Experience Description

For a couple of days prior I was so ill and now looking back realize too ill to even comprehend what was happening. I thought I had diarrhea, I had no comprehension I was bleeding to death - it was from an ulcer. I was told later by the doctors, that I probably wouldn't have made it if it had been two hours later. Anyway, the experience was phenomenal. I remember my grandparents and a few others being around me. Then it seemed as if I was headed for the light which seemed so peaceful and I really wanted to go, but it was at this time that God intervened and told me that it wasn't my time yet, there was still some unfinished business - that is about it.

Background Information:

Gender: Female

Date NDE Occurred: May 1998

NDE Elements:

At the time of your experience, was there an associated life-threatening event? Yes Illness Life threatening event, but not clinical death I bled to death, brought back only by the Grace of God.

How do you consider the content of your experience? Positive

Did you feel separated from your body? Yes For a while, really can't describe it too much, except that it was a great feeling of peace and love.

At what time during the experience were you at your highest level of consciousness and alertness? Not much, sort of remember vaguely when arriving at the hospital of trying to tell something, no knowledge.

Did time seem to speed up or slow down? Everything seemed to be happening at once; or time stopped or lost all meaning Since I was in the intensive care unit for a number of days, told after I came around, I couldn't believe it had been ten days.

Did your hearing differ in any way from normal? The only noises or words as I described them was God speaking to me.

Did you pass into or through a tunnel? Uncertain

The experience included: Presence of deceased persons

Did you encounter or become aware of any deceased (or alive) beings? Yes My grandparents and others of whom were not too clear, or at least I do not remember, but some were there.

The experience included: Light

Did you see an unearthly light? Yes It was totally euphoric, there seemed to be so much peace and love and understanding, the knowledge that I was truly in the right place.

Did you seem to enter some other, unearthly world? A clearly mystical or unearthly realm Just going into the light was so awe inspiring and restful, peaceful and full of love.

The experience included: Special Knowledge

Did you suddenly seem to understand everything? Everything about the universe When God told me in no uncertainty that it was not my time, that I had some unfinished business.

Did scenes from your past come back to you? My past flashed before me, out of my control Not too many past events, but I thought of my puppy I had just gotten and was wondering what was going to happen to her.

Did scenes from the future come to you? Scenes from the world's future Sort of that everything would be okay, at least that was the feeling that permeated my body after it was all over.

Did you come to a border or point of no return? I came to a barrier that I was not permitted to cross; or was sent back against my will God telling me that it wasn't my time yet.

God, Spiritual and Religion:

What was your religion prior to your experience? Moderate

What is your religion now? Liberal

Did you have a change in your values and beliefs because of your experience? Yes As in above. The ability to listen better and hold no resentments or grudges, mainly I was filled with so much peace and love throughout my body.

After the NDE:

Was the experience difficult to express in words? Yes Can't express in words, will try. It seemed as if I was fighting something until I started toward the light, it appeared to be that some of my relatives were present whom have now passed - I remember God telling me something that my mission on earth was not finished. In other words it wasn't my time.

Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? Yes The special gift that I became more serene and willing to let go of a lot of things that had been holding me.

Are there one or several parts of your experience that are especially meaningful or significant to you? Upon awakening days later and realizing how ill I really was.

Have you ever shared this experience with others? Yes A few people.

At any time in your life, has anything ever reproduced any part of the experience? No

Is there anything else that you would like to add about your experience? For me it was totally going into the light, experiencing God and hearing his voice, knowing that my mission was incomplete, more lessons of learning - just becoming aware of everything.

Are there any other questions that we could ask to help you communicate your experience? This questionnaire was pretty complete I thought. Thanks.