Experience Description

Dear Doctor Jeff and Jody,

In 1976, when I was twenty-seven years old, I had a near death experience. After accidentally driving my motorcycle off a twenty foot cliff in California, I was rushed to hospital emergency room where I was pronounced dead on arrival.

Of course, the two of you, of all people, will understand the nature of what transpired next. I have perused your web site and listened to snippets of your interviews. It will probably be no surprise whatsoever that during the two hours and fifty-four minutes I remained clinically dead in the hospital and later in the morgue, I spent one hundred and fifty five active and healthful years creating art and architecture on ‘the other side.’

The paradise I found myself in was intimately familiar. I also immediately recognized my deceased grandmother, although she had transitioned from life as we know it, some thirteen years before I was born.

Much of this took place the way it did because I had come into the world in 1949 with a vivid recollection of my eternal existence in a place I call ‘Home World.’ Thus, I was not afraid. From the time I was three years old, I had been drawing and painting landscapes of this idyllic place.

Only when a hospital orderly began zipping me up in a body bag in a cold storage locker did I take a renewed breath of life back into my physical body and resume my life on Earth. To this day, I continue to render artistic images and architectural concepts that I originally recorded as memory in Home World.

Although at least eight million people are reported to have had some kind of near-death experience, few have the artistic ability to bring forth two and three dimensional representations of what they know and what they experienced. Colorful first-hand images of the places and events described on your web site seem to be conspicuously missing to someone like me, who has a God-given ability to render these representations with a true sense of joy and delight.

Till then becomes now,

Love and blessings,