Experience Description

First Experience description:

When I was 7 year old, I had my first NDE, and the memory came across my mind when I had second experience: I had like-experience, like-feeling, when I was very young! But, three experiences are not same but have something in common. Let me tell my first experience to you: I had been in the hospital with a high fever for a month or so. One day, the nurse that took my temperature shouted, prepare for alcohol pack. Soon, my doctor came. The nurse took my clothes off and began applying a pack to my front body. I thought the saying that a nurse is an angel in white gown is a lie because my nurse was treating me painfully at that moment. I felt my surroundings came into me (a funnel called me) like a movie screen. I looked at the clear light and I shouted "관세음 보살(Kwon Sem Bo Sal: one of Buddhas' names)" and then I was alive and left the hospital.

Second Experience description:

I'd like to tell you my second NDE. My second NDE made me thankful for everything of the world. I wonder if My second NDE is the real NDE.

I wonder you know about the educational circumstances in Korea. I always thought, why should I study and live when I am going to die. Moreover, I thought I would not go to school if I was an orphan. Anyway, I entered into university.

The university taught me to drink alcohol. My friend passed a liquor glass around but I could not drain the cup because I had been sick with tuberculosis. I finally quit my medication on summer vacation of my first year. One day I drank too much. The next day, I got up early in the morning. One of my seniors said to me there was a mess last night because you were breathless. However, I could not remember.

On the same day, I climbed to the top of the mountain Hanra. (highest in south Korea)

I was in the stupid condition. (I could not express it well.). At the next night, we went to dancing. I danced. At that moment, I felt as my surroundings were coming into me. I was too astounded to dance more.

One or Two days passed. I was sleeping. I fell down the black tunnel with high speed and saw the bright Red Cross. I opened my eyes with surprise at the almost same time, I felt as my body jumped. That was very euphoric. Moreover, I saw the look of my friend from high school. I suddenly seemed to know why we should live I thanked for everything.

Third Experience description:

I'd like to give you a detailed account of my third story some time later. The short version is as follows:

After My third NDE, I started to try to search for something related with NDE. First, I read the books like Tibetan book of the dead, Life after Life, Life before Life, Upanisad, The Dhammapada, TAO TE CHING etc.

I had a trauma in my second year, and I was sick with tuberculosis again. I recovered my health after I had the third NDE. At that time, I thought NDE could recover our memory that disappeared because of a trauma. NDE make us to review bygones, as you know. I was studying psychology.

At that time, I thought I'm never related with NDE and It is okay to live like now. Moreover, I wanted to know something scientifically. So I majored in life science. Now, I work at an immunology lab. However, I was tormented by my doubts about the present state of things.

I was not busy on last vacation, just then I started to search about NDE at the web. So I found several important web page. Moreover, I came to know there are many NDErs and I'm not alone.

Background Information:

Gender: Female