we don’t have to look far to find Christ. All we have to do is attend mass to find Christ in his people and the Eucharist. Please keep me in your prayers that I will be able to make the best out of my life, be a great servant, and continuously learn about God. I know that Jesus wants me to live for him and I will do my best to live life to fullest as a Catholic gentleman.