Experience Description

Last April, I felt a great pain in my abdomen. My husband carried me to the hospital and there I discovered that I was pregnant in my first month. I felt happy. My pain disappeared gradually, so I returned home. The next day in the afternoon, I felt that pain again. It was getting worse and worse, like the delivery pain. Then I fainted. My husband, who is a doctor, slapped my face quickly. I awoke at once. He hurriedly carried me to the hospital again. There, they told me that my baby was out of the womb and the fallopian tube exploded which caused me to hemorrhage. They did an urgent operation. After the operation, I told my husband that I felt a very great feeling when I first fainted at home. I felt that I went to another place where there is good weather with a lovely breeze. I felt there is a calm and peace, which I have never experienced in my life. I told him that I was talking with anonymous people for a long time. Months, it seemed. I don’t remember what we were talking about, or who they were, but I remember that I was so happy with them! I felt very angry and sorry when my husband made me return to consciousness. Coming back, I felt this life is narrow, dirty, and disgusting. I want to go back there and stay forever. My husband was surprised. He told me that my fainting didn't last more than two seconds. I can't understand how all of this happened within this short time?