Experience Description

At school as a seven year old someone swung a bag which hit me in the side of my neck. I was in great pain and was told I'd bruised a muscle and had trapped a nerve. I had to attend physical therapy at the nearby Armed Forces hospital as my father was in the RAF. I remember it was a long, very bumpy journey and I use to lie with my head in my mother’s lap and cry all the way there. I would have to lie face down on a bed with Hospital bed curtains drawn around for privacy. The physician would spray my neck with some spray that would freeze and numb my neck prior to him massaging the trapped nerve. I'd like to point out that at the age of seven I had no knowledge of out of body experiences. Even after being sprayed, my neck was extremely painful when being massaged.

Literally as soon as the massage started, everything would go black. Then a small white light would appear, gradually getting larger and I'd get a falling sensation as if in a tunnel. Then I would see the physician’s hands massaging my neck, which would suddenly zoom down the tunnel towards the light. What was strange is I did not follow. The doctor’s arms would stretch into infinity and I'd become aware that I was floating. Slowly rising upwards until the entire cubicle was visible to me from above. My first experience I watched the doctor massaging my neck, and I watched my Mother crying and I watched a Nurse enter the cubicle and give my Mother a paper tissue to dry her tears. This abruptly stopped and it felt as if I had been suddenly sucked back into my body. I came around and asked my Mother why she'd been crying. She replied she hadn't but I explained that I'd seen her crying. The doctor said ‘Impossible! You passed out with the pain, plus you were facing away from your Mum, so you couldn't possibly have seen anything.’ But I insisted that I'd seen her crying and a nurse entering and leaving with tissues for my Mother. My Mother was confused and asked how I could possibly have known/seen that happen. I told her and doctor that I'd been floating on the ceiling watching everything. Both were lost for words and nothing else was said on the subject. I can't remember how many times I had therapy but I always had the same experience and never spoke of it as I was scared of being told off.

A few years later, my Mother showed me a newspaper article in The News Of The World (UK) which was about a TV celebrity called Hughie Green who had had a car accident and had experienced an Outer Body Experience. We both agreed that his experience was the same as mine.

Since my teens, I've also suffered from sleep paralysis but did not know this at that age and never spoke of it. It was at first a very frightening experience. This experience was also very random but it got to a stage where I could induce it and, as mad as it sounds, I would leave my body and fly around my local neighborhood and at times much, much further. As far as twelve to fifteen miles from my home. It didn't matter how far away I was, the experience of returning to my body was instant. I hope this is helpful to you and I feel grateful for being able to share this with you.

Background Information:

Gender: Male

Date NDE Occurred: 1971

NDE Elements:

At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? No Accident Illness, trauma or other condition not considered life threatening

How do you consider the content of your experience? Mixed

The experience included: Out of body experience

Did you feel separated from your body? Yes

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? Fully aware of my surroundings but I can’t remember ever being able to see myself.

Did time seem to speed up or slow down? Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning

Did you pass into or through a tunnel? No

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings? No

The experience included: Light

Did you see an unearthly light? Yes Just like a light at the end of a tunnel.

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? No

What emotions did you feel during the experience? Calm, uneasy, fearful, enjoyable, and fun.

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? No

Did scenes from your past come back to you? My past flashed before me, out of my control I tried to visit friends but obviously didn't tell them prior to this. They were always asleep in their beds. So I can't prove this. Sorry

Did scenes from the future come to you? No

Did you come to a border or point of no return? I came to a barrier that I was not permitted to cross; or was sent back against my will Sometimes though, I'd get fearful and decide to return on my own.

God, Spiritual and Religion:

Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience? Yes It made me believe I was somehow different from other people.

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? No

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you? Worst part was during sleep experiences. I would be totally paralyzed but I'd struggle and fight. I'd have to almost rip myself from my body but once free it was incredible. The feeling of being free, unrestricted and being able to go do /see whatever I liked. And of course the sensation of flying was amazing.

Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes Parents and physiologist. Their reactions were disbelief.

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience? Yes I've done vast quantities of illegal, recreational drugs. Ecstasy, Acid Cannabis (in all its forms) Amphetamines, uppers, downers. You name it I've probably done it but I've never ever had a ‘Trip’ that comes close to my Outer Body Experiences.